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Aston Martin Estate in Monterey- 08.21.11

astonestate0.jpg We ended up at an unexpected oasis amongst the madness of Monterey Auto Week when we drove up into Monterra Woods to join friends at the Aston Martin Estate. They took over a beautiful house and filled it with a brilliant mix of lifestyle brands from Far Niente Wines and Louis Roederer Champagne, to Emanuel Andren’s Chocolates from Sweden… Vizio 3D tvs and CxC Driving Simulators, to Flexjet by Bombardier and Worth magazine… There was even a tailor, diamonds, non-alcoholic cocktails (test drives happening!), and of course Aston Martins ~ from the V12 Zagato and One-77 to Virage Coupés, Vantage S Roadster, and Rapide. They created a beautiful space with relaxing indoor and outdoor areas, and endless things to do. Favorite? While waiting for test drives, the garage had two 3-large-screen simulators with racing seats that throw you around almost as hard as a real F1 car. (Of course, had we planned a bit better ~ i’m sure test driving the Astons would have been the favorite!) All in all, there was so much to see and do, and it was the perfect way to get a feel for the lifestyle they imagine around the marque. There were even herds of deer and flocks of turkeys roaming nearby! Take a peek and explore the estate and details on the next page!


The V12 Zagato is a beauty ~ was fun to watch everyone crowd around trying to record as they started her up too… astonestate2.jpg






The cars waiting for test drives ~ they had around 8 cars in rotation… astonestate8.jpg

Here’s the stunning One-77 heading out! astonestate8a.jpg


Since everyone was driving ~ “Driver’s Edition Cocktails” are all alcohol free. astonestate10.jpg

The CxC Simulators were the perfect way to pass the time in the garage before people were jumping into the actual cars. astonestate11.jpg

This simulator isn’t your average game console or arcade setup. Data from the racing game is used to move the racing seat in such a way that you feel like you are there. The track surface, bumps, curbs and contact with other cars are felt through the seat, which is precisely why they strap you in so tightly ~ you COULD get tossed around pretty hard! The subtle and sometimes violent feel of the simulator lets you feel the g-forces of the acceleration and braking when on the track. I don’t know how i’ll ever go home to my driving wheel and playseat… astonestate11a.jpg

Emanuel Andren chocolates ~ fresh from sweden, hand painted, and quite the experience ~ with flavors incorporating everything from cheese to cigars. astonestate12.jpg

Aston Martin: The Estate ~ “Fine Hospitality. Exclusive Previews. Dynamic Drives.” astonestate13.jpg

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