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Method x Denham’s ‘The Journeyman’- 09.28.11

etails.jpg Our London-based editor Justine Aw catches up with the latest action from the London Design Festival!

Stunning. It really is all about the details in this beautiful wooden steamer trunk. Method furniture created ‘The Journeyman’, a modern portmanteau steamer trunk for a jeanmaker. The trunk was created in collaboration with Denham and is a modern take on a classic design to be used for both display and transportation of stock. The framework of the piece is constructed of solid ash and gently curved rather than straight, almost canoe-like, creating greater rib-strength and allowing the trunk to rest comfortably on its side. The design is thoughtful and elegant throughout as well as lovingly constructed by hand with over 200 interconnected traditional joins and over 150 hand-Japanned custom engineered fixings. See pictures of it from London Design Week as well as the making-of video, pics, and sketches on the next page…





Check out these great photos of the making of the chest and some of the detail work too.






Here is a video of the construction of The Journeyman that featured at 100% Design.

And another from Denham:

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This is made even more beautiful through the insight into process, amazing

----- sarah 30.09.11 06:57

Saw it, it was very nice… good attention to detail. the guy was a bit stiff not much of a salesman… but I would like to see what he does next.

----- Adrian Bonet 29.09.11 06:04

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