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Jambox Poolside Unboxing at Four Seasons LA- 03.05.11

jamboxun4.jpg There is a beauty to twitter’s ability to connect you instantaneously with people/brands that fascinate you… it’s almost magical. It’s how i “met” Jawbone, who then introduced me to Four Seasons Los Angeles… which led to chats about the Jamboxes being available to their suite guests… which has led to me curled up in a big suite bed tonight having one of my first little vacations in Beverly Hills. (Silly as it feels to be a few minutes from home!)

Now, before i get to the Jawbone Jambox service at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, you first need to see the poolside unbox! Slightly out of order, i had so much fun playing with the in-room Jambox, i decided i needed to own one to bring home, and since you can buy them from the front desk, i had one sent up to the room! And being Jawbone, of course the packaging is physically, ecologically, and graphically gorgeous ~ so naturally an unbox was called for! The Jambox made quite a splash this holiday season, and it claims to be “simply the smallest, best sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone on the planet.” And while that sounds bold, it does in fact sound impressively awesome, and it’s ability to be shared with hotel guests proves just how easy it is to pair! But more on that later, for now ~ unbox! Click on to the next page…

The lovely woman at the front desk needed to run down to the a secret spot to find me a blue Jambox… so it arrived at my suite like a fun package to open up! jamboxun1.jpg

Bringing it along to lunch at the Cabana Restaurant alongside the pool, post lunch, couldn’t resist pool lounging… and couldn’t resist unboxing on the lounge chair… Isn’t the main box graphic awesomely fun? Frame-ably amusing even, perhaps? jamboxun2.jpg

For scale, this is about shoe box sized… and the sticker with details on the side made it seem even MORE shoe boxy! As you can see, it can get quite loud! jamboxun3.jpg

Peeling open the stickers holding the lid on… the Jambox is presented… jamboxun4.jpg

Removing the Jambox itself, the box tells you to LIFT! jamboxun5.jpg

Upon lift ~ you’re welcomed, and an easy 3 step process get’s you started. (Part of me was so tempted to test just how easy the pairing was by passing it around the pool where almost everyone in a lounge chair was either on their cell phone, kindle, ipad, or macbook pro. I restrained myself, and kept my new toy to myself though! It’s a quiet serene spot… but the gorgeous day made it hard to resist spending some poolside time!) jamboxun6.jpg

Beneath the 3 step list are all the accessories and user guide… jamboxun7.jpg

Love the use of stacked corrugated cardboard to embed the accessories! jamboxun8.jpg

You get a charger, long and short usb cable, flat color matched headphone jack cable (male to male), and a fun magnetic thin neoprene case… jamboxun9.jpg

This is the Blue WAVE ~ each of their colors have different metal-mesh patterns ~ on the top you have three simple buttons which are all you need… fun that they resemble plus, minus, zero… jamboxun10.jpg

On the side, power/pairing, headphone line-in, and usb port! jamboxun11.jpg

Ok, 3am, ought to sleep, but more on my mini Four Seasons adventure in Beverly Hills tomorrow…

Ooooh but for a peek inside… Engadget guys took their’s apart jamboxun13.jpg

… and for more feature details, check out the Jambox page… and on special editions, our friends at Cool Hunting had a special green one for the holidays… and this week, at TED, attendees got special red and white ones in their goodie bags!

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This is so sweet. I wish I had one of these bad boys. Thanks for the unboxing.

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