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2012 Nissan GT-R + GearPatrol x Onia Board Shorts- 09.02.11

gtr0.jpg Leave it to GearPatrol to come hand deliver their Onia collaboration Amaury board shorts in a 2012 Nissan GT-R in a nearly matching blue (their shorts are far less sparkly than the car thankfully) ~ So what better way to unbox it ~ than to unbox them together… so we popped the hood of the car to see the beast within, opened up the zipper pouch the shorts come in… and even found that the coin pocket they specially lined for the collab is a PERFECT fit for your GT-R key! And to top it off, when you start the car up, she even announces that there is a “High surf warning around current location.” Exactly when you need board shorts! So we promptly hopped in the car and took off along the beach to Malibu for lunch… though it’s currently one of the fastest production cars to lap the Nürburgring… we sadly didn’t have a chance to really see what it could do. Keep an eye over at GearPatrol to see what they have been up to with it soon! But for now, take a look at the GP x Onia Board Shorts and my favorite details of the 2012 Nissan GT-R on the next page.

p.s. After unboxing Louboutins on the Mars Red C63, it seemed appropriate to switch to blue and unbox the GP x Onia on the GT-R. What next?





See all of the details of these Gear Patrol and Onia collaboration Amaury board shorts at GP.


Appropriate to go with the board shorts ~ as soon as we power up the car, her voice exclaims to us to be careful because there is a “High surf warning around current location.” But what does that mean? Grab surfboard, rush to beach? Or run away? Or… activate some secret GT-R Surf Mode?


And we headed out to malibu for lunch…


gtr9.jpg The golden orange caliper is an interesting color…

gtr10.jpg The paint job is a chunky glittery blue… seriously sparkly.

gtr11.jpg Super subtle door handles…

gtr12.jpg Video game like steering wheel…

gtr13.jpg My favorite detail is definitely the metallic red Start/Stop button.

gtr14.jpg The gear like motif around the dashboard dials and A/C buttons, etc were an interesting choice…

gtr15.jpg These aren’t as satisfying to flip as they should be ~ but you can flip in and out of comfort mode… not a HUGE difference, perhaps it’s a placebo for passenger state of mind?


gtr21.jpg Strange little leather detail in the trunk ~ the pull tab you use to CLOSE the trunk if you don’t want to touch the exterior?

gtr18.jpg When you pop the hood, it’s hard to miss the Carbon Fiber Composite…

gtr19.jpg See? SPARKLY.


I showed you all the details that were fun ~ google image to see more full car pics gtr23.jpg

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