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Laundry Accessories to Show Off!- 05.18.11

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Buying and owning is really only half the battle… responsibility… whatever you want to call it when you are talking about all the clothes and other accouterments we adorn ourselves with. For this post, Leo and Marcia delved into the world of laundering and objects that help us care for the clothes we love that are worth showing off like a gorgeous piece of furniture. From laundry baskets to ironing boards that look like works of art ~ to unusually dressing/hanging stations and convertible furniture! Take a peek at it all on the next page!


If you’re bringing someone into the bedroom, you don’t have to hide your laundry (dirty or clean!) if the “hamper” looks good. The Hey-Sign basket has a fun, casual look with felt and stencil letters. And the sleek, minimal style of containers from Böwer are pretty enough to complement the furniture while being totally practical.


Containers that do a little more … The classic design of the French wire hamper from Pottery Barn is combined with the convenience of swiveling wheels, while the Marie Pi lattice rack expands and contracts into different sizes.


When it’s time to actually do the laundry, fine mesh bags to the rescue! Protect your (or someone else’s?) delicates with a fine washables bag or a MUJI round washing net. The larger washing cases are good for bigger items or traveling.


A valet stand is a simple and stylish way to hang your elegant attire … or daily awesome outfits. The Magis model is simple and sophisticated, as is Mandu’s art-deco-inspired valet. The Order Valet Stand keeps the basic functionality but adds a little bit of abstract design to the mix.


If you want a valet that’s more like furniture, the Teca modular wardrobe has multiple configurations so you can customize, while the Wegner Valet Chair’s craftsmanship matches that of any piece in the room.


Even the ironing board doesn’t have to go into hiding! Aside from looking good, the Siemens Extreme is a high-tech board that sucks steam into the fabric and blows air to prevent excess moisture. The SI 2125 has the same steam and air functions with a fun, power-tool-like aesthetic.


If you do want to hide the ironing board, there’s the HiddenHelpers board. It integrates right into the laundry machines.


Of course if you had this iron and wood American industrial ironing board from the ’30s, it would HAVE to be on display, whether you’re ironing or not!

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