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Cut Laser Cut, Vauxhall, London- 09.25.11

clc-main3.jpg Our London-based editor Justine catches up with the latest action from the London Design Festival!

Another fun discovery of this year’s London Design Festival was Vauxhall area laser cutting shop and studio Cut Laser Cut, who work with a wide range of clients and with many unexpected materials, creating laser masterpieces of all sorts and cutting and engraving materials from fabrics to foods! For this year’s design festival, Cut Laser Cut shared some selections from their client showcase. More photos of some of impressive laser creations and their shop/studio on the next page!




Laser-cutting in action!


Cute illustrations of the client/service process too!


And here are some highlights from their client showcase. Who knew you could make such awesome pieces by laser cutting and engraving food!?! Great work from Astarism (Andrew Stellitano).

Pieces on show at Cut Laser Cut.


Laser cut crackers by Astarism.


That’s right, it’s laser-engraved jambon!



Laser cut laser also help to create these impressive acrylic shoes by Chua Har Lee.



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hello, i’m a design student who study in UAL recently, i may have to make 50-70 pieces of wings model (around 4cm x 2cm per wing) for my project. i just want to ask the price, material needed (i might use the wood which smiliar as red wine cork) and the date i can book an appointment because its quiet hurry for me and it would be great i can get it done before friday. looking forward to receiving your reply soon! thank you so much

----- Bernette 27.11.12 02:37

That’s pretty sweet…great idea, it’ll make it easier for some designers to get a prototype of their designs!!! Love it!

----- Julien Denoyer 25.09.11 03:01

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