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The Standard x Ryan McGinness Nudie Cards- 05.07.11

nudie0.jpg I never knew the history of Nudie cards till this post. Did you know - “The birth of modern-day nudie cards can be traced to 16th century cards from India depicting the positions of the Kama Sutra. By the turn of the 20th century, during the Art Nouveau movement, erotic card decks appeared celebrating a renewed appreciation of the female form. These decks evolved to include illustrations or photographs of nude models, flappers, burlesque singers, and pin-up girls. Because these cards were not legal at the time, they were often sold under the guise of art studies.” They started as “art” not “porn”? Fascinating, right? Also, apparently for these new Ryan McGinness Blacklight Nudie Cards for the Standard, each abstracted drawing was from actual figure studies of models… even the three boobed ones! (Ok, so a few have multiple bodies, but they still are near indecipherable, as creative as you get!) Printed with fluorescent inks, these cards are optimal for glowing goodness under blacklights. I showed you a peek at McGinness’ show that started this series as well as the vinyls at the The Standard New York and limited edition prints of the cards, now, take a peek at the unboxing and close ups of the cards on the next page!

When i first got this - i couldn’t tell if it meant “Will explode in your face!” or “filled with happy”…. luckily it was the latter… nudie1.jpg

Wrapped in one of the Standard Shop’s signature little totes… nudie2.jpg

The new Ryan McGinness Blacklight Nudie Cards! nudie5.jpg








And from the Standard - here’s how they look under a black light… nudienew.jpg


As for the full deck: fulldeck.jpg

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The nudie cards my aunt had in the late ‘70’ were realistic showing positions, I was about 12 and was staying with her while my parents were out of state. I never forgot those cards.

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