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Microscopic Photography: Beyond the naked eye- 05.03.11

micro1.jpg This post is sponsored by Best Buy, and is the brainchild of NOTCOT. These tips for great photos are brought to you by Best Buy.

This all started with capturing special moments ~ but ALL moments are special! (And if not, you’re doing it wrong.) And as i tried to figure out what special moment to share, i found myself sitting outside on the grass… macbook air in hand, various cameras next to me, and started exploring with the usb microscope plugged in… turning the macbook air into my microscope screen! And as i played, i found this tiny flower of flowers… and kind of got lost in that moment exploring every little bit of it ~ when suddenly something RAN BUY. Yes, horror movie style. At 200x zoom, the tiniest things seem pretty huge. And i started trying to find it again! They must be teeny tiny aphids or spiders or something… and as i came up out of this random adventure with a bunch of pics all over my desktop, it hit me, how amazing it is that just playing around its so easy for us to capture images like these now! So take a peek at my little microscopic adventure on the next page, and don’t forget ever moment is special for some reason, and even the most mundane of things can become an adventure to share in pics! Ok go see the mini beasts!

micro2.jpg See how tiny the flower already is?

micro3.jpg Zooming in…

micro4.jpg … and further in…

micro5.jpg Then i spotted it! Right there in the center!

micro6.jpg OMG there’s two! or at least two…

micro8.jpg It was near impossible to get pics of them as the zoomed in and out of the flowers…

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4 Notes

Oh wow! I want one, please tell us microscope specs.

----- Shaun Lee 05.05.11 02:44

You don’t want to use it to look at freshly picked berries. You’ll never eat fruit again! God made some things very small on purpose so that you don’t notice them.

----- Smitty 04.05.11 05:12

Where do I find this tiny usb cam? How much did it cost? I’d never stop looking at things!

----- Audrey Heffner 04.05.11 00:02

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