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Soho House Berlin: #4- 04.05.11

sohoberlin00.jpg A 10 hour nap, a quick stop in frankfurt, and suddenly here i am in gloomy Berlin. More specifically, currently curled up at Soho House Berlin ~ the german outpost of the international member’s clubs and boutique hotel. For fun history - “Originally opened in 1928 as a department store, the property was seized by the wartime government before being occupied by the post-war, Communist regime until 1956. It was then used to house the Communist Party archives and the Central Committee’s Historical Institution. After German reunification the building was legally returned to the descendents of its original owners, but has remained derelict until now.” The boutique hotel aspect has 40 rooms, and while you still can’t take pictures anywhere (restaurants, bars, rooftop pools, gym, spa, art in the lobby, etc), here’s a peek into my room… it’s all the lovely little vintage product details that are adorable… also adore all the Cowshed goodness… and there’s a “Time To Tease” minibar of toys under lock and key (which include a dumbell-esque lolly-for-two)… and even tampons/condoms in cute little linen bags in the bathroom… check out all the fun details on the next page!

Here’s a peek at the exterior from their website… (the skies aren’t quite as blue today!) sohoberlin0.jpg

Upon entering the door… you see the vanity and a peek into the room… sohoberlin2.jpg

This big luscious bed awaits… sohoberlin3.jpg

Adorable vanity! sohoberlin4.jpg

Wood! Wood! Wood! The floors of the room, the floor of the bathroom, and the walls of the bathroom are all wood! sohoberlin5.jpg

Adorable tray of mini amenities… sohoberlin6.jpg

… i’ve never seen such cute little labeled linen bags… sohoberlin7.jpg

Cowshed in the shower too of course! sohoberlin8.jpg

The cabinet across from the bed… sohoberlin9.jpg

TREATS!!! sohoberlin10.jpg

Lovely typography on the Coffee, Sugar, and English Breakfast Tea jars… sohoberlin11.jpg

Awesome record player! sohoberlin12.jpg

Time to Tease cabinet hidden within… sohoberlin13.jpg

… the discreetly charged toys you can indulge in… sohoberlin14.jpg

“Bi” Strawberry and Champagne flavored Lolli-for-Two! and much more playfulness from Bijoux Indiscrets sohoberlin15.jpg

Vintage bedside goodness… sohoberlin16.jpg

A peek at the room from the window… sohoberlin17.jpg

… and some room service! The menu is quite international ~ between the pizzas, steaks, fresh italian pastas… you could be just about anywhere. sohoberlin18.jpg

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