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Holiday Giveaway #3: Reiko Kaneko- 11.27.11

snowman0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Lets get those Christmas Trees and Hanukkah Bushes decorated (or your desk, or anywhere really) ~ Reiko Kaneko always has such a playful twist on the usual housewares… Here’s a chance to have one of her Twiggy Snowmen Ornaments - “Bone china snowman has real twigs as arms - all it needs is a carrot for a nose. It can sit as a table decoration amongst other festive foliage or hung on a tree as a bauble. All individually different with its own twiggy character. (kawaii as they say in Japan)” Personally, i can’t imagine not taking a dry erase marker to these guys and having fun decorating and erasing and decorating them again as the mood strikes!

For a chance to win one of the 10 Twiggy Snowmen Ornaments from Reiko Kaneko, leave a comment with what you’d do with a Twiggy Snowman before midnight PST on Dec 2, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email! See more twiggy’s on the next page!

CONGRATS to Sandee in Austin, TX, Oliver in Nottingham, England, Cecile in New Brunswick, NJ, Joyce in Ottawa, Canada, Christian in Los Angeles, CA, Kathryn in Piscataway, NJ, Natalie in Richmond, VA, Jess in Park City, Utah, Natasha in Ellenton, FL, and Dana in Covington, KY.



For a chance to win one of the 10 Twiggy Snowmen Ornaments from Reiko Kaneko, leave a comment with what you’d do with a Twiggy Snowman before midnight PST on Dec 2, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email!


183 Notes

All nighters at the studio can get lonely sometimes, it would be good to have a snowman around, specially when its hanging because you have a reason to look away from the sketching table

----- Mehrdad 02.12.11 18:35

I’d give it to my nephews to decorate how they want and put it up on the tree!

----- Jay B. 02.12.11 15:18

I’d like to hang him somewhere in the pines behind our house and let the young ones in the fam have a little Xmas ornament hunt. the winner could then decide what he/she would do with Twiggy.

----- Christian 02.12.11 12:27

I’d carefully open it up and magnetize the inside so that you could attach little magnetic accessories to the front. Like adding a variety of different carrot noses. Then I’d hang it on the tree. And I could change it whenever I wanted. ^_^

----- Derek J. Kinsman 02.12.11 08:20

Taking a page from my childhood, I would begin amassing my army of tiny snowmen … #Calvin&Hobbs

----- Robert 01.12.11 23:53

I would put twiggy snowman on the side of marimba for a bit of holiday cheer.

----- Jess 01.12.11 20:42

With my Twiggy snowman I would take to as many xmas trees as possible and create a photo journal of all the places my unique Twiggy Snowman has been in 2011. I’d then do 25 days of xmas in July and with Twiggy visit children in 25 hospitals to deliver xmas presents and get a picture with Twiggy! Share the fun and bring a smile to others; that would be my goal!

----- Kure W. 01.12.11 20:02

My parents sold my childhood home and ::gasp:: our family christmas is being held at my place for the first time ever….hello adulthood! Twiggy is clearly needed to boost my home’s holiday spirit. I am envisioning him sitting on the desk in my entryway room looking quite festive and handsome, or perhaps he could be a distinguished figure hanging proudly on the tree .

----- Dana K. 01.12.11 20:00

I often get mad at my bf that he is not alway getting what I feel. I will hang this ornament in front of my door lock and draw emotion icon face on it.. like happy :) or sad :( or extremely higher >.

----- Thao Dao 01.12.11 17:57

I would decorate my husband:)

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:49

i’d decorate my sons first christmas tree with it. he would have fun drawing things on it over and over again…

----- lilly 01.12.11 05:36

It’ll go on the christmas tre. no doubt!

----- Bjorn 01.12.11 05:29

Give it to my sister on the grand occasion of her first Christmas and New Year in her first home!

She, and I, adore great design and have admired Reiko’s work from afar for quite some time and I know she’d love it!

----- tasa 01.12.11 01:24

I’d want to decorate one with my niece!

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:25

Why Twiggy and I will be caroling around town together, then we’d enjoy some apple cider, find some friends to hang with him, and we are set!

----- Sarah 30.11.11 18:27

I would definitely Re-Gift this. I know a few people who would love it!

----- Russ! 30.11.11 13:53

I would use him to decorate my Holiday Pencil Cactus!

----- Alex 30.11.11 08:23

I’d knit him a little scarf or a jumper and give him rosey cheeks.

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:28

I would place an engagement ring around the top and propose to my true love,who after 20 years apart have fallen madly in love with each other.

----- Greg 30.11.11 07:24

I’d paint a huge smile on his face and then put him in front of my window so that he can dispense smiles to the passers-by. :)

----- Eloisa 30.11.11 01:57

he sure asks for a carrot nose - if I’ll be the lucky one then Twiggy will be too

----- martins 30.11.11 01:30

I would hang him on my wall.

----- Tristan 30.11.11 00:54

I would donate it to a special needs school where all the students could leave a mark on it each year. This would decorate the Christmas tree to remind everyone to belong and together we can achieve beautiful things.

----- Judit78inL 29.11.11 23:53

A Twiggy Snowman will never melt! It’s Christmas anyday of the year!

----- Ellen Bautista 29.11.11 21:53

He needs facial hair. I think I would paint some on and hang him from my tree.

----- juanAlexander 29.11.11 20:50

I would put him next to my twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a milking, seven swans a swimming, six geese a laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves and my elephant.

----- Pete 29.11.11 18:55

His feature-less face is perfect for imposing my opinions upon. He would sit next to me, on my couch, and when I inevitably bicker with ma sista, I would turn to my Twiggy who certainly feels just as I do. Over the holidays he would come to be recognized as a sensible ornament.

----- Kylene 29.11.11 17:40

paint a smiley face on him! give it to my sister as a present :)

----- bao nguyen 29.11.11 15:58

I would put it by my charlie brown tree.

----- Ayumi 29.11.11 14:09

I’d give it to my girlfriend.

----- Robert W. 29.11.11 12:24

I would decorate my desk with them, and then watch some Christmas cookie porn on the food network!

----- rey 29.11.11 11:52

My Fiance and I will handsome him up and put him in our Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree.

----- Jane 29.11.11 11:52

Put it up with the christmas tree, so my jealous friends can see them.

----- Joseph Sarti 29.11.11 11:30

First I would let my cute dog sniff him, then I might see how he looks like with a faux moustache, probably wine & dine him. THEN if he was good and ready, put his little twiggy self on my Christmas tree!

----- Drew 29.11.11 10:25

I will learnt to knit and knit a pair of mini mittens for it’s deformed twiggy hands, WAHLA Two Birds with One Stone !

----- PINPINS 29.11.11 09:13

I would hang it under a small ceiling light. I would make sure it is hung low enough for people for reach out and touch.

----- Pei 29.11.11 09:08

We just bought our first christmas tree at my appartmen ( after many years of.”next year…!”.. this would be the first and most beautiful ornament in it ! Stylish tree

----- Char Lef Pai 29.11.11 06:48

I would give him to my mom, who adds one fancy & new ornament to the tree each year!

----- Rachel 29.11.11 05:40

I’ll make its life much better bringing the snowman to Brazil to spend Xmas in summer.

----- Luix 29.11.11 02:23

I’d knit him a snow suit ;D

----- Michelle 29.11.11 01:59

I would store it in the freezer until Christmas so it can get 15 minutes of show time on the tree before it goes back in the freezer once again. California doesn’t get cold enough to sustain his form, nor is it easily swayed by the whims of such “kawaii”-ness.

----- Amy 28.11.11 23:08

I would totally hang it on my Longan treeling!

----- Carrie 28.11.11 23:04

If I won twiggy I would definitely get a Christmas tree despite my grinchy roommate’s mockery. And twiggy would be displayed front and center on the tree (amongst a bunch of paper decorations).

----- Jess 28.11.11 22:30

I would add it to our ornament collection, as our first ornament as a married couple!

----- Catherine Chandler 28.11.11 21:07

I would write the name of my nephew, and the year on Twiggy.
This will be my nephew’s first Christmas.

----- Jessie 28.11.11 20:23

I’d hang him on my tree and pretend I don’t live where it almost never snows.

----- Liza 28.11.11 20:14

I would add this to my collection of white ceramic objects at home!

----- hoister 28.11.11 18:44

I would purchase a Charlie Brown tree, just to hold it! Adorable.

----- Ashley 28.11.11 16:14

I’d probably graffiti it up with my paint markers to be honest with you.

----- Alberto Villa 28.11.11 15:53

I would use it this year to decorate the little tree on my desk at work

----- Diana 28.11.11 15:30

I will send it as a Christmas gift to my mom

----- Olessya 28.11.11 15:12

I’d place him in a basket with cotton stuffing so he can enjoy some snowy weather.

----- Collin Banko 28.11.11 13:58

Is this a trick question? I’d put the ornament on my tree where all ornaments go.

----- erastos 28.11.11 13:45

I would film a shot for shot remake of the Campbell’s Snowman/Chicken Noodle Soup commercial. But instead of melting and turning into a human child, it would learn a valuable lesson about accepting and embracing one’s differences. On a technical note - due to scale and a lack of frozen precipitation in this part of the world - it would probably be filmed on location at a Hallmark Store or anywhere else they have tiny Christmas Villages and fake snow.

----- December 28.11.11 13:36

I love it! I would hang it on my tree with frosted globe lights and all white ornaments in general.

----- Agata 28.11.11 13:31

I’d gift it to my mum for Christmas!

----- Daniel 28.11.11 13:10

How very fun! A dear friend just put up her very first Christmas tree as an adult, and I think this little snowman would look right at home among its branches!

----- Julie 28.11.11 12:32

I love this! I would hand it in my kitchen window :)

----- Marlo 28.11.11 12:02

I would accessorize and customize it with my 3-1/2 year old niece and gift it to her mom and dad to keep for ever and ever! They collect ornaments from family and friends all over the world.

----- Laylah 28.11.11 11:58

I will definitely give that as a gift to my wife who wants to start an ornament collection, stuff that we can pass down to kids and grandkids. What a way to start a glorious tradition.

----- jake dockter 28.11.11 11:50

Will put it between 4 mirrors. And have an army of Twiggies.

----- Antoana 28.11.11 11:27

i would paint it, and give it to my sister, who is so far from me.

----- viktoria papp 28.11.11 11:25

As cute as it is just white with arms.. i would probably draw a face on it.

----- Tran Nguyen 28.11.11 11:23

I would hang it on my office lamp!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 28.11.11 11:12

I’d put a scarf on him!

----- Jessi 28.11.11 10:55

I will give it to my family to sign their names and dedicate it as the 2011 Christmas Ornament. We keep our ornaments for decades, so when my children grow up they see my names on ornaments from when I was a child, now this ornament would have grandma’s, uncles, aunts, and parents signatures on it too.

----- Nicole 28.11.11 10:55

I would have a great reason to buy a tree! (Cue wife, “NO!”)

----- Lucas Lund 28.11.11 10:32

I would hang it in my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I can only put one ornament, this one would be PERFECT! :D

----- Maude 28.11.11 10:14

I’m going to wrap Twiggy in bacon, because I believe he will be much happier then hanging around naked.

----- Gino 28.11.11 09:42

My girlfriend just like it - very much.

----- Kasper 28.11.11 08:34

As a social worker, one of my residents just adores Christmas as she was born in December as well. I would give this to her.

----- Jasper 28.11.11 07:41

I would put Twiggy the snowman on my little ‘charlie brown’ christmas tree - the only one i have in my apartment!

----- Natalie Kay 28.11.11 06:47

Put it in the transom over my front door.

----- Michael 28.11.11 06:18

I would hang them in a line over the fireplace with bells on them so that when Santa comes down the chimney, an enchanting tune would mean I could finally catch a glimpse of him.

----- Hayley 28.11.11 06:07

To be honest I’d probably sing a Twiggy version of “Frosty the Snowman” until my husband told me to stop. Then I would later hear my husband singing the same version when he thought he was alone. It’s adorable though, I like that it’s faceless, like some bad, older kids stole his carrot nose and coal eyes.

----- Joyce 28.11.11 05:16

I’d make a bunch of little hats for it and change its style every day.

----- Jules 28.11.11 04:41

I would design Twiggy with a lot of colors and hopefull words and put it in a tree in my city!

----- Dorian 28.11.11 04:26

Twiggy the snowman is handsome as is. It’s minimalist figure reminds me of a scare-crow, which leads me to think scare-snow. But, since playing in the snow is such a rarity for me, I do not want to scare snow away but rather bring snow near. So, I would dangle twiggy in my office, somewhere nearby my macbook within my peripheral vision, to entice me to plan my next winter trip. Santa, I wish to re-feel the chilling sensation of snowflakes landing on my skin.

----- CAY 28.11.11 04:26

Every day until Christmas I would add a different element to it. GOOGLY EYES for sure! And lots and lots of glitter…

----- Tam 28.11.11 01:18

I’d hang it on our Christmas tree, of course! To remind us of the time we drove up to the mountains and built snowmen last weekend with our baby! It was a first for our little family. :)

----- Akiyo 28.11.11 01:12

i’ll draw a smile ) on it

----- alberto 28.11.11 01:01

I would hang it on a tree outside my bedroom window, to have more possitive mornings.:)

----- giedre 28.11.11 00:54

I’d decorate it with my 4 year old niece and hang it on her family’s Christmas tree. Then she could keep it and use it for all her Christmases to come!

----- Darrell 28.11.11 00:44

I’d hang it up as a bulb and see if any of my guests spots it :D

----- Kai 28.11.11 00:42

I’d hang it on my front door, but after I decorate it with some sweet paint markers with my girlfriend. That’d be a unique and lovely door ornament.

----- Ray 27.11.11 22:14

I would hang it on my front door along with a carrot beside it and a note saying “where does this carrot belong..?” Allowing my friends & family to engage in a bit of Christmas humor…Which i can appreciate every time I open my door! haha

----- Jacinta 27.11.11 22:07

I would take it away to paris with me on a romantic getaway. lolidk

----- Cill 27.11.11 21:45

My first thought was definitely to draw a face on him! Then I would hang him on my tree :)

----- Amy 27.11.11 21:26

The Headless Snowman would look marvelous next to my jack-o-lantern next halloween :D

----- brandon 27.11.11 21:15

Twiggy would take his place of honor as my new tree topper. When my mom was alive she would always decorate my room with snowmen every Christmas. Each year there would be a new snowman ornament added, but we never found one worthy of being the topper. Twiggy would definitely suit that position.

----- Kathryn 27.11.11 21:12

Twiggerston would adorn my very first real, full-size xmas tree. Which my cat will NOT knock over.

----- Emily 27.11.11 21:01

Hang it front and center!!

----- Simon 27.11.11 20:06

We would hang it next to our Stackable Snowmen Set, so that they could all be friends!

----- Sallyann Corn 27.11.11 19:47

Twiggy would totally get hung on the tree high enough for the baby not to reach it. Super cute!

----- Amanda 27.11.11 19:29

this beautiful twiggy would be my table reminder and countdown for X’mas! afterwhich it’ll be my paper weight or calendar for the new year or i’ll just hang it up as a keychain ^^.

----- Zyann Alicia Lee 27.11.11 19:22

Twiggy would be my first family ornament, this year we will finally be able to put up a Christmas tree. The 4 years before my daughter was born we weren’t able to have a one, this is the first time we will be.

----- Alexis 27.11.11 18:48

I would give it to my eleven year old to put on his tree in his bedroom. It would add to the eclectic tree he already has.

----- Judy 27.11.11 18:35

“Give it to my mom!
——- COREY 27.11.11 14:33”

I’d also give it to Corey’s mom. *wink*

----- Cole 27.11.11 18:27

I would give the Twiggy ornament to my boyfriend who lives in California and has never had a snowy Christmas.

----- Cecile 27.11.11 18:07

I would play catch with it.

----- Gaetan 27.11.11 18:06

I’d give him a face for sure. Decorate him and add him to my Xmas ornament collection which I try to keep to only unique and collectable ornaments. This would definitely add much to my collection. Love TWIGGY!

----- Dani 27.11.11 17:54

I would send it down to Utah for my little sis to add to the family tree.

----- Galen 27.11.11 17:29

Add it to our family collection of xmas tree ornaments we’ve been building up since the kids were born. Such a nice, unique piece.

----- Sung 27.11.11 17:03

I would pretend that it snowed, because it is November 27th and Minneapolis hasn’t had snow yet….. :(

----- Willa 27.11.11 16:55

high on the tree where the kids can’t reach. but then this isn’t the kind of piece you put away for 11 months. so probably up in the china cabinet where at least we can see it all the time.

----- rich 27.11.11 16:11

Next to my bed:)

----- Wolfe 27.11.11 16:11

hang on him on my wall in my dorm room in greneda so while i am away from home, i can be reminded of cool places, to keep cool in that caribean heat.

----- Maggie 27.11.11 16:08

I want to hang it on my ugly sweater.

----- Sam Truong 27.11.11 15:41

oohhh a cute cake topper if ever I saw one :-) …lighting up the festive celebration with a little mischief spirit … thanks for the chance to play

----- Flo Foxes 27.11.11 15:24

I’d put it on my first tree on my own!

----- Jayeon 27.11.11 14:40

I’d hang him on a shelf in my office and let clients appreciate its playfulness every time they come visit me! :)

----- Michal Klofac 27.11.11 14:37

Give it to my mom!

----- Corey 27.11.11 14:33

I’d make a grey yarn wreath, and hang twiggy in the center.

----- Wehaf 27.11.11 14:11

This guy would BE our Christmas tree. And a pretty sweet one too.

----- Lynnea 27.11.11 13:54

I would hang it on my twig tree … it would be the only one!

----- PHIL DENTON 27.11.11 13:30

i would give it to my mother for her birthday gift

----- michael h 27.11.11 13:07

This would be great for my Sunday night dinner table decorations this season.

----- Allison 27.11.11 12:51

It reminds me a bit of the horror movie “Jack Frost” (not the one with Michael Keaton). It has to go right on front of the tree.

----- Tobias 27.11.11 12:50

I would personalize it with some paint, maybe a little glitter, and hang it on my parents Christmas tree!

----- Nicole 27.11.11 12:32

I would put Twiggy alongside my awmoo (which I also heard about through notcot)! They would looks so great together and be best friends!

----- Kiko Restrepo 27.11.11 12:26

He might be all the snow I see around here… I live down South.

----- Matt Peckham 27.11.11 12:05

Just put up my very first Christmas tree, so this would become part of my non-existent-for-now ornament collection.

----- Dan 27.11.11 11:59

he’ll have a home on my tree. he’s so adorable!

----- thu 27.11.11 11:51

It’s so precious!!!I won’t hung it on the tree, because my cat ravages it each year…I suppose it’s made of glass…just too dangerous!!!

----- FEDERICA 27.11.11 11:45

Duh. Decorate it like a super happy Christmas snowman maybe even put a little bit of cotton underneath it to make the snowman look like he is in the snow.

----- Christi 27.11.11 11:42

I would either save it for myself and put it on my own tree to tease my girlfriend or give it to here cause I guess thats a more boyfriend thing to do.

----- Nick Robles 27.11.11 11:28

Give it to the GF cause she LOVES snowmen, or tease her that I wont it and put it on my own tree. I can figure that our if I win.

----- Nick Robles 27.11.11 11:23

I would take twiggy and hang it on my ornament chandelier. It would make the perfect centerpiece.

----- Chrisitna 27.11.11 11:19

It would be at home with all my other Snowmen buddies, Christmas can be a lonely time of year without love ones, so Twiggy would never be lonely again.

----- Nerissa 27.11.11 11:18

Oh my gosh, those are awesome! I would totally give them to my sister as a present, and she would love it.

----- Shakes 27.11.11 11:16

I love this ornament! I am rebuilding my christmas ornament collection as my relationship with the person, I thought I would be married to this time of the year,ended and somehow I lost my decorations in the move. Last christmas, the small tree I bought actually died, without ever having been decorated. Now, out on my own, I want a beautiful tree to celebrate a fresh start. I think this ornament would be the perfect way to make the tree special.

----- Rachel 27.11.11 11:01

It`s an perfect present for my girlfriend… :)

----- Artur Jelonek 27.11.11 10:58

I would take this delightful little creature on a journey into deepest darkest Wales. There we will find a secluded spot with lots of snowfall, and with us both wrapped up warm we would make the grandest snowman to ever bless this land. Once complete, we will dance in it’s shadow, feeling the impressive awe and joy that it inspires.

----- Michael 27.11.11 10:33

It would be the starter of an ornament collection I would start for my baby niece godchild Daniela.
Twiggy is as sweet as she is!

----- Sylvia N. 27.11.11 10:31

I’d take my little snowman home and add it to my mums tree… I’ve not been home in ages and the snowman will have a great family christmas with us! Lx

----- Laura 27.11.11 10:07

With no chance of ever having a tree at home due to destructive cats, I was going to pass by making a comment, but the idea of using dry erase markers on it at work makes it desirable. I would change the features drawn every few days and see if anybody ever noticed.

----- Keith 27.11.11 10:05

I would hang Twiggy on my rear-view mirror to help make my hour-long commute more festive!

----- Jenn 27.11.11 10:04

I’d give it to my Mom. She loves ornaments

----- Mike Smart 27.11.11 10:02

Twiggy would be one of the first Christmas ornaments my fiance and I get together and cherish for years.

----- Natasha 27.11.11 09:46

I’d give Twiggy a couple eyes then place him on the center of the fireplace mantle, then put him to work when guests come over and make him do a little dance.

----- Jenny 27.11.11 09:35

I’ll give it to my best friend. She always has the best Christmas trees with unique decorations!

----- Solmaz 27.11.11 09:33

I’m really small, it could be a real good friend real size for me =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 27.11.11 09:25

I would replace the star on top of my tree with him, he’s obviously far more special that some silly star.

----- Josh Swattridge 27.11.11 09:22

I would give him as a gift, we don´t get much snow here in Texas. This item would be a nice pick me up.

----- Anna Hinojosa 27.11.11 09:14

I’d hang it from the rafters with all the other select ornaments!

----- Cooper 27.11.11 09:13

I would knit him a mini red scarf and mini green mittens and name him Henry. Instead hanging on the christmas tree, Henry would be next to me on my night stand…;)

----- Iilly 27.11.11 09:08

Every year my fiance and I get each other a new christmas ornament and this would be the absolute best possible one I could give to her.

----- Derek Heilmann 27.11.11 09:07

I’d knit it a hat and a scarf with stripes!

----- Kamelli 27.11.11 09:00

snowman dance party!

----- rachel m 27.11.11 08:59

I would take Twiggy to the pub and then out for a curry. Obviously it will be a treat for him, not for me…

----- Jonathan 27.11.11 08:56

This guy would go on the tree. My fiance and I get a new ornament every year while on vacation. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t take one and last night when we put up the tree she commented on the lack of one this year. This would be a great surprise.

----- Justin H 27.11.11 08:55

My mom goes all out at Christmas. She decorates her house like some snowman wonderland. This guy would be in great company with all of the other snowmen on the Christmas tree beside the fireplace.

----- Jordan M 27.11.11 08:08

I would put little Twiggy in my dolls’ house garden so they can have a Christmas… just like ours!

----- Jennifer Yu 27.11.11 07:49

I would place it on our new tree here, would look perfect!!

----- Robert B 27.11.11 07:48

Twiggy would be the perfect decoration to kick off the holiday decor in my office! (of course, we would name him “Darth Twiggy.”)

----- sandee 27.11.11 07:46

I’m traveling to India this Christmas. I’d backpack throughout the country with Twiggy hanging on my Osprey bag. His impermanent facial features and dress would be a great way for the folks I meet to doodle their style.

----- Samantha 27.11.11 07:42

Add it to our slew of ornaments. Every ornament has a special story on our tree, and this would be no exception.

----- Jake Jones 27.11.11 07:32

I need to make a new wreath this year for the front door, and I thing Mr Twiggy would look so cute on it!

----- Natasha H 27.11.11 07:27

I will let it see the world beyond Christmas time!

----- LMcF 27.11.11 07:26

I’d build a snowman out side, so twiggy snowman would have a friend

----- Jim 27.11.11 06:57

Twiggy would go on the skinny, decorated year round Christmas tree in a corner of my kitchen!

----- Jim Josue 27.11.11 06:35

If I won a Twiggy Snowman, it would be the official ornament for my new puppy Sailor’s very first Christmas !

----- April Bogus 27.11.11 06:32

Following his reign as King of My Christmas Tree, I would place him the refrigerator for the warmer months, where he could thrive and befriend the little shy man who switches on the light when you open the door.

----- Olly 27.11.11 06:19

Hang it on my tree, of course. ^_^

----- Tom 27.11.11 06:05

Oooo! This is the first year that I am getting my OWN tree, in my OWN house. This twiggy snowman would be an excellent addition to a branch.

----- Natalie 27.11.11 04:55

Oooo! This is the first year that I am getting my OWN tree, in my OWN house. This twiggy snowman would be an excellent addition.

----- Natalie 27.11.11 04:55

I’d put him on my desk, coo over him, be unable to justify buying a tree he’d be comfortable in, and take him home over the holiday to put on the family Christmas tree. He could be my contribution

----- Hazel 27.11.11 04:54

I would give him to my girlfriend as a Christmas Eve present. My parents give me and my brother a pair of pajamas and an ornament every year, so me and my girl continue the tradition. This ornament would be a perfect gift, she would think he’s really pretty. I think so too. I’d have to hang him up really high on the tree so our cat doesn’t get him lol.

----- Nick Talley 27.11.11 04:53

i’d pair him up with a domo-kun ornament and let the two wreak havoc on the rest of the ornaments. be warned little drummer boy, santa. beware the headless snowman.

----- Ned 27.11.11 04:07

I would place it on a special branch on the tree. A branch that’s very high up so my toddler can’t reahc it and ravage it. :)

----- Andrea 27.11.11 04:04

I’d give it to a random stranger that smiled at me on the street. What better way to spread christmas cheer?

----- Laura 27.11.11 03:27

Replace e lightbulb with it after painting snowman’s features :p

----- grace 27.11.11 03:03

Every year I spend weeks getting dragged round the shops by my partner looking for one special addition to our tree decorations.
This is the perfect addition this year to our seemingly apparent white, silver and gold theme and it will free up hours of much needed drinking time…

----- Adam Williams 27.11.11 03:00

I’d give it to my grand ma.

----- Bolo 27.11.11 02:42

I would decorate it with some neon and send it to my boyfriend’s family in norway :)

----- Priscilla Phitsanoukane 27.11.11 02:15

I would give my Twiggy Snowman a kiss, cuz he brings X MAS feelings into my japanese (i miss western x max) appartment.

----- Agnes 27.11.11 02:13

I’d decorate him and give him away as a Christmas gift.

----- Ashley 27.11.11 02:10

I’d give him a carrot and let him dwell in the cave of my tree’s branches. Plus… my wife would probably draw random faces on it…

----- Jason 27.11.11 02:03

I’d give it to my mom.

----- Frank Antonoff 27.11.11 01:53

I would definitely put it on my Mom’s tree. A bit of a early Christmas gift!

----- Ryan J 27.11.11 01:51

Make it a traditional heritage piece of our Christmas tree. Unique decorations rule!

----- Linda Domjan 27.11.11 01:49

I’d decorate Twiggy with my family and share it with everyone on our Christmas tree! And when they ask where I got it from, I’d mention NOTCOT & Reiko Kaneko!

----- Careolyn 27.11.11 01:47

I would take twiggy snowman, paint a face on him and put him atop our epic! christmas tree. Christmas done!

----- Levi Montez 27.11.11 01:28

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