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iPad 2 + MagCover Unboxing- 03.11.11

ipadd1.jpg I was curious. I couldn’t resist. And my dad has fallen for the iPad. So how could i not upgrade him today? Luckily we unboxed and got it all set up together! It really is fantastically thin. and there’s still something kind of magical about playing with vidchatting on such a portable (yet nicely sized) screen. And i’ll admit, the magnetic case was a draw… interesting to see how it worked, though in real life, it doesn’t work as well as i’d hoped. While playing with it and using the ipad normally, it awkwardly came off a few times! Anyhow… the form factor is the most fascinating change… i couldn’t help stacking it with the original iPad and my beloved Macbook air as usual! For some reason in a black and white kind of mood today… go check out the close ups and unbox on the next page!











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here’s what i have been shooting with the last few years… http://www.notcot.com/archives/2008/12/canon-5d-mark-i.php

----- Jean/NOTCOT 12.03.11 11:19

b&w photos for the iPad2? Come on, she is not that hot!

----- Daniel H 12.03.11 07:14

Great pictures indeed !! I’ll grab me one as soon as it becomes available :)

----- Joseph 12.03.11 04:28

Amazing photos. You take great pictures! May I ask what camera abs lens you used? I am trying o learn how to take better pics of gadgets without the glare and which lenses are best.

I think I will have to upgrade the old nikon d40 with kit 18-55 and 35mm f/1.8 lens. The prime is TOO shallow that it blurs too much of the pics. Any tips and what mm lens you use would help bc I’m a big fan of all the pics you take. Keep coming back to admire ;)

----- Tekunoloji 12.03.11 01:37

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