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Manufactum Schwenkgrill Rohstahl- 05.13.11

grill1.jpg Gorgeous! And so simple, minimal… just found this Schwenkgrill Rohstahl (Raw steel pivot grill) and Feuerschale Rohstahl (Crude steel fire bowl) over at the awesome German, Manufactum! While the fire bowl is beautifully tempting on its own already ~ when you add the grill pendulum/pulley set up above it ~ with controllable height, much like work out equipment… it becomes EVEN more interesting and functional! Take a peek at closeups on the next page!






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6 Notes

Excelente dise�o .Simple ,pero muy espectacular.

----- dionel 10.03.17 16:59

I love the design. Simple to throw up anywhere and compact with lots of room…

----- Angela 21.08.15 06:49

Andrew, I think the word you’re looking for to describe this grill is ‘German’

----- Joshua 15.05.11 17:32

what happens if it’s windy?

----- cherie 14.05.11 07:13

i do like that you can raise it up to a “keep warm” kind of height ~ that could also be at more of a proper level to serve yourself from ~ vs bending down? and still have the warmth of being around it?

----- Jean/NOTCOT 13.05.11 14:31

Not so minimal.
Why have a huge 20+ lb steel beam with pulley system to raise and lower the 5 lb grill when a simple swiveling metal peg attached to the gill and a leg will achieve the same thing much more economically?
Why do the legs need to be big slabs of metal with sharp corners? How heavy is that bowl? Why not 3 simple rods?
The best words for this grill are ‘overbuilt’ and ‘industrial’.

----- Andrew 13.05.11 14:16

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