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Views of LA, Four Seasons Suite Style- 03.06.11

anothermain.jpg The idea of a staycation is bull. It has recently been brought to my attention that i spend so much time in hotels in every city except my own (LA!) that i should get to know some of the ones in my backyard better. Ugh, questioning whether this is a ‘staycation’ (i recoil similarly to “jeggings”) led to discourse on what a “vacation” really is… and you can’t knock it till you try it, so when the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills offered me a suite, it seemed like the perfect excuse to give it a try.

So what IS a vacation? A change in perspectives. A break from your everyday. A chance to explore, relax, indulge, be pampered, be left alone, enjoy room service,… whatever it is you need! The Online Etymology Dictionary says: vacation - late 14c., “freedom or release” (from some activity or occupation), from O.Fr. vacation, from L. vacationem (nom. vacatio) “leisure, a being free from duty,” from vacare “be empty, free, or at leisure”. Staycation implies that location matters. But to me (and from the etymology), vacations are merely a state of mind! As i wrote over at OpenForum, vacations can be minutes or hours even, it’s all about perspective!

Anyhow, that is the last you’ll hear of staycations here. Upon arriving at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, not at all far from home, i was on VACATION! Impeccable service from their kind and friendly staff, new toys to play with (Jambox!), the surprise of a stunning suite on the 15th floor facing east… giving me views over Beverly Hills to Sunset Strip, Hollywood sign, Downtown, and snow capped mountains glistening in the horizon, dining room resulted in a little impromptu dinner party with delectable room service from Culina downstairs (the burrata…mmmm), gorgeous weather meant poolside relaxing to catch up with old friends… Vacation! A definite much needed perspective shift both physically and mentally has left me even more inspired and energized this weekend! So take a peek at the gorgeous views and into suite 1518 on the next page!

Being a coastal, westside girl, my usual endless horizon views often involve an endless pacific ocean… it was a fun change to look east all the way out to the snowy mountains… newday1.jpg

Seeing the Hollywood sign that small was something i was previously only accustomed to via airplane! day2.jpg

Facing east meant sunset’s behind, and as i imagined the sun sinking behind us, this building lit up with a stunning golden reflection! day3.jpg

Once it set, it was hard to pull me off one of the three balconies in the suite… the city sparkled magically… night2.jpg



Heading back inside, lets backtrack…

Upon entering 1518… you have a little entry way ~ large hall closet to the left, guest bathroom to the right, living/dining room directly in front… and to the left just past the closet is the entryway to the bedroom/closet/master bathroom. enter.jpg



See? The dining table was so inviting, it seemed like a waste not to have people come join in to make use of it… thus, impromptu dinner party! fsjam12.jpg

Past the dining table, there is even a half kitchen ~ stocked with a full size fridge, cabinets full of cutlery/plates/the works, wine fridge, microwave, nespresso le cube and more… kitchen.jpg

And when it’s time to get some serious rest… here’s a peek at their super poofy cloud of a bed… fsjam14.jpg

… and the master bathroom! bathroom.jpg

SO ~ TAKE MORE VACATIONS! It’ll do you some good. Embrace new perspectives. Clear your mind. Relax. Rest. Have fun. And get inspired and invigorated… and Thank you, Four Seasons Los Angeles, i had no idea how much i needed vacating my usual view of LA!


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