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Louis Vuitton Dripping Gold + Bees- 05.17.11

lv0.jpg On random finds on my cell phone ~ Louis Vuitton had some memorable window designs down at South Coast Plaza. How can you not be drawn in by these dripping golden honey bursts ~ with golden bees and LV logo/icons all bursting out from it? Take a peek at more details on the next page ~ and if you have more pics or info, send it over!







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it’s a copy of vezzoli for gagosian!

----- Dan 21.05.11 14:39

Hey I just saw this post today. I was in Istanbul, Turkey a few weeks ago and saw almost the same display. Pretty cool! I have some nice photos of it if you would like them. Not sure where to send them to.

----- Toby 19.05.11 09:48

This is awesome, absolutely beautiful!!

----- Eve Politanoff 17.05.11 18:04

i wonder what they do with them when they switch windows?!?!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 17.05.11 16:33

I also thought this was great! However, I saw this at the Santa Monica Mall. Incredible display, nonetheless.

----- Mike Gomez 17.05.11 16:23

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