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Nespresso: The Heart Is A Machine- 04.06.11

nespresso0.jpg While here in Berlin, tonight I joined Nespresso to celebrate the launch of the Nespresso Pixie (tiniest Nespresso machine yet) and Clemens Weisshaar & Reed Kram’s The Heart Is A Machine: 2 rows of 18 stripped down Nespresso Pixies straddling a 50L trough of water for high speed, mass espresso making… While admittedly, i wish it did a bit more, there is something fun about seeing the guts of these super crammed compact little machines… as well as 36 of them chained together. Take a peek at the machine up close and in action ~ as well as the guts of the tiny pod espresso making machines on the next page!


The machine… overlooking Berlin studios and offices across the courtyard… nespresso1.jpg



The machine in action… sadly it took too much power, and they weren’t able to hack into the circuit boards to actually turn on all the machines at once, so they had to manually run around and turn them each on… but they do share one trough of water between them? And it would have been amazing if when making coffee, they all somehow played a song in unison… a girl can dream! nespresso5.jpg

Nespresso! nespresso6.jpg

Still kind of fun to see them stripped down to their bare bits… nespresso7.jpg




Table of pods… nespresso12.jpg

Display showing where the coffee pods and machines come from… nespresso13.jpg




All the way back to the Nespresso Pixie that just launched and inspired the piece… nespresso17.jpg

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Love Berlin, love nespresso. These photo’s are wonderful - Insgesamt Perfektion!

----- Sofia 07.04.11 12:29

why introduce a new way to make coffee that generate tons of aluminum and packaging waste?
coffee drinking existed for hundred of years without such waste.

----- Fred 07.04.11 10:26

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