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Concrete Cow of Monaco- 09.24.11

cowMAIN.jpg While Nalden and I were cruising to the Monaco helipad to catch our ride back to Nice airport this morning, there was a loop of an intersection that confused me far too much, and this bizarre concrete truck/cow thing on a building nearby… so, luckily the quick snapshots came out so i can show you what i’m talking about! I only found two other pics online. Any one know what the story is?







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There is an artist that makes these cows, though I’m not sure the one on the post is by the same artist. There is one at Infineon Raceway in California. It is a hot-rod cow with flame detailing. If you look it up on Google, you should find a few images to compare.

----- Ryan 24.09.11 13:02

It must be a Cows on Parade cow.

----- Mark 24.09.11 12:47

You could find more infos there : http://monacofr.cowparade.com/cow/gallery/3 .This cow has been made for Monacow parade in 2005, this cow called “la vache à béton” had been sponsorised by a local contractor, EMT, then has been sold for a charity sale.
Hope this has been helpfull to you.

----- PAB 24.09.11 11:10

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