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Jeff Waldman’s Swing Project- 06.15.11

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Doesn’t that picture just scream: HAPPY? I bet you’re smiling right now. (If not, what’s wrong with you?) As you may have noticed, we’ve got a soft spot for swings. So imagine our delight at discovering the crazy swing installations from Jeff Waldman and the Awesome Foundation’s LA chapter. For Waldman swings are a way of “finding pure joy were from our childhood” and he picked some pretty incredible locations for his swings. Waldman’s been tracking the awesome swingification across the globe in his facebook gallery. And for a peek into some of our favorites ~ as well as videos ~ take a peek on the next page!

p.s. Can’t wait to get back to LA to go hunt a few of his down, add more of our skateboard swings around, and swing to our heart’s delight!













Here are closeups of those beautiful swings in just a few of their stunning and unexpected locations:





And while photos capture some of the awesomeness of the swings, this little video of the swings in action across LA says it all:

LA isn’t the only city that has been graced by Waldman’s swings, he has installed swings in San Francisco, in the Marshall Islands, and Panama with the help of the The Awesome Foundation. Here are a few videos from his previous installations.

Swinging in San Francisco, part of The Happiness Project:

Swinging in Panama:

Love the swings? Then you can help sponsor the next location Swings in Bolivia via their kickstarter page.

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Hello Jeff,

i´ve seen you in a commercial from Coka Cola in Germany and you can see. We´ve got the same surename. The reason for this post is. I like your idea and the stuff that you do. Make it so long you can.

yours sincerely

Markus Waldmann

----- Markus Waldmann 02.07.13 12:07

Hey Jeff, think this is a great way to show care for the environment.
Kids nowadays entertain themselves with portable videogames and cellphones and
Are putting to one side real fun like swings. Mentioning this as one person who grew up having fun on swings.

In countries with social differences like mine projects like this would make a difference. A huge percentage of kids are being raised isolated in their homes from public spaces, due to high violence and crime index, and also to the lack of interest
For public spaces from our local governments. The clue seems to be on citizens initiative to take control of public spaces and transform them.


----- Carlos 26.05.13 17:38

awesome project:)

----- szuchi chen 24.03.13 19:54

I’m João Ferreira and I’m from Porto, Portugal. I love the swing project and I want to implement it in my city, if possible. I’d be very grateful if you could explain me the type of rope that you use and who you make those nots. I promisse you that, if I can go on with these project, I’ll give you some pictures. I just want to make some people smile (including me: because I LOVE swings).

João Ferreira

----- João Ferreira 07.02.13 11:09

YES! This is a fantastic project! Thank you for doing what you do and leaving the world better than you found it.

----- Jennie Kay 23.01.13 07:38

fyi - over 20 Awesome Foundation chapters give away a thousand bucks every month to awesome ideas - and the application is SUPER EASY - http://awesomefoundation.org/submissions/new.
no strings attached!

----- Dan Taberski 16.06.11 13:08

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