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Rolling Orange Bakfietsen Bikes- 05.12.11

bike0.jpg These bikes are adorable, hyperfunctional and i can’t stop staring! Found these and more over at Rolling Orange. Bakfietsen (Bakfiets is singular!) are like the SUVs of bikes ~ super cargo bikes ready to haul whatever you can fit in them ~ kids, pets, picnics, farmer’s marketing, rapid prototyping machine, just about anything! Ready to see more? Take a peek on the next page… so tempting!

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Bakfiets is singular… not bakfiet.


But non the less, nice artikle. You should see some original old dutch bakfietsen… or bakmotorfietsen/bakfietsbrommers (motor powered bakfietsen) they have a cult status in the Netherlands :)


----- Willem 13.05.11 08:30

No, in Dutch, “fiets” is singular.

----- Neil 13.05.11 07:18

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