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Nutella Esperienza Italia 150- 04.10.11

nutella00.jpg I couldn’t resist. I was totally that girl in the tiny supermarket in the huge line buying 4 jars of Nutella tonight. I mean, these limited edition Nutella Esperienza Italia 150 glasses were cute when they came up on NOTCOT.org, but renders are one thing. These are even more awesome in person! Fun glasses for just about anything… filled with nutella… celebrating Italian unity - specifically DESIGN, Arts, Landscapes & Architecture, and History! On fun design week souveniers, the design themed €1.79 glass of nutella is pretty sweet (even AFTER you eat the nutella)… The story? “Nutella wanted to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of italian Unity together with millions of Italian families and asked ARC’s. to interpretate the project in four themes: Arts, Design, Landscapes & Architecture, Historical topics. Through the “Esperienza Italia 150” limited edition collection, Nutella ideally embraces all italians, from the South to the North, as a sole big family.” Above is a render of the 4 glasses in the set from ARC’s… but on the next page, take a peek at close ups of them all!

p.s. Don’t mind the bizarre hotel/motel feel of the photos… it’s how it feels in here!

The quad all together… nutellaLAST00.jpg

The traditional Nutella labels hold tightly, but a little water takes the glue right off… nutella2.jpg

These rubber lids slip on snuggly to each glass. (Do the stars make anyone else think of the Care Bears?) nutella2a.jpg

The design one is truly awesome, really they all are, but this one is certainly my favorite ~ from the vespa and duomo, to the brain popping out ideas, adorable scissors and cut out line… nutella3.jpg





Here are some close ups from the others… nutella4.jpg






The graphics that wrap around each glass… a bit easier to see how it all flows this way! nutellaLAST.jpg

Of course, by the time i finished taking pics… i had to dig in! nutellaLAST0.jpg

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10 Notes

So a friend of my wife lives in Italy and when she visited the US last year she brought us one of these jars. We were so excited. Fast forward to today, and I just realized that I accidentally threw the jar away when it was empty. I feel so horrible! Does anyone know of a link I can go to and buy any of the jars?? I’ve been looking for hours!

----- Matt 04.10.12 19:01

Hi, I just picke up all 4 glasses at my local Italian specialty store here in Staten Island NY. The place is called La Bella’s on Ellis Street and is an AWESOME place if you LOVE Italian Specialty foods. The glasses were $3.49 each, and YES, I do like Nutella, but I just had to have these glasses. Good Luck finding them as they are going fast. If you search ebay Italy, there are people selling them, in fact 1 person is selling the complete set

----- jimmy 12.03.12 11:52

Actually, I don’t even like Nutella, but when I saw these in the supermarket I had to buy them. Now I’m forcing myself to have Nutella at breakfast every morning. xD

----- Dora 20.06.11 01:29

yummm love nutella.. super cool the anniversary bottles and love the pic :p

----- stefany 11.04.11 19:30

Yummmm…nutella rocks, but which supermarket did you find this at? Would these snazzy bottles be available only at trendy food stores or also at more common food centers? I have yet to see this in the US

----- Ciro 11.04.11 09:48

I absolutely adore these designs. I saw them last week on a blog and I started scouring the internet looking to see if anyone has some for sale. I’m still scouring.

----- J.Boogie 11.04.11 09:26

I love Nutella. It’s been around forever and I like the anniversary design. The glass jar seems reusable as well.
Love the angles you have decided to take, and the backdrop is simple. Fantastic!

----- LaFrau 11.04.11 08:16

So you’ll have food in your travel bag when you’ll come back home this time ;)

----- francesca 11.04.11 02:43

Very cool illustrations… i’ve discovered its before on NOTCOT than in italian supermarket! ; )

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 11.04.11 00:53

Ok, I am so jealous right now. Since you have three, you should share! I mean, just look at this face I’m making ;_;

----- Gaetan 10.04.11 19:24

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