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Xploderz Xranger 2000 Unbox- 06.23.11

xploderz1.jpg Taking what may be my first actual full on “break” in a few years this week… it should come as no surprise that my life became filled with silliness and toys… so let’s kick off this catch up post with: Xploderz and their H2GROW Ammo - after having them on NOTCOT.org, when i ran across these new age water guns in person, i HAD to get one. So, here’s an unboxing of the Xploderz Xranger 2000 and a peek at how the pellets become the ammo you see. On first impressions, LOVE the concept, but the execution does leave quite a bit to be desired. The balls are actually more Tapioca/Boba/Bubble tea like… think jello jiggler marbles that smoosh on contact. You won’t really be hurting each other with these, but they do shoot impressively far and straight. Be warned though, if you’re preparing for a full on war, prep early, it takes over 4 hours to have a fresh set of ammo soak up its full potential… experiments to try later: can these become jello shots? can you use other similarly sized pellets? Frozen pellets? And to mitigate the disappointment, these are all about the novelty of the ammo… the gun doesn’t let you actually pull the trigger and the plastic/design of the gun leaves something to be desired. To launch, you pull and release, essentially launching the pellet… you also have to reload between each shot. But ~ on to the details to give you a better feel of this Xploderz Xranger 2000 and it’s jello shot like pellets, check out the next page!

The advertisement is pretty funny:

How scary is this kid? xploderz2.jpg




So what’s in the box? xploderz6.jpg

It’s a good thing they give you one first ammo magazine pre-filled with pellets, as it takes hours to soak your own! xploderz7.jpg

Here’s how they start out… xploderz8.jpg

… and what they soak into! xploderz9.jpg

It’s strange that the magazine does block the viewfinder a little… but the shoulder brace does help a bit! The front has three spring actioned little panels that the balls burst through. xploderz10.jpg

See? Jello shots! My yard is now littered with what looks like the remnants of a mini jello wrestling match. xploderz11.jpg

Base of the magazine… xploderz12.jpg

The design of the ammo maker is slightly frustrating… you have to pour the tiny pellets in through the holes… and fill with water… and when its ready, lock the magazine in to fill with pellets… xploderz13.jpg

A peek at the pellets growing throughout the night… and in the end we decided to pop them in the freezer to see what would happen…. more to come on that later perhaps! xploderz14.jpg

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4 Notes

Cheap paintball knock off…. At least Paintballs don’t have to “grow”

----- Scott 30.06.11 00:32

haha ~ ads are ads, posts are stuff i get all excited about.

----- Jean/NOTCOT 24.06.11 16:34

I hope you’re getting paid for this promo.

----- Human 24.06.11 13:20

LOVE the Jello shot idea.

Great idea to do the unboxing on the grass. Evokes the usual ol’ childhood nostalgia. :)

----- Kevin Hall 24.06.11 09:53

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