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BMW & Mercedes German Projection Ads- 03.10.11

projections.jpg There is a trend of impressive projection advertising going on in Germany ~ through both Mercedes-Benz and BMW. I love that both are not simply about being larger than life, but about eco-friendliness (in the case of BMW, the projections are mainly powered by wind energy) and environmentally aware (the Mercedes one helps you SEE through walls, at bikers, skateboards, and unexpected things coming around the corner) ~ both make fascinating and beautiful uses of the spaces around them. AND! Of course, videos of each on the next page to see them in action!

Sustainable Projection “An impressive multimedia projection, mainly powered by wind energy, started the launch of the new BMW sub brand BMW i. The energy used, was generated by a vertical wind turbine and stored for the performance by a new and innovative CO2 free battery system. The battery system enables a direct power supply and offers high storage stability. The architectural shell of three significant buildings at the BMW headquarters in Munich was transformed into a communication platform. Sustainable contents of the multimedia projections reflect future solutions and a path to new horizons. The synchronized video and light performance was designed and realized by future:headz, a Munich based idea agency for emotional communication.”

“For the PRE-SAFE® precrash system from Mercedes-Benz, we made chaotic traffic intersections safer. Everybody was able to look around the corners into the streets as if the walls were transparent, and could therefore detect potential hazards in time to avoid them. To achieve this, we used a camera to film what was going on around the corner. The images were projected onto an 18/1-format billboard on a building corner so all motorists and cyclists could see them.” - Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe, Germany

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Thanks for thiss nice picture. I saw it live and it was impressing.

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