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Maximo Riera at 100% Design- 09.27.11

rhinocloseup.jpg Our London-based editor Justine catches up with the latest action from the London Design Festival!

One of my highlights of this year’s 100% Design event would have to be finally seeing the amazing animal chairs from Maximo Riera in person! You may remember his octopus chair which we previously featured here and more recent rhino and walrus additions. These beautiful throne-like pieces of furniture are even more amazing to behold in person. The detailing on the animals is exquisite and incredibly realistic. Another feature that is evident upon seeing the chairs is their enormous size! Like the animals they are designed to reflect, these pieces are truly colossal. More photos of the beautiful walrus, rhino and octopus chairs on the next page!









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Maybe a lot of credit needs to go to the person that did the computer modeling. As there was no sculpture made for a mold the person to credit for the stunning shape and design of the cahirs is the modeler who I guess you could also call sculptor and I don’t think its Mr. Riera (who probably only had the idea). Its like if someone asked Van Gogh to draw a sunflower and then took all the credit.

The only sketch/drawing I saw of the Octopus looks weak, the same probably goes to for all the other animal chairs, which is probably why there is only one image of the drawings on the web.

----- Markkit 30.09.11 06:43

Boy do I love these chairs, there’s a very special place in my heart for the octopus chair.

----- Mike 27.09.11 16:24

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