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GoBandit HD Action Camera Unbox- 09.20.11

gobandit1.jpg Continuing our exploration of Mini HD Action Cameras (So far there’s the roundup, unboxing the GoPro, and unboxing the Contour+) ~ so here’s an unboxing of the germany based, GoBandit. The packaging is good fun, and they have super playful branding that tells you to Shoot Your Adrenaline! what’s most unique about the GoBandit seems to be its software side ~ tracking GPS, speed, and altitude, there are a variety of skins (perhaps someday customizable?) that can overlay your videos to show the data as well as a map alongside to see where you’ve gone. As far as tech specs, it isn’t the most powerful on the market ~ shooting only 720p video, 5mp camera, 135 degree angle of view ~ but is waterproof up to 1m for 30 min without additional housing, and you can embed your videos complete with navigable maps/altitude/speed graphs! And their GoBandit Community is definitely going for the competitive angle on action cam videos sorting videos by FASTEST and HIGHEST! We’re still playing around with it at the moment ~ but check out the unboxing and details of the camera on the next page!















Here’s a peek at the software that allows you to skin your videos with data overlays ~ skinit.jpg

Here’s an example of an embedded video and map/graph!

And a peek at the GoBandit Community: gobanditcomm.jpg

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Cool, do you bring it to the Oktoberfest on Monday? Would love to see it.

----- Markus 21.09.11 02:21

Nice cam!…I like the speed and altitude measurements…..great for mtn biking!..

Jean - Do you ever sell your old stuff from past reviews?
I’d for sure take this off your hands if you need to do any “office cleaning”! ;)


----- Mark Y. 20.09.11 20:28

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