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Back To The Roots: Mushroom Garden- 05.13.11

shroom0.jpg I’ve never grown mushrooms before, but having been hearing about mushroom kits for some time now ~ though often they look like they are growing out of a less than appealing pile of goo in a bag! The Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit just arrived, and i love their box design! So simple and pretty and ready to sit on your kitchen window sill! Back To The Roots is the brainchild of two UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora back in 2009 during their final semester ~ they went from investment banking to full time urban mushroom farmers! Most unique about their kits: their oyster mushrooms grow in 100% recycled coffee grounds! So, while i have no mushrooms yet, having just popped the box open today ~ consider this an unboxing look at the details on how it all starts!






shroom1.jpg Following the instructions ~ sliced the cross in the bag…

shroom7.jpg … and it’s now soaking for 24 hours… (yes, in a sand castle mold)… and i guess we’ll see if it ends up like THIS in a few days…


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Love this..from the sustainability to the hopefully delicious mushrooms :)

----- Kee 17.05.11 09:13

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