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Smallable’s Patrice and Béatrice Plushes- 08.01.11

simone1.jpg My first reaction was “omg. super hipster plush toys?” ~ then when i couldn’t seem to close the tab and kept flipping through the pics, the adorably illustrated and reversible Patrice and Beatrice grew on me. And i secretly want them both… with their hipster glasses wearing serious fronts, and their beach ready, summer loving backs (or vice versa, on which is front and which is the back) This pair of plush toys over at Smallable are an exclusive collaboration with My Name Is Simone, aka French designer, Caroline Castagna-Suarez. “Caroline Castagna-Suarez, aka Simone, finds that Sometimes, growing up stinks. Therefore, she spends her free time battling against Seriousness, in every way she can.” See close ups of these two… as well as Super zéro, Suzanne, Simon, Daisy, and Jean-Louis on the next page!

The story: Patrice and Béatrice met on SMALLable.com, the first dating website for plush toys, where they are exclusively available. They fell in love at first sight, and now, Beatrice, who used to live in Bourg Saint Maurice thinks of moving to Senlis with Patrice. But now, they are going on holidays in Nice …







Here’s the rest of the world of My Name Is Simone: simone11.jpg




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