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Porsche Every Day + World Roadshow- 05.03.11

porscheroad0.jpg It’s been fun watching the new Porsche angle of it being for “Every day”… the ads are adorable. Check out the videos on the next page ~ and the Porsche Every Day site! Additionally, today i spent a few hours out at California Speedway with the Porsche World Roadshow test driving the “every day” side of the cars as well as playing with them around the track. Nothing makes you forget what day it is, what’s going on in your life, or how blisteringly hot it is out quite like a few turns out on the track and doing 120 on the straight aways…. ok, so maybe that part wasn’t quite “every day” driving, but it was definitely fun to get to know how the cars handle and just barely start to push them to what they were designed for… and that they can also serve as pickup trucks, pet carriers, school buses and more ~ take a peek at the ads and some pics from the day on the next page!

Screenshot of the fun Porsche Every Day screenshot.jpg

Here are a few more of my favorite teaser ads - Pet Carrier, School Bus, and Pickup Truck!

As for the Porsche World Roadshow… hopped out to California Speedway today for some “every day” porsche driving… well, not quite. But if my everyday commute were a few laps with the pedal to the floor ~ i might consider a “real job” or an office?











Love the fonts/icons… roadshow9.jpg

And i wasn’t quite sure what to make of this guy… roadshow14.jpg

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