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Holiday Giveaway #4: House & Hold- 11.28.11

hh0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Happy Monday! This one is an amazing giveaway from the new store House & Hold from our friends at Fawn & Forest. Picture it ~ curled up in an Original Fatboy ~ next to you is a Design House Stockholm Tablo (a fun tray on a wooden stand), where you can have your Design House Stockholm Barbara Carafe of wine, scotch, water (picture what you wish!) and/or your tea/coffee and a snack on Nuance Snack Set, and an adorable wooden Karl Zahn Rhino box!

I love the way House & Hold describes their vision - “Our world consists of a vast collection of compelling products from modern furnishings and contemporary lighting to the lovingly handmade home accessories you will find nowhere else. House&Hold is here to help make your home an inspired place of creativity, sophistication and love. The brands and products we carry are ones that we are passionate about, and we aim to translate that passion to our online store and outstanding service.”

For a chance to win the instant relaxation nook bundle of an Original Fatboy (color of your choice), Design House Stockholm Tablo (choice of tray color and stand height/wood), Karl Zahn Rhino box, a Nuance Snack Set, and a Design House Stockholm Barbara Carafe (color of your choice) from House & Hold, leave a comment with what you do to relax before midnight PST on Dec 3rd, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pics and details of the goodies on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Leanna in Vancouver, BC!

hh3.jpg Original Fatboy - so comfy ~ it’s hard to get out of this once you settle in!

hh5.jpg Design House Stockholm Tablo - a nice multipurpose piece, you can use the tray separately, or keep it in the wooden stand as a side table.

hh1.jpg Karl Zahn Rhino box - adorable as a rhino, and perfect to hide something in as a box!

hh2.jpg Nuance Snack Set - perfect for a cup of tea/coffee and a little snack!

hh4.jpg Design House Stockholm Barbara Carafe - one of my favorite carafes of all time ~ its so playful how the ball stopper fits in the base… and it comes in clear, black, or amethyst.

For a chance to win the instant relaxation nook bundle of an Original Fatboy (color of your choice), Design House Stockholm Tablo (choice of tray color and stand height/wood), Karl Zahn Rhino box, a Nuance Snack Set, and a Design House Stockholm Barbara Carafe (color of your choice) from House & Hold, leave a comment with what you do to relax before midnight PST on Dec 3rd, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


456 Notes

I turn on my christmas lights, browse notcot and think about how I would redesign my house if I had the time and resources.

----- Megan Connor 03.12.11 21:40

I turn on my christmas lights, browse notcot and think about how I would redesign my house if I had the time and resources.

----- Megan Connor 03.12.11 21:39

Good coffee and a nice walk.

----- N8who 03.12.11 21:27

I like to light some candles, dim the lights and put on my favorite tunes. 1-2-3-relaxed…

----- Jim B 03.12.11 21:27

i lay down on my accupressure mat to relax.

----- Gregg E. 03.12.11 20:15

Google Reader, Pinterest, or a good book. Easy to please.

----- Andy 03.12.11 18:33

Just climb to my roof with a couple of marlboros and just watch.

----- Elvin 03.12.11 17:54

Relaxation for me this fall has been all about combining sitting on my back porch, reading and smoking a cigarette. I really should have put the comfy chair somewhere indoors, but at least it’s been mild enough outside to enjoy it.

----- Mikey 03.12.11 16:56

I grab an easy to read book and read it in bed.

----- Iris 03.12.11 13:40

Relaxation is an unknown state of being for me. I’m going to need these things ;P

----- Jason 03.12.11 13:36

Drinking hot apple cider on a cold park bench always does it for me.

----- black_cloud 03.12.11 12:26

I like to bike around my neighborhood to music. It’s a good way to release stress.

----- Lara 03.12.11 11:56

Drink a cup of coffee!

----- Jonah 03.12.11 10:36

I like to paint, play the piano, maybe go for a bike ride, do yoga, or just sit and read!

----- Angela Nguyen 03.12.11 09:50

Plug my headphones into the audio receiver, put Spoon or Broken Bells on vinyl and doodle until the album is over.

----- Matt Gill 03.12.11 08:56

I really like showers, a lot a lot. But the ultimate relaxation is a nice shower, pajamas, and Netflix or a good book.

----- Marissa 03.12.11 05:11

Hang out with my lady and our puppy and have a flopping contest to see who the laziest is. The puppy usually wins.

----- Matthew Bayliff 03.12.11 04:45

I get a pencil, some paper, i turn the music on (and by that i mean it s on in every single room) and create something.

----- Andreea 03.12.11 03:26

play with the kids, forget those grownup stresses

----- Ryan 03.12.11 00:54

I do a little yoga and then drift off for a few minutes while meditating; that’s when I know I’m relaxed enough to get up and go to bed.

----- Nick H 02.12.11 21:23

green tea, dark chocolate, kindle or NBC thursday night

----- kelly 02.12.11 20:34

I usually relax by drawing. I like to just sit around and let my mind wander and the pen or pencil usually takes care of the rest.

----- Kevin 02.12.11 19:24

as an architecture student I have actually forgotten the meaning of relaxation, unless its for designing places where others can relax, therefore knowing that I have thought out every aspect of a project helps me relax, specially if its before midnight, then I go and sit on my armchair and read.

----- Mehrdad 02.12.11 18:22

I definitely need to do a little more relaxation in the next couple of weeks but my best ways to relax is sitting back and watching a movie. I also like to bake cookies and just read a book!

----- Jay B. 02.12.11 18:05

What I’ll do to relax is sit in my new bean bag chair.

----- Chris 02.12.11 17:41

Sit in some hot water and meditate

----- James 02.12.11 17:19

I open twitter on my ipod and I read your tweet…

----- J-F 02.12.11 16:49

a smoke and a record

----- Allen 02.12.11 16:48

I soak in a bubble bath with my favorite book…or I call my bestie & have a “bitch for betterment” session…depends on whether on need to relax my body or the dark passenger in my head!!!

----- Kim Spencer 02.12.11 16:35

My best methods for relaxation are shopping (retail therapy is for real, guys), having a glass of wine, taking a bubble bath, lighting incense, and baking something delicious to eat!

----- Margaret 02.12.11 16:09

I play solitaire. Or recently, I’ll watch some Poirot with my dog in my lap. I recently realized watching that show as a child may have caused my love for all fonts Art Deco - I started using it for our business logo before making that connection.

----- Lynnea E 02.12.11 15:44

balcony sitting

----- A.V. 02.12.11 15:13

A mug of mulled wine to warm the body and put your mind at ease before retreating for the evening.

----- Tab 02.12.11 14:33

I grab a cup of tea, sit in a comfy chair (and this chair would be none to shabby for that purpose) and surf sites like NOTCOT!

----- Jane 02.12.11 14:17

At this time of year I pour a Mad Elf (Tröegs Brewing Company) into my chalice, throw on some Sam Cooke, sit back, and enjoy.

----- Neil 02.12.11 13:44

My favorite way to relax is to get a massage! It just melts my stress away!

----- Giant Sis 02.12.11 13:32

I read, and feel tiredness wash over me. It’s a great feeling.

----- anna 02.12.11 13:19

Most of my relaxation methods can not be made public…..but I do like a good massage

----- Christian 02.12.11 12:25

A winning sequence for relaxation is along the lines of:
1) complete a challenging yoga practice
2) poop (yes, this is very important)
3) shower
4) eat delicious food
5) watch a brilliant show or movie

----- lex 02.12.11 12:07

After a long day, I like to play an old episode from one of my favorite shows while solving sudoku puzzles in bed. You can never go wrong with that.

----- SARAH 02.12.11 12:00

people watching, with a coffee and a cigarette of course.

----- John L 02.12.11 11:49

I make some Oolong tea, listen to Chopin or any jazz artist and sketch some design ideas.

----- Asenh Tsan 02.12.11 11:30

Cooking, books, and sewing. Can’t go wrong

----- Melanie 02.12.11 11:30

a nice warm shower

----- andrew 02.12.11 11:02

Relaxation comes in the form of: A tumbler of scotch, some incense, a warm blanket & a book to get lost in an adventure.

----- Roman 02.12.11 09:53

sleep eat

----- rey 02.12.11 09:32

There are a lot of things that I do that relaxes me. One is that I clean my room, bathroom, then have a bubble bath. (in that order). Another is just when I put on some music and just lay down in my bed all comfy beneath my blankets. Another one is I call my best friend. She calms me down whenever I’m stressed and therefore I’m relaxed. Last, anything creative that I do that’s not school or work related, as long as I do it for me or for others like crafts, or making sweaters/sewing, or brainstorming for interior design ideas for myself or friends (for fun!). Even going online and just looking through blogs and websites that inspire me, relaxes me.

----- Francis 02.12.11 09:04

Generally I shave. I nice long shave with a proper straight razor and all that feels great. Or I read a book.

----- Derek J. Kinsman 02.12.11 08:23

i relax by checking out all the new posts on notcot after smoking a nice bowl… medicinal of course.

----- don p 02.12.11 08:03

I relax by emptying my mind of all the hassle and letting it flow to all the great memories and happy things in my life

----- J_Walrus 02.12.11 06:33

i play tablesoccer for relaxing reasons.

----- Hon-Tan 02.12.11 05:40

i usually end up playing wrestling with my chihuahua till she starts barking at me or i’ll read a book till my eyes grow heavy. best way to relax before sleepytime!

----- elinn 01.12.11 23:56

Go on hikes, nothing like nature to provide some perspective.

That or grab some secret stash outta my rhino box, pour a nice bourbon and lean back on my sweet Fatboy while nibbling on snacks from my fancy side table.

----- Ted 01.12.11 23:42

Books, books and more books. I can only imagine my love of reading will gilded by these wondrous goodies from House & Hold!

----- Leanna 01.12.11 21:38

Usually a bath with a good book.

This might be my favorite NOTCOT giveaway ever!

----- April Brooks 01.12.11 21:27

Glass of wine, NY Times & music on my Tivoli

----- Jason 01.12.11 21:21

To relax, I like to listen to Sufjan Stevens, read tumblr, and eat whatever’s around to be eaten.

----- Jess 01.12.11 20:53

To relax, I turn off my lights, turn on my record player and listen to Bon Iver while cozied up in a blanket with some tea.

----- Laura 01.12.11 20:37

To relax, I put on my favorite PJs, throw some fresh sheets on the bed, and watch a movie snuggled up under the duvet

----- Natalie 01.12.11 19:37

I like to take a hot shower, get into comfy pajamas, and listen to a good podcast until I drift to sleep.

----- Grace Ludmer 01.12.11 19:35

I often eat ice-cream outside my balcony during cold midnight.. So I could feel chilly both inside and out. it’s the Best moment to freeze my brain from a busy day with stressed.. it makes me stop thinking for a while and feel great and relaxing. if that Karl Zahn Rhino box belong to me, i will have them taken picture wit me eating ice-cream :D

----- Thao Dao 01.12.11 17:53

Sit down with a cup of tea and read tech news

----- Jason 01.12.11 17:18

To relax, I draw perfect circles and color them in with red marker

----- Beck 01.12.11 16:30

I like to take a nap, that way I’m well rested for bedtime…

----- Eric 01.12.11 15:38


----- FRED 01.12.11 15:21

I like to unwind and relax with a hot tea and great music playing.

----- Brenda 01.12.11 14:28

I dream..

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:46

The bath is my thinking place. I find it to be the best place for my mind to open up from the restrictions the day puts on it. Usually I would picture what my dream house would be like and how I would inhabit the space. Most of the time it includes eclectic,sophisticated designs and is filled with the people I love.

----- Cecil 01.12.11 12:21

Sing, play instruments, listen to my favourite albums!!!

----- Megan 01.12.11 11:58

Walking my beige, gizmo/valcor resembling, mop-like Shih Tzu, Miso. Oh! That face!

----- Blueyedben 01.12.11 10:45

Mixing up some Manhattans and playing poker with the lady.

----- Chris S. 01.12.11 10:42

take a hot bath and read a good book, of course!

----- libby 01.12.11 07:09

I like to recline in my Eames lounge chair with a microbrew and browse NOTCOT.org and other design blogs on my ipad.

----- Scott 01.12.11 07:01

To relax I like to grab a glass of whiskey, curl up in my womb chair, and read a good book. At the moment I am midway through Dieter Rams “As little design as possible”

----- Sid Law 01.12.11 06:13

I love to listen to podcasts for diversion and I work crosswords until I get too sleepy. Oh, and I try to gently prevent my wife from helping with the puzzles because I like the feeling of completing it myself, although she’s cute trying to keep up with me…

----- Benjamin 01.12.11 05:43

I like to sit down in my leather recliner with a nice burbon and put my feet up.

----- neonsocks 01.12.11 05:31

i just go to bed stare at the ceiling and let my mind wander till i fall asleep…

----- lilly 01.12.11 05:29

I usually surf the interwebs (often notcot) until sleeppiness overcomes me..

----- Bjorn 01.12.11 02:22

Dead simple: I read a book. On my mid-century modern slice of heaven chaise with a cozy throw on hand and some pillows. And can’t forget tea.

----- tasa 01.12.11 01:16

To relax, I go for a run. Doing something physical takes me out of my headspace and puts me back in the world. After my run, I take a shower, put on comfy clothes, and BAM! I’m a new woman.

----- Michelle H 30.11.11 22:14

I make a nice cup of coffee and relax watching a little TV.

----- JB 30.11.11 21:43

I cuddle with my manfriend :)

----- Monica 30.11.11 20:10

I like to drink SleepyTime Extra tea to relax!

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:26

I usually go sit outside to relax and just watch the grass grow. It’s a quiet place to just let the mind wander off wherever it wants to…

----- Sarah 30.11.11 18:04

My softest recliner and my laptop help me fall into the perfect vegetative state- I absolutely love browsing to collect new ideas for artwork and furniture to decorate my future home. Thank you NOTCOT!

----- Amanda 30.11.11 17:45

When I play Starcraft it is if the world doesn’t exist, kill some aliens is a unknow planet makes me feel really relaxed, try it!

----- Pedro 30.11.11 16:54

I like to relax with a good book, preferably about food, and a light reading snack of figs and goat cheese.

----- Annabel 30.11.11 16:53

I let my chinchilla out of her cage and lay on the floor. She loves to jump onto and off of my back as well as chew on my hair. Her ridiculousness relaxes me.

----- Amanda Larsen 30.11.11 16:37

sencha green tea and dark chocolate

----- Stephanie 30.11.11 16:34

Cup of tea and an old favorite romantic comedy.

----- Kailyn 30.11.11 15:43

I drink some nice hot chocolate, run a bath with lavender bath salts and soak it in. I also might try to get my guy to give me a massage (or something else,*wink, wink*).

----- Elena 30.11.11 15:40

I love to settle down with a good book myself!

----- Devin 30.11.11 15:33

It’s totally new- but I discovered that physical exercise really relaxes me. I feel like me eyes opened to an amazing new trough with this discovery :)

----- Stav 30.11.11 14:39

Vino and The Daily Show - perfection!

----- Jody 30.11.11 14:39

bake cookies..then watch a million episodes of Law & Order:SVU

----- Hilary 30.11.11 14:23

I love a cold beer to help relax!

----- Russ! 30.11.11 13:51

NYT Crossword on the iPad the second it’s available

----- Andrew 30.11.11 13:04

I crack jokes with friends

----- Ling 30.11.11 12:46

I relax by cracking jokes with friends

----- Ling 30.11.11 12:28

I find it difficult to relax. Usually I will come home and sit in a near vegetative state on my couch, sipping tea and catching up on good television. But when I really need to relax, I write. I sit and let my fingers fly and my mind open up.

----- Leslie 30.11.11 12:07

Playing with our pets or snuggling with my wife.

----- The Keith 30.11.11 12:07

A 90-minutes Yoga session + Bathtub + Scented Candles + Cabernet + Fiona Apple’s “Slow Like Honey”

----- Carlos 30.11.11 12:05

I relax by throwing myself off something high, pushing my body to extremes, and doing things that are ridiculously dangerous.

----- Kristi Keorkunian 30.11.11 11:02

i like to lay in bed and watch movies… or read a book in a cafe.

----- christine 30.11.11 10:57

lie on my shag carpet and listen to the roots

----- sheynk 30.11.11 10:44

when in doubt, tea is key.
plus psych rock.

----- Denise 30.11.11 10:37

Relaxing for me consists of sitting on my back porch with a pint of guinness and a cigarette enjoying nature!

----- Charlie Price 30.11.11 09:45

A drink and a read. If I meet someone along the path of a dream, I have something to talk to them about then.

----- James 30.11.11 09:37

It is relaxing to me to work hard. Wood work or welding or even chopping some wood.

----- Matthew 30.11.11 09:24

I’m all about wine and bubble baths to relax

----- katalia 30.11.11 09:08

Day dreaming and/or night dreaming!

----- LMcF 30.11.11 08:23

decaf peppermint green tea and socks

----- jenna 30.11.11 07:57

To relax, I much prefer the enlivening of all my senses.

----- John 30.11.11 07:46

Rubbing my doggies tummies - instant de-stressor!!

----- YuenMe 30.11.11 07:38

I relax by snuggling up with my wife on the sofa whilst watching TV and feeling her get heavy because she’s fallen asleep.

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:23

to relax… i sleep

----- paolo 30.11.11 07:04


----- Maria 30.11.11 06:56

I like to curl up with a good crossword and a nice drink. This set would be so completely perfect.

----- allen 30.11.11 06:24

I usually lay back in my sofa with a good book. And at this time of year I often have a cup of tea or a chocolate!

----- Caroline Joly 30.11.11 06:15

huaaaaaaa… mauuuuuuuuu, mauuuuuuuu!!!! I want it!!!
I want to sleep all day with the original fatboyyyyyyy…

----- RONI PASLAH 30.11.11 03:52

Well… Oh, screw it. I’ll tell you.

I shut the door, turn up a CD I burned (called “Do Your Worst, World”), and start dancing until I feel better.
If I’m in pubic, I use the playlist on my MP3 player (with the same songs) and start breaking it down on the streets even if people are watching. (Yes, I’m THAT person. Now you know who I am.)

(WHY did I just admit all of this?)

----- Vincent 30.11.11 03:34

we just bought a house. 90 year old house so there’s hardly any relaxation since we always have a project of some sort. so lately to relax we just kick our feet up, make tea or cocktails and dream of all the amazing memories we’re creating in our home.

----- anne 30.11.11 02:27

I bury myself under the blankets and start playing mental movies trying to visualize the things I really want in life.

----- Eloisa 30.11.11 01:46

I do love some cartoons or silly movies together with a can of beer - those set me free

----- martins 30.11.11 01:32

Mostly sleep.

----- Tristan 30.11.11 00:55

watch a tv-series marathon Grey’s Anatomy or Ugly Betty!

----- Mikki 30.11.11 00:12

I click around online, sometimes doing work, other times just clicking. It all leads to some shut eye where I dream of moving into my new apartment and building all of the furniture to suit the room’s odd shape and vaulted ceiling.

----- Anders 29.11.11 22:59

I would cuddle with my love in front of the fireplace.

----- Jacky 29.11.11 22:55

I eat a delicious meal while watching No Reservations

----- Jeremy 29.11.11 22:15

The most relaxed days are typically filled with home-cooked meals and watching a movie with my boyfriend in our PJs. On cold wintry nights, a steamy cup of tea or hot chocolate is definitely an added bonus!

----- Steph 29.11.11 21:51

talk to my best friend on the phone while perusing the internet on websites like notcouture.com.

----- carol 29.11.11 21:08

Lately I’ve been soaking in a bath with some nice flowery bath salts, and playing silly DS games, haha. It’s so relaxing to play Cooking Mama and know that you could be electrocuted at any given moment!

----- Lorien 29.11.11 20:57

Read my RSS feeds in Google Reader. In my basement alone. After I put the girls to sleep.

----- juanAlexander 29.11.11 20:52

fast car : windows down

----- eliot 29.11.11 20:50

Reading my favorite novel or magazine would melt the stress away after a long day…

----- Gary 29.11.11 20:25

Relax? Hah! I’m a high school teacher. I get to work at 6 a.m. I advise the newspaper staff, coach speech & debate, and coach baseball just so I can have enough money to not have to live with my mom. I don’t relax. I love my job!

----- Chris Jennings 29.11.11 19:43

I stare dreamingly into the television pondering winning the lottery and having enough dough to buy one of the vacation homes featured on house hunters international

----- Cory M 29.11.11 19:40

I spend time on notcot… seriously. I love great design and spending time here reminds me that were capable of extraordinary things.

----- Pete 29.11.11 19:11

when i REALLY want to relax it’s long shower > beer > couch > book/movie. otherwise i take a walk or go climbing if it’s nice out

----- kye 29.11.11 18:45

I sit down with a hot cup of tea.

----- domestic diva 29.11.11 18:23

So, since winter is coming, I find that starting a log fire, persisting with my need to create the perfect Manhattan and surfing interior design blogs does the trick. A good 1hr or so later, I’m waaaay relaxed. It’s the bee’s knees!

----- Fraser Marshall 29.11.11 18:07

To relax I make myself a watermelon wowow sit outside and watch the world go by.

----- Suzanne 29.11.11 17:53

I curl up on the couch with my little sister, and some tea, and watch a classic movie. I’m trying to get through One Hundred Movies To See Before You Die. This is the best when the only other light in the room is my Christmas tree.

----- Kylene 29.11.11 17:30

Read… especially food blogs.

----- Randi Lynne 29.11.11 17:24

If I am ever stressed, I just find any place to sit down and breathe. I collect my thoughts and take the world in. Before I used to do this I would run around as if I were on fire, but this helps me slow down and face the world calmly.

----- Jeff 29.11.11 16:35

Hot shower and warm pj’s please.

----- alda 29.11.11 16:14

To me, relaxing is: being creative with others, exploring inspiration on NOTCOT, breathing outside air, biking, and taking breaks.

----- Mindy H 29.11.11 16:07

relax with some green tea, listen to some music on the couch :)

----- bao nguyen 29.11.11 15:59

Close my eyes, dream of one day laying on the roof top at the countryside, staring at the sky and counting stars.

----- Jessica 29.11.11 15:56

Light some candles, get in bed and scroll through my Google Reader (romantic, I know).

----- Kathryn 29.11.11 15:55

I would get a good book, a cup of hot coffee, play a soothing music, and enjoy them at a comfortable place (such as sofa)

----- Wendy 29.11.11 15:33

A glass of scotch with music on.

----- Arthur 29.11.11 15:30

I make a cup of black tea and put some blackberry currant on some McVittie’s biscuits

----- Erica F 29.11.11 15:19

Sip on bourbon with a good book and music playing in the background.

----- Stephanie 29.11.11 15:14

Week: Drinks with friends, an occasional live music show.
Weekend: ginger tea and the book i’m currently reading with some good music on the ipod.

[is it weird that this is the reverse of what i did when i was younger? back then i was going out for drinks with friends on the weekend and taking it easy during the week. i must be old!]

----- TONI 29.11.11 15:04

I read in bed until I do that head-snap book-drop thing.

----- Kathy R 29.11.11 14:48

I curl up on my sectional in the corner with my two doxies, a snack, and the remote! Cuddling with the pups has a way of making all the stresses disappear.

----- Tiffany 29.11.11 13:55

a glass of wine and a good read

----- danni 29.11.11 13:37

I usually make a cup of tea, usually white tea, and have some quality snuggle time with my throw blanket.

----- Rae 29.11.11 12:19

Some chilled out music or a good book.

----- Robert W. 29.11.11 12:14

Nothing is like drinking a cup of hot Latte with some music.

----- Jane 29.11.11 11:54

To relax I enjoy getting cozy with a good book.

----- Julie 29.11.11 11:53

A deep breath, a beverage, a book, and my cat sleeping on my lap.

----- Michele M 29.11.11 11:53

I relax by siting down with my laptop and read notcot’s site. true. and watch tv

----- Joseph Sarti 29.11.11 11:49

To relax I usually, stretch across my couch and turn on some food network.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.11 11:48

To relax…I cozy up with my wife in a blanket and put on a fun movie!

----- Tyler 29.11.11 11:41

It’s painful to admit this, but I put on some tunes and clean.

----- Jeff N 29.11.11 11:38

Nothing gets me more relaxed when I curl up with my girlfriend and talk about random things and enjoy each others company.

----- Chris Wilkinson 29.11.11 11:30

Surfing the webs with “American Pickers” on mute, Louis Armstrong on the stereo, a cuppa coffee and three Mother’s Toffee Sandwich cookies. Relaxing is hard work!

----- Chen 29.11.11 11:19

Read a good book and have a cup of tea

----- Almin 29.11.11 11:04

I usually like to take a bicycle ride to relax. If a ride isn’t weather prohibitive I like to just occupy my comfy chair and read the paper or book. Oooo jigsaw puzzles are rather soothing as well.

----- Vlad Gold 29.11.11 11:04

practice my back bend over the safety of the fatboy, cure soreness with wine, hide the car keys in the box, use the side table to help me stand back up. namaste b**ches

----- Ashley B 29.11.11 11:01

Relaxing: a double pour of tequila on the rocks with a lime with some vinyl on play! Can’t top that!!

----- Christopher 29.11.11 10:57

A book, a blanket and a cup of tea:)

----- Agnieszka 29.11.11 10:56

put on some music, make some tea, sleep, and sketch……or just dance around in my room

----- Odelia 29.11.11 10:39

Relaxation always involves some sort of snack, possibly a fort in the living room, WFUV 90.7 radio on in the background and lengthy period of time with which to dawdle away reading or napping.

----- Kate H. 29.11.11 10:32

Nothing beats a quick nap in the recliner on a slow Sunday afternoon.

----- Ian 29.11.11 10:31

I eat a really nice home-cooked dinner, then curl up in front of my computer and slay some dragons!! :p

----- Drew 29.11.11 10:23

I relax with some headphones on a hot tea or coffee while reading a magazine.

----- Edgar 29.11.11 10:17

The only really good way I found to relax was to spend a good 18hr stretch working in my studio when no one else was around. Listening to music while working on three projects at once.

----- Elizabeth 29.11.11 10:15

When my boyfriend returns from his internship we will lay down and listen to one of his many records (anything from Miles Davis, to Leon Russell to, to the Clash, and many others). we talk and think and dream of things to do as we fall asleep.

----- Alex Z 29.11.11 10:08

I relax by lighting a candle and putting slippers on—somehow the flame and no shoes preclude even the idea of leaving the house.

----- Amanda 29.11.11 10:02

I relax by putting on a decent pair of headphones, climbing in to bed and letting my mind drift away to the sounds of Boards of Canada

----- Dan Gilmore 29.11.11 09:36

EMMMM, sitting in a Hot bubble bath, drink hot chocolate with champagne while having a hot hunk massage my shoulder and another massage my feet……WEll In real life, I’m just slouching on the sofa with laptop on my lap, trying to write some funny comments for freebies with tv on loudly in the background, no hot chocolate I’m afraid! because I am on a diet … I could do with some nice presents to cheer me up ; )

----- Pinpins 29.11.11 09:36

I spend time in my kitchen cooking lounge on the couch with my cat.

----- Lauren 29.11.11 09:29

I drink coffee and browse notcot.org.

----- Adam Edwards 29.11.11 09:11

…I browse Notcot of course

----- James 29.11.11 09:09

To relax I pull out a great book to read, play video games or hang with my family and just talk, laugh and catch up on the day. These items would be awesome.

----- Jason 29.11.11 09:07

To relax I drink coffee, sit in my favorite chair, and peruse my favorite design websites.

----- Melissa 29.11.11 09:06

After a shower, I snuggle under my blanket with a book. I let the book lead my mind… ‘drift away’ and ‘de-compress’ my mind.

----- Pei 29.11.11 09:05

I settle in with the cat, five blankets, the latest book, and some good music. Next thing I know, it’s morning and time to go again.

----- Mary 29.11.11 08:59

No matter where I am or what I’m doing I become instantly relaxed the second (and I mean The Second!) I turn my iPod on and listen to music. The louder, the better. (Incidentally, the Beastie Boys seem to be the most relaxing to me.) (Who would have thought that the rhymes of three white boys from NYC would one day relax some white girl in Seattle just sitting at her desk?!)

----- Isabel 29.11.11 08:56

I sew or knit things, or dye ugly recycled yarn into something more usable!

----- Susan Buchanan 29.11.11 08:55

I listen to a recording of my wife clipping her toenails every night before bed. She doesn’t know I do this or that I recorded her clipping her toenails 3 months ago. Some people find the sound really irritating. I, on the other hand, find the sound quite nice and it keeps me sane in times of great stress and tribulation.

Sometimes I read before bed. (sometimes)

----- Micah 29.11.11 08:52

My favorite way of relaxing is to get a nice, long massage, but when I’m too broke for that I like to just cuddle up with my dog and watch TV or read a book.

----- Nicole 29.11.11 08:34

I actually find cooking to be very relaxing. Then I get stress out again when I see the mess that I made.

----- Justin H 29.11.11 08:24

I’m Fat, I’m a Boy, this was made just for me and nobody else.

----- Ry 29.11.11 08:07

I drink coffee and browse www.notcot.com.

----- Adam Edwards 29.11.11 08:04

I sprawl on my couch reading my kindle as my golden retriever puppy (who is getting too big for this!) sprawls on top of me. We’re all comfy. :)

----- Ayla 29.11.11 08:03

I like to take the dogs out one last time, then hop in my warm bed, peruse the internet and snuggle with my pups while watching Conan.

----- jacklyn 29.11.11 07:50

Lately to relax I have been getting someone else riled - mainly my dog. I like to take her shark plush toy and make it attack her and pretend swim around. Basically, I run around my apartment like a madman for her enjoyment. Once we are both tired, we can both enjoy a sit with a record and a beer.

----- Wesley H 29.11.11 07:47

We curl up in the man cave and watch a good movie.

----- Scott B 29.11.11 07:37

First I brew coffee using a Hario v60, I can’t relax while drinking over extracted coffee. Then I do one of two things: Either knit. I usually knit kitchen knives, and on occasion hats and birds. Or read the New Yorker. And if I’m relaxing I only read Shouts & Murmurs and the cartoon caption contest.

----- Kristina 29.11.11 07:26

i do the safety dance. “We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine”

----- Mickiah Broomfield 29.11.11 07:16

I relax on the couch, at the computer, where I pretend there are still springs in the seating despite the fact that I’m now being cradled by pleather, and that the pieces of crackly foam that appear on the floor underneath it every time I sit down are just hallucinations created by the glass of Jameson that goes along so beautifully with this now seemingly ridiculous practice of self-delusion. Once there, I write the longest sentences possible to explain why I feel so silly. I think I’m doing it wrong.

----- Antonia 29.11.11 07:12

it’s been so long since i’ve relaxed that i actually read everyone elses methods for advice… i hope i’m not the only one :D

----- Brandon 29.11.11 07:10

love to read before bed, it quiets my mind.

----- Lisa Smith 29.11.11 06:56

I would probably have to fight off my cats to lounge in this. I would put this setup in the room with the most windows and read.

----- mike 29.11.11 06:25

I cut paper snow flakes, stars and flowers (depending on the season.)

----- Brenna 29.11.11 05:54

Because I am a weird cross between an old fogey and a fourteen year old boy, my favorite relaxation recipe is a glass of scotch and a pile of comic books.

----- Josephine 29.11.11 05:34

the notion of relaxing consists of exercise

----- ashley 29.11.11 05:14

To relax i take a long shower and let my thoughts leave my head.

----- yariv 29.11.11 05:09


----- Cody 29.11.11 02:10

I like to relax by baking! It’s amazing how kneading dough or mixing can release so much stress!

----- Ashley 29.11.11 01:18

Dimmed lights, warm bath or inviting bed, and jazz music is my go-to. In less than favorable circumstances, I stretch and close my eyes and listen to this: www.voco.uk.com/gms/relax.mp3

----- Lisa 29.11.11 00:06

For me, relaxing is curling up with a good book under clean sheets and a down comforter. Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Sharon 28.11.11 23:41

I am watching people in front of my window and imagine how there life is.

----- Agnes 28.11.11 23:18

yoga, a joint, bourbon, music.

----- jody 28.11.11 23:18

Bask in the sun with a nice drink and snack.

----- Carrie 28.11.11 23:02

I usually veg out on the couch, with a good beer and watch something that takes no thought to process. Or I browse eBay for things I don’t need.

----- Aaron 28.11.11 22:37

I’ll make a hot bath, get some muscle relaxing herbal bath salt and the latest season of boardwalk empire :)

----- Sven 28.11.11 22:31

I relax with a cup of coffee, some online tv, or some blog browsing!

----- Amy 28.11.11 22:04

I light a zillion candles in my bathroom to create a soothing glow, then I grab my favorite bottle of Rioja and drink a beautiful glass of red in a bubble bath - AW true bliss!

----- Lorraine 28.11.11 21:24

I usually relax by taking a long lunch break by myself with a magazine and a lot of sushi.

----- rich 28.11.11 21:23

i snuggle up with as many of my 3 cats who will tolerate me, and browse notcot on my ipad!

----- somerset 28.11.11 21:07

I curl up on my lovely couch with a good book and can read for days. Well, ideally it would be for days. Realistically, I only get a few moments here and there when I’m not doing homework, attending college, or working.

----- Catherine Chandler 28.11.11 21:03

I curl up with my sweetie and watch streaming shows, or play a board game.

----- Jesse 28.11.11 20:55

Sounds counterintuitive a bit, but to relax I like to have a climbing session for a few hours, and my body feels excellent afterwards. Shower, then snuggle up in my fav chair and read away on the kindle.

----- Emily 28.11.11 20:47

a chair + a cup of coffee + some cigarettes = relaxation heaven

----- Thinh 28.11.11 20:44

Baking is quite soothing to me, but I also love lying in bed with my DS or a book!

----- Jen D 28.11.11 20:25

Great giveaway!
To relax at home, I usually play a little piano (digital with headphones so the neighbors don’t get annoyed), put on some warm clothes, and snuggle up to a chick flick.

----- Jessie 28.11.11 20:20

To relax - I swim like a fish.

----- Phil Denton 28.11.11 20:20

Eat dark chocolate on the couch.

----- Shawn 28.11.11 20:09

Tea and a novel, of course!

----- Liza 28.11.11 20:08

I like to curl up in my reading chair with a good book and some hot chocolate!

----- Pam 28.11.11 20:07

I usually check my mail, cook some food for the Billzorz and I, then attempt to learn to make some pretty jewelry with wire and beads.

----- Sandee 28.11.11 19:55

To relax after a day of studying, I listen to metal and try to learn how to play the rhythms on the drums.

----- Rachel 28.11.11 19:46

To relax, I fix myself a cocktail, put on some music, and sink into the couch (or the fatboy if I win!)

----- Yenn 28.11.11 19:00

Wash my feet clean then lay on my sofa and read a good book.

----- Trinh 28.11.11 18:56

To relax, I bake!

----- Meghan 28.11.11 18:50

Pour myself some scotch on the rocks, sit on the sofa and think.

----- Angus Macmillan 28.11.11 18:49

Change into pajamas, turn on the tv, and flip to any station playing old movie reruns!

----- Tiffany 28.11.11 18:37

Nothing beats kicking back on the couch with a good book

----- Jim 28.11.11 17:57

How do I relax? Typically with my laptop on my lap, on the couch, surfing the web with the television on in the background.

----- chris 28.11.11 17:51

Read the day’s posts from the blogs that I follow on my iPad.

----- James 28.11.11 17:47

I like to cuddle with my boyfriend and watch some obscure action flick from the 80’s :)

----- Genie 28.11.11 17:43

I read. I do like being read to, too.
Thanks for the giveaways.

----- tane 28.11.11 17:39

I relax by watching old favorite movies on repeat at home. :)

----- hoister 28.11.11 17:33

Curl up with my RSS feeds and see what’s going on in the world.

----- Jen 28.11.11 17:32

I breath deep.

----- zach 28.11.11 17:20

My favorite way to relax is to do some figure study sketches.

----- Cill 28.11.11 17:20

Cuddle up with my lady and watch a good movie…

----- Maisan 28.11.11 17:13

I relax at home by grabbing some tea and a piece of dark chocolate and peruse the internet on my lap top in some comfy clothes. a movie is always nice.

----- Laura L 28.11.11 17:10

There’s no better way I relax than with a beer and a bear hug from my boyfriend.

----- Elisa 28.11.11 16:53

When the weather is nice I like to go out on the front deck and lay on the porch swing bench and just stare up at the sky.If it is not nice,a hot bath is just right!

----- Holly Nup 28.11.11 16:34

I relax by reading books. Also sometimes I enjoy baking and I find that relaxing too.

----- Suzie Perplies 28.11.11 16:34

Pull out a chilled glass from the freezer, filling it with a nice Stone Ruination IPA, all while watching Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn get after it in Wedding Crashers. Nothing is better than laughing your ass off and drinking the day’s small hassles away.

----- Aaron 28.11.11 16:30

An ideal relaxing night would involve finding new music and putting playlists together for others.
If I need to relax on the spot, I’ll focus on my breathing.

----- Eric tb 28.11.11 16:24

Daytime or when it’s nice out: I go to the Beach, rent an umbrella, sit on the sand on my beach chair/backpack, with a six pack of Yuengling, a couple cigars, with my ipod playing Sugar Minott.
Night time or when it’s not nice out: I sit on my lounge chair at home with a Yuengling and watch random movies streamed on Netflix.

----- Brenner 28.11.11 16:23

I pull a comfy chair up to the fire and watch a psych marathon with my tortoise.

----- Nat 28.11.11 16:22

After a long day at the office staring at a computer screen and working through hours of appointments, my favorite way to relax is to pick up a nice bottle of wine and something nice for dinner on my way home, change into my favorite PJs (worn-out flannel bottoms and a favorite band t-shirt), put on a vinyl record while making dinner and cleaning up, and lounging with a good book or favorite TV show (Battlestar Galactica, duh). Makes getting up for work the next day a zillion times nicer :)

----- Catherine 28.11.11 16:13

I play Words with Friends before bed. I usually start to fall asleep while trying to think of words to use to compete with my much more skilled pals.

----- Ashley 28.11.11 16:12

Honest to blog, I play bejeweled blitz on facebook after perusing design news from various blogs while listening to whatever motion picture soundtrack I have on hand.

----- Alberto Villa 28.11.11 15:50

just breath. sit and listen to the breath. conscious relaxation is the best relaxation….

----- michael salter 28.11.11 15:44

I color, yes - I am 28 years old and I drag out a coloring book and some crayons, but it is just so relaxing.

----- Regina 28.11.11 15:42

I usually watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and drink something boozy while something yummy bakes in the oven.

----- Sheila M 28.11.11 15:30

When I really need to relax I do breathing exercises and meditate

----- Diana 28.11.11 15:23

drinking tea with dreams

----- Olessya 28.11.11 14:58

When I need to relax i like to make a stiff cocktail and curl up on the couch and read a book.

----- Drew Quintana 28.11.11 14:57

I surround myself with pillows and cushions and cuddle up with my iPad in hand surfing my routined favourite websites before closing my eyes and thinking about my future and what has inspired me that day.

----- Marc 28.11.11 14:55

I like to make playlists/mixtapes (and some reading as well) to relax.

----- Stacy B. 28.11.11 14:50

•I shower
• lust after all the liqurious drinks.
• wander through tumblr till i pass out to cat meme’s

----- nike chapman 28.11.11 14:38

I love to play with my puppy and take photographs to relax after a craycray day !

----- April Bogus 28.11.11 14:36

Even if I have to read an old one, I curl up with a good book and some chamomile tea. Sometimes my cat joins me by sitting on whatever I’m reading.

----- Natasha 28.11.11 14:20

To relax, I curl up on my couch with my kitten and a knitting project and watch something silly on TV.

Seriously, though, I love EVERYTHING on this page. I would absolutely want to include that Fatboy in my relaxation plan!!

----- Liz 28.11.11 14:07

smoke a bowl, listen to music, read a book, cuddle with partner, watch a film, cook + eat + drink homemade food

----- Samantha 28.11.11 14:03

I find a peculiarly comfortable position on my couch and listen to calming melodies by Au Revoir Simone or Sufjan Stevens.

----- Collin Banko 28.11.11 14:01

I like to curl up in bed with a good book and hot cup of tea.

----- Rochelle 28.11.11 13:56

Often I find myself on the computer perusing notcot.org for inspiration:) Usually accompanied by a soothing hot bevy of fresh ginger, lemon slices, blue agave and hot water. Yummy all around.

----- Lish 28.11.11 13:51

Take a hot shower and then waste my time playing online games…

----- Janice 28.11.11 13:51

I love to hot-tub to relax (if that’s a verb). If I can’t find a hot-tub, then a hammock and drink are nice.

----- erastos 28.11.11 13:44

I relax by reading a good magazine, putting my feet up and listening to Bon Iver

----- Sam Lam 28.11.11 13:41

i like to go surfing, hang out in the ocean for a while, catch some waves, watch the dolphins and pelicans… and then head to my favorite crepe place for a yummy breakfast and coffee. this is my perfect day of relaxing.

----- christina p. 28.11.11 13:40

I take the dog out for a walk or if the weather is too inclement I enjoy a sippin’ scotch.

----- Jordan 28.11.11 13:38

I relax with my lovely gal curled up on the couch while making up humorous dialog to foreign language programs

----- mikers 28.11.11 13:26

I relax by retreating to my bedroom in order to hear only my clumsy fingers play the guitar.

----- Duane 28.11.11 13:26

To relax, I surf the internet (mostly notcot’s almighty kingdom) and read pure smut.

----- Jennifer 28.11.11 13:17

Anything and everything to relax on the holidays is my goal every year, but since my daughter was born its been an on going battle, with keeping all the relatives happy to see her on the holidays, oh and did I mention her birthday is a week before Christmas. And a week after mine… its just a hectic time. I could use the relaxation.

----- Alexis 28.11.11 13:13

Strip down to my boxers and listen to some Gold Panda. All the while vaping some weed, checking out notcot, making loops, beats, drawing, writing. Anything that makes me forget about reality and helps my mind build a different one.

----- Gerry 28.11.11 13:09

A little music & an adult beverage never hurts to relax.

----- Josh 28.11.11 13:05

I put on some music zone out.

----- Daniel 28.11.11 13:04

I would chillax (chill and relax) with friend and family while watching a horror film.

----- Jean 28.11.11 13:02

walk on La Jolla cove and smell the fresh seal’s poop -“-/ oupps, no.. I mean fresh air.

----- koranut 28.11.11 13:02

Leftover Halloween candy, a quiet house, and internet porn.

----- Arthur 28.11.11 12:55

Music, a good book, and a warm puppy on my lap.

----- Thu 28.11.11 12:50

Grab a good book, a cup of tea, and a blanket. Get under the blanket, read the book, and drink the tea for optimum relaxation.

----- Courtney 28.11.11 12:41

A cozy place to sit and an engaging book is just about as relaxing as you can get!

----- Julie 28.11.11 12:30

Tea, music, and a handstand once in a while =D

----- Misha 28.11.11 12:30

I’m smoking a joint since I live in the Netherlands for my studies.

----- Bili regev 28.11.11 12:22

I enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and I read a good book.

----- Valerie Theberge 28.11.11 12:22

When kids are finally in beds my husband and I like to seat in the bean bags with a cup of tea and watch one of my favourites shows :)

----- Margot 28.11.11 12:11

I try to do nothing without feeling guilty! And I eat chocolate, lots of it.

----- Ruut 28.11.11 12:08

I drink a cup of Mint Chamomile tea and sit or lay upon a wooden floor! Hard floors are the best way to get that curved over feeling out of you.

----- Philip C 28.11.11 12:06

Kickin it in a hammock with some music in the sun.

----- nick robles 28.11.11 12:05

since i never really get to relax, my job is 24/7 as an athlete manager, i pretty much plop my fat ass on the couch and watch bad tv to try and shut down the mind…of course with my blackberry within reach at all times…ahh relaxing…not. (and once in a while I still get a surf in to relax…that actually works so long as it isn’t crowded)

----- mattrprt 28.11.11 12:03

I try to find quiet time with my dog Mathilda. She’s getting up there in age and I try to be as good a friend as I can be for her.

----- Darin 28.11.11 12:03

I think it’s really important to have a good laugh at the end of a long day. And if that means watching a youtube video of a cat playing the piano than so be it.

----- Jessica 28.11.11 12:03

I curl up on the couch for a marathon Pinterest session. No greater form of stress relief.

----- Andrea 28.11.11 12:02

music and/or a nap!

----- daniel 28.11.11 12:01

I curl up under the covers in bed with a teaspoon and a jar of Nutella and put on a good movie.

----- Laylah 28.11.11 12:00

I curl up in a large lounge chair with my laptop and watch TV shows. I could do it all day if I had the time…

----- Emily 28.11.11 11:47

I like to lay down with my boxer Karmin and she relaxes me completely. Snuggle time with the muttlet!!!

----- Dani 28.11.11 11:47

A cup of tea with an episode of Seinfeld calms me down most days. If that doesn’t work, I find an animal to pet.

----- Fatti Burke 28.11.11 11:45

Classic housewife style: Hot bath followed by reruns of Law & Order.

----- Kelsey 28.11.11 11:45

To relax I usually play puzzle games.

----- Beth 28.11.11 11:44

Cuddle up with a warm blanket, nice cup of tea, and a book or movie.

----- Christi 28.11.11 11:39

Cuddle up in some comfy clothes with the man and some tv or a movie.

----- Alexis 28.11.11 11:38

I love to doodle and or sketch when I get home from designing at work.
Not only does it help me unwind but it also helps me relax and get my mind off what happened that day.

----- Jan Umbao 28.11.11 11:35

relax with the baby girl & wife, watch some history channel with a glass of bourbon.

----- carlos 28.11.11 11:34

I put my PJ on, put the tv on Master Chef for some background noise, climb in bed and start drawing. And this is precisely what I will do after a few minutes!

----- Antoana 28.11.11 11:24

I like to chill in front of the TV with a bag of chips. Kinda helps me relax.

----- Tran Nguyen 28.11.11 11:24

just lay on the ground, listen to some minimal music, stare at the ceiling, and let my mind free!

----- viktoria papp 28.11.11 11:19

pour a drink and watch some tv. just let my mind do what it wants instead of making it do what i need.

----- jenn b 28.11.11 11:16

A small glass of scotch, a record, and a good book. Works every time.

----- Jason Altman 28.11.11 11:15

Listen to records.

----- Spencer 28.11.11 11:15

Nothing is more soothing to me than after a home-made manicure, sit in a comfy couch curled up with a big blanket with a newly opened magazine. National Geo, Vogue, whatever, images and texts to turn my brain switch off and just relaaax.

----- Julia 28.11.11 11:13

Singing is the best relaxation technique. Oh and white wine is good too…

----- Dominique 28.11.11 11:10

listening to music

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 28.11.11 11:08

Veg on the couch and watch my CW dram-edies (Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, 90210, and Ringer). Seriously. They’re all mindless. I don’t need to exert any brain energy to follow them. But I love how I’m hooked on them. I’m weak, I suppose.

----- Hector 28.11.11 11:08

I find shooting zombies in Resident Evil very relaxing at the end of the day.

----- Christina 28.11.11 11:00

After a long day at work; I like to get a pot of tea on the hob, settle down on the sofa with my girlfriend -with tea within arms reach- snuggle under a blanket… and play co-op computer games.

----- Tain 28.11.11 10:57

Playing my guitar and cudeling with my other honey ;)

----- Ali 28.11.11 10:56

I am a fan of the long hot bath, but I have to (ashamedly) admit that a nice glass of wine, comfy sofa & an hour in front of the idiot box (TV) always does the trick for me

----- ELA 28.11.11 10:50

I Sketch :)

----- Keno 28.11.11 10:42

I love curling up with a cup of cocoa and a good book (reading the hunger games now) - especially during the winter months. My affinity for all things bean-baggy only adds to the perfection of this relaxation nook.

----- Jenn 28.11.11 10:40

I curl up on my couch with a blanket, a good movie, and whatever I’m crocheting at the time, two hours well spent.

----- Alison 28.11.11 10:37

I curl up with a book and a hot chocolate….mmmmm.

----- Jessi 28.11.11 10:34

I love to take my dog on a long walk and enjoy the fresh air. It just clears my mind.

----- Lucas Lund 28.11.11 10:33

Nothing helps me to relax more than traditional Chinese music and some tea

----- Alex 28.11.11 10:32

I love to look at pictures on Tasteologie. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Of course it also means sometimes I have to eat before sleeping…

----- Claudia 28.11.11 10:27

I edit photos, start a new book, or get out the x-acto and cut something intricate out of paper. It’s individual, focused time no-matter what I chose.

----- Cameron 28.11.11 10:23

long hot shower always works

----- jb 28.11.11 10:16

i close my eyes and turn all of my attention to the feeling of my chest rising and falling with each breath.

----- dayne 28.11.11 10:13

A horror movie plus sweet hazelnut flavored milk. Yum.

----- Erika 28.11.11 10:11

I have a small chaize lounge that faces the only (and rather small) window of apartment. The window looks out on a crack between two buildings, but they perfectly frame the sunrise every morning. I like to wake up a bit early, lean back, and sip a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise through the window.

----- Matthew 28.11.11 10:09

What do I do to relax before midnight Dec. 3? I like Maker’s Mark, Boddington’s, Brunello (not at the same time) and Top Gear.

----- Anthony D 28.11.11 10:04

Pull some vinyl, tune in, zone out

----- Tony F 28.11.11 10:03

What I do to relax is I get some paper and any pencil, pen, marker nearby and start drawing. That, or I paint my nails.

----- Shauna B. 28.11.11 10:02

A pot of coffee and my kindle help me relax. At home, at a coffee shop, or just about anywhere else as long as those two are on hand I’m ready to chill.

----- Ryan J 28.11.11 09:59

Spending time with my wife, who is my best friend, is my favorite way to relax. After that would be photography, reading, and some good exercise.

----- Bruce 28.11.11 09:59

Chai tea+ Jazz+ Drawing= Total relaxation

----- Trevor 28.11.11 09:56

Notcot of course! :)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 28.11.11 09:44

When I want to relax, I pour a glass of scotch, sit back in my lounger and throw some music on.

----- Andrew Dunn 28.11.11 09:43

I find a quiet place and read. Anything. Reading anything helps me unwind.

----- Chad B 28.11.11 09:38

Glass of Talisker….and I think that would do it for anyone, right? Except for the nights the neighbor puts on Kenny G, then its a party.

----- Matt 28.11.11 09:37

Depending on the mood/weather, I’ll lay in a park somewhere with a book or chill at home with a movie or some old soul.

----- Pete 28.11.11 09:37

i get to the oceanside. it’s mesmerizing.

----- brie 28.11.11 09:32

I cook and then share my meal with my wife.

----- Luke 28.11.11 09:31

I like to sit back, put my headphones on, listen to chillout and do some sketching and draw up what i have been thinking about all day.

----- Kristian Jones 28.11.11 09:28

Wikipedia + Google Earth

----- Jason 28.11.11 09:22

blanket, book and a G+T

----- Ryan Wampler 28.11.11 09:18

I play with my kids.

----- Russell 28.11.11 09:16

If I’m going to relax (for REAL), then I do one of two things: take a shower, or lie down on my bed. I may not need to sleep, but lying down and closing your eyes makes everything better.

----- Maggie 28.11.11 09:16

Usually brew up a cup of tea, grab a bag of Reese’s Pieces, and sit down with some video games and a cat on my lap.

----- Brian Belida 28.11.11 09:14

I pile up with my boyfriend and kitties in the couch and watch movies. I can really imagine our pile on that Fatboy!

----- Johanna 28.11.11 09:11

I replay an old favorite video game, usually Wind Waker. Sometimes with a glass of bourbon.

----- Monica 28.11.11 09:09

I Roll a J, and light up

----- Gino 28.11.11 09:05

I veg with a movie or Aaron Sorkin DVDs!

----- B Louie 28.11.11 09:02

I take valerian.

----- Claude 28.11.11 09:01

bean bagss

----- dylan 28.11.11 08:47

I read the news on my phone while watching tv…

----- Solmaz 28.11.11 08:44

Watch the tube with my sweety

----- Thomas 28.11.11 08:36

I like to turn the heat up a few notches, kick up my feet on the sofa, fade in and out of consciousness with the cat on my lap and the dog at my side.

----- Todd 28.11.11 08:28

I relax usually with a glass of wine, checking in on the moon/stars, breathing deeply and slipping into my jammypants. Oh yeah.

----- Shannon 28.11.11 08:26

I take a long, hot bath with a good book.

----- Domi 28.11.11 08:26

getting up before the sun rises, while its still dark outside, amidst the stillness and quiet of the morning, i find this very relaxing.

----- justin 28.11.11 08:22

A Great Lakes Christmas Ale and reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

----- Brandon 28.11.11 08:21

I like to go for a run. It’s a chance to concentrate on something very simple and put my worries behind me.

----- David 28.11.11 08:13

i hug my lovely boxer (wich is my boyfriend’s dog), and eat a good meal (that my boyfriend make..)

----- SHIRA 28.11.11 08:09

Deep breathing and meditation~

----- Michael 28.11.11 08:02

I would light my sandalwood candels, and relax on the couch with a glass of whiskey!

----- Jess 28.11.11 08:01

When I want to relax I usually lay in bed and read some comics or watch a movie on my ipad.

----- Rudra M 28.11.11 07:56

What I usually do to relax is simply standing in front of the sea.

----- FEDERICA 28.11.11 07:54

Believe it or not, I go to work. There’s nothing as relaxing as losing yourself in other people’s technological problems for a couple of hours. Added benefit- sleep comes easily after a long day of school and working.

----- Ally 28.11.11 07:45

I relax with yoga and then reading the sunday paper (i usually get through it by the end of the week)

----- SArah 28.11.11 07:43

To relax I usually take a nice bike ride or a long jog. Just doing something active usually clears my head or give me a chance to escape my problems temporarily while I zone out and regroup myself. It also keeps me in shape.

----- Jasper 28.11.11 07:39

I relax with a cup of hot tea and my puppy on my lap, snuggled up on the couch. :)

----- Kathryn 28.11.11 07:08

This year has been really stressful although I try not to admit or show it to any of my loved ones. My father passed earlier this year and it’s left me wanting to reflect quite often. A big bean bag chair would be nice as I put together my memoir, and have my lap warmed by my brand new boxer pup. Her name is Moose. We’d fill the carafe with some tasty but affordable pinot, which gets my creative juices and emotions flowing. The rhino can hold the secret ending to the book. For me, it’s relaxing to finally pause and review my life.

----- Ro 28.11.11 07:02

My 3 year old nephew would love the rhino…

----- Karl 28.11.11 06:56

What I do to relax is, I like to make a fresh pot of coffee, grab a good book and zone out into whatever comfy chair i’m currently lounging in. (plus right now is hot chocolate weather)

----- Levi Montez 28.11.11 06:54

I browse the web and watch tv, which inevitably leads to sleep.

----- Carl 28.11.11 06:53

I ride my exercise bike while watching junk tv and pinning stuff on pinterest.

----- Christina 28.11.11 06:48

At the end of the day, I curl up with a good book and read until I’m ready to turn out the lights.

----- Christie 28.11.11 06:45

To relax, I curl up with a long book and take a bubble bath - pretty cliche but it works every time!

----- Natalie Kay 28.11.11 06:44

Well since my TV died, the relaxing went from being wraped in a blanket, eating junk and watching TV to wraped in a blanket solving crosswords puzzles or just any kind of puzzles. I don’t read these days at all because i feel so guilty, as i should read and write for my thesis …
But my favourite is playing board games with my friends and of course the neverending voyages across internetville.

----- Iva 28.11.11 06:42

To relax I read a long book and take a bubble bath…pretty cliche but it works every time!

----- Natalie Kay 28.11.11 06:42

Talking to my wife on long car rides.

----- Sergio 28.11.11 06:42

I’m lucky enough to have a fireplace—so in the winter, my favourite thing to do to relax is to lounge in the warmth.

----- Alex 28.11.11 06:31

I listen to Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

----- Cole 28.11.11 06:31

To relax after a long day at work I like vegging out next to my dog…he likes watching Dr. Who.

----- Naysa 28.11.11 06:18

I spend time in the hot shop blowing glass to relax. And that caraf is beautiful!

----- Jon Rees 28.11.11 06:16

relax … what’s that?!

----- matteo 28.11.11 06:11

I either: get dressed up and go out dancing
curl up in pjs with a bunch of yarn for craft time.

----- Sarah 28.11.11 06:08

sit on the couch, turn on the tele, and pet my pups… eventually dozing off

----- steven 28.11.11 06:08

I cruise Pulse in my down time.

----- Michael 28.11.11 06:07

When it’s warmer out I go out to the park with a coffee and a good book. Now that it’s getting cold, I just read the book in bed instead.

----- Jeremy 28.11.11 06:06

To relax, I snuggle up into bed with a good book.

----- Wyley 28.11.11 06:01

I like to nap. My bed’s the most relaxing place in my apartment. I could spend days on end in the comfort of my bed. I’ve had it for years; I’m sure it’s bad for me, but I love it. Eyes closed, snuggled with my comforter.

But when I’m not sleeping, I read, I attempt to do yoga (ridiculously so) and I bake for friends.. because, seriously, I don’t need to eat everything I cook.

Thanks, NOTCOT!

----- Chelsea 28.11.11 05:56

Curl up with a good book…..thku

----- Wolfie 28.11.11 05:55

I usually relax listening to my donkey chewing carrots

----- Martina 28.11.11 05:53

A warm mug of Horlicks and going through my Instapaper queue on my Kindle. Instant relaxation.

----- Maurice 28.11.11 05:45

Lately my relaxation is coming from kitchen. Standing in front of the stove cooking away. Love it.

----- Randy 28.11.11 05:44

I climb on the roof of the house with a cigarillo, a glass of whiskey and a book. To lie there without anyone knowing I am there - Without any interruptions I can watch the sky or just read my book - Perfect Relaxation!

----- Chris 28.11.11 05:35

I let my schnauzer, Lola take me out for a walk.

----- Elliott 28.11.11 05:22

I love that rhino box, it is precious!! All the items here are really cool, actually….I used to draw or paint to relax, and I still do sometimes—but now that I’m an art student, drawing and painting sometimes aren’t as relaxing as they used to be! In the last year and a half I’ve picked up any instrument I can get my hands on and I’ve taken up ukulele, guitar, and mandolin. My roommate and I make music together and play at coffee houses when we can.

----- Kendra 28.11.11 05:16

I like to listen to music.

----- Megan 28.11.11 05:13

I like to chill and watch some TV with the wife.

----- Geoff 28.11.11 05:11

My kids keep telling me to relax, so I guess I have a problem with it! With three teenagers (two of whom are daughters!) I pretty much relax by going to work right now. That interspersed with stolen times of guilty pleasures,(reading, watching bad movies).

----- Joyce 28.11.11 05:10

Relax under the sun at my favorite park.

----- Steve 28.11.11 05:10

I like to chill and watch some TV with the wife.

----- Geoff 28.11.11 05:10

I drink tea and talk to my best friend over the phone.

----- Leslie 28.11.11 05:06

To relax I like to fill out crosswords and other puzzles. They take my mind off more troubling matters and help me keep things in perspective.

----- Eleanor 28.11.11 05:04

After 14 hr days of staring at Excel spreadsheets, sitting in on conference calls, meetings and night classes, I try to relax in ways my grandfather would: A lowball of Macallan in the yard facing the forest with my 11 yr old dog at my side. We’re both starting to appreciate peace and quiet more and more as we get older. (note: no scotch for dog)

----- Stephen M 28.11.11 05:02

To relax at night I put my feet up and let my 11 month old daughter cuddle me till she falls asleep.

----- Garry Hannah 28.11.11 04:55

i sit on my cold wooden floor, drinking cheap wine from a paper cup and dream of all the beautiful things that would make life just a little more comfortable….

----- Mark 28.11.11 04:50

Love to come home, decompress with with a nice IPA and spend time with my 7 month old daughter!

----- osterhausb 28.11.11 04:47

I like to listen to an episode of radiolab or the moth to unwind.

----- JON WANG 28.11.11 04:39

it used to be bubble baths reading my favorite sci fi novel, but now that i started med school in teh uk and have a closet for a shower… a moldy one at that, i sleep to relax, and when i can’t sleep i watch old tv shows or read grey’s anatomy (which can be very good at putting you to sleep)

----- maggie 28.11.11 04:33

sit in my favourite armchair, crack open a beer and watch the clouds go by

----- Will 28.11.11 04:29

To relax i put a vinyl records, sit on a design chair, and go on Notcot to take a look to the new product, ad, and other things :D

----- Dorian 28.11.11 04:22

In a very random order the things I do to relax are: meditate, ride my bike, garden, browse over the Notcot webpage for fresh and creative ideas, get a massage/spa treatment, listen to bossa nova while lying on a hamock or while enjoying a good glass of wine with friends… and the list goes on…

----- neza 28.11.11 04:21

Any form of escapism is relaxing. Whether this be an everyday type of relax - hanging with people i love, sipping an alcoholic beverage, bathing, watching television, surfing design sites on the net - or an extended holiday type of relax - which is basically about totally losing oneself through exploring cultures that differ to my own, it’s about completely succumbing to a life of daily trying something new. Aaaahh, relaxation is bliss!

----- CAY 28.11.11 04:07

Watching old episodes from E.R. with my very own private nurse, with the smell of roasting chestnuts.

----- Linda 28.11.11 03:54

I put Ivory soap in the microwave to make sculptures and irritate my girlfriend to relax. I also play mindless games on the Ipad.

----- Sean 28.11.11 03:32

Glass of wine, favorite book, cozy blanket.

----- jbc 28.11.11 03:29

I do yoga, yoga, yoga and drink beer. :)

----- Andrea 28.11.11 03:27

I like to play some games of Starcraft 2, followed by reassembling my HTPC, and then a cool shower. And just before bed I’ll flick through my twitter feed.

----- Andrew Chau 28.11.11 03:26

I like to take a flick through all my design blogs to relax after a hard day.

----- Ben 28.11.11 03:14

To relax, I make a playlist of the quietest, softest, most soothing music I have. Then I make a hot bath with bubbles and salts and everything, turn the music on and get in.

----- Nick Talley 28.11.11 03:03

I meditate or read though, playing guitar’s always a sure fire stress reliever.

----- CDell 28.11.11 02:46

True Story: I use Notcot as my stress reliever when I prep for my papers, sadly they distract me from my work wayy too much for my own good.

----- Kai 28.11.11 02:36

Music is my pacifier, that is until I realize that I need to organize my itunes library.

----- Miguel 28.11.11 01:59

I used to make myself some coffee or grab a beer and sit in my papasan chair. This Summer it was left outside during a haboob and the wicker structure broke. So now I sit on the floor

----- Max 28.11.11 01:58

Having Monty Python’s Flying Circus running in the background.

----- Schmoek 28.11.11 01:50

i start cooking!

----- Stefan 28.11.11 01:30

To relax I drink a glass of wine and cuddle with my dog while watching an easy-to-watch show such as Top Chef or a Seinfeld episode. By the second glass of wine I am out cold, on the couch (this is a daily activity by the way) :)

----- Tam 28.11.11 01:14

When I really just want to relax I curl up on my couch with a mug of hot chocolate, and try not to think:)

----- Juditt 28.11.11 01:07

I read www.notcot.org

----- EH 28.11.11 01:05

It’ll be hard to find time to relax before midnight PST on December 3, 2011!! I do all my holiday shopping this week. I guess to calm the stress of shopping for my huge family, I pop open a cold beer (usually an IPA), bust out my guitar, and play and sing like I am actually good.

----- Darrell 28.11.11 00:50

To relax after a long day, I brew some green tea, kick back in my lounge chair, throw on my headphones and get lost in the tunes of the 90s.

----- Stephen 28.11.11 00:50

I enjoy a nice glass of wine and sometimes I enjoy it while inside a warm bath (but please don’t tell anyone, it’s not terribly manly of me).

----- Dane 28.11.11 00:49

I close my eyes.

----- Luke Tonge 28.11.11 00:48

True Story: I use Notcot as my stress reliever when I prep for my papers, sadly they distract me from my work wayy too much for my own good.

----- Kai 28.11.11 00:46

I really like the looks of the caraf

----- tudza 28.11.11 00:34

I usually take some melatonin and watch videos of dogs and cats cuddling each other. You can’t stay angry at the world for long watching two mortal enemies spooning.

----- Daphne 28.11.11 00:21

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