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RSVP Berlin - Kaweco Pens- 04.06.11

rsvpkaweco0.jpg On fun Berlin discoveries, my favorite store of the moment is a teeny, tiny, beautifully minimalist little stationery shop that just turned 10(!) ~ R.S.V.P. Papier in Mitte! And on irresistible pens, i had to have some of these Kaweco Pens (German made, and around since 1883) from the 30s ~ so pocket sized, so simple in their black and white plastic with both rollerball and fountain pen tips, and so many fun ink colors ~ all of which are in awesome packaging! The pens also come in more traditional aluminum in silver, charcoal, and black. These are all totally fun, affordable giftiness. The store is a wonderland of notebooks, cards, stickers, pens/pencils and more SO carefully curated and displayed. And, luckily they have an online store that ships internationally too! So quick hotel room photoshoot of the goodies on my Soho House floor, as well as a peek into the store ~ check it all out on the next page!

Adorable business cards! rsvpkaweco1.jpg

Looking left… rsvpkaweco2.jpg

Looking right… (don’t mind my bag on the floor from other shopping! I took a few snap shots while she was packing up my goodies!) rsvpkaweco3.jpg

The pen display that sucked me in… rsvpkaweco4.jpg

My package of goodies! rsvpkaweco5.jpg

It almost looks like a lipstick… also, just noticed, that’s the mercedes logo popping out at you… rsvpkaweco6.jpg









And on possible accessories… there are cute carrying cases and clips available as well! rsvpkaweco15.jpg

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5 Notes

Thanks for your gorgeously tantalising pictures of the pens and their store. I’m in Berlin in a week or so will be having a long slow shop there. I hope Lucy from DesMoines can make it one day!

----- Sarah 16.03.12 05:55

I have been a Kaweco user since 2007.I live in Caracas, Venezuela, but my two sons are attending college in Germany… My first Kaweco pen was purchased in Munster. Today I am visiting my sons in Berlin.. I would like to drop by and to see what you have in your store..

----- PEDRO ELIAS GONZALEZ 31.08.11 14:42

Sometimes I hate you, interweb… here I am, stuck in Des Moines, and you tease me with your gorgeousness. Thanks for at letting us visit from here.

----- lucythesplainer 07.04.11 09:15

I’m heading over to Berlin in a few days, and this post could not have come at a better time. I’ll definitely be checking these out. :)

----- kadodo 06.04.11 22:47

Those are fantastic! I have a penchant for gorgeous, thick, milky paper bound into even more gorgeous journals. These pens would be perfectly suited for writing in such gorgeousness. Too fab! Thanks for sharing.

----- Hannah 06.04.11 19:21

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