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Bentley and the Quail- 08.20.11

1927_bentley0.jpg Having spent the day with the newest Bentley’s all over LA on wednesday ~ and then being convinced to spontaneously pop up to Monterey Auto Week… the time warp to see Bentleys of the past amongst their contemporaries is quite a trip. While I wasn’t sure what we’d be able to attend on such short notice, but Bentley swooped in and have been helping guide us through the week. They were kind enough to invite us in to the world of The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, which we were told was an event not to be missed amongst the endless car events of the weekend. They weren’t kidding. It was an incredible introduction to the classic cars, while still getting to play with the supercars of today… all while lounging on golf courses… without playing any golf. Driving cars along golf cart paths and all over greens felt so wrong, yet is so normal here! One of our surprising favorites of the show turned out to be this green 1927 Bentley 6.5L coupe! So take a peek at the awesome car above in detail… as well as a silly unboxing of the jacket that saved me from the windy/mistiness that is the monterey peninsula… on the next page!

It’s fun to see the world of the modern day Quail through the rearview of the ‘27 Bentley… 1927_bentley0a.jpg

Here’s what Shawn has to say about his Quail favorite - “There is no doubt that Bentley has a prestige place amongst car enthusiasts, and I have always been admirer, but I have never fallen in love with one quite like yesterday. Despite Bentley kindly getting us into The Quail, I can honestly say that the 1927 Bentley 6.5L coupe in green caught my eye tucked between vintage ferraris and porsches. The immaculate restoration job and amazing attention to detail make this Pre-War work of art one of my personal favorites at this year’s Quail.”





Here’s a peek at their unmissable hospitality suite and display… as platinum sponsor they definitely had the ultimate view of the whole field of cars! bentleyjacket1.jpg


In rush packing, i forgot what norcal weather was like relative to our warm LA weather lately… especially the foggy, windy side of the Monterey Peninsula! So of course Bentley was perfectly equipped with cashmere scarves, leather gloves (Oh, the red ones. So nice.), jackets to brave the weather, umbrellas, and more… So when it started getting colder and windier and mistier… before heading to drinks before more late night events, popped by their booth on the way out and couldn’t resist a windbreaker-in-a-pouch. Definitely saved my sleevelessness running around a bit the rest of the night (And probably this weekend!) ~ i also couldn’t resist unboxing it on the bushes on the way out






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