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Help! Remedies + Board Book- 10.24.11

helpineedhelp0.jpg Help Remedies are beautifully packaged basic remedies from headache meds and allergy meds to bandaids. While they have been popping up in design stores, gift stores, and hotel mini bars for a while now, it’s exciting to hear they are spreading their philosophy of “Take Less” further ~ heading in to bigger national stores even! An awesome press kit arrived today including a few Help Remedies and a BIG board book filled with colorful, informative, playful content to explain their vision… all surrounded by gel coatings of pills to drill in the overdosing and confusion of the current state of over the counter meds. So take a peek on the next page to see the full unboxing, playful design details of Help Remedies, and a look in to the big board book!

Take Less! The board book… helpineedhelp1.jpg

A few Help Remedies! helpineedhelp2.jpg

There’s something too fun about the box full of empty pills… helpineedhelp3.jpg


The packaging is minimal ~ with molded paper casings and a thin plastic rim/clasp… helpineedhelp6.jpg

Each of their products have one ingredient to avoid the cocktails others include, and have lower dosages to prevent excessive medicating. helpineedhelp7.jpg

Each pack has adorable messages like “Goodnight darling.” on the sleeping pills. helpineedhelp8.jpg

Instead of the colorful coatings and dyes, they try to keep the pills minimalist to help you ingest less dyes. helpineedhelp9.jpg



And now a peek into the book! helpineedhelp12.jpg










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i just got these recently, and when my boyfriend saw them stacked up on my desk, he said “are these called:it’s a ‘Help I have problems and it’s complicated’stack!!”

----- rennie 26.10.11 09:38


----- Leo 25.10.11 09:57

i am often jealous of the press packs you post but this one takes the cake. how does one go about getting a press pack like this? it is amazing!

----- Kym Smith 25.10.11 06:57

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