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Hatsune Miku in LA- 07.03.11

miku0.jpg Toyota invited me tonight to Hatsune Miku’s Los Angeles concert. (It sold out in 2 hours?) Apparently it’s “her” first time outside of Asia and this j-pop 3D holograph superstar has been rumored to be like the next Gaga… how could i say no to this experience to see if vocaloids could take over?

Well, first impressions. I thought she was bigger. Rumors were floating around that she’d be 20ft tall! She was little asian girl sized it seemed. And she felt like a 3D holo-mime in a big screen/box on stage (particularly when she pounded her fists forwards). And things really looked best when you stared at the giant screens that perfectly captured/optimized her 3D look (aka, you might be better off watching the official vids of concerts online). Though i must say the crowd’s energy was something else ~ while everyone was seated (it felt as if we were watching her amazing band play behind a cartoon) ~ there was non stop high pitched screaming ~ and there weren’t nearly as many young girls as i would have expected in the audience. And everyone seemed to know exactly what to do with the glow sticks ~ waving them in sync with certain wrist actions at just the right moments. So, honestly, the hype had me hoping for more, but my curiosity about the tech and real life experience had me fascinated. Where this is heading is definitely curious ~ but Hatsune Miku definitely doesn’t have enough stage presence to pull me in quite yet… perhaps she should have interacted a bit more with humans during the dance numbers to really mix it all… her band members stayed in their respective spots all night. Take a peek at pics of how it felt to watch it in real life on the next page ~ as well as a vid from one of her other shows!


















Here’s how the shows look on video…

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I attended also, I found the show fun and charming,to totally be a nerd or otaku it is fact Miku’s second U.S. show, she already had a show in San Fran. I actually talked slightly with the director of the show who was kind enough to give me a ticket, I wanted to do a behind the scenes article on the show, but it’s apparently under wraps and the tech behind is to be kept secret.

I’d like to add it wasn’t a stand a lone event the concert was a part of Anime Expo 2011 which features interesting Japanese bands and events every year.

----- Jonathan Bilski 06.07.11 02:30

I was there, I think I even see myself waving the glowstick around in one of those pictures. ^^

I loved it, but you really need to have more knowledge about Miku and her music to appreciate the show. I was a little disappointed how the US fans didn’t sing along or cheer with the type of energy the japanese concert had. I had to give some glowsticks to the people next to me just to get them in the mood, they were slumped back the whole time.

----- KGhaleon 04.07.11 22:30

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