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Moneral: Finnish Wooden Plates- 04.11.11

moneral0.jpg Moneral makes some of the most stunning wooden plates i’ve seen/felt. They really are like eating off of slices of wood… and curved just perfectly as a plate… you won’t be able to stop touching them in wonder. “They are made of coated aspen, which makes them durable even in frequent use and for dishwasher use. The Elicia range includes a dinner plate, a cocktail plate, a serving dish, a serving plate and plates’ stand.” and as for the raw materials, “Moneral buy the raw material in the close surroundings of the factory. To ensure a perfect raw material for the plates, each tree is chosen carefully and cut by hand to avoid any damage to the bark. The trees come from sustainably managed and certified Finnish forest, controlled by the Finnish Forest Management Associations.” Amazing, right? Also tempting, you can even customize them… The story is adorable too ~ “It all began with Eero Remes, a farm and the need to buy a specialist saw. As it turned out, making wooden disks with this saw provided hours of entertainment. It was Eero’s son, Panu, who experienced a “Eureka!” moment on seeing the disks lying about in the snow: it would be splendid to eat your dinner off plates like that!” Check out the details on the next page!

Cell phone pic when wandering La Rinascente ~ these feel amazing! So tempting to get a set… they had the fork and knife taped to the undersides between the little feet… moneral1.jpg

How thoughtfully posed do they look? moneral2.jpg

A peek at packaging and plating… moneral3.jpg

there’s something adorably childlike about the feet… moneral4.jpg




Customizable! Imagine how creative you could get with these… could make for an awesome collaboration… moneral9.jpg

Dishwasher safe! moneral10.jpg

Check out more in this older pdf

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These are very beautiful design cuts ! I’m wondering if they are treated or oiled before serving food on them… and do they expand in time due to repeated washing ?

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