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BTTR Mushrooms Begin!- 05.19.11

newshroom1.jpg It’s begun! My Mushroom Kit is growing! Last night there was nothing (visible to the naked eye) ~ this morning? Shroom cluster popped out… somewhere between fascinated and having a hard time imagining these as food… had to get up close with it and share the beginnings with you… there’s even a second lower cluster starting too… take a peek at day one of mushroom madness on the next page.

p.s. and if you need a reminder of how this coffee ground brick in a cardboard box began…

Ok here’s the cell phone pic of DAY 1 when i first woke up: day1-1.jpg

Here are the DAY 1 proper pics i took a few hours later… newshroom2.jpg





Ok that was Mid Morning of DAY 1 -

This is a cell phone pic from that night: mush.jpg

Morning of DAY 2 - omg so freaky! and the second blob has grown… and a third starting too…






On the morning of DAY 3 - wowza! and why are the mini piles growing SO SLOWLY? mushday3-1.jpg




On the morning of DAY 4 - HUGE! day4-1.jpg




Morning of DAY 5 - HARVEST TIME! And omg spores are messy? The instructions lacked detail on knowing when to harvest… and warning about this powdery mess of spores that will be dispersed EVERYWHERE… so consider yourself warned, newbie shroom growers!



See? this terrible powder everywhere? across the WHOLE counter that i woke up to? Ugh. According to this link - you want the spores in there for nutrition… and they can cause hay fever! day5-3.jpg



Post harvesting ~ will these keep growing? shroomlast.jpg

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Thanks for the tips! I certainly do not want to deal with spores!

----- Clement 03.10.11 21:54

Awesome post! Kai here from Back to the Roots with the mushroom kits, and I just wanted to add that we’re growing our team in a bunch of cities like NYC, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami so drop me a line if you’re interested: kai@backtotheroots.com

Thanks for all the support notcot!

----- Kai 25.05.11 12:14

Good lord!! These are beautiful! And getting to watch them grow before your eyes like that must be great!

----- Jen Renninger 23.05.11 06:57

Wow, this is looking good. Great idea and great design.

----- Kev 22.05.11 03:25

This is so visually stunning!
I love the blues and stark white staffs.
So beautiful.


----- Ash 22.05.11 00:53

Great photos. They look like something you would see diving in the tropics or maybe futuristic architecture.

----- Seb 21.05.11 11:06

I love how they look so alien. Very cool shots.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 20.05.11 10:15

Hey, a friendly word of advice: I’ve had this mushroom box as well, and it says to mist it twice a day, but I’d say it’d be wise to even do three times a day… those suckers love their water and our first go ‘round they dried out from not enough water (doh!)

----- Stacy B. 20.05.11 08:41

Awesome! This is Nikhil, one of the co-founders…excited to see your mushrooms popping out! Be sure to mist regularly…they’re going to grow really fast over the next couple days! Look forward to seeing the pics as they grow!

----- Nikhil Arora 19.05.11 16:07

i want one of those :)

----- Anonymous 19.05.11 15:27

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