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NOTConcept: Vertical (Hydro-Wine)Garden- 04.05.11

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Vertical Gardens! I’ve been fascinated by them the last few years, and it’s been fun to watch how they’ve evolved. In both style and ease of installation… so many tools and containers and techniques have popped up! Well, in researching various options to set up my own, Leo Corrales and I got frustrated and inspired and came up with a new NotConcept, merging parts of many we loved into a new design! Whether we’ll make it, is still uncertain, but it sure feels tempting! Combining the Wine Bottle Hydrogarden concept… with a more modular wall like structure… and something fun we could lean against the wall instead of mount… and our favorite big chunky frame look… take a peek on the next page at both our research on Vertical Gardening as well as our idea!!! And let us know what you think, what you’d want in your dream vertical garden, and maybe we’ll keep evolving the idea (or even MAKE one!) But first… to the sketches and renders!

Vertical gardens have become more and more popular in recent years, and so many creative variations have popped up! Here’s a look at a few i’v been considering while researching doing one myself!

For the succulent vertical living walls, you tend to grow them flat so the roots can do their thing and grab on for a few months before flipping it vertically… there are lots of special trays with specially slanted slots to help with this! floragrubb.jpg Flora Grubb

For more traditional vertical wall installations - you either use felt or packed dirt covered with cloth… where basically you make slits and push the plants in, combined with drip irrigation… check out this video!

A mix between the Flora Grubb and usual big lush living walls: easywall.jpg Tree Box Easiwalls and Vertical Allotments (shown above - for easy edibles growing)

Interesting option is to use rain gutters on side of the house… to even grow edibles like lettuce! raingutt.jpg Suzanne Forsling’s Rain Gutter Vertical Garden

Pouches like Wooly Pockets work well indoors and out, but do tend to want bigger plants… wooly.jpg Woolly Pocket

I’ve always loved this idea of finding a bunch of matching smaller pots, and have them hanging on grided fence like structure… valcuc.jpg Valcucine and Surface grid of plants

My most recent discovery was the hydrogarden in recycled wine bottle… love the idea of the clay marbles, and the way you can mix and match these…. move them easily… growbottle1.jpg Recycled Wine Bottle - Herb Grow Bottles

So in an attempt to figure out the perfect vertical garden… i loved the idea of herbs/edible… and the idea of going modular… and hydrogardening looked gorgeously clean too… why not create a new design to play with all of these?

Working with Leo Corrales, he came up with these sketches and renders exploring the idea further! Imagine fun leaning frames holding recycled wine bottles, all of which can have easy-to-water reservoirs they can pull water from… and you can easily swap the wine bottles of herbs around… into your kitchen, etc! Perhaps you can have different types of boxes slip in even… like traditional ones filled with dirt… and you can mix and match hydro and normal gardening boxes! We wanted to keep the concept pretty simple and potentially DIY-able, yet still beautifully modern/fun!





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