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Mic-O-Mic: Design to play with- 09.28.11

micomic0.jpg I couldn’t resist buying German toys at the Munich airport on the way home. Even if they are for toddlers and up… i was fascinated by the way the connectors work on the Mic-O-Mic building systems and when i couldn’t decide which to get to try it out, i bought four - a little boat, car, helicopter, and seaplane. And they are awesome! Solid plastic. Ok to toss in the water. They are connected by little plastic pegs that perfectly fit and rubbery eye mask like pieces that allow a nice flexibility to connections. They even come with a tweezer like tool made of the pieces themselves to pinch-remove or push-hammer in the pegs with. Nice simple graphical pictures to diagram how to assemble each as well, and for the more creative ones, they have extra pieces and are all modular enough to mix and match. Take a peek at the sets on the next page!

p.s. yes, i built these on the bed in my jetlaggedness…












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Have to agree about the rubber connectors. My mic-o-mic toys still look perfect but the connectors are crumbling. They need to sell (frankly at the price of the toy ‘give free’) big packs of replacements.

----- simon 16.11.12 10:40

i just bought one, i used to have one when i was a kid but my granni give it to someone else when i turn 15, i cry so much :P
they are so colorful and pretty i just love it

----- alberto 18.03.12 21:09

Unfortunately those rubber connectors don’t age very well. Unless you keep buying replacements the toys will fall apart before they can be passed on to younger generations

----- Ross 30.09.11 06:25


long time no see… me and my brother had cars from them (the model you see in the picture and a racing car) Absolutely love them. Great design, classic piece.

Makes a great collectible!!!! Take that iphone and Wii…

----- JULES 29.09.11 13:15

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