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Robert Ware’s Repository of the Eternal Now- 07.01.11

archimain.jpg Another discovery from Justine from Show RCA 2011 is Repository of the Eternal Now by Robert Ware.

Robert Ware’s piece explores techniques where information is translated from digital to physical. The first experiment is constructed from the recycled parts out of old inkjet printers connected up to an arduino board, which creates beautiful drawings from data (far more beautiful than printed spreadsheets!). He has also used RepRap, an open source 3D printer and hardware constructed from components available in any DIY store, Rob has 3D printed St Paul’s cathedral. But the project is about much more. See some of the many aspects of the project and more info on the next page!

Ware writes:

“My work has investigated technological advancements that allow for an architecture that can build itself. It’s a perverse regression that data is safer in physical form as a prophylaxis to modern terror. Through exploring techniques whereby information is translated and printed three-dimensionally in real time, a new form of dynamic architecture is invented.

The premise of the project is a apocalyptic future in which The City of London’s security has become obsolete. In this environment, where cyberattacks threaten digital data. The result is a move away from the digital realm, back to physical records, using new technologies to 3-dimensionally print the volatile, digital stock market data in stone.

Ware’s addition to St. Paul’s Cathedral continuously builds itself in real-time using data from the 41 stock market industry sectors, archiving data physically in towers which grow in relation to the sector’s success. A dark, but beautiful concept!

Here are a few of our photos of the installation. And be sure to check out Robert Ware’s website which will be coming soon!






And here some official images and drawings of the stock market data made physical.









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