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Firefly Vodka Crawfish Boil- 04.02.11

firefly0.jpg Yay for twitter ~ which introduced me to the folks at one of my favorite yummy vodkas, Firefly. On Saturday adventures, just joined them for a Hollywood crawfish bowl with Jackson, our Tasteologie Editor. It was my first! Delicious! And so fun! He took some awesome pics, so i’ll let him fill you in on everything… check out his post below!

The Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka people and their RV have come a long way. They’ve gone from just distilling a vodka made of Southern grown muscadine grapes to 7 varieties of artisanal flavored spirits. Just this spring they’ve worked their way out from South Carolina, down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, through Austin for SXSW, through Arizona, and finally out to California. Despite the company’s base in Wadmalow Island, South Carolina it has strong Louisiana roots, so a crawfish boil at Five 0 Four in Hollywood is a perfect fit. It was a great afternoon spent getting to know Firefly, sipping sweet tea cocktails and sucking crawfish heads!

Firefly’s Sweet Tea Vodka is a wonderful combination. Talking to Scott Newitt, Firefly founder, I learned that its more than just a simple vodka infused tea… through a bit of chemistry magic it is a combination of both cane sugar sweetened tea and vodka without being watered down. Firefly is a passionate bunch. They fought to get legislation passed to make it legal to distill again in South Carolina. Now they are starting to work outside of the bottle and just last month they launched Firefly Records with a huge presence at SXSW. Come check out more of the deliciousness up close on the next page…



Firefly set up Let ‘em Fly, an initiative to raise money to help the birds affected by the BP disaster. Steve spoke passionately about the on going crisis need throughout the region that has been all but ignored now that the mainstream media’s enthusiasm has died down. They are offering matching donations to anyone who contributes. firefly3.jpg

This Mo-TEA-to (Firefly Mint Sweet Tea Vodka!) had all the bright mintyness of a mojito, but was surprisingly smooth like a nice cool glass of iced tea on a hot day. firefly3a.jpg

Crawfish boils are fun social affairs. They are the ultimate in one pot meals. Spices, potatoes, corn, crawfish all just pile into the pot and all the flavors meld together. These hundred odd pounds were flown in live for the event. This was only my second crawfish boil, so I’m still a little slow at dismantling the mini lobsters, but it was all tasty good fun. firefly4.jpg





The Firefly Original Sweet Tea Vodka with water is a simple yet deliciously smooth cocktail. firefly9.jpg

Beignets, and the accompanying powder sugar snow storm, were the perfect cap to the afternoon. firefly10.jpg



Here’s a look at their current line! Everything I tried from the Firefly line was fantastic. They currently have the standard Sweet Tea, a Peach, Raspberry, Mint, Lemon Teas as well. The Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon made with Buffalo Trace is on my list to try next. And on things to watch out for, brand new and not even on their website yet, a Truvia sweetened Firefly Skinny Tea!

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3 Notes

I want to know where to find Firefly in South West Missouri. I happened to talk to Jim Irvin on the phone during my work day and he told me about the product. He said it was available in Missouri but I can not find it near Springfield. Any help?

----- Dan ny 24.03.12 11:56

I tried your Skinny Tea for the first time at a LSU Southern California Alumni Crawfish Boil and loved it!!! Trying to find the locations that you sell the skinny tea in Los Angeles. :0)

----- Judy 23.06.11 11:30

Such a coincidence that you featured sweet tea vodka! A couple weeks ago I went to a happy hour that featured a drink called “the Destroyer” - sweet tea vodka, elderflower, lemonade, cucumber and club soda - that’s become my new fave and I’ve been trying to make it ever since. Going to try Firefly and see if it comes close to the original.

----- Becky 03.04.11 17:15

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