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Aroha Silhouettes Molecular Addictions- 11.23.11

aroha0.jpg Regardless of your addiction of choice ~ be it Caffeine, Chocolate, MDMA, Nicotine, THC, or DMT ~ Aroha Silhouettes latest collection Molecular Addictions has you covered. Each of the necklaces are made of strong lightweight stainless steel that has been finished in a smooth matte black powder coating with gunmetal chain and findings. Take a peek at Tania’s new collection with photography by Kelly Jill on the next page!







I thought i was losing my mind at first ~ but because of the way the chocolate and caffeine molecules simplified, they end up seeming the same… so you can claim either/both when you wear it! 2 addictions for 1! arohalast1.jpg

Here’s the making of video!

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6 Notes

where can i buy these pictures???

----- Arielle 16.03.12 11:14

this is absolutely brilliant! as a self proclaimed and socially recognized caffeine addict, I feel this is absolutely perfect! If there was ever a need for a piece of jewelery, it is felt for this!

----- Alaina 05.03.12 05:17

To distinguish between the caffeine and ‘chocolate’ molecules, you should remove the bar representing the H-N bond on caffeine, since in all other instances, you don’t represent a hydrogen bond.

----- Maria 04.03.12 22:27

Lovely! May have to get the chocolate/caffeine one…

----- Lily 04.03.12 14:44

So now i’m wondering whether or not to get the THC necklace for my friend. XD

----- Levi 29.11.11 03:26

This is so good! Love it! To wear chocolate ‘round my neck… I’m in love!

----- Maria 25.11.11 00:56

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