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Holiday Giveaway #5: Hard Graft- 11.29.11

hardgraft0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

The latest giveaway is the 3 in 1 Back2Back Laptop Bag in All Grey from our friends at Hard Graft! Made of premium italian cow leather and premium german wool felt, this bag has you covered for everything. As they describe it, “This really is a multi-functional bag. 100% rucksack. 100% messenger bag. 100% briefcase. Both sides of the bag have an extra layer of super padded protection for your iPad or laptop and two identical hidden zipped pockets measuring 25 x 33cm. On top, there are two robust handles, inside there’s a padded divider and a deep zipped pocket. Comes with a fully adjustable, removable shoulder strap.”

For a chance to win the Back2Back Laptop Bag in All Grey from Hard Graft, leave a comment with what you’d use this bag for before midnight PST on Dec 4th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures of this gorgeous bag on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Ryan from Portland, OR!







For a chance to win the Back2Back Laptop Bag in All Grey from Hard Graft, leave a comment with what you’d use this bag for before midnight PST on Dec 4th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


1027 Notes

I would use this bag to time travel. Because of it’s classic look, I would use it to time travel to all of my future destinations and no one would be the wiser. I could blend in to any culture or any time period, whether it’s the New York of tomorrow or the New York of 2 minutes after that. Most importantly, with this bag, all the funny looks I get while time traveling via my patent-pending “standing still” technique would become looks of envy.

----- December 04.12.11 23:54

I would carry my life in it!

----- Kristine 04.12.11 23:52

i will use it to bring a last time submitter like myself, and of course with all of his tools

----- atmanto 04.12.11 22:50

I use it to carry my laptop, my hopes, and my dreams.

----- Colby 04.12.11 22:20

I need this bag in order to travel to Middle Earth.

----- Stephen 04.12.11 21:26

This is the bag that is going to make me a starrah.

----- Gina 04.12.11 20:53

I would use it to keep my notebooks and laptop safe and dry.

----- Kate 04.12.11 20:35

Computer I will be getting next semester. :-)

----- Jason 04.12.11 20:26

I’d use this as my everyday bag for work!

----- Paolo 04.12.11 20:14

I’ve always loved Hard Graft’s products but I’ve never been able to afford one. I’d love to use this bag as an everyday messenger to carry around my laptop to and from work and finally look stylish in doing so.

----- Royce 04.12.11 19:57

I would use this as one of the first steps to look more professional as I transition from academia to industry. I hope to change the world with Computational Engineering, and my current bag has seen a lot of wear and tear and will need to be put aside one day soon.

----- David Rieman 04.12.11 19:50

I’d use this as my school bag!

----- Wehaf 04.12.11 19:48

I’d use this for everything! Books, iPad, camera, sketchbooks, the art supplies I bring with me everywhere… the list goes on! I love that it is backpackable for bike riding, and can convert to messenger or the classy briefcase look in a snap. The leather looks like it will last forever, as well. Love this!

----- Charlotte 04.12.11 19:24

I would use this bag to help promote your cool site :) and to keep all my goodies safe while i ride my bicycle to work everyday.

----- eddie 04.12.11 19:01

I tried to pack myself into a suitcase like this one time. I could hardly contain myself.

----- Colin Schless 04.12.11 18:41


----- sindy murray 04.12.11 17:37

I’d use this bag for everything, work, working out, weekends out of town, etc.

----- Nikki 04.12.11 17:15

I would use this bag to comfortably and safely carry my laptop and supplies to class and business meetings.

----- Betsy Bull 04.12.11 17:11

I would use this bag for carrying drafting supplies and my tablet.

----- Clayton Dodd 04.12.11 17:09

I’m still a student - so I would use this for class for sure and getting around campus.

----- Richard 04.12.11 17:04

Such a beautifully crafted bag! I’d use it for my commute to work everyday; sometimes on foot, and other times on bike. I’d pack my MacBook and lunch and pair with a flirty flower print dress(well, once it gets warm enough again!)to counterbalance the masculine design of this bag!

----- Tomomi 04.12.11 17:01

I would carry it as a briefcase to the class that I am teaching next semester on the City of Florence and then I would wear it as a backpack back to its nation of origin when I visit Italy in March. While in Italy, I would photograph it in a variety of settings (on the Ponte Vecchio, draped over the back of a chair at a sidewalk cafe, on my back on a bicycle while cycling around the wall at Lucca) and then send those photos to NOTCOT and Hard Graft in an inadequate attempt to express my utter joy at owning such a gorgeous bag.

----- Doug Van Gundy 04.12.11 16:52

I’d use it to hold my gear on my trips on my naked motorcycle , bicycle , or car to the beach , park, work, or wherever i deem to visit

gear- 1 camera , cigar tube, lighter, cigarettes, keys, phone, magazine. book, pen, notepad, earbuds , flask w/ 4 yo dark rum or mohito

beach extra - beach wrap, tube of # 4 protection, sunglasses, beach fedora-folding , 2 cold corona in self contained coozy’s

in 3 months — pacifier. milk bottles, baby sling, pampers, beach hat, glasses, flask of 4 yr dark rum, book, phone, moist towelettes

life is always changing, your bag should not.

----- ushka shakhnis 04.12.11 16:15

I would give it to my amazing boyfriends who is a digital artist and graphic designer

----- Crystal 04.12.11 15:52

For bike riding definitely! My other backpack is kaput and I’ve been looking around for a new one.

----- Ashley Brooks 04.12.11 15:44


----- CAITLIN 04.12.11 14:53

I know I’m a girl, but I have been looking for a bag for med school that is classy and masculine. The thing is all girl bags are overstated and tacky! I think this bag is truly meant for a women. In case you aren’t getting the message, let me put it plainly. This bag is meant for me. :)

----- Nicholee 04.12.11 14:53

I would carry my gadgets and my sketchbook for sure!

----- Yuri Martins 04.12.11 14:45

Hmmm. I would use this for my personal laptop, reading material, and in progress craft projects that I carry around each day. Now, I either carry several bags or forget bags and end up trying to deal with a bunch of loose items. That leads to dropping things

----- Aprille (@eileen53) 04.12.11 13:14

As a design student at risd the uses of this bag will be many (i.e. designer, academic and traveler) and the fact that this bag is able to adapt and “transform” into three distinct bags is in itself a perfect accommodation to this particular lifestyle. Designer: the briefcase is the perfect size to store my 15” school laptop, sheets of tracing paper and multiple pencils/markers needed for my commute to studio downtown. academic: the messenger bag offers the amount of space necessary for multiple structures and architectural theory books as well as a graphing calculator. traveler: since risd is so far away from my hometown traveling is an inevitability. the rucksack is the ideal solution to “carry on” clothes, shoes and toiletries needed for a visit home without having to check a bulky over-sized suitcase.

----- Carlos 04.12.11 13:02

Because it is cool and I need a place for all my travel crap.

----- R. Morgan 04.12.11 12:30

nice! I would love to use it everyday to take all my shee to work and also room to stuff my gym stuff. PERFECT!

----- JON 04.12.11 12:21

nice! I would love to use it everyday to take all my shee to work and also room to stuff my gym stuff. PERFECT!

----- JON 04.12.11 12:15

Give it to my brother for his laptop

----- nazaury Delgado 04.12.11 12:05

I’d use this bag as a significantly manlier alternative to my other bags to use when I go visit my parents. Then I’d relish in the fact that this bag is rugged and gorgeous with subtle details, while all they notice is the first bag I’ve ever come home with worn on my back. Then I can later ninja it into two other gorgeous bags whilst away at school.

----- Brandon 04.12.11 11:59

I am a young architect, and I would love to get a bag like this for work, so that when I walk/ride my bike to work I don’t get asked where class is going through Harvard every morning. Time to look more professional, and plus I think it is high time to ditch my backpack!

----- Ryan Stokes 04.12.11 11:40

It will be the vessel of knowledge (books), necessities (snacks, tools), and memories (experiences). And once I’m done with filling it, will hope to pass down to someone special.

----- Momoko 04.12.11 11:31

Ohh, all hardgraft stuff is AWESOME,
however i’m dreaming about 2Unfold and Back2Back since they were released.

As an auditor working at client’s premices i’m always having all the stuff with me (laptop, chargers, locks, documents, shoes, cosmetics, lots of keys and ID cards from different offices) and must look professional (i can’t just grab a 40 litres rucksack =/).
Also i appreciate HGs design and quality!
Or we’ll use it together with my girlfriend who is a designer and love pretty things as much as i am


----- Anna Ponomareva 04.12.11 11:13

I would give this gorgeous bag to my hubby. He’s in much need of one as stylish as he is. Maybe then he will let me get rid of the 20 year old black Jansport backpack that i have had to mend and sew over 30 times….

----- Sarah 04.12.11 11:02

i would use this bag to take over the world. specifically the wine world. i’m starting a wine website/store. ideally to take over the world. but i repeat myself.

----- brian 04.12.11 10:30

The bag would be used as a very pleasant surprise for my significant other.

----- Christina 04.12.11 10:24

I would us this bag to replace the tattered old misprinted tote i carry around. Then the day after Christmas I would fill it with discounted candy canes and give them to everyone I encountered. Because if I win this bag I will have more than enough Christmas cheer to go around.

----- Jess 04.12.11 10:19

In this handmade space to seal,
I fit my precious work and meal.
Crafted out of love and mind,
it will transform to meet my kind.
With a feel of leather and of felt,
I know for sure my heart will melt.
With every step I then shall take,
the world will always seem less fake.
A perfect gift it is to me,
for everyone around to see.

----- Patrik 04.12.11 10:12

I think I’d use it too… carry things. Yes, that seems most satisfactory.

----- TQ 04.12.11 10:09

I would give this bag to my boyfriend, its fitting for him!

----- Laura 04.12.11 09:56

I’m a teacher in the Mississippi Delta so I’d use this bag to carry my computer and school papers to work. It would be great for holding all the things I need on a daily basis to make sure my students are successful.

----- Seth 04.12.11 07:50

I would use this bag when traveling, filled with reading materials and snacks :)

----- Ruth 04.12.11 07:43

I’d use the bag to carry the weight of the culture on my shoulders.

----- Gianluca 04.12.11 07:41

I would use this bag to trek from coffee shop, to library, to coffee shop, to coffee shop as I write my dissertation on craft. What better way than a well-made, handmade bag while I write about well-made, handmade bags?

----- Paul M. 04.12.11 07:33

I would use this bag to make my girlfriend more stylish!

----- Ronan 04.12.11 07:23

To catch a bear, basically. Not a big bear, just a baby bear. I’d raise him as my own he’d be called Boris.

----- Matt 04.12.11 07:10

hi everyone,
all previous comments are equally deserving of the bag, and I see everyone would make great use of it.
In my case, I would give it to my partner, yet another designer. He’s been drooling over hard graft messenger bag-slash-laptop bag-slash-weekend bags for a couple of years now and sends me new links with updates a couple of times a week (my own boss is a bit irritated from me opening all the links from work..)
He’s so enamored with all the company’s products sometimes I forget it’s only a bag (and it really isn’t ). He commutes to work every day, and he hasn’t spotted one single hard graft bag in Prague yet. He’d love love love to be the first, I bet.
So to make him a happier person that he’s got an awesome bag to show off with 7 days a week, most likely 23 hours and 3/4 a day -shower not included, and an obsession off the list, could I please be the one to make super great use of it? It would make both my life and my boyfriend’s life so much more pleasant/stylish and I promise to spend the money for the bag on a charitable cause in the holiday season! happy holidays

----- cristina 04.12.11 07:03

Wow this is great I would use it daily it looks classy and sturdy.

----- Bruno 04.12.11 06:13

I’d use the bag to carry my work folders.

----- Jon 04.12.11 04:49


----- John Norman 04.12.11 02:33

I’m a VJ working in singapore, and i’m pretty hard on my equipment. This bag looks like a place where my laptop would get five minutes of downtime away from my hands.

----- Wu Jun Han 04.12.11 01:38

I’d use the bag as an all in one (purse/laptop carrier/book holder) for my everyday and work in Brooklyn

----- Ariella 03.12.11 23:01

It would make a great gift for my boyfriend who travels on bicycle every day. He needs a sturdy bag like this for his laptop and papers.

----- Jocelyn 03.12.11 22:54

The best thing about this bag is that it doesn’t scream “steal me i’m a laptop”. Instead it says “steal me for my sexy zen like adaptability, you have no idea what I’ve got”. Which would probably be a laptop, phone, camera, a paperback and whatever else that can make my six hour commute a bit tolerable.

----- George 03.12.11 22:25

What wouldn’t I use this bag for?! This would be a beautiful bag for my everyday carry to class, to the studio, to meetings, and to the coffee shop (let’s be honest, that one is the majority of my time). I’m graduating from design school this coming Spring so I am on the hunt for a good, professional, well styled bag to take to interviews and my future job. Hard Graft’s Back2Back laptop bag is obviously an excellent candidate!

----- Will Wetherilt 03.12.11 22:09

I really need a bag for my laptop that would match my stylish personality. ;)

----- Jim B 03.12.11 21:24

I would take it with me to copenhagen, as that is where I am moving to at the end of december. So this bag would be a great all in one and versatile bag. I wouldn’t have to pack so many different ones because this is a 3 in 1.

----- Jenny 03.12.11 20:33

I would give it to my partner, so he can carry his laptop and journals to and from work safely and in a beautifully designed and constructed bag that will last him years to come. Also so I can throw out his current rugged, about-to-fall-to-pieces bag that he currently uses and refuses to let go of.

----- Winifred 03.12.11 20:20

Try to make myself and all my books look a little more professional at professional school. It will definitely make my snowy dreary walk to school more exciting and stylish!

----- Lauren 03.12.11 19:57

I would use this bag to pick up girls. It’s such a cool bag, I would just walk around and wait for girls to ask be about my bag. Then I would have an interesting story about winning this bag on notcot. Good news for you notcot, Ill be spreading the word about your site to all these girls hitting on me. Anyway, hopefully Ill put their numbers in my new bag. That’s what I would do if I won.

----- Trevor Wills 03.12.11 19:14

I would use this bag for -work-travel-looking good showing I got taste.

----- Oscar 03.12.11 18:48

I’d use this bag for basically everything and anything. I’d use it for daily use to minimize and optimize my daily wears.

----- Wen 03.12.11 18:48

I would use it as my daily camera bag.

----- jimmy kim 03.12.11 18:16

i would use this bag for everything, going to work, walking around, throw my camera in, cool bag.

----- dawid 03.12.11 17:57

I’m headed to Germany come December 31. I’ll be there for 5 months for an artist residency. I’ll be making a conceptual video about my travels around Germany and northern Europe. I’d use this bag for my adventures through Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, London and more. It’s the perfect size for some clothes, my computer, and a small camera. I need a durable bag, that when I get tired of holding it one way, I can switch it from one shoulder to a backpack. It’s the perfect bag for my trip - and I’d get great use out of it!

----- Brooke Tomiello 03.12.11 16:47

i just need this to pick up girls :)

----- Roland 03.12.11 16:15

If I get this bag I will auction it through bidding in order to raise for charity donation to give back to the community.

Be kind to one another :)

----- Adam R 03.12.11 15:54

I’m an artist that’s just broken my right wrist (i’m right handed), and I need a little pick-me-up. So c’mon and pick me please! I need something that I can carry like a briefcase and get into one handed, but also something that will give me some hope of riding my bike to work again(rucksack). Anyway, whoever wins good for them. I love your blog, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


I’d be interested in being featured on the blog if it fits with what you’re doing. I’m going to be auctioning off a couple pieces of artwork to help pay for my medical bills since I can’t work right now. Just had to get that in there. Thanks again for the great site!

----- broy 03.12.11 15:16

poor college student alert! i just ruined my hand me down bookbag in the washing machine a week ago and was looking for a new backpack to buy.

----- Cecilia 03.12.11 15:11

I’d give it to my husband to use to go between grad school, the office, and as a more masculine diaper bag…

----- Sage 03.12.11 14:41

for work and school.

----- Monie 03.12.11 14:20

Ideal for Weekend bush tramping.

----- Anonymous 03.12.11 14:06

I would bring this to school for sure. It would carry my laptop and I would look so cool with it!

----- Iris 03.12.11 13:43

I’m tired of playing in this concrete jungle and living a 9 to 5 job complete with a labyrinth of cubicles to call as my home. So I’m packing my stuff and heading out to the Philippines in MAY. I’ll shuffle around with a bike and see what life really has to offer. Simplicity at its finest. Now if there’s just a bag to carry all the necessity from business to casual to on the go … please let me win. Salamat!

----- Jason 03.12.11 13:34

While reading Steve Jobs biography, I realized what a great computer I have in my hands. Design is about function and aesthestic. The bag designed by Hard Craft meets this criteria.

----- Diana 03.12.11 13:32

Books, free newspapers/periodicals with which I collage, laptop, cameras (digital and 35mm), etc., etc… It would be a welcome replacement for my current bag - one can only patch canvas so many times.

----- Meghan 03.12.11 13:16

I would use it to tote about the weight on my shoulders far more stylishly.

----- black_cloud 03.12.11 12:23

I’m a graphic designer and full-time teacher, so I am always on the lookout for functional and stylish bags to tote around my computer, books and files full of student work. I love that this bag has so many configurations. I could use it as a messenger while riding my bike, throw it on as a backpack when I need my hands free or carry it as briefcase when brining work to clients.

I often feel like I’m sacrificing style for function in life, but I’d say this bag is a perfect marriage of the two! I’d certainly love to find it waiting under my Christmas tree!

Thanks for all the inspiration!

----- Kristin 03.12.11 10:37

Laptop, chocolate, sketchbooks, diary, mobile phone, banana, lunch, headphones, purse, guinea pig, pen, pencils, brush, mirror, photo, clip, receits(they seem to be everywhere - I almost hear the trees screaming with pain :( ), and sooo many other things.

----- Antoana 03.12.11 09:59

i need these bags…i mean this bag..i mean - you know what i mean. Want it, need it, i hope i’ll win it. Laptop, notebooks and all my ambitions would fit in this bag.

----- Ana Maria 03.12.11 09:33


----- Ji Hye 03.12.11 09:27

Carrying Copic markers, sketchbook, computer and my Olympus EPL1 back and forth to design school on whatever bike I build from the leftover components I have.

----- Matt Gill 03.12.11 08:51

I’d use it to carry my lovely little laptop to class :)

----- Ian S. 03.12.11 08:10

I would use it as my every-day bag (the only way this bag can fulfill it’s destiny, if you ask me)
….so many comments already! o_O*

----- Oskar Hidalgo 03.12.11 07:49

Since i will graduate soon, so maybe i will soon start go to work and need some heavy duty bag isince i carry a lot of things and. switched to go with a bike instead of a car have been a wisest decision (traffic-friendly). and i deserve just a lil bit or splurge for these six months of hectic making my design final assignment. just done two days ago and i’m happy with how it’s turned out! :D here’s the link for the exhibition panel summary if you want to see it *proud little prick*: http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/8696/sumsr.jpg

so, to sum it all, yaa i need a bag of awesomeness

----- erick hilmansyah 03.12.11 04:56

this bag is a seamless extension
of how I live my life: effortlessly, continuously
shifting in form to manage and manipulate
contents, function, perception.

it’s not a matter of thinking “outside the box”;
rather, it is a matter of (re)purposing the box,
managing existing (re)sources and (re)discovering
what you have is sufficient, perhaps more than sufficient.

similarly, this bag is sufficient, perhaps more than sufficient.
As I exist as a container of my experiences,
and as I grow, change, reflect,
this bag is a container for possessions

that are both static, and temporeal,
but entirely and completely mine.

----- Kane 03.12.11 03:08

This bag is so well crafted, that it’s destiny should be grand. It should see places, it should witness events and grand openings. It should be the home of a graphic designer’s Mac. That way it would be home to creation and art. So that’s what i would do with it, use it as a home for ideas. My ideas.

----- Andreea 03.12.11 03:07

I would use it as my armour.

----- XIII. 03.12.11 02:15

Top secret missions, you know like going to the supermarket.

----- Ryan 03.12.11 01:07

I’d use this bag to save the children.
After all children are the future.

----- brent Singer 03.12.11 00:42

I think I’d just use it for an everyday bag! I’m a fan of more masculine bags, and I love how sleek and simple this one is.

----- Kat 03.12.11 00:31

Amazing bag.:)

----- Elise 03.12.11 00:31

I would use this bag to carry stuff.

----- Tom 03.12.11 00:20

I would use this bag to carry my school books to class. Since I go to college in small town USA it’s often difficult to find cool style.

----- Andy Swafford 03.12.11 00:12

love this. just amazing.

----- Elise 02.12.11 22:35

I’d use this bag to replace the dirty old ugly diaper bag my wife has been using for far too long. You don’t need a diaper bag if your not carrying diapers anymore!

----- brian 02.12.11 21:56

I’d use it as my daily bag to carry lunch + laptop to and from work, as well as for the odd weekend trip.

----- ikkinlala 02.12.11 21:15

weekend getaway. yeah i travel that light. mind if i borrow your toothbrush?

----- kelly 02.12.11 20:29

I’d love this as my sytlist kit bag!! I’ve been looking for one forever, this seems to be the perfect fit.

----- Marisa 02.12.11 19:56

everything, everywhere

----- Will 02.12.11 19:56

Boringly perhaps, I would use it as a messenger bag. Maybe it would even take the place of my purse.

----- Alisa 02.12.11 19:55

My boyfriend says he would use it for “cash transactions”. Not sure if I should be worried…

----- April Brooks 02.12.11 19:35

I would use this bag when I’m running around town between freelance meetings with my little baby girl in tow.

----- Kevin 02.12.11 19:17

I would use this when I go to Italy next year!

----- Elisabeth 02.12.11 18:54


i would use the hardgraft as an emergency head clearing, need to get the hell out of here in a hurry bag where all i need is moleskine after moleskine and a good old’ ball point.

----- sketchmonkey 02.12.11 18:17

laptops dont survive studios and workshops on their own, however there is a solution, with a bag/briefcase/rucksack that has an extra layer of super padded protection, they will survive any environment.

----- Mehrdad 02.12.11 18:15

I’ve never seen this design before and I think it’s brilliant! Why can’t anymore bags be like this? It would be perfect for carrying my notebooks and laptop during my train rides and going from home and campus!

----- Jay B. 02.12.11 18:07

I plan on attending graduate school in the fall and the Hard Graft Back2Back Laptop Bag would perfectly suite my needs. I’d use the briefcase as a TA to appear somewhat professional, the rucksack to lug around my own enormous pile of books, and the messenger for airport travel when I go home for breaks.

----- Dustin 02.12.11 17:43

I would give this bag as a birthday and going away gift to my boyfriend. He is moving 3,000 miles away from me this winter to attend school and I think this will make a great gift for him as he starts a new path in his life.

----- Eunice 02.12.11 17:29

I’d use it for my day trip bag while traveling!

----- Chris 02.12.11 17:16

I’d use it for my DSLR. For the most part, camera backpacks are terribly ugly but these bags are fantastic and would absolutely compliment my on the move lifestyle.

----- Michael Huynh 02.12.11 16:54

I’d use it for my education. I’ve just finished my application to go back to school for my masters. I haven’t been this scared ans excited for a while!

----- Griff 02.12.11 16:35

I absolutely love this! Would make a great apocalypse bag. Big enough to hold my small machete put small enough to not weigh you down. All the X sewn detailing really makes this.

----- Jenelle 02.12.11 16:03

College! Macbook Air 11-inch, notes, other life essentials and goodies. That bag is beyond gorgeous. Stiff competition around here!

----- Jordan 02.12.11 15:36

I’d carry the essentials!

----- Lynnea E 02.12.11 15:20

I imagine my fancy laptop and foodstuffs would fit nicely in the bag making it easy for my ride to work.

----- A.V. 02.12.11 15:08

This looks really cool and for sure would be a nice replace for my old nike backpack! And of course I have no idea where can I get one of this here in Brazil

----- Mauricio Tiberio 02.12.11 14:45

A hard graft would complement my hard textbooks and hard courses very well.

----- Tab 02.12.11 14:35

I’d keep my netbook in this glorious little bag. Then I’d tote it to class knowing that I had something gorgeous to brighten my day while I listen to dull lectures.

----- Jane 02.12.11 14:14

I would use it to carry tools for designing the future: technology, notebooks, communication devices, and good ol’ pencils. Also I would carry it with pride, since it’s so intelligently designed.

----- Lee 02.12.11 13:50

I would use it to make my husband happy! He LOVES new bags for carrying his technology stuff.

----- Giant Sis 02.12.11 13:31

I would give this bag to my boyfriend. He is just beginning to get a small film production company up and running in Scotland and he’s always on the move. This would be so practical yet stylish - it says I’m a young, hip guy with an eye for style and quality and these are the values I’ll bring to my work. He’s so talented, and works so hard - it’d be great to give him something way more luxurious than he would ever think to buy himself. I know he’d love it until it fell apart years and years down the line…

----- anna 02.12.11 13:03

Taking my things to graduate school, which I start in January!

----- Ellissa 02.12.11 12:33

Soon, I will depart on a grand adventure. I will kiss my mother goodbye, leave mix CDs for dear friends, and will give the family dog one last pat on the head and scratch on the belly. I will bid a fond farewell to the independent theatre and loose-leaf teahouse where I currently work. I will leave behind my beloved bicycle, which has carried me to interesting places and through tough times. I will make sure to eat at all of my favorite restaurants one last time. I will say say goodbye to my city and my lifelong home.

But new experiences are on the horizon! I am a 22-year-old Chinese language major at the University of Houston, and the time will soon be upon me to depart this city and head for China. Times have been hard lately, because my father recently passed away and money has been tight, but I think I’m quite ready for another adventure. I will be a student in Shanghai, and this bag will be my companion and keeper of textbooks and trinkets and tea and tasteables.

It will be an amazing journey, and will, of course, require an amazing bag.

----- Julie 02.12.11 12:28

Finally have a laptop bag suited for riding a bike with. I would ride to work, instead of taking the subway! no more crammed subway rides for me, just fresh NYC air.

----- John L 02.12.11 11:39

This bag could accomany me on all my adventures. Carrying my stuff in style and ease.

----- Melanie 02.12.11 11:32

I’m always on the bus or in correspondance.
I’d use it to bring the necessary: laptop, music, Moleskine sketchbook and book

----- Asenh Tsan 02.12.11 11:28

give it to my brother for christmas

----- andrew 02.12.11 11:08

World domination!!!….or perhaps just the same stuff the models are carrying in the product photos.

----- Jason 02.12.11 10:31

I would travel everywhere with this bag telling everyone how much I like NotCot!

----- greg 02.12.11 09:59

Trekking my computer and books through the snow on my bike to school.

----- Monie 02.12.11 09:50

HardGraft is a company that prides itself in its name—meaning hard work. No doubt that alot of thought, design & hard graft went into this bag. Therefore, in order to do justice to such a bag, I would:

Hike moutains with the rucksack slung across my bag—binoculars, a camera, maps, & food rations for my day in the wild. A tough bag such as this surely was meant for such an expedition and more!

----- Roman 02.12.11 09:49

To carry all the things.

----- Monica 02.12.11 09:42

My boyfriend may lose his job in the near future due to company cutbacks. He’s a computer programmer and he totes his laptop and javascript books, etc, to and from work each day. The company he’s currently with has provided his laptop bags and given him other bags with their emblem on it. I think it would be nice for him to get used to a quality bag without a eye-catching label/reminder on it. That way he can move onwards with his career without that company’s “baggage”. This bag says ” I’ll endure, I’m forward thinking, I’m adaptable”.

----- Kitty 02.12.11 09:42

I’m in serious lack of street and hipster cred.
I’d totally use this bag to up my street / hipster cred.
I’d really like to be a cool kid and this beautiful bag would totally get me there.

I’d also use it to replace my super old and slightly skanky crumpler laptop bag.


----- Brent Singer 02.12.11 09:41

I would use it to carry all my bits and bobs whilst extolling the virtues of said bag!

----- Christina Ward 02.12.11 09:38

Sleek and low profile? Check.
Adaptive? Check.
Protective? Check.
Approving nods from passerby? Guaranteed.
Promotes more and better sex? Likely.
This bag looks like the ideal accessory for covert roof-top work sessions and dinners on high-rises around town. Want.

----- Ethan 02.12.11 09:18

I would use this bag to look awesome! I need some help in this area, so please pick me!

----- Daimian Lix 02.12.11 09:03

Beautiful bag, at first I thought I would give this bag as a gift…but the more I look at it, there’s a strong chance it will become my everyday bag that goes to the office with me.

Pick me!

----- Ben Bubar 02.12.11 09:00

OH MY GOSH. this would be amazing. I would use this bag for when I would have to travel since it is a 3 in 1 bag! Oh the versatility! but until then, I would just use it for special occasions, If i ever have to meet with a future client, have a job interview, for work/school. This would be THEE bag where I would put my laptop, files, memories, and/or camera if there were ever an emergency/natural disaster and I’d need to evacuate.

----- Francis 02.12.11 08:56

I’d use this bag to carry my stuff around in. It’d be nice to have a bag that I could hand down to (eventual) children and (eventual) grand children.

----- Derek J. Kinsman 02.12.11 08:55

I would use this bag for everything. I’ve needed a new bag for years, but have been trying to save up for a professional looking bag that is still functional in everyday use. Ive looked at hard graft multiple times, but their products were always too expensive for me. This bag is, in my opinion, the optimal combination of style and practicality with a professional enough look that it won’t make me feel like a kid when I carry it into work.

----- Alex Blugerman 02.12.11 08:44

I’d like this bag to carry my passion (photography), for school, for work, for going with my friends to grab a drink, for taking a walk at the park, and also just for the heck of it ‘cause it looks awesome.

----- Sumantha 02.12.11 08:31

I would give this bag as a gift for my fiance to replace the bulky bookbag he always carries around. He can use it to keep his card gaming stuff when he goes off to tournaments, as well as his Tae Kwon Do uniform when he goes to work. He’ll look classy and manly at the same time!

----- Vanessa 02.12.11 08:26

I go to school from 9AM to 10PM back to back two days a week, and work the other three full time. I don’t have a car, so I have to bike everywhere. This bag is absolutely perfect for protecting everything that I have. I’ve wanted it for a very long time, but haven’t had the money to get it. I’d rock this at school and at Chiat LA and make it the most popular thing on the market. It’s design is amazing, so I don’t see how people wouldn’t love it.

----- Noah 02.12.11 08:19

I would use it to house my laptop in my hard graft sleeve! Love this company and their products.

----- Jarrod 02.12.11 08:07

To carry my dreams: my computer, sketches and moleskine.

----- Lucas Petes 02.12.11 07:59

I would use it instead of my purse, and that’s saying a lot if you knew how many purses i currently have ;)

----- Rori 02.12.11 07:24

Um, I’d carry around my boring old laptop and waterbottle and notebook and kindle, probably stash some business cards in a pocket somewhere, maybe a spare set of earbuds and a AC-USB cube with an apple USB cord, an actual apple (Fuji? Honeycrisp?), a motley assortment of writing utensils… and, after a few months, when I cleaned it out, I’d probably find some crumpled receipts, battered and miscellaneous pills, a beer bottle cap or two, a quantity of wispy, unidentifiable detritus, a crumpled napkin, a piece of mail, a folded-up handwritten list and a curiously homeless nut or bolt or screw.

----- Alex C 02.12.11 07:10

I would tote along my pens and markers and paper to work by bus, and when the weather is fair, by bike. I need a handy place to keep all of my illustrating tools.

----- Tiffany 02.12.11 07:04

If i win this bag, i could be a travelling salesman - this bag will sell anything :) I swear i won’t wear wayfarer fake seeing glasses with it. Seriously now, I need this bag for all the things that randomly fill my pockets and for my old laptop bag. My eyes need it, my shoulders need it.

thoughtful - checked.
intelligent - pending on approval… actually - checked.
amusing - checked.

----- Mihnea G. 02.12.11 06:42

i’ll use this bag for… ever!

----- RONI PASLAH 02.12.11 03:43

I’ll use it for work, for leisure and anything in between.

----- Jaymz 02.12.11 02:25

i would put some magic inside it, and spread it all over!

----- Filipa 02.12.11 02:12

To carry all the things.

----- Monica 02.12.11 00:55

I would give it to my girlfriend, for whom any gift is all the sweeter for being free.

----- Devin 01.12.11 23:59

This bag is the bees knees! please baby Jesus or Tom cruise help me get this!

----- Marisa 01.12.11 22:38

I would pack up my troubles in this old kit bag.
maybe even carry my watchtowers and awakes in it.
do some good for a change.

----- Anonymous 01.12.11 22:12

I would use the Hard Graft back2back laptop bag for everything! In fact I wouldn’t let it leave my sight, or my grasp! It would become an new appendage. I would take it to bed with me (even kick the boyfriend out so that it gets enough room). We would work, rest and play together. I love this bag xo

----- Nola Watson 01.12.11 21:34

this bag would be PERFECT to keep all my artwork flat when i commute to school!

----- Viv 01.12.11 21:33

i will use this well-craft and functional bag to make a statement that i have a very fine taste

----- Ha Pham 01.12.11 21:29

Definitely cycling to work!

----- Jason 01.12.11 21:19

Amazing, beautiful design! I’ve always admired their clever products. This bag would be perfect for carrying my laptop and drawing pads during my bike ride over the Manhattan bridge everyday to work.

----- rozpz 01.12.11 21:00

I would use this bag to carry my laptop and all of my music books. It seems like a perfect size and it would match a lot of my clothes.

----- Jess 01.12.11 20:56

I would use this bag as an overnight bag so I can visit my best friend in Chicago for a bit.

----- Laura 01.12.11 20:40

Whoooaaaaaaaaaa… Kewl!

If I get this bag, I’ll give it to myself. haha …
I am not willing when the bag fell into the hands of others, I will pray for these people get the anxiety throughout his life. I swear!

I was just kidding, hehe …

I wish to get a gift this bag on my birthday this december, I need this bag to match my appearance when I ride my beloved scooter…
This is my scooter :
See, it’s match with Back2Back?
So pleaseeeeee… just send me one,
I beg you…

nb: sorry it is google translate, hehe…

----- RONI PASLAH 01.12.11 20:28

I’d use this bag to bring all my various crafty supplies to freelance jobs!

----- Natalie 01.12.11 19:33

I would use this bag to fit in wherever I go, doing whatever I do.

----- Allen 01.12.11 18:59

I would use it for commuting to work!

----- Tairi 01.12.11 18:06

I would use this bag for my daily commute to work to look awesome.

----- Sarah 01.12.11 17:49

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which I wouldn’t use this bag. Work or play, strutting or strolling, this bag is smooth, supple perfection. Hard Graft truly are Working Class Heroes.

----- Kathryn 01.12.11 17:37

I just got a job, so I’d use it as my work bag

----- Jason 01.12.11 17:20

My only bag for a trip to Morocco - a book for the train ride from Fez to Marrakesh; swim trunks for the coastal road to Agadir; digital camera to take pictures of the goats in trees in the Argan groves; sketchbook for practicing Arabic calligraphy at a cafe in Casablanca; clean underwear and noise-cancelling headphones for the plane ride home.

----- Matt 01.12.11 17:16

I would use this bag to bike to work (backpack), go to meetings (briefcase) and come home tired at the end of the day (messenger bag, with jacket folded over the bag)!!!

----- Isha 01.12.11 17:15

I’d use it to impress the books I borrow from the library.

----- Maxine Wong 01.12.11 16:57

To carry my book and computer from class to class so I can at least look good as i grind through my day

----- Zach 01.12.11 16:35

I, like Nerval with a lobster, would lead the bag by a ribbon through a Paris public garden, or like Tristan Corbiere in Rome with a pig

----- Beck 01.12.11 16:25

I’d use it for travel, I’m always back and forth on planes and this wll be great to keep all my stuff organized. I could also use it for a day of shopping and its keeps everything in its place.

----- janeesah holmes 01.12.11 16:22

I would put a parachute in it, that way it would be a 4 in 1 bag! This bag could literally mean life or death for me!

----- ERIC 01.12.11 15:46

besides this bag being a catch all for my life i would rock it day and night rain or shine.. i live all the bags posted on notcot/notcoture. it inspires me to design my own backs to my liking of course. i love the clean lines and simple versitility of this bag not to mention gray is my main color choice for all things me, being im black and white, a perpetual fence sitter and and seem to love the way gray gos with just about everything! please consider me for this bag it would make my year.

yours truly.

devoted notcotier, and gray master!

cole calvin!

----- collin calvin 01.12.11 15:31

I’d carry my day with it :)

----- Darren 01.12.11 15:08

Move around my tools of mischief and raising design havok!!! :@

----- Fred 01.12.11 13:49

sorry, my previouse entry had wrong email address. I would carry my and my babies stuff in such a stylish bag. Just love it!

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:40

I am a busy mom, so I would care all the necesary stuf in it: from diapers to kindle reader..

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:37

I am visiting Puerto Rico for the first time this holiday season and this would make a perfect travel bag to accompany me.

----- Luke 01.12.11 13:36

I’d use it to take over the world Mwaah ha ha ha ha.
Or maybe to tame my evil genius?

Ok, nothing that interesting, I’ll actually use it to carry my life, I don’t know how I end up with so much stuff in my bag, well I do, I’m a woman, stuff finds me!

Merry December!

----- Kandy 01.12.11 12:23

I would use this bag for nomadic life, both near and far! Daily things like my macbook pro and urban ears, weekend trips to friend’s places, and definitely for bigger adventures too! I think this bag could handle it all!!

----- Megan 01.12.11 11:47

This sweet bag is gonna be a temporary home for some orphaned puppies whose mother was kidnapped by an evil dog circus ringmaster. At least they will have me and the comfort of that supple inner lining and rich leather outer.

----- justin palazzo 01.12.11 11:24

I would actually give it to my brother. He is a great designer, but in need of a personal makeover. This bag would help show on the outside his internal design professionalism, and help his clients believe in him.

----- katie 01.12.11 11:05

To strut…and go from class to class.

----- Zaira V 01.12.11 10:57

… to carry things.

----- Ed 01.12.11 10:57

Id use it to carry stacks and stacks of cash

----- Robert ryan 01.12.11 10:37

This bag is amazing. It would make me a superhero on the streets of New York. Therefore I would put all my superpowers inside.

----- Johnnie 01.12.11 10:28

i’d use this awsome bag for myself. I can’t say yet for what
but it will be good, trust me.

----- Laurens 01.12.11 10:22

I’d use this bag whenever I wanted to look fancy carrying a bag. Everyone would look at it and say ‘oooh, nice bag’.

----- Chris S. 01.12.11 10:13

A gift for my boyfriend!

----- Rachel Elizabeth 01.12.11 09:50

I would use this bag for commuting to work on my bike!

----- Sara P. 01.12.11 09:38

I would use this bag to bring gifts to needy orphans: doing good and inspiring them with good design.

----- Dory 01.12.11 08:51

I would use the bag to carry my stuff. Whatever I need that day, computer, diapers, sunscreen, or maybe just a book… who knows. Life’s full of surprises.

----- Erastos 01.12.11 08:39

After being unemployed for a very long time I finally got a job and im using an old backpack as a “briefcase” This would rock

----- sergio 01.12.11 08:33

…for homeschooling my kiddos when we’re not at home.

----- Richele 01.12.11 07:57

This bag will take me easily from morning to afternoon to evening. Pitch perfect!

----- Mike 01.12.11 07:44

Everything - as a public transit rider I have to carry a big bag for the book I’m reading, my lunch, packages to mail, my laptop if I’m going to a meeting, etc. etc.! What a cool bag!

----- libby 01.12.11 07:19

I’d bring it to Oktoberfest and fill it with gingerbread hearts and delicious beer!!

----- Viv b 01.12.11 06:35

I would use this bag for my bike commute to work, as well as the occasional plane trips I take on the weekend. Looks like it would be perfect for carrying not only my computer and drawing supplies, but also enough clothes for a night or two.

----- Sid Law 01.12.11 06:06

as a fashion designer i’d use it to carry my drafts safely to my clients.

----- lilly 01.12.11 05:55

This is perfect for bicycle commuting, which I have taken up in the last year.

----- Benjamin 01.12.11 05:38

With 4 laptops to move around, this 3-in-1 bag would be perfect for helping my poor back.

----- neonsocks 01.12.11 05:36

I would use it for my favorite sketchbook and my copyc markers…everyday….cuz my last favorite bad died 1 1/2 year ago and since then i am using a fabricback :(

----- Agnes 01.12.11 05:09

The question should be “What wouldd’t you use this bag for?”, i dont seem to have an answer..

----- Kai 01.12.11 04:48

Would be a lovely bag to use for work and play

----- Gareth 01.12.11 04:23

I’d sling it on my shoulder and parade around London - even if it was empty!

----- Simon 01.12.11 04:22

I’d would use it to pack in all the useless things I carry with me all the time.

----- Ana 01.12.11 04:22

i would use it to carry my ideas and sketchbooks

----- Nir 01.12.11 04:16

I would use this bag, and the moment I get it, as a key plot point in marking my transition from easygoing artist to cold-blooded professional designer.

----- OJ Desuasido 01.12.11 04:13

Pretty simple really; I’d ditch my old, tired laptop-rucksack and use this one appropriatly. To store my aging laptop and numeros doodle pads and paint markers. - and in the future double check my email is correct when entering competitions, damn t key.

----- Tain 01.12.11 03:54

I would use this bag to replace pretty much all the other bags I have that just never seem to work for anything.

----- Alex Bryan 01.12.11 03:19

I’m an expat working in public health in Hanoi and commute to work by bicycle or my 50cc moped. I would love to have a quality bag that would fit my laptop and reports when I’m traveling from meeting to meeting or visiting local community based groups working in HIV. Right now I’m using a canvas bag that also doubles as my grocery bag (whatever works!), but would love something protective, stylish, but still simple like me.

----- Hannah Lee 01.12.11 03:03

an all grey bag from hard graft would perfectly replace my current tattered bag when i travel for work (which is constantly)!

----- julie 01.12.11 02:51

it would be a perfect bag for me to use for travelling abroad

----- Ahmad 01.12.11 02:50

This would be my new commuter bag when I bike to/from work

----- Bjorn 01.12.11 02:23

I would use it for all my design stuff which I heave around with me everyday. With my All Kings Men bag struggling with the weight Hard Graft looks both beautiful and durable—if only I could afford it (student here :) )

----- Cory 01.12.11 02:08

I have been searching for 2 years for the perfect replacement bag and right when I saw the picture of this I knew my search was over. I would use this bag for everything from work meetings, to attending graduate school, to acting as my carryon for flights. Gorgeous thing it is that I will never be able to afford.

----- Quinn 01.12.11 01:55

I’d fill the bag with love and travel the world spreading it’s contents. Peace man.

----- Ando Fallshaw 01.12.11 01:52

I’d travel around the world with the bag!

----- hoister 01.12.11 00:54

I’m a Photographer & love this bag! Would use it for business as well as everyday tote…

----- kari 01.12.11 00:44

This bag looks PERFECT. I just got a part-time job at a small law office after almost two years of unemployment, so if I won this, I would use this day in and day out. It’s professional and practical, unlike the student-like backpacks and the “too casual” totes that I’m currently using.

----- Lisa 01.12.11 00:16

I would like to travel around Asia with this bag.

----- Ellen 30.11.11 23:58

I’d use this as the best looking laptop bag ever

----- TJ 30.11.11 23:37

What hope do I have. What the hell - I’d just give the bag a good home, take it everywhere with me and give its design the appreciation that it deserves.

----- Lisa McKenzie 30.11.11 23:26

I’d use it to carry tools and gear while working on the retired 1942 minesweeper and former private yacht of John Wayne, Wild Goose.

----- Robert 30.11.11 23:14

I’d use it to carry tools and gear while working on the retired 1942 minesweeper and private yacht of John Wayne, Wild Goose.

----- Robert 30.11.11 23:13

This will be a perfect everyday bag. I carry my laptop everywhere I go and this will be lovely.

----- Kenna 30.11.11 23:05

I need a new bag for my new Mac. It needs a nice, new home away from home.

----- Renee 30.11.11 23:03

I’d carry my old bag in it.

----- edward 30.11.11 23:01

That gorgeous bag would get put in a shrine in my room. No, just kidding, but really it would become my go to carry all for the day trips into the city of SF or those long days at work. Carry my lunch, my tech products, a blanket and bottle of wine for the lunch in the park, and a good book. So really an everyday bag.

----- Christopher 30.11.11 22:33

I would use it to carry my ego… because then my ego would look stylish and totally deck! :)

----- Irmsky 30.11.11 22:02

I would use it to replace my old laptop bag. Really could use a new bag before my laptop rips through the bottom of my current one.

----- JB 30.11.11 21:41

I would use it just to make me look sexy. Damn, that is one sexy bag.

----- Duy 30.11.11 21:38

I would probably use it to keep my ipad in.

----- Cary Richmond 30.11.11 21:16

My friends brother just started his own business - I think this would be a perfect bag for him, professional with an edge :)

----- Amy 30.11.11 21:01

I would use this bag for mayhem. Sexy, sexy mayhem. Thank you.

----- Ebony Lemus 30.11.11 20:49

Ruck the bag on back for the morning bike ride. A brief change in hand as I walk into the office. Sling the messenger around the waist for outing. Repeat.

----- James 30.11.11 20:46

I’d use it to carry brandy to outdoorsmen lost in the Alps.

----- St. Bernard 30.11.11 20:38

I’d use it as a power item to break through the glass ceiling and climb up the ladder.

----- Monica 30.11.11 20:12

I’d use it daily, for work and post-work. It’d be filled with basics: sunglasses, kindle, definitely snacks of some sort too. I’d use it all the time and show off its beauty!

----- Moe 30.11.11 20:09

I live in Shanghai, a city where most expats, like me, don’t own vehicles and use public transportation to get everywhere. Being from Los Angeles, I’m so used to having a trunk in which to store all my daily junk. But now, I’m having to get used to being called the “bag lady”. I’m always carring multiple bags with me everywhere I go: laptop bag, purse, grocery bags, book bags(I’m learning mandarin and therefore, carry my language books with me everywhere I go, in case I get a chance to study), etc. The Back2Back Laptop Bag would be perfect for me to hopefully be able to combine some of my bags into one. Maybe I could cut it down to only carrying 1 or 2 bags at a time. Maybe, just maybe, I could avoid being the frumpy bag lady struggling to get all her bags onto the public bus, while bumping into everyone in the meantime! If not, at least I’d be the “cool bag lady” from now on!

----- Tiffany Hynek 30.11.11 20:07

I’d tote around my iPad 3G and my Fuji FinePix X100!

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:27

I would love this bag. tons of gadgets in it.
This bag is so versatile I could use it for work crap & normal life. I’m sure I can fit

----- Keith 30.11.11 19:25

I would use this bag to carry my stuff while I’m riding around on my sweeeeeeet bike! :)

----- Joanna 30.11.11 19:22

Q: what would you use this bag for?
A: my everyday bag! work, school, freelance gigs

----- Ria 30.11.11 18:57

I would get a lot of use out of this, as a city commuter. But I think I would give it to my brother for Christmas, because he would really like it!

----- Heidi 30.11.11 18:44

I would show it off to all the fine girlies that pass me by! Possibly carry stuff in it, we’ll see.

----- Sam Li 30.11.11 18:37

I’d use this bag to help carry supplies for my important charity work feeding the poor and saving the environment.

Oh, who am I kidding. I’d use it to carry around fig newtons and comic books.

----- Funklord 30.11.11 18:07

I’d pack my stuff and leave

----- Stéphanie 30.11.11 17:47

I would use it as a diaper bag.
Thats right….there aren’t too many manly diaper bags out there!

----- KGB 30.11.11 17:33

I’ll use it as a magnet on the most beautiful girls in this world..

----- Pavel 30.11.11 16:52

I have 0,13% of chance to win this bag, and I’ll try anyway! This bag is amazing, the three diferent options to carry it is awesome, I would use that in my daily life, to go to the college and to work, I assure that this bag will be very well used by me surely!

----- Pedro Almeida 30.11.11 16:48

I would use this breathtaking hand crafted leather bag to transport my daily supplies of 18k gold plated red velvet cupcakes to my PETA friendly (and temporary US government approved) albino unicorn farm. These unicorns deserve their cupcakes to be carried in the finest leather bag available.

----- Charlie 30.11.11 16:35

i’d use it as a schoolbag.. i’ve been looking for so long for a sturdy bag to replace my worn down, 6-year old longchamp pliage

----- Stephanie 30.11.11 16:29

I’d use it everyday for carrying my interior design school books and other everyday necessities for instance my u-lock when I ride my bike. Or my laptop when I commute on the bus or train. This bag would be great for all the multipurpose things I would need it for and it would also make me feel professional unlike my current everyday backpack.

----- Maggie 30.11.11 16:28

I’ve needed a bag like this for some time….hopefully that time is now.

----- NEEMS 30.11.11 16:15

A med student’s complete bag. The messenger bag to bring school’s essentials, without a doubt, in style. Backpack mode during community visits to ease the student’s travel. Briefcase mode ON for hospital rotations as to not seem tacky and look more professional.

----- Rap 30.11.11 16:00

I’d use it to show off to all my friends. Plus, it’d be so handy - carrying my laptop, headphones, kindle, keys, wallet…

----- Kailyn 30.11.11 15:48

I’d use it only for good. Never for evil.

----- Ken 30.11.11 15:43

my collection of old polaroid and 120mm cameras.

----- Ryan Chapman 30.11.11 15:42

this would def be m daily driver bag for work! Looks awesome!

----- Devin 30.11.11 15:34

finally a bag I can wear while cycling, without fear of stumblind and tumbling on the ground, it’s (she’s) practical and convenient….precious!!!!

----- federica 30.11.11 15:30

This bag is inspiring. Each morning as I walk to the office, I would ponder its exceptional design and use it to motivate me to do as good a job at my work as it does at being an awesome bag.

----- Dave Steininger 30.11.11 15:29

I’d carry my materials to and from work. I need a bag that is professional enough to have at work, but versatile and comfortable enough to ride on my bike on the way to work.

----- Jeremy Holland 30.11.11 15:16

replacing the shithole messenger bag that looks like it’s been to hell and back that I lug around with me all day everyday. aforementioned shithole bag is bright orange. my bike is lime green. I am a rolling disaster. please help, notcot, please help.

----- Josie 30.11.11 15:07

I’d use it for EVERYTHING.

----- Jes 30.11.11 15:02

id use this bag for extra bragging rights. which of course translates into promoting the brand… ;)

----- Tim 30.11.11 14:57

It will definitely be my new uni bag, impressing everyone else.

----- Stav 30.11.11 14:44

There’s something about this bag that conjures of up ideas of night time adventure: some kind of night time urban exploration with a few tools and camera gear sounds good!

----- Owen H 30.11.11 14:40

just beautiful! i love all the functions

----- snow 30.11.11 14:33

i’d LIKE to use this bag to increase my coolness factor X100 in every aspect of my life: work, socializing, mischief, adventure, etc — too bad i would drool all over it and ruin it before i ever got out the front door with it though. WOW!

----- nicole 30.11.11 14:17

To name a few. Gym clothes, iPad, random novels, spare change, gum wrappers, the occasional roasted dish, plenty of wine bottles, loose staples (don’t ask), wood samples, a pen (which will probably explode at some point), at least three 95% finished crossword puzzles, receipts, maybe my cat (if big enough), my keys and phone (keys will inevitably scratch said phone), a tape measure and most likely an empty can of some energy drink.. Hey, just trying to be honest.

----- Michael Stejskal 30.11.11 14:14

My blue spandex suit, red cape, and a map of all the nearest phone booths.

----- Justin Mrazik 30.11.11 14:08

Well, to start, I’d fill Hard Graft’s supple leather bag to the brim with amano pure milk chocolate cocoa nibs. Then place the bag lovingly in the wide backseat of a black chevy impala for at least 6 hours. In August.

Upon removing the bag from the backseat, I’d wander to the back of my silver airstream trailer, where I keep a small trampoline and I’d start jumping—while being very careful to avoid cracking my head open on the ceiling.

After 30 minutes of boisterously jumping myself and the backpack into a chocolaty sweat, I’d whip up a batch of homemade pretzels straight from the ridiculously tiny stove in the airstream. It’s really not much bigger than those Easy Bake Children’s ovens. When the pretzels were piping hot, I’d lay them out on my tiny counter close my eyes and slowly pour the Impala-melted, trampoline-stirred chocolate all over the pretzels and surrounding counter. Finally I’d lick up the excess chocolate from the inside of the aforementioned supple leather bag.

Thus seasoned, this Hard Graft leather three-in-one bag would make the perfect addition to my nomadic life in the southern atlantic region of the United States, sleeping mostly in the backseat of my impala, as I had to sell the bed to make room for the mini-trampoline in the Airstream trailer, I’d keep essential clothing and books in it’s chocolate-colored interior..

----- Josh Souter 30.11.11 14:03

i would store my super hero costume, so that i am always prepared to fight crime.
when things get slow, that’s when i bust out my super villain costume

----- steven 30.11.11 14:02

I will use this as a partner in crime, to create.

----- Bao Yao Fei 30.11.11 13:54

Mr.Important Stuff & Ms.Beauty Kit will live happily ever after in this bag!

----- Kristiina 30.11.11 13:35

I’d use it as a pillow, it looks so soft.

----- Christian 30.11.11 13:34


----- Grace 30.11.11 13:34

I commute everyday. Whether it’s on the train, bus, or walking about town. I could use this to put my laptop in and a good book, along with my sketchbook… oh the list is endless. But believe me, it would be used EVERYDAY!!

----- Russ McIntosh 30.11.11 13:32

I would use this back to schlep my endless papers, books and laptop around campus, as a suave replacement for my current backpack (which is so big and bulky, I am frequently mistaken as a lost tourist at school). I would also use it so that I could inconspicuously bring my laptop to my social work internship in the south Bronx, and not get mugged on the way.

----- Danyelle 30.11.11 13:30

I’d use it as my Zombie Bug-out bag for work. I don’t want to be caught (un)dead while at the office, so I would put my essentials in this and no one would be the wiser. They’d walk by my office and say “cool bag”; I’d smile and say “I know”, all the while thinking: suckers, I’m prepared- you’re not.

----- Justin 30.11.11 13:20

I would use this bag to travel around Istanbul and Rome, carry my laptop around campus, and for all of my first drafts or for me to be ready to jot notes anytime.

----- Michael 30.11.11 13:14

I will use it for my laptop and books when I go to school. I’m a fashion conscious computer programmer.

----- Ariel 30.11.11 13:13

If I were to win this bag it wouldn’t act as a bag, but more as a home. For me, my life can be pretty portable, I live vicariously through my music, housed in my laptop and my notebooks I keep on me at all times. I will be traveling Europe in the next couple of months and I will always be on the go. With the Back2Back Laptop Bag I would have the perfect size on-the-go bag for day trips and overall traveling, and more importantly have the ability to carry my cargo easily with me at all times. Of course with this bag heads would turn at the sight of this beautifully constructed satchel, I hope that in Amsterdam the cyclists don’t crash as theirs jaws drop. If they do, I’d be sure to send a picture. With a bag as smart (both looks wise and well-crafted) I will always be a step ahead with everything with me in my home-away from home

----- Malka 30.11.11 13:10

My last bag I bought on the Santa Monica Boulevard and brought it all the way to Germany. It has accompanied me for years, every day during my studies, leasuretime and work. It has now deserved to retire and needs a worthy replacement to carry my pens, paper and ideas through the city of Munich.

----- Johan 30.11.11 12:40

I would use it to replace my destroyed backpack and take adventures all over Istanbul!

----- Lilia 30.11.11 12:33

I would use this Bag only for my little new Leica D-Lux 5 and nothing else!

----- Christian 30.11.11 12:27

A gift for my wife. She needs a new bag and complains at how small most are, and how the big ones don’t have dividers or pockets. This would be perfect!

----- Keith 30.11.11 12:12

I would use it when I bike to school and work

----- Max 30.11.11 12:04

I would use this bag to ride my bike to work. It’s always so hard finding a fashionable backpack. I’m a darker dresser, loving all things slightly gothy or rock. This would be the perfect addition to my style since I usually have to settle for a plain backpack just to get my stuff to work. I would put all the things in it. All the things.

----- Leslie 30.11.11 12:04

reconfigure,compartmentalize,good pens,good papers,inhale

and thats just day one

----- CREEZ 30.11.11 12:02

I could definitely get better use out of my much loved bike with this sexy minx housing all my necessities…a designer is nothing without her macbook pro. Fingers, toes, and elbows crossed I’ll win this sucker!

----- Sarah V. 30.11.11 11:59

I’d use this bag to hush any room I walk into. Oh, and also to store my laptop, sheaves of manuscript paper, and superhero costume. Ballin’

----- Luke 30.11.11 11:44

I would use it to carry my laptop and supplies to and from my studio everyday, and to steal the hearts of many men with good taste.

----- Katie 30.11.11 11:44

Weekend trips!

----- Jack Frost 30.11.11 11:19

I’d use this bag to impress my clients! It’ll show them I have style and excellent choice in the finer things in life….therefore, they should make a good choice and choose me…the finer of those things available to the public!

----- carlos 30.11.11 11:14

I would use this bag for my city bike trip to work. I love the design of this one and it would be nice to wear.

----- Roman 30.11.11 11:07

i would use it to carry important documents a la wikileaks

----- joanne 30.11.11 10:59

It will become my everyday bag for travels, work, and life in general. I will use it as a foundation and inspiration for a new wardrobe I am slowly creating as I fight everyday to lose weight and become a healthier, better me. I will wear it and rock it like I’m the baddest b*tch and when I walk into rooms, people will say, “Gird your loins!” I will love this bag like no other.

----- Jonathan 30.11.11 10:58

This bag would be a great match to my new to me 83 VW Rabbit during the winter. It would conceal my sketchbook and Macbook with style. And once it gets warmer it would be perfect on my back while riding my bike.

----- Dylan b 30.11.11 10:44

This bag would hold the perfect arsenal for an apprentice of digital wizardry.

----- Patrick 30.11.11 10:44

I would use it to bring clothes and a fashion magazine with me when I bike to work, the clothes to change into and the magazine to rub free colognes samples on to mask my sweat.

----- vu 30.11.11 10:43

The list for the bag:
(why it’s so weird if I still don’t have iphone?)
(in case ill have to kiss somebody)
(without money, but family photoes are important too)
(in case ill meet some spanish people)
(hunger comes from nowhere, and ofcourse pigeons are allways hungry)
and MP3
(listen to -“Don’t worry about a thing,Cause every little thing gonna be all right”)

Can you do that, super bag?

----- Monika 30.11.11 10:35

To go forward into life without looking back, knowing I can put anything I need to work, play, explore, design and live into a bag that will adapt like me.

----- Michael 30.11.11 10:17

I could really use this as my go bag for my upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. As a blackhawk pilot, I need a set of clothes and laptop and additional gear when I fly in case we get weathered in somewhere that has few amenities.

----- Rachel gardner 30.11.11 10:11

I have an internship in Brussels this summer so this would be a perfect briefcase/travel companion. Not to mention a great and incredibly useful bag for any college student.

----- Evan 30.11.11 10:10

I plan to use it to carry client forms and notebooks while helping African ex-pats find their first jobs and apartments in America, for Interfaith Ministries.

----- Andrew Orsak 30.11.11 10:06

I would use this laptop to add a bit of styles to my daily trek to work! Right now the work issued bags are functional but with no style! This would impress!

----- Charlie Price 30.11.11 09:45

when your briefcase is overloaded and feels like its going to pull your shoulder out of its socket… transform into a messenger bag! Perfect!

----- Justin W 30.11.11 09:44

Clearly this bag is meant to change the world by setting the standard for functionality and style. Everyone will look at it and think, “How does that guy have so many matching bags? Wait. That’s the same bag?! Sheesh, now everything in my life seems so redundant, ugly, and poorly designed! I have to change everything I do/create/consume. Stat. Thank you, bag for showing me the way.” The next thing you know, everything will be better.

I’m totally the dude to help this bag fulfill its destiny. Effortlessly transitioning from board meetings to book readings to galleries to the co-op. I’ll write in the park with it jauntily perched next to me. Heck, I’ll start going to the opera more. And monster truck rallies. Everyone needs to see this bag.

Most importantly, I’m willing to ward off the millions of people who try to swipe it from me every day. I’ll keep him safe. And cherish him. Always.

Sorry, ladies and gents, this handsome fella belongs to me.

----- Phil 30.11.11 09:40

i likes it, and i wants it.

----- Danny DeFrancis 30.11.11 09:40

I’d use this to save me from the trouble of making one myself.

----- Andy Stoltz 30.11.11 09:33

I’m an art student and my poor backpack is completely worn from hauling supplies all the time. I love it, but I think it’s about time that it is retired. I’ve been looking around for a durable and stylish bag, and I’m positively obsessed with this beautiful bag from Hard Graft. It would be so perfect for carrying around my supplies and materials.

----- Molly 30.11.11 09:30

Isn’t it awful when you overload your briefcase and it feels like your shoulder is going to pull out of its socket! That’s when it’d be great to transform into a messenger bag!

----- Justin Wohl 30.11.11 09:28

commuting back and forth to work every day

----- Matthew 30.11.11 09:22

Would definitely make use of this on my bike commute to and from work!

----- Stacy B. 30.11.11 09:15

I would use this bag for everything. It’s exactly my style too.

----- Annegirrl 30.11.11 09:10

I love it from the very first time I laid my eyes on this bag. As a freelancer, working with 3 jobs, I really need to be mobile all the time, so I carry all the stuffs that I need for the day, and so day by day I carry 3 bags. A laptop bag, backpack, and a tote bag. It is really tiring and not that efficient.

I really need a bag that can perform just as good as my 3 “day by day” bag.

I think this bag from Hard Graft can give me a look that is not too uptight as a teacher, in front of my students in the morning, by wearing it as a rucksack,

to look professional in front of my client , as an architect, by wearing it as a briefcase, on meetings,

and to always look fashionable as a sales manager for the clothing brand where I am currently working (too!)

This bag has it all, the signature look, the sleek and effortless look, and more importantly, it is really efficient!

----- Eugene 30.11.11 09:07

..an Apple, Banana, Cinnamon, Dog treats, Elephants, Fairies, Gobstoppers, Hankies, Ice cream, Jellybeans, Kaleidoscope, Lollipops, Monsters, Nightmares, Oranges, Peacocks, Quills, Rainbows, Spacesuits, Thimble, Umbrella, Vodka, Wildcats, Xylophones, Yarn, and Zebras…

----- Ashley 30.11.11 08:59

I’d use this bag in NYC as my riding commuting bag. People always ask where I get my cycling bags from and this one seems like a keeper! Hook it up!

----- Douglas Meyer 30.11.11 08:43

I’d use it for carrying books and papers to the office WITHOUT endangering fellow passengers on the bus (in the way that my current backpack and hand-carried piles do).

----- Laura 30.11.11 08:43

If I got this bag my current backpack that I have been using (and is falling apart) for 11 years will finally be able to retire.

I’d put my laptop, my wacom tablet, sketchbooks, dance shoes, my life!

----- Mimi 30.11.11 08:42

I’d use it to carry my sketchbook and drawings to and from the office.

----- Cody 30.11.11 08:42

My best friend has this raggedy old bag he uses for his laptop and school. It’s in dire need of replacing and this would be perfect for a christmas gift!

----- Ashley K 30.11.11 08:36

Will dance my PhD and my TEDx event with this bag :)

----- Marta Pinto 30.11.11 08:29

As a poor grad student, I would use this bag to replace the usual plastic grocery bag that I use to carry my oodles of textbooks.

----- Joanna Piacenza 30.11.11 08:28

i need a new everyday bag, but nothing i see is good enough until now! i would use this everyday - carrying my camera, wallet, keys, sketchbook, etc.

----- andrea 30.11.11 08:27

I would use this bag to hold my secrets and fill my dreams.

----- Alex 30.11.11 08:21

This would absolutely replace my current, falling-apart, go-to air travel bag. Much needed

----- Ryan Wampler 30.11.11 08:18

I finally have a great job and would love this bag to wear to my work. I don’t have a single professional bag and this would save my life. Literally.

----- Gulruh Mamatova 30.11.11 08:14

Wow! I’ve been hunting for a slick black bag that can be used as a messenger bag and briefcase for way too long… this thing is beautiful! I’d use it for work, commuting and as a camera bag when traveling light… fingers crossed!

----- Pete 30.11.11 07:47

I would use this bag to travel. And travel again.

----- John 30.11.11 07:42

I will
sleep on it…
eat on it…
make babies on it…
drink on it…
play chees on it…
skype with my mom on it..

----- Tarik 30.11.11 07:39

I’d use it to carry my sketch books and look pretty trendy on my walk down to Uni.

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:34

i’d teach this bag how to fly fish. or at least how to get dragged around while i fly fish.

----- Brent 30.11.11 07:07

Right now I’m toting around my best friend’s messenger bag. I’m sure he’d forgive me for the theft if I gave him this bag for Christmas!

----- Allison 30.11.11 07:04

I’m a writer, DJ, performance artist, and bartender. I’d use this bag for carting around a notebook, a laptop, speed bottle openers, cocktail shakers, vials of glitter, wigs, liquid latex, good ballpoint pens, Peychaud’s bitters (I am a New Orleans girl, after all), duct tape, a midi controller, and a comfortable black t-shirt.

Probably not at the same time. Unless it’s the Tardis in that bag.

----- sasha 30.11.11 07:02

I would use this bag to carry my laptop and art supplies around Italy on my semester aboard.

----- Matt 30.11.11 07:02


----- Jessi 30.11.11 07:02

it will be my home!

----- paolo 30.11.11 07:01

I would use this bag to not take up as much space on the D Train, and make everyone with lesser-quality bags re-evaluate where they are in they’re life to have such an inferior bag.

----- Taylor 30.11.11 07:01

I would let this bag use me.

----- lllllllllllll (Maria) 30.11.11 06:45

At night I’ll lay my head on the bag sleeping, catching the most beautiful dreams… Caught in a bag like this, these dreams will definitely have to come true.

----- Julia 30.11.11 06:40

I would use it to carry around my new Macbook and some sweet art supplies. This bag looks soooo cool!

----- allen 30.11.11 06:26

I would carry my epipen with style for once!

----- Elisabeth 30.11.11 06:16

i would rock this bag at school and everywhere else i go.
“carry all my *ish around in it.”
just to make people green with envy…

----- Leslie Roe 30.11.11 06:16


----- Andrew 30.11.11 06:02

Progressively smaller hard graft leather bags and cases. Time to make the ultimate leather matryoshka set.

----- Graham 30.11.11 06:00

In spanish or English … I would substitute every bag I owned.
Then my daughter will inherit it.

----- Raffy 30.11.11 05:45

Jaiks, this bag would purrfect for safekeeping my fruit-brand toys and a some fish to throw at the polar bears on my way to work!
Hi from Hellsinki!

----- Maria 30.11.11 05:08

I would act like JAMES BOND in:


I’m suited and booted in Evil Corporation PLC’s HQ on the 60th floor, carrying Back2Back as a 100% briefcase with the secret documents downloaded on a Mac Book Pro from Evil Corporation PLC.

I’m walking through the countless hallways silencing staff in smooth ninja style. Suddenly sound of boots hitting the ground is coming behind me it’s the Evil army shooting and bullets ricocheting off light fittings and the bullet proof Mac Book Pro in Back2Back Bag.

I sprint for the window grab the hand mirror/window breaker out of Back2Back throw it in to the window as it brakes.

I fling on Back2Back as a 100% backpack jumping out of the window. Pull the cord hanging out of Back2Back and the parachute opens gliding me down to street level. I roll land cut off the parachute and change Back2Back to a 100% Messenger and run to the nearest tube….

HARD GRAFT that was…. Made easy by Back2Back

----- Samuel F 30.11.11 04:46

I would use this bag to stow my knifes and axes in.

----- Cill 30.11.11 04:18

Seeing all these comments, I realize that I might have to buy this bag for myself if I really want it. In that case, thanks NOTCOT for hunting it down and showing it to me.

----- Lori 30.11.11 04:01

Trafficking dreams.

----- Pancho 30.11.11 03:52

specially i’d use it for carrying my laptop around for work meetings and travels, right now the only bag i have that fits my laptop is a bright green backpack that makes me look like a schoolgirl… it really doesn’t help when my appearance is already younger than my age. a sleek and adult looking bag like this would really help.

----- Liv 30.11.11 03:49

i think i can use this bag to bring with me all that i have now in my - old and tired - backpack :

1 vaio laptop
1 clipboard folder
2 books
1 magazine
1 newspaper
2 pencil case
1 Styrofoam packing
1 stanley tape measure (5mt)
1 tape measure (5mt)
1 photocamera
1 bag with batteries
1 ipod
1 Other MP3 Player
2 headphones
1 sunglasses
1 mini-pochette with mini-toothbrush and mini-toothpaste
1 mini-pochette with make-up, deodorant, parfume, ecc.
10 pens&pencils&permanentmarker
2 tech pilot gt 500
1 cutter
2 small, hard and black moleskine
1 green baggu bag
1 fisherman’s friends double pack
2 iPod cable
2 phone Charger
3 keychain
1 hand cream
3 lip balm
1 identity card
1 train times
1 metro timetables
1 milan map
1 small post-it yellow and purple
1 medicines bag
1 chestnut
3 usb keys



----- marta 30.11.11 03:49

This would be my Christmas present to the one person I know who needs a major bag overhaul - my brother Andy. His current impedimenta is one up from a potato sack and is, to be frank, an absolute disgrace. He hauls this worn out man tote around with him everywhere leaving behind trails of coins, pens, and other items small enough to fit through the holes in the bottom of the bag.

The most perplexing thing is that he is otherwise fairly stylish. He takes pride in his appearance and when the bag is detached he looks like a young Tom Ford. However with the tote in tow, he looks more like he is delivering the evening newspapers.

Anyway, I would love to keep the Hard Graft Back2Back but Andy’s need is greater than mine.

----- Adam 30.11.11 03:48

I’d gather up my faithful Yucca plant; Yanic, grab my iPhone & Macbook and my girlfriend and I’d travel the world educating and enlightening people about form, function and beauty, whilst toting my Back2Back laptop bag.

I’d hike across deserts, scale cliff-tops, conquer great plains and stride triumphantly through the great cities of the world. I’d trek from the deepest ravine to the highest mountain and shout from the roof of the world, to quote an idol of mine; “Hey, everybody, come here and see how good i look!”.

I would enlighten the world, and the world would enlighten me. Its a beautiful thing.

----- Jay Robinson 30.11.11 03:28

I would use this back to and from work everyday and on the weekends use it when riding my bike and lugging my synths around.

----- Robin 30.11.11 03:26

I would use it to carry books instead of using my ugly-awful-sadface backpack.
And if people were to ask me where I got it, I’d say, “From NOTCOT, of course! Read about them on my post!”
And all would be happy because I would be happy.

----- Vincent 30.11.11 03:16

I would use this fantastic bag to bring all my digital and analog life with me, everywhere (MacBook Air, iPad, DSC… But also notebooks, pencils, stickers and cards…)
But it would also be perfect to bring some nice little present to my lovely girlfriend when I’ll meet her every week-ends!…

----- Jeremie 30.11.11 02:28

Jeezzze! I would have to make it even more versatile and somehow figure out how to get it to cook dinner and iron.

----- Blake 30.11.11 02:24

I would give this handsome bag to my dapper husband. Although we live in LA where the car is king, he takes the bus and rides his bike to work. We only use his car for long road trips. He carries all his stuff in an old army map bag but it’s getting old and ratty. He works at an upscale art gallery so he needs to look sharp coming and going.

----- anne 30.11.11 02:15

I’d use the bag for school of course!

Ruckpack for the ride to campus on my bike, messenger bag for the walk between lecture halls, and briefcase for my workplace!

----- Victor 30.11.11 02:10

I will 100% use it for: Rucksack, messenger bag and briefcase

----- Daniel 30.11.11 02:08

I would use this bag to look cool ;)

----- Aaron 30.11.11 01:55

I’ll give it to my husband. He works hard as a graphic designer here in Manila, Philippines. Wake up as early as 3am to finish a project and to email them to his client. Then drives our 2 boys to school and back to his work again. Prepares our lunch and pick-up our boys from school and prepares dinner & our boys’ lunch for the following day. And all in-between his daily grinds, goes to his meetings & presentations. Finds time to play and be a husband to me.

Nothing more I can asked, but to give him something as perfect as he is.

----- Eia Olay Marbella 30.11.11 01:50

I would carry happiness in the bah and spread it around as I take the bag everywhere i go!

----- Anders 30.11.11 01:42

I travel a lot because I work in public health, and I’d like a rugged, beautiful bag to conveniently store my essentials.

----- Tricia 30.11.11 01:42

I’d be sick (init)

----- BIG DAVID 30.11.11 01:40

this bag will be used as a candy carrier for all the kids I will visit on new years eve or cristmas

----- martins 30.11.11 01:35

I would at last mix my difference lives as a graphic, interior, web and product designer(s).

----- Raphael 30.11.11 01:24

I’d throw everybody’s names into this bag and pick the winner. Of course, this is rather pointless, holding a lucky dip post victory and I certainly wouldn’t want to give the bag away after all that witty work but feel free to use this method if reading all these comments gets too much…

----- Jon Walmsley 30.11.11 01:18

First things first, my insides would heave and my body would convulse at the first sensuous petting and sniffing of my newfound best friend. I would probably take it in and out of its packaging over the next several days out of pure fear of loving it too much and manhandling it to death. After we got fully acquainted with one another, I would take it out to fancy dinners and social events to meet my friends and colleagues. It would kindly carry my papers and sketches for me when my hands were full of rolls of Rives and charcoal, or canvas and a tin full of oils and brushes on our way to school. Other times, when there was nothing else to hold, we’d embrace one another so closely, that I wasn’t sure where I ended, and it began. And I would whisper then, slowly, and softly… “you’re once… twice… three times a bag.”



… pretty please?

----- Cody 30.11.11 01:04

I use the bag every day, usually a messenger, but also a classic briefcase, I’m a designer, and I live in Italy, more precisely in Sardinia, and I always have with me a little ‘my whole world, and this bag I feel perfectly to live and work.
I would use during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where they are always around to fairs and stands, and I would not really afraid to put to the test! I have with me always and most of all ‘! between IPAD and business cards, portfolios, and whatever is useful to show what ‘I do …
I really need a bag that is versatile and practical, and who is willing to live with me, everything, sometimes too much … but never enough ….

----- Gianfranco 30.11.11 01:02

I would hide all my junk in it.

----- Tristan 30.11.11 00:57

I’d use it to carry some cloud clumps and a jar of stars so when the time comes I can release it back where it belongs.

----- Jenny 30.11.11 00:29

I’m affraid
will be used
by the bag

----- michael 30.11.11 00:26

I would KILL to have this bag!
I would use it to carry all my heavy text books and sheet music around! And I love that it has more than one way to use it. I need versatility. Especially for biking! And because it’s so beautiful, I could use it for ANY OCCASION! ANY! Ww
I’ve already have a piggy bank to save up for the 2unfold bag, but this is SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. I want itttttt. Reallly bad.

----- Josh Langager 30.11.11 00:17

a smart laptop bag for my laptop…to carry in the metropolitan, on my bike, in the train and at night….

----- mel 30.11.11 00:10

I would use this bag like my best friend. Take it everywhere with me, shopping, dining, traveling. I would trust it, count on it, rely on it 24/7!

----- Mikki 30.11.11 00:09

I’d use it for all of my carry-around things, and for school. It’s beautiful!

----- Schmidty 30.11.11 00:07

It would be a much needed, more mature upgrade for my current messenger bag (I’m a medical student!).

----- Natalie G 30.11.11 00:04

I’d use it to carry my heart at work, and take it out to wear it on my sleeve to play.

----- Martin 30.11.11 00:03

Dear Santa Claus….I have been very good this year…I need this bag!

----- alessandro 30.11.11 00:02

It’s the bag I to have my life in: the evils and the good bits. My conjoined twin and adviser, holding my past and my future to keep it all together. :)

----- Judit78inL 29.11.11 23:48

What WOULDN’T i use this for? I’m a graduate student, so I would carry it around campus as a messenger bag. I often ride a motorcycle, so I would use it in the backpack format for that. And I also teach, so I could use it as a briefcase in those instances.

----- Amanda 29.11.11 23:47

I would use it for a jacket, my MacBook Air, a sketchbook, Panasonic GF1, chapstick, keys, grocery bag, mico usb phone charger, and all my other random junk. Thanks!

----- Ray 29.11.11 23:44


----- Cody 29.11.11 23:41

I’d use this bag all day, the briefcase in the morning, the rucksack in the afternoon and the messenger bag in the night.

----- thanva tivawong 29.11.11 23:28

Right now we’re having a flood in Thailand, where I live. And I work with all my tools which I carry all of them everywhere from place to place and day to day. I’m on the info-graphic department and I need to carry everything with me, my laptop, medicals, clothes. It’ll be very useful for my work, thank you.

----- Aim 29.11.11 23:23

I would use this bag for everything and everyday!!!!!!

----- louie 29.11.11 23:15

This is a pretty sleek bag! I would use this daily and it would go perfectly with every attire. I will use it to carry my laptop and school supplies during school session. It would be great to use when traveling since it has multiple styles of carrying it. I will use it as a purse and bring along my camera since it has alot of room for carrying personal belongings. I would really enjoy this bag if it were mine;)

----- Jona Agcaoili 29.11.11 23:13

What I’d use it for? Man, it’s a bag! I can bring my laptop to work, go grocery shopping with with…

----- sven 29.11.11 23:10

My Black Friday acquired MacBook Air needs to travel in style. So much so, that I’ve been considering hard graft knockoffs - yeah, it’s that bad.

----- Anders 29.11.11 23:07

With a bag like this it’s hard to say, I mean the possibilities are ENDLESS. It’d be like my breakfast, lunch, and dinner – ALWAYS with me, ALWAYS changing, ALWAYS necessary. Like a fine watch, this bag would be part of my life, all day everyday, to the point that it would become a part of me. Enabling and enhancing my mobile life.

----- Robert 29.11.11 23:02

I would carry my computer and camera everywhere!

----- nick robles 29.11.11 22:56

essentials for traveling in little BIG adventures: {sketchbook} {macbook} {interchangeably or both: diana camera|polaroid 600 camera} {loads of analog film} {oh and can’t forget my travel buddy stuffy, sharka! the surfing shark.} :)

----- Catherine Cruz 29.11.11 22:44

I’d use it to carry all day.

----- Gaetan 29.11.11 22:42

I would use the Back2Back to do good across the globe.
Or wherever i may be at that time…

----- Ner 29.11.11 22:37

I will use it to hold both useful and wonderful things. At work or on my travels, this bag will help me stay equipped with my belongings that will ensure good times. If there comes a day where my hand comes up empty having forgotten to stash something away, it will just take but a moment to look at this magical bag and I would know everything is right again with my world.

----- Twinkle 29.11.11 22:35

I would give that to my girlfriend….She loved this bag so much. She keeps talking about it to everyone any chance she has…..And I’m broked…rsrsrs…can’t afford for now…..By the way hard graft has the a freaking well designed site.

----- Paulo C Cruz 29.11.11 22:27

H-oliday giveaway
A-wesome news of the day
R-eally? For free?
G-otta have this
R-obust Reliable Real-leather
A-mazing bag
F-or me
T-o hold my beloved MacBook Pro

----- Arnold 29.11.11 22:21

I would use it for… my laptop.

----- Mihai V. 29.11.11 22:21

I would place it next to my Working Class Heroes laptop sleeve and remember the days when I used to be able to splurge on nice things. After mentally fondling it for a little bit, I’d wrap it up and give it to my father who could use some high quality accessories in his life right now.

----- Marie 29.11.11 22:20

I’ll use it to keep my plans and dreams… my art, my work, my life… and it will protect and store it safely and be alongside me

----- Juliana 29.11.11 22:17

I would use the bag for school books mostly, the occasional day trip will be thrown in their for sure though.

----- Jim 29.11.11 22:14

I would not use this bag. I would hang it next to my trusty JanSport backpack to keep her threatened and motivated. I might occasionally take it down and transform it for my own amusement.

----- Dig 29.11.11 22:08

I would use it as a messenger bag primarily and take it on my rides to work. I suppose it would fit a nice camera as well

----- Jeremy 29.11.11 22:04

The Back2Back Laptop Bag will fit into my lifestyle so perfectly! I travel a distance to my work place daily and this will be a great bag to slot in my MacBook Pro and iPad. It’s awesome that it could be transformed into a rucksack which can help prevent my shoulders from straining if I used it as a messenger bag for longer travels.

Hard Graft bags make it so easy to wear the casual and professional look at the same time! Wonderful! ^ ^v

----- Shane Ng 29.11.11 22:01

All that toughness you need when shod in 4-inch heels!

----- Anonymous 29.11.11 21:56

EVERYTHING and in ANY situation!

----- Harrison Groth 29.11.11 21:55

I love this!
I’d use it as a backback on my bike ride to the train, then switch to the messenger to get coffee/ride the train from Brooklyn, then switch it up to the briefcase for my office job in Manhattan, Perfection!

----- Marie 29.11.11 21:39

It would need to be matched up with suiting garments to compose a well coordinated look. Even though the bag is in a league of its own, I’d have to try and do it justice. I’d pick one day a week to hit the commute on my road bike with the versatile beast hanging proud, lifting my spirits. It had better be versatile, my job demands it. One day I’ll pack up my laptop and hide behind the screen all day creating graphics and sneaking peeks of other hard graft bags to hype on notcot. Wool and leather = rugged high end beauty. the next day I might need a change of clothes because I’ll be working on set. It takes a lot to impress Noho’s finest. I’m confident this will do the trick. On that day I may be just a grip but my stunning bag with attitude to match will have people mistaking me for the boss. ;)

----- Ryan 29.11.11 21:35

I would love to gift this well made bag to my boyfriend for Christmas. He would most likely use it every day and to every place he goes, carrying with him either his iPad, MacBook Pro, or DSLR. This would be a fantastic bag for him to use while biking in the city and to even pick up some groceries on his way back home from work.

----- Steph 29.11.11 21:32

design student in Boston… love the bag, but who knows what I may be carrying…

----- Mike 29.11.11 21:29

This is what the traditional ‘doctor’s bag’ looks like after it receives a face-lift. It just needs a young physician-in-training (cough…me) to show it off.

----- Matt P 29.11.11 21:28

It is hard for an empty bag to stand upright….This bag will never be empty with everything I carry everyday. My laptop, as a designer I never leave home without it…it’s what pays the bills. Two sketchbooks one for my job, and the other is for whatever inspires me I use to draw in. A note book that I have carried in my bag for 8 years, this has all my thoughts and ideas that will help me start my own brand…WATCH THIS SPACE! Also in my bag are two hard drives, which pretty much has all 12 years of my design career on them. Plus, a grip of pencils and pens, tape measure, business cards, pack of small screw drivers, inhaler, headphones, two cell phones, and a good luck charm that my fiancee gave to my (which I’ve carried for 8 years). I think that pretty much sums it up…. “MY LIFE IN A NUTSHELL”….or shall I say “MY LIFE IN A HARDGRAFT”


----- JAY BORLEY 29.11.11 21:26

I’m about to move to Colombia, South America to be with my love after a long battle with the US immigration system. We’re going to live a simple lovely life in which we travel light and are full of gratitude — quality products like this make our dreams a bit easier to carry.

----- Brit Hanson 29.11.11 21:25

I would use it every day to carry my tablet and camera gear.

----- J 29.11.11 21:20

School! And work! And my superhero cape, just in case, because you never know when you’ll need it :D

----- Tiffany 29.11.11 21:19

This bag is my FLAW-FIXER.
HOW you say?
Well, I’m late for everything… and I mean everything. Class, work, the bus, etc. (And I would have been late to my own WEDDING if I had been driving myself there.)
This late thing happens mostly because I’m indecisive yet a perfectionist - maybe the worst combination one could have, especially as a graduate student in architecture and sustainable design.
I search for bags that fit my style yet adapt to varying needs, and since I have not found this in just one item, this is what my daily routine currently looks like:
I start to make my way to the door to just barely make it to class on time, but realize there are a few things missing. I have to scurry through the apartment to pull keys from the hobo I think I used yesterday, then grab a notebook from a backpack I used the day before, and then leave the apartment only to have to come back in to scour the place for my lip gloss that is in the clutch I used last weekend… or is it in the bottom of the hobo too?
Anyway, the Hard Graft bag would fit all of the things that I use without my need to have to buy a different bag to adapt to various needs.
Okay so maybe it won’t make me more decisive or any less of a perfectionist, but it sure will make me punctual, which is a huge flaw-fixer for me!

----- Alexandra 29.11.11 21:19

I would use this bag as a home for my macbook pro. It would travel from job to job looking so fresh.

----- Jeremiah 29.11.11 21:19

Such beauty and quality is an object of desire among us architecture students in New Zealand, and will be put to good use in style.
such a bad is one of the essential items an architect should wear/ carry.
My laptop is used day in day out,from home to school, and secure trusty bag is required to protect my life from having an accident, and i cannot think of anything better that this bag, i would buy it if i were not a poor student. :)

----- Helen 29.11.11 21:18

I’d use this bag to carry everything as I bike to school and work. It’s perfect cause it can pull of the casual and the professional

----- Kaeo 29.11.11 21:06

I would use the bag for… everything! Traveling to class, flying from school and back, and as piece for gloat.

----- Collin Banko 29.11.11 21:05

I’m a new bike rider and new grad student and my side bag just isn’t cutting it. I almost ate it yesterday as i was trying to adjust my bag and lost my shoe in the process. I will use the bag to carry my books and laptop to my student teaching and class. Plus it would look damn good on me because its so pretty. pretty please

----- carol 29.11.11 21:02

My life on my back!
Home -> gym -> studio -> shopping -> happy hour -> theatre -> sleep -> backpacking trip!
style + function? a winning combination!

----- Michelle 29.11.11 21:01

What wouldn’t I use it for?

----- Laura Belle 29.11.11 21:00

This apparatus of convenience would be a most welcome article of sartorial splendor as well as a terrific help in my daily walkabouts.

----- jack fischer 29.11.11 20:57

Before doing anything with the bag, I would become a millionaire.
Upon becoming a millionaire, I would put my fortune into gold and carry the gold inside the bag.
For nothing else seems worthy of this bag other than a million dollars worth of solid gold.
If anyone were to attempt and steal the bag, I would mold a solid gold katana to defend it from thieves and evil doers.

----- Yeon Whan Yoon 29.11.11 20:54

I would exploit its powers for evil. Maybe even for a little greedy business. ;)

----- juanAlexander 29.11.11 20:54

I’d use this bag to attract potential mates. It would certainly do the trick.

----- Lincoln 29.11.11 20:54

I would use this bag for school. Mine is all ripped being held together by ducktape and my cruddy sewing.

----- Teresa 29.11.11 20:48

I’m indecisive…I’ll let you know

----- eliot 29.11.11 20:47

I would use this bag to look extra chic walking around Soho in NYC!

----- Shane 29.11.11 20:46

I would wrap this gorgeous bag in red, green and white glitter tissue paper and place it in a large gift box with a huge bow to give to my wonderful editorial cartoonist, aspiring illustrator and budding painter boyfriend who has gone through a dozen thrift store treasures of second-hand bags for his computer, sketch books and rapidographs with the simple wish that security for his art supplies will supply him with more confidence in his art — and himself.

----- Dianalyn 29.11.11 20:46

I would use it to keep my design creating tool of a macbook pro safe in a stylish way, maybe the only stylish thing I would have…

----- Evan Remington 29.11.11 20:44

I would use the back2back Hard Graft laptop bag to carry around my secrets.

----- Christine 29.11.11 20:43

My backpack was stolen from my car with with my books and notes inside. This will be a replacement.

----- Hasan 29.11.11 20:41

every day I carry my packed lunch in a plastic container in plastic bag to work. I’m meant to be a designer and hence aesthetically aware and although I can justify my utility, it’s actually unacceptable.

----- joshie 29.11.11 20:40

Holy WOW! What an amazing bag! I would gift this to my husband, who has been toting around my *smirk* camelbak with baby blue and black stripes for months. He deserves a handsome back to carry his laptop and goods in to and from work, and on his work trips.

----- Catherine Chandler 29.11.11 20:38

I’m moving to Taiwan in January and have been on the hunt since June for the perfect bag to take with me overseas. I would use this bag as a backpack while biking, a messenger bag while shopping and a briefcase while working.

The quality and sleek design would match any outfit I put together. I would tote this bag with me everywhere I go with confidence and style.

Too perfect.

----- substance_t 29.11.11 20:38

Its a hard graft…I would take it to work and make everyone envious. I would also fill it will cool thing worthy of such a clever bag. iPhones, iPads, sketch pads, my markers and pens. No bills, or reports. Just cools stuff for a cool bag. Maybe a frozen burrito.

----- Adam 29.11.11 20:35

God knows how much I need a bag for my laptop, reading paraphernalia, snacks and basic stationery. My current grocery-recyclable-tote-bag-that-is-too-worn-and-torn-for-use is seemingly lacking in terms of aesthetics and function. Besides, my shoulders and back are screaming for better support.

----- Gary 29.11.11 20:24

I’d use this in daily life, for both work and play lifestyle!

----- Noon 29.11.11 20:21

I’d use it to be the envy of architects in my department (I’m an urban planner).

----- Daphne 29.11.11 20:09


----- Eugene 29.11.11 20:07


----- Colin Schless 29.11.11 19:45

I’m moving to France in exactly 30 days. This bag would most certainly cross the pond with me and trapse around Europe for a year before returning to a life of clock punching and paper pushing in North America.

So it will most certainly see some good times!

----- Jenna 29.11.11 19:41

I’d put all of my students’ research papers in this bag with the intention of bringing them home to grade. Then I will become distracted by the awesomeness of the bag and forget to grade the papers until weeks later when an impatient 11th grader will give me the business because she wants to know her grade. At that point, I will show her my awesome bag and she will also become distracted, just long enough for me to grade her paper. She will get an A-.

----- Chris Jennings 29.11.11 19:40

I’d love to own this Hardgraft bag, because I know it will outlast my lifetime and I’ll be able to pass it down to my kids. The more you use it, the more character it gets. I’d use this bag an my everyday go-to bag to carry all my daily necessities (macbook air, camera, sketchbooks, pens, phone, etc).

----- Jeff S 29.11.11 19:36

i’d use it to start my new life in NY as an industrial designer!

----- scott truong 29.11.11 19:28

first I would play with bag like I would my transformer toys… Hard Graft transform !!!

----- david 29.11.11 19:20

I would use it to hold my stuff* and things**

**maybe by ipad

----- Peter 29.11.11 19:20

I would use it to carry all my dastardly plans. Three ways to carry them? Even better. It would definitely keep them dry when biking. An added bonus.

----- Claire Lorman 29.11.11 19:15

This magnificent bag could definitely handle the myriad books for nursing school. Monday through Friday it would consume Anatomy, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Math. On weekends the bag’s horizons would expand to include the Canon dslr, iPad, Holga, Hassy, canine treats for the bulldog, and the occasional chocolate bar. A bag made for fullness…

----- Kellie 29.11.11 19:13

I’d replace my canvas bag. I’ll pack it full of books and notebooks and pencils and contact solution and devices and dental floss and all the miscellaneous stuff I think is necessary to have with me at all times.

----- Sarah 29.11.11 19:11

I would transform it. Over and over

----- Borys 29.11.11 19:10

I am a designer so naturally when the Hard Graft bag is in its briefcase mode, I would stack it with my drug money. In the Messanger bag mode I would deliver drugs and in the Rucksack mode I would go into the would hike into the woods to hide because I spent all the drug money which wasn’t mine to spend… Damn you Jose! You’ll never find me!

----- L.St.Martin 29.11.11 19:08

to put my stuff, no shit.
true story.

----- Daniel 29.11.11 19:05

I’d give it to my sweetie to use as his computer bag — he can wear it while he bikes and it looks better than a regular backpack.

----- domestic diva 29.11.11 19:00

What _wouldn’t_ I use this for? Could store an iPad, laptop, lunch, and other work stuffs.

----- Brett 29.11.11 18:43

Travel can be a hassle because I tend to pick up so much paperwork for work, but being able to use it as a messenger as I shuffle between tradeshows and showrooms and then carrying it on to the plane as a briefcase would be SO perfect. And the backpack would make standing on the bus easier, too! I also wear so much black that gray accessories are always a nice way to break my palette up a little.

----- Marcus 29.11.11 18:43

*sigh* If I had this bag, I would undoubtedly spill something on it within the first week and then snag it on a doorknob ripping off a strap. Then the cat would sleep on it and drool, staining it somemore. So, it would probably be a good idea to give it to someone else. *sigh*

----- Julianne Terrill 29.11.11 18:37

I would give this bag as a gift to my sister so she can be stylish, unique, and still professional at work!

----- Megan 29.11.11 18:35

i would travel with it!

----- Josh 29.11.11 18:33

I would fill it with needs for fighting zombies in the coming apocalypse. Cheese snacks, apples and extra rounds need a sharp and adaptable home when observing rule #1 and saving my friends from walkers! Or I could use it for school and everyday errands, like a responsible adult. ;P

----- Lauren Marie 29.11.11 18:32

I’d carry all of the things in it.

----- allison 29.11.11 18:30

I’ve been hoping that one day something could suitably replace my laptop bag in terms of professionalism and provide greater comfort. I think I can go into work with this as a backpack and it’ll still look appropriate!

----- Gregory Raymond 29.11.11 18:29

I live in Paraguay and work in buildings in construction, I would use this bag to carry my macbook pro to work every day!!!!!

----- Jony 29.11.11 18:28

i would use it as a carry-on on my upcoming trips to nola and aruba and when i get home i’d use it everyday to carry my laptop and papers to and from the office

----- kye 29.11.11 18:27

I’d use the bag for as much as I could - to work, to dance practice, to visit my boyfriend, etc etc etc!

----- Jen D 29.11.11 18:23

I’ve lived in California my whole life. I just moved to the East Coast. My computer is going to be really cold. What is snow?!

----- McKenna 29.11.11 18:22

My travels back and forth from Toronto, Ontario to Columbus, Ohio - monthly girlfriend visits :)

----- albert 29.11.11 18:16

I would use it to carry my super-high-tech night vision cameras from shoot to shoot!

----- Daniel 29.11.11 18:07

to start a nomadic, minimalist design revolution.

----- LINDA 29.11.11 17:58

I would use that bag in my every day life. Go to University, to work or just to go study.. but most importantly to travel around the world.

----- Ariane Jodoin 29.11.11 17:56

I’d use it for good, and not for evil.

----- Jody 29.11.11 17:55

As I am a composer, I’ll use the bag to carry all my music scores and my macbook pro everyday. I’ll hug it a lot by day and cuddle with it when I go to bed.

----- Jamie 29.11.11 17:39

With its stylish and sturdy look, I’d use the bag for work; to carry laptop, sktechbook, art supplies, clothes, toys, magazines, and even for traveling. great design!

----- Varinnia 29.11.11 17:34

This bag would make me E X T R E M E L Y happy!!! Currently I’m getting ready to graduate from Art Center College of Design so it would be great to carry my laptop into a new studio in HARD GRAFT rather than this ugly IBM thinkpad bag!

Thanks for this! NOTCOT RULES!

----- Shane 29.11.11 17:33

I would use it to make the boy I like smile over the holidays.

----- Kylene 29.11.11 17:24

It would be used to upgrade my current bag I ride with.

----- Fletcher Woolard 29.11.11 17:18

For one thing —-) Love.

----- Patrick 29.11.11 17:16

I’d use this bag for commuting in Toronto on my bike.

----- Patrick 29.11.11 17:15

Oh, just to look sexy at home, at work, while going to work, while going back home, when hanging out, when going between work and home and hanging out.

----- Gary 29.11.11 17:12

Living out of a bag is a hard thing and as a guy there is only so much one can fit in your pockets. This is the dilemma. I have jeans pockets, shirt pockets, jumper pockets and jacket pockets…….. It’s summer and all I want is to wear shorts and a t-shirt on! Needless to say in summer I can only rely on a girlfriend to store the necessary things in life when I have one and when we are out together……… I don’t have a GF and I don’t have a bag big enough or technical enough to get me through what looks like will be a long hot summer. Please help or I will be like a jockey in a sauna before an important weigh in every time I step out of the house. I’ve got your back if only I could win your back2back.

----- Simon Rich 29.11.11 17:09

THIS BAG IS AMAZING! I would use it for everything. I’m at a community college right now and hoping to transfer to UC Davis (beware of the pepper spray) in 2012. It would obviously be used for school stuff. I’d also use it for going out as a small overnight bag. It would probably replace my lunchbox that I use as a man purse. hahaha! Also, it would be great to put organs in after I harvest them from my human farm… obviously.

----- Justin 29.11.11 16:58

Beautiful Bag!! I would use this bag to give as a present to my boyfriend who will take it to work everyday carrying his apple lap top. He currently has a ripped bag that has to be replaced. I am so excited, what a great Bag!!!!!!

----- Iarina 29.11.11 16:58

I’d use the backpack to carry my knitting. The contrast of fluffy woolly yarn and the sleek leather would be fab.

----- Adrianne Sherron 29.11.11 16:57

rucksack for school, briefcase for presentations/work, messenger for going around town, life = complete.

awe yeeh #notcot #hardgraft

----- Derrick 29.11.11 16:57

Beautiful Bag. Hope to win it.

I would use this to look awesome. Or to give it to someone I really love.


----- Chip 29.11.11 16:54

I’d carry around my books, my laptop, and my knitting as I finish up my senior thesis and move on out into the adult world!

----- Liz 29.11.11 16:45

I would love to carry my art supplies in this bag. It would be the perfect bag to use to bike to the studio!

----- Ashley 29.11.11 16:38

I’m the type of person who must always have options— what if I’m on the go and I need to read for work, read for pleasure, read fact or fiction, sketch, paint, write a journal entry or poem or work on a design? I’m always with multiple notebooks and sketchbooks, a computer, a planner, pens and brushes, an x-acto knife and ruler,and reading material in several genres. This bag is the perfect, durable, and beautiful place to contain my entire creative life should the mood strike me on the bus or at a bar.

----- Meaghan 29.11.11 16:36

i wouldn’t cut up my boss & put him in it, how about some books & a brown bag lunch :]

----- secretagentmike 29.11.11 16:33

I would use this bag to carry any of the things that I put in my regular backpack and messenger bag: laptop, writing utensils, calculator, phone, wallet, …the list goes on and on. I would definitely appreciate a versatile and beautiful bag like this!

----- Emily 29.11.11 16:32

for my secret spiderman costume…just in case i need to use it

----- mk 29.11.11 16:31

i’d use it for school!

----- jenn 29.11.11 16:29

My laptop, my wallet, a scarf, a pair of mittens, and an emergency cheese and chutney sandwich.

----- Fiona 29.11.11 16:28

work to school, school to work, repeat repeat repeat repeat…..

----- Tony F 29.11.11 16:18


----- Ross 29.11.11 16:15

Since I would use this to carry all my paperwork for my teaching job, I might as well look stylish while doing it.

----- Jasper 29.11.11 16:14

As an owner of many of Hard Graft’s minimal yet beautiful products, I would love to ad one for there bags to my roster. Sadly I have not been able to afford any of there products above there iPad/ wallets.

I would use my new bag to transport my art supplies, and iPad to and from work/ also to client pitches.

This bag is just so pretty, thanks for opportunity to win it!

----- Matthias E Smale 29.11.11 16:09

the beauty of owning well-made necessities is that I only have to fall in love once!

----- Mindy H 29.11.11 16:02

Im not a girly girl. This bag would be a godsend when I’m poring over drawings & sketching at site, wishing there was a designer-chic bag to carry everything I need, yet leaves my hands free. Not only will I look good, but will have a hardy & practical bag. Love it!

PS. You would send the bag to Singapore yes? ;)

----- Phay 29.11.11 15:58

Back support + Galavanting across the city on a rust covered unicorn.
Additionally its my favorite color, the same color as the sky giving it’s first hint of an oncoming thunderstorm.
Lastly, like everyone else, it will carry my laptop and wacom tablet back and forth from my design job!

----- Blair Todd 29.11.11 15:58

This would be a great addition for my life as a ninja!

----- Owen H 29.11.11 15:57

I would use it as the final iconic identity in my superhero costume.

It will be the detachable piece in my suit of leather armor, carrying my gadgets and toiletries, as the rucksack, it becomes a perfect carrier of my red cape and an easy recliner pillow during my saving-the-world breaks, as the briefcase, it’s that classic undercover weapon already in my hand, talk about a “handy” weapon, no need for pulling it out like a gun, easy access, quicker attack, higher survival success rate, as the messenger bag, it defines my other task as the bearer of gifts to the less fortunate, packing candy bars, extra toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, handing them out to help the unprepared and the hungry.

To summarize it’s the 3 identities sleekly compacted in 1: The “Helper” (with the Messenger bag) carrier of toiletries, snacks, unmentionables and whatnot, The “Fighter” (with the Briefcase) undercover agent armed with a briefcase that quickly beats the enemy like wacking a mole down, The “On-my-fudgin-break-er” (with the Rucksack) resting in top notch style, sporting a convenient leather back pillow.

It makes up my hardgraft man get up. Geared up & undercover,it’s the best way to go!

----- El 29.11.11 15:54

Ruck the bag on back for the morning bike ride. A brief change in hand as I walk into the office. Sling the messenger around the waist for outing. Repeat.

----- James 29.11.11 15:52

I would both carry and find my new career in that bag (((d-_-b)))

----- PNK 29.11.11 15:49

I would use this bag to make everyone extremely jealous!

----- Alex 29.11.11 15:48

would love to have this bag to carry my small electronic such as phone camera and notepad on small trip :)

----- bao nguyen 29.11.11 15:48

What would I do with this effing awesome bag you ask?! Well I’ll tell you then, I’d look freaking fabulous of course! You see my current method of toting my life’s possessions just isn’t working out all that well. The handkerchief in which I bundle my things is all tattered, and the stick to which it’s affixed is really beginning to give my shoulder a nasty bruise (I should really have this looked at). And APPARENTLY carrying a knapsack makes me look like a bum, and APPARENTLY the Hobo look is totally out (whatever, skinny jeans). So with this stellar bag I’d finally have a stylish and functional way to carry my things about….and who knows maybe its just what I need to be able to leave riding the rails behind for good.

----- Mr. D 29.11.11 15:47

Every day i go to work using 3 different kind of transport…how cool it would be to use a different bag for each one!!oh look, it could even be just one, a fantastic one of course.
1. For the vespa ride i could use it as a messanger bag
2. for the train part i can look really professional by using that as a briefcase
3. riding the bike i can hold it as a rucksack while i’m reaching my studio.

----- Gaia 29.11.11 15:47

As an aspiring architect, this would be perfect as a school companion to carry my drafting supplies, sketchbooks, notebooks and portfolio! It might also make things easier for me to carry on my bike.

----- Rafael 29.11.11 15:46

To show off, to impress, to receive compliments.
To use it until grains appear, watching it ages beautifully.

----- Jessica 29.11.11 15:42

I would use this to improve EVERY facet of my life!!!! Living in the Vancouver you are always on a bus or on your bike or walking/running around. An artist and designer a bag is a must with all the those tools. This bag would be a savior, a stylish bonus, and a friend, in fact I would have a christening.
Judging from the scrolling my love of Hard Graft products is shared to the maximus.
This would make me so happy! Words cannot express. I’ll send you holiday cookies and homemade cards! Do a dance or a jig? Write you letters or whimsy for a year?

----- lish 29.11.11 15:35

I would use it to carry CDs of Uhh Yeah Dude (podcast) around and pass them out to bring joy and laughter to the rest of the world.

----- sky 29.11.11 15:34

This bag will be my ULTIMATE GLOBAL TRAVEL COMPANION. From a hype professional laptop briefcase in Buenos Aires, paired with a slim suite and classic shoes to a trendy dynamic messenger bag in Shanghai, on an oxford shirt and washed indigo, to a conspicuously functional rucksack in Monaco, hanged over seamless T’s and waterproof shorts.

----- Alex Silva 29.11.11 15:32

I’ve long had a serious liking for Hard Graft bags and other items, but alas: my income as a teacher don’t allow for such luxuries. I would surely be the envy of the entire staff of teachers. More importantly I don’t switch bags. A bag that would switch around to suit my everyday needs would be sweet.

----- Kristian Pedersen 29.11.11 15:31

Use it to carry around my laptop and other essentials while I travel not only for work, but pleasure.

----- Stephanie 29.11.11 15:30

To replace pockets.

----- Arthur 29.11.11 15:28

I’ve just started teaching literature, and I feel like everyone expects me to magically become unfashionable and stodgy. This bag would be awesome to carry around my research, my laptop, my students’ work that needs grading. There’s no need to abandon fashion just because you’re in academia.

----- JGrant 29.11.11 15:27

I would live in it!

----- Robert 29.11.11 15:24

I would use it to help fievel mousekewitz.

----- Matthias 29.11.11 15:24

I would use it to help fievel mousekewitz.

----- Matthias 29.11.11 15:22

I would use it to look equally good with jeans & sneakers, and with a suit & brogues.

----- Samuel 29.11.11 15:19

I would carry it everywhere! I would stuff it with books, my phone, and my ipad.

----- Thu 29.11.11 15:14

right now i wear a tote bag as a backpack on my bike. maybe it’s time to upgrade?

----- emily 29.11.11 15:11

From car, to work, to bike. I need something versatile and convenient.

----- Anthony 29.11.11 15:06

To learn about craftsmanship, quality, and products that wear in rather than wear out.

----- Nour 29.11.11 15:03


This bag looks wonderful, just like most products featured in NOTCOT.
I’d use it to feed my recent addiction to messenger bags! I didn’t know I had it until I started noticing more and more the different bags people use, the colors, designs, textures, sizes and more. But more importantly, I’d use it to haul my stuff back and forth from work (I walk and ride a bike everyday, so it would come in very handy) and on the weekends, I would use it to carry my camera and other interesting things as I roam the streets of Mexico city, looking for the next marvelous thing to photograph (which in this city is not that hard to find).
Thank you in advance for considering your readers to receive this stylish yet practical bag.

Best regards from Mexico city.

Jorge I.E.

P.S. If I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway, worry not about horribly expensive shipping, I do have an U.S. mailing address. See? Easy!

----- Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras 29.11.11 14:59

It would be awesome to keep all my silly doodles together in one place… like this bag. :)

----- david 29.11.11 14:57

I would use it a super secret spy pack. I could easily change the look of it to fool my enemies while also storing useful things such as my computer and spy laser.

----- Emily Kerns 29.11.11 14:57

Looks like it would make a good-looking and functional carry-on bag.

----- Kathy R 29.11.11 14:54

The question really is what wouldn’t I use it for.

----- Kennan 29.11.11 14:53

I JUST bought some awesome iPhone covers from Hard Graft for Christmas…
So I’d use it to compliment my all encompassing “Hard Graft” look :)

----- Gregory 29.11.11 14:51


1. Smell the premium leather.

2. Look at it all over, and over and over…

3. Pack with my apple mac-book, iPad, iphone and other hipster paraphernalia.

4. Unpack and repack it a number of times.

5. Double check the first fragrance I smelt was indeed as sweet as I remember.

6. Take it to bed with me and experience perfection.

7. Wake up and enjoy the wonder that my dreams had in fact come true I did in fact possess the finest quality designer leather messenger bag ever crafted.

8. Have a memorial service for my old messenger bag and bury it in my yard.

9. Learn the ancient art of Samurai in order to protect my bag from bandits

10. Evangelize the Hard Graft B2B to farthest reaches of the globe.

----- Brad 29.11.11 14:51

I would use this bag for every day use to look extra hip! And it would’t matter where I went (e.g. coffee shop, mall, school, office, church), I’d constantly have this bag slung around my neck. My friends and and (hopefully) total strangers would come up to me and ask me where I go it, and I’d tell them from notcot… for free!

----- Kaya Spiers 29.11.11 14:50

Just ask the bag - it’ll say my name. We look great together.

----- Alex 29.11.11 14:50

I would use this awesome bag to keep my iPad safe while on my travels in India.

----- Stephen Clark 29.11.11 14:49

I would proudly use this bag to fashionably carry my goods. Couldn’t imagine a bag more beautiful than this.

----- Evan Huwa 29.11.11 14:47

I’ve needed a new backpack for ages. The one I have now is falling apart. One of the zippers doesn’t work and it’s just a mess. I’d use this all the time for just about everything. Being a student sucks without having something to carry your books and laptop in.

----- Becca Justine 29.11.11 14:39

I’d use this bag in a messenger kind of fashion every day to finally carry around everything … Love the Hard Graft Product, seriously nice work …

----- Daniel 29.11.11 14:32

I would finally have a “mom bag” that didn’t make me look like a mom!

----- Speck 29.11.11 14:32

Apparently, this new laptop i bought the other day made my budget magically disappear, when i tried to match it with the perfect bag. I was browsing the Hard Graft website - being an old imaginary friend of the 2unfold bag - and i thought that winter is coming and my laptop needs a place to feel safe, comfy & warm and travel places with me in a splendid design bag like this one. Santa…are you there?

----- Alex Huban 29.11.11 14:28

I would have the coolest diaper bag in town! No mom bags are fun, this could change it up.

----- Shelley Pratt 29.11.11 14:25

This is a beautiful bag. It is perfect for a college student. I go to a very big school where I have to take the bus traveling from one campus to another so I need this kind of a bag to carry my books and laptops for the entire day. I’ve been using a big ugly backpack and wouldn’t mind having a stylish and efficient bag for school.

----- Jin 29.11.11 14:25

i would give it to my friend lorene who got got a job and moved to oklahoma. she made me a hat for xmas and i can’t make anything but a macaroni picture of a turkey

----- michael higdon 29.11.11 14:24

I would fill it up half way with cotton balls and then put a puppy in it. Because what’s more awesome then an Italian leather bag with a puppy in it?

----- Thinh 29.11.11 14:23

My Y-3 bag has a enormous so i think this would be the perfect replacement for my laptop! Love this bag!!

----- JAMES 29.11.11 14:22

I’d use it for everything! Love the look. It’s sexy. I ride my bike to the local coffee shop at least three times a week to work. Perfect for my laptop, files, books, and occasionally a bottle of tequila. Salud.

----- Stephanie 29.11.11 14:20

I would use it as my bag for photographic works along the world, and.. oh wow it’s made in Italy it’s perfect for me I love Europe! My Mac Air could be perfect into it with my moleskine that I use for draw everything I see during my walk in the city. And ithis bag it is so comfortable for using it while riding my bike :)

----- Andrew 29.11.11 14:19

If I were to rob a bank, I would forgo the traditional canvas bag with money symbols. I would use this stylish bag to stuff with money, my getaway would bedazzle the police officers, rendering them with a new sense of style.

----- Andrew Chau 29.11.11 14:15

I’m a product designer, so I would use this bag to carry all sorts of things. Everything from pens and markers to foam models (not to mention the macpro). After five long years of faithful service, my current messenger is falling apart. In short, I would use this bag to safely carry all of my hopes and dreams.

----- BEN C. 29.11.11 14:15

I’d use it to fashionably port around my laptop, sketchbook, and

----- ChloeDee 29.11.11 14:15


Been stumbling about for the perfect bag for everything that i possibly could carry,boyfriend says i carry the kitchen sink in my bag. A girls need her sketchbook, h-b pencils, eraser, tablet, mac laptop, camera + one attachment lenses, extra jumper, umbrella, gloves, two reference books, and small sketch book just in case oh and range of 0.5 to 8 point pens. That’s not a lot is it…..thought so. This bag may not carry all those things but it would most certainly take place of the two inspiration book. It’s epic in it’s own proportion.

----- Linu Hamid 29.11.11 14:12

That’s a pretty bag. It would replace the very nice YakPak I’ve been carrying around for many years now.

----- tudza 29.11.11 14:11

I would use it as my main bag to carry things from my laptop to my wallet. It would be handy too when I’m traveling to be able to use it as a backpack.

----- Ayumi 29.11.11 14:07

I would use it as my main bag to carry things from my laptop to my wallet. It would be handy too when I’m traveling to be able to use it as a backpack.

----- Ayumi 29.11.11 14:07

If I got the Hard Graft Laptop Bag, I will use it to carry
my laptop everyday; going to school, going to work, or just
hanging out with my friends. It has really sleek look and
premium material finish, it will definitely draw peoples’

----- Wen 29.11.11 14:06

I would use this bag to tote around my camera (just got a padded bag insert).
It will be nice to have my DSLR with me at all times, and not have to carry around a bag that screams “DSLR!”

----- Jessie 29.11.11 14:00

I would use this gorgeous bag for my laptop-as a hardworking project manager + dj-on-the-rise, i could use this amazing bag for client meetings and gigs. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag and brand :)

----- Tanya E. 29.11.11 13:59

My boyfriend lives a couple of hundred miles away so this bag would come in VERY handy for our (far too long between) visits

----- Craig 29.11.11 13:58

I would use this bag for … traveling. On the daily subway commute, on the Trailway bus rides to a one day adventure away from NYC, on the strolling walk back home.

----- Calista 29.11.11 13:56

A little hair color, a little tape, a little glue, and no one would know I’m a little old lady who likes computers and seriously nice bags!

----- Karen 29.11.11 13:56

I’m just a student carrying everyday weight on my back. Allow me to carry my book and my laptop on this gorgeous bag!!!

----- Michelino 29.11.11 13:55

carrying things far less classy than the bag itself

----- dylan 29.11.11 13:53

I’d use it for everyday & especially ,flying on an airplane.

----- Sue Anne Brown 29.11.11 13:51

I would make everyone else jealous that I had one and they didn’t.

----- James 29.11.11 13:50

i would use this everday to the office. I’m a graphic designer, and the ability to carry everything i need and be able to look somewhat professional and put together is always a plus!

----- nike chapman 29.11.11 13:45

I would use it to go to school.
I would use it to go to the library.
I would use it to go to my grandma.

----- stephane 29.11.11 13:43

I would use it to put stuff in. Then I would use it to carry that stuff on my bike to and from my work. Then when I got home, I would use it to hold all the work I am supposed to be doing, until tomorrow - when I would once again take it to work.

----- Angie 29.11.11 13:43

Finally a bag that wouldn’t make me look like a stiff suit type or an overtly hip college kid. I’d drag this sucker all over the world. Stuff it with my laptop and Ipad, throw in some spare clothes, drop in my camera and whisk it away to Europe, Asia, the islands. The world would be my oyster and this bag would hold my pearls.

----- chris 29.11.11 13:42

I’d use it to go on impromptu hikes around Toronto after I’ve had to carry my laptop and books to school. Because it could be a rucksack as well as a messenger bag, my stuff wouldn’t get in the way of my adventures. :)

----- Jane 29.11.11 13:40

I would use this to replace all the other bags I’ve been rotating between. I have either a bag for schoolbooks (which is big enough but not really great to look at) or a bag for interviews or other more dressed up occasions (nicer too look at, but I have to prioritize what goes in it and carry some things loose because it’s not quite big enough)

----- Domi 29.11.11 13:37

I would use this bag for everything I can use this beauty for: work, study, travel, shop, sleepovers. I ride a single geared bike for which I need a versatile bag as this one, when cycling it would be a backpack, when walking through town, I would wear it as a messenger and once my bike is parked I’d use it as a briefcase!

----- Pris 29.11.11 13:33

that is one great looking bag! please allow me to win it so i may give it to my friend for christmas.

----- john 29.11.11 13:30

i will be the coolest teacher on the block and my students will gaze at me in awe of this bag!

----- keim-cheung wong 29.11.11 13:24

Having a briefcase, messenger bag, or a rucksack in one is great! Living in San Francisco means you can take all forms of public transportation and having a bag that can shift to what is most accommodating would work perfectly. I wouldn’t have to switch bags if I want to bike across the city.

Been following your site for a while now and you’re doing a great job!

----- Wesley 29.11.11 13:24

I am in love with this bag. It is a true piece of art. I don’t think I would be able to take it off, if I were to have it.

Of course I would use it for my daily commute. It would be perfect for carrying my laptop and wacom tablet. I am a designer in the works of creating my own start up. Having this bag would allow me to keep all of my files and technology organized while staying stylish at the same time.

On the weekends, I would probably carry my comic books and my d20 in there. (Yes, I’m a huge nerd.)

Fingers crossed to be picked, please!! ☺ ☺ ☺


----- melissa 29.11.11 13:18

I’m about to quit my job, lose the guaranteed income, and live like a gypsy while trying to grow my two startup companies, www.AstraArchery.com and www.GamerFood.com.

This bag will sit atop my shoulders as I bike to and from meetings — a good bag will go a long way to helping me create new jobs and stimulate the economy (good style can be the difference between someone investing in you or not!)

----- Tyler Benner 29.11.11 12:59

I would use it to make me awesome.

----- Maura 29.11.11 12:55

I often bike to and workout at my office, but always have my laptop with me. However not all days are training days, so sometimes I omit taking extra clothes with me and just tote the laptop. This bag would be perfect for my lifestyle which changes from day to day, as I currently alternate between a few sets of more-than-mediocre bags to achieve what I have set out for that day. Aside from the work week, it’d double greatly as a perfect weekend bag as well!

----- Joel Baxter 29.11.11 12:38

I would use this bag to carry all my other bags to the charity shop because this is a real bag for LIFE and a hand me down when I am 6 feet under. LUSH!!!

----- Adam Cook 29.11.11 12:34

I would give it to my brother who is long overdue for a new bag. He has been using the same one for years now and has worn it out to the point that you can see the inner lining. he also just started a new job so this would definitely be something that can help him look more professional and stylish of course.

----- Rosanna 29.11.11 12:32

I’d use this bag and its coolness-powered transforming capabilities to reinforce my own memories and ambitions.

Messenger bag mode would be for remembering university, but without all the angst and textbooks weighing me down. Rucksack mode would be for remembering my trips to Europe because nobody calls a backpack a rucksack in Toronto.

Finally, briefcase mode would be for days – like today – where I need to feel like I’m being productive while working from home.

“Now where did I put the sandwich that I made five minutes ago? Right! In the micraculous transforming Hardgraft briefcase that I won from NOTCOT!”

----- Thomas Wong 29.11.11 12:30

Transporting a laptop/ graphic design items might not seem that original. Neither is owning a hoodie/ tee company (I mean, really). But I would use this almost every hour of the day:
9am - Bike to work at semi-cool ad co., carrying items I made the previous night to mail.
11am - During lunch break, bike to art store/ hardware store. Basically need a big man purse for these errands.
6pm - After biking home from work, pack laptop up to go to workspace. Bike to UNBIASED clothing!
11pm - Make hoodies. Make tees. Print hoodies. Print tees.
12pm - Bike home. Sure glad my bag is dark, cause no one needs a bright colored bag in my neighborhood. wink wink
9am - …


----- John Preskitt 29.11.11 12:29

I’d use this bag to get my sleepy butt too and from work. I’m a computer tech, and need to bring my laptop with me. I’m also obsessed with grey.

----- Rae 29.11.11 12:22

Honestly, I’m frustrated daily by the shear number of things I end up carrying to and from work. My current bag doesn’t have a strap, meaning it—and the laptop, charger, papers, books, etc. it contains—gets tossed around whilst I juggle my work-clothes, swimming gear, and lunch with the same hand, using the other to open/close/lock doors, prevent wayward felines from making their long-planned escape, and deal with anything else that might need moving (recycling/returns/etc.). I don’t live in a particularly large or hip city (Lansing is, after all, the armpit of Michigan), so only I would likely appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of this bag. No matter though—I don’t need a fixie or scenesters to make use of a well designed thing. Just me.

----- Blair Miller 29.11.11 12:20

Love the bag, color, design and most importantly the brand are all very strong reasons as to why I would love to own this beauty. Im leaving Boulder, CO and moving back to NYC and am in need of a nice, fashionable bag with a very strong design aesthetic. No better way to make a statement in New York than with this Hard Graft Back2Back Laptop Bag.

P.S. - I will be interviewing for jobs and this would definitely bring my entire look together. Pick me please!

----- Gabe Reyes 29.11.11 12:19

like an elephant’s memory it will carry my life’s journey

----- Brian Savage 29.11.11 12:19

I would use it to protect my gadgets; while battling the Toronto commuter crowds on my hour long subway journey from downtown - uptown. This would also help in holding the bottle of wine I need after I make the journey home.

----- Casey S. 29.11.11 12:17

I would give this as a gift to my brother-in-law. He is getting his master’s in Nursing - focusing upon geriatrics - and could really use an amazing bag to carry his life around in. His wife (my sister) is an art teach in the children’s cancer ward at the local hospital. Together - they don’t make much - but care for a lot of people. I feel he deserves something that will last a lifetime as he cares for others.

----- Katie 29.11.11 12:15

What wouldn’t I use it for! Inspiring jealousy mainly…aaaand carrying essentials on my commute. Cheers!

----- Matt Terry 29.11.11 12:15

Almost every morning, I’m switching stuff in and out of different bags because I like to carry the bag that best suits my needs for the day. Almost every time, I forget something and my day is a little less perfect than it should be. This bag would save my life!

----- Mark 29.11.11 12:13

that is one stylish and functional sac/bag/case? i would most definitely use it for my architecture classes and on my bike commutes!

----- Heejae 29.11.11 12:11

I’d use it to store all the jealousy and wanting looks from mustachioed hipsters.

----- Fraser Marshall 29.11.11 12:11

The bag is awesome! Perfect for interviews to hold my thesis prep book, portfolio, and moleskines!

----- Marshal 29.11.11 12:10

Beautiful Bag. I can see me on my fixed, cool and stylish!! Hope to win that!!

----- Andrea 29.11.11 12:07

I’d use this to carry all the Christmas gifts I’d like to get for my girlfriend!

----- Robert W. 29.11.11 12:07


----- Carmen 29.11.11 12:07

Whoa. This bag is seriously amazing. It looks like it would be perfect for carrying around my leatherbound sketchbook and portable watercolors when I’m out sketching downtown! Also when I have work to do, I would love to use it to carry my wacom and laptop to a coffee shop to do some painting.

----- Kendra 29.11.11 12:00

I’ll use it for, are you kidding me, for everything that is useful. School mostly.

----- Joseph Sarti 29.11.11 12:00

I’m a huge Hard Graft fan since before they re-branded. I have one of their MBA felt sleeves. I bought a messenger bag about 8 years ago, and have been rocking the same one ever since. its in horrible sape. the straps barely hold on, and i have several safety pins holding the holes in the bottom together. I’ve fallin in love with this bag and have been saving up to get one to hold my macbook pro and books. would be wicked to be one of the 30 who get one. hopefully this is open to canadians.

----- Lawrence Callender 29.11.11 11:59

I’d take it for a ride on a giraffe! I have never ridden a giraffe but if I got this bag for free, I’d find a giraffe and ride it in gorgeous style with this bag! Hard Graft is made for giraffe rides!

----- texascritter 29.11.11 11:58

Awesome bag for my ipad and passport for a weekend trip out of the country.

----- Jane 29.11.11 11:57

This would replace my aging jansport backpack. Hopefully will compliment my updated wardrobe a bit better than old bag.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.11 11:56

I’d use it to hold my law school books… and then read the bag and not the books when I get to class.

----- JC 29.11.11 11:56

I would carry my huge assortment of rehabilitation and counseling journals too and from class and work, as well as use it to impress the companies I will be doing my internships with. Then maybe beers on the weekend.

----- Joe 29.11.11 11:55

Carrying treasure.

----- Ira 29.11.11 11:52

I would pack all my awesomeness in one practical container

----- Bojan 29.11.11 11:51

GAAAH!! You have no idea how much I covet Hard Graft’s products. I’ve been following them since they started out as fledgling company Working Class Heroes and love everything they’ve made. I just wish I had bought from them when they were still WCH, their original designs were fantastic. I totally missed out on getting a laptop sleeve that I really liked. So essentially, all this to say that this is the BEST giveaway ever!

I would probably use this bag to tote my macbook around - I only have a couple of bags that are big enough for it, and they aren’t as sturdy as I’d like them to be. This would be the perfect bag to replace them all. I think it would also be great to carry my handbound notebooks when I soliciting boutiques to stock my product. This bag would be sure to make a great first impression!

----- Sharon 29.11.11 11:50

I would actually give this to my boyfriend for Christmas. He’s a science man who I’ve noticed is trying to improve his “classy” look lately, but he’s still using his worn student backpack. I think I may need to help him out a bit.

----- Krystle 29.11.11 11:49

I’d take pictures of it, then put it under the christmas tree and take MORE pictures, then wrap it up, and give it to myself as a gift!

----- Sam Truong 29.11.11 11:48

I would use it as a gift for a boy I like. :)

----- Jess 29.11.11 11:47

This is the exact bag i’ve been looking for! I would use this while biking on my commute from uptown Manhattan to Union Square. I am such a fan of Hard Graft, and would love to own this beautiful bag!

----- Jolene 29.11.11 11:46

To be awesome.

----- Dabin 29.11.11 11:45

I’ll be taking it around the world. Packing everything i need in this bag. Country to country, in style.

----- Olov 29.11.11 11:43

I’d make this bag my travel buddy. Everywhere I go it shall accompany me!

----- Tyler 29.11.11 11:43

I would travel the world with it!

----- Collin 29.11.11 11:41

I study in north Sweden at an art school, in a village with about 1300 habitants (!!!), so i guess I’m the one to pick, if you wanna get the bag shown to people?
Also I would use the bag to carry things in it, cos it does that as well, right?
Cos I would need that when I travel, carry things, in a good looking piece.

----- Sigge 29.11.11 11:41

I’d use it for school! MBA in ACCT student, jyeaaahhhh! /nerd

----- Joe S 29.11.11 11:39

As a long-time fan of Hard Graft for its mastery between the dynamics of utilitarianism and style, I’ll be carrying this bag for its inherent, functional purposes and as a complement to my daily outfits. I also intend on photographing with it on my upcoming editorial spread ;)

----- Tommy 29.11.11 11:38

I would use this bag to carry around various design related products while traveling between work and home.

----- Vincent Nigro 29.11.11 11:37

For me, it’s about carrying on a tradition. I think that many people here have really hit the nail on the head with what you can put into the bag. And even though it’s versatile, that’s not what I’m most excited about. It’s a craftsman made good, something that will last, an artifact of life used to carry the tools you need to do what’s meaningful to you. Then once you’ve completed your tasks, because it’s made to last, you pass it on. Like my grandfather passed on his pocket knife to me, a tool I carry everywhere I go.

----- Kyle Lawson 29.11.11 11:36

I would love to give all of my gadgets a better home. They deserve it. They’ve had to put up with ugly nylon cases for far too long. Getting schlepped about from place to place like that, it’s embarrassing for them. And me. We all need a little sunshine and leather.

----- Adam 29.11.11 11:34

I used it for work for my uniform , laptop & for shopping

my daily manbag lol

----- eric casey 29.11.11 11:33

I’d wear it out taking it to the office on the daily, and on personal weekend trips!

----- Cooper 29.11.11 11:33

I’d cover my face with, put on my headphones, and wear it in the subway.

----- Felipe. 29.11.11 11:31

I would use this bag to make my everyday life easier and more handy ;) Im a landscape architecture major and this bag would follow me around; In the field digging and sampling, at school modeling, while being creative and innovative, and last but not least, it will tour Copenhagen with me on my bicycle. Im looking forward to the company! :)

----- Annesofie 29.11.11 11:30

I’d keep sketching supplies in there, along with whatever else I need to carry for the day. It may even give me that extra push to buy that Ipad I’ve been wanting.

----- Chris Wilkinson 29.11.11 11:27

I would use it to cart my poodles sweaters to and from work.

----- rey 29.11.11 11:24

I imagine I’d use it for adventures a la Indiana Jones! Except not as dangerous maybe…I work in film so it’d be great for lugging around all the paperwork and stuff and would withstand trips to set and all over.

It would look neat coming with me to Norway too!

Beautiful bag!

----- Emma G. 29.11.11 11:23

i would smell the bag for 30 seconds every day. i love the smell of leather. also i would use it for my laptop and work items.

----- justin scott 29.11.11 11:20

1. I would look at it
2. I would probably hug it a lot
3. I would put my laptop inside it
4. Possible lunch to
5. And as I am a strong believer that happiness get stronger when someone is jealous of you, this bag should do the trick!

----- Emma 29.11.11 11:20

It would probably become my ‘Bag For Life’. As in, I would take it to the supermarket to put my shopping in. JOKE. I’m only 20… so it would see me through the rest of university and throughout my career as a product designer. It could well out live me. Hope it doesn’t… wouldn’t want anyone else to have it after me to be honest…

----- Ian Adams 29.11.11 11:18

This bag will accompany me anywhere I go when I’m on my mission: becoming full time traveler and part time product designer.

----- Dai 29.11.11 11:16

This bag is beautiful. Being that I take the subway to work it would allow me to take my laptop and writing/drawing notebook along.

----- Vlad Gold 29.11.11 11:13

I’d use this to carry my pet ninja.

----- Chen 29.11.11 11:13

Wow this looks amazing!
Could carry all my stuff for university!

----- Richard 29.11.11 11:12

This would be the ultimate bag for my day-to-day use: I’m a freshman in a college and have been looking for a bag that I can use while walking around campus getting to classes, while also in and about the city when I’m exploring on the weekends.

----- Julie 29.11.11 11:11

I’d use it to carry everything on my commute, to look cool and when somebody asks me where I got it, I’d send them to NOTCOT!

----- Angus Macmillan 29.11.11 11:10

the last bag i bought about four years ago, i use every day. That means 24/7.
mainly for university, laptop, sketches, food buying and all the other buys, partying, travelling, photo cam, swimming, chillin, sporting, picknicking, on bike, on train, on foot, from dawn till dusk and often again till dawn, mostly everything at the same time, in summer, winter, rain or dry, europe, asia and what ever comes next.
my current massenger made from truck tarpaulins is not always the best for everything, besides first signs of wear and tear made me think already for long time of getting a new one. but it’s hard to find one. really.
so i’ll simply replace my old back into this one and use it for my whole life to find out if it could deal with that ;)

----- melbel 29.11.11 11:09

I would use the bag to save helpless children and baby seals and to promote peace on earth.

----- Ike 29.11.11 11:07

Diaper bag! As a stay at home dad it’s hard to find a versatile and good looking bag. Of course when the kids grow up it will continue to be used for years later. That’s the joy of good design.

----- James 29.11.11 11:05

Perfect gift for my brother.

----- kimberly fong 29.11.11 11:04

I would use this to carry my Macbook Air and people will get jealous of me!

----- Johan 29.11.11 11:02

i will use it for work and play. it will also hold copious amounts of love notes and doodles from darling daughter.

----- lee 29.11.11 11:02

Laptop - Tablet - Lunch - The End

----- David 29.11.11 11:01

Fill it with my tooth brush, passport, credit card, a jacket and go on an indefinite adventure to wherever the wind blows.

----- kelib 29.11.11 11:00

I would use it for my laptop, school stuff, sketchbooks etc :)

----- Liisa 29.11.11 11:00

As a university student, I would use this awesome bag to tote around my assortment of school things from class to class. :]

----- Franny 29.11.11 11:00

What would I do? What I always do. I’d love it, and use it, and put it through its paces just so I could pass on the good name of Hard Graft to anyone and everyone.

----- Victor 29.11.11 10:59

I would use this bag for traveling, designing on the go and looking cool doing it.

----- David Nguyen 29.11.11 10:59

I would use this bag biking around town, or at meetings when i need to carry all my presentation items, or maybe when im going to the park to chill out. either way i’d be stylin doing all three!!!

----- Levi Montez 29.11.11 10:57

This would be a really awesome bag to accompany me on my journeys through the seedy San Francisco nightlife underground. convertible into various configurations, it would be handy for a multitude of purposes. it would also be pretty awesome to leave the legions of other DJs who carry the same black, pinstripe, Headliner bag as i, and carry a bag that’s more polished. pick me. i’ll blog about it. in fact, when japan starts inviting people to come to japan and write about their experiences, i’ll bring this bag and it will invariably become a part of my japan experience.

----- Brigidope 29.11.11 10:55

What wouldn’t I use this bag for?! Briefcase, messenger bag, and backpack - that covers it all. It takes over my “night out” bag spot too!

----- chris 29.11.11 10:54

I put my wacom tablet, laptop, and sketch pad in it.
I do transportation design =p

----- Zhe Gao 29.11.11 10:53

I would use the bag in the following way, respectively:

1. Ride to work on my bianchi pista in its 100% rucksack form carrying nothing but my laptop, sketchbooks, camera, lunch and sweater (maybe iphone too!)

2. Convert it to its 100% briefcase before entering the office, as you know gotta look professional, ah hem.

3. Because it’s a Friday in my story, I will then leave for the local drinking fountain after a hard days work in its 100% messenger bag, casual yet still stylish.


----- Regan 29.11.11 10:52

I would use it everyday for work, business trips, vacation…

----- Almin 29.11.11 10:51

i am always lugging my laptop around in a backpack and that doesnt look very proffesional. this bag would be a perfect compliment to my business wardrobe and probably improve my sales figures lol

----- Matthew Burle 29.11.11 10:49

i would store all the kittens of the internet in this sweet bag, along with a snack, some reading material, and a blanket. hard graft back2back for life.

----- Ashley B 29.11.11 10:48

I would use it to carry stuff.

----- zach 29.11.11 10:46

I would use it to put all my life and love in it

----- Minh 29.11.11 10:45

travel around the world and make everyone in the airport security line jealous!!

----- Spencer Dennis 29.11.11 10:45

I would constantly switch back and forth from backpack to briefcase, confusing my coworkers and exercising my core at the same time.

----- Jon 29.11.11 10:45

I’m always switching bags depending on my needs, but I could use this bag for everything!

----- Erica Bello 29.11.11 10:45

i would look awesome(er).

----- Brian 29.11.11 10:43

as an architecture major, i am constantly carrying laptop, sketchbook, and other school books from coffee shops, to class, to studio and home. it would be nice to be able to have a multifunctional bag that would also adapt to the different modes or transportation i use, walking, biking, etc… it looks like it could fit a camera in there too : )

----- Michael 29.11.11 10:40

This is a bag for everything!!
Work, school, vacation, small stuff, big stuff!!
It’s design, practical and beautifull.
I need one!

----- Caroline Joly 29.11.11 10:39

Ah I LOVE IT!!! If I had $531 I would just buy it right now and forget about the giveaway! Well since it is grey, it will match all of my outfits which means I will wear it absolutely everywhere, especially since I carry my MacBook pretty much wherever I go! I will wear it to the coffee shop, the grocery store, vacation, business meetings, I will even wear it on hot dates, I promise!!!!!

----- Tam 29.11.11 10:37

My previous one is dead. :/

----- Gabriele 29.11.11 10:37

I’d fill that fun bag with my lunch, books, headphones, and iPad to the office during my 30+ mile commute to work.

----- Ashley 29.11.11 10:35

To look good on the way to and from my studio, all while keeping my valuables safe inside the gorgeous leather bundle of the hard graft bag. Wonder if I can pull a rabbit out of it?

----- Greg 29.11.11 10:33

It may use it to make a lovely hat on a cold day.

I may also use it to torment my puppy, since she cannot chew it!

I may also use it to torment my boyfriend, since he can’t have it!

I would use it with a house, I would use it with a mouse! I would use it here or there, and I would use it anywhere!

----- Drew 29.11.11 10:32

I would use this bag when I go off to graduate school in the fall. It would be great for carrying my laptop and anything else I could fit into it.

----- Christi 29.11.11 10:30

I’d use this bag to feel better about myself. I have serious baggage issues…

----- Julian 29.11.11 10:29

I would use this bag to make people jealous about how Amazing and Hot this bag is, I would also use this bag to carry my stuff, in style.

----- Carolina 29.11.11 10:28

I once had a pair of shoes with a tag that said ‘this product is inspired by a more enchanted time’. I could use more things inspired by more enchanted times. You know how it goes, you get a bit older, slightly less adventurous, the world becomes more congruent and less full of wonder… the sobering realizations of the fallibility of man, the awe of the universe. You gotta remember how insignificant you are, but at the same time that your consciousness is all you have, and in that infinite wonder. Our small lives mimic life as a whole. Material possession isn’t important, but for the things we need, they need to remind us of this.

----- Jericho Diaz 29.11.11 10:28

I do a lot of traveling to far-away and exotic lands, but since it is with my university, I’m required to go from travel worn sightseer to suave business man in a matter of minutes. Making the switch from rucksack to briefcase would fit perfectly with my periodic switching from chinos and boots to blazers and ties.

----- Dash Wieland 29.11.11 10:23

I direct university study abroad programs, and have been searching for the last two years, with no success, for the perfect bag to take with me everywhere I go around the globe. As soon as I saw this Hard Graft piece, I knew that I had finally found my work/travel/exploration companion that would convert with me from polished young businessman-mode to take-all-risks-adventurer-mode whether in Buenos Aires, Florence, Shanghai, or anywhere in between, and in the process would only gain more character over time as the high-quality leather slowly registers remnants of our travels in its soft patina.

----- Jeff H 29.11.11 10:23

Must always be prepared for everything life can throw your way… having a bag like this would just help make me look good doing it.

----- Lewis Bishop 29.11.11 10:22

I would use it to take it on a short term mission to Romania and Bulgaria, that I am going to next summer.

----- David Lee 29.11.11 10:21

I would totaly show off with this bag all the TIME! I would even wear it to take out the thrash, just in case anyone sees me, so they can be jealous hahaha

----- Iva 29.11.11 10:21

I’d use this bag on my study abroad trip to Hong Kong!

----- Kim Ng 29.11.11 10:20

Austrian Quality at its finest

----- Tom 29.11.11 10:20

This is the type of bag you want to be carrying into a client meeting with.

----- Steve 29.11.11 10:19

I would use this page to carry my laptop, notebooks and sketchbook to work.

----- Christina 29.11.11 10:19

One word….pillowcase!

----- map 29.11.11 10:18

I have a bit of a bag thing! I am always on the hunt for a good one. I have been hunting NOTCOT for the perfect bag and have found so many that were sooo great. And this Back2Back laptop bag is one of the best ones! Some of the other bags I’ve liked were the All Kings Men’s bag with the airplane seatbelt strap, The ona’s Roma DSLR bag for my cameras, the high voltage bag (with the High Voltage strap), the Mumm’s expedition kit - picnic anywhere!

I would use the Back2Back laptop bag for my everyday bag (don’t call it a murse), and would carry not just my laptop, but my vintage camers (Minox 35G, and Fujica 645 folder).

Love your site, thanks for all of the great posts!

----- Ryan L. 29.11.11 10:17

I’d use this bag to carry my lunch and laptop, my current messenger bag has seen better days!

----- Daniel 29.11.11 10:15

I would use this lovely bag to keep my Oban warm and dry.

----- Yoshio 29.11.11 10:15

i’d be the hippest engineer i know! i’d use it to commute into work with my single speed bike

----- billy nguyen 29.11.11 10:15

I’d use the bag for life.

----- Jon 29.11.11 10:11

With this bag I’ll become the cool hipster designer that I’ve always wanted to be…..or just regular decaf me, but with a cool bag.

----- Adrian 29.11.11 10:10

Well, simple: I would stop driving and start walking to work just to look at other peoples faces as I walk from street to street…

----- Eduardo Penafiel 29.11.11 10:07

I would use this bag instead of my incase backpack, and that’s saying alot given that I’ve been using the incase bag for more than 10 years!

----- Dan 29.11.11 10:05

I’ll be using this for everything… traveling, commuting. can’t wait to use it and ride my bike to work :)

----- christine 29.11.11 10:03

I would use this bag to carry the bodies……..i mean…… carry my laptop?

----- Frank V. 29.11.11 10:01

I just got a new job and this bag would be perfect as my everyday work bag and even for my travels!

----- joanna 29.11.11 10:00

This would be my daily bag to head into work with my laptop and my carryon travel bag. It would look great as the leather ages.

----- Edgar 29.11.11 10:00

I would use this bag to carry the bodies……..i mean…… carry my laptop?

----- Frank V. 29.11.11 10:00

So versatile, prefect for my minimalist wardrobe!

----- Nico 29.11.11 09:59

I would use this bag to replace the target bag i carry my books and sketching materials to work in !

----- JK Mac 29.11.11 09:59

I would use this bag to transform my look from weekday work to weekend play.

----- Leigh 29.11.11 09:59

HOLY COW GREY LEATHER GOODNESS! I THINK I’M INLOVE…w/ this backpack! As soon as I logged onto NOTCOT, my eyes went from (-_-) to (O.O) upon seeing this giveaway post. I’ve been looking for a quality laptop backpack for quite some time but the figures are just beyond my reach. Oh great lord of leather sacks, please be mine. The possibilities becomes limitless, you’ll have my back and I’ll have yours. You’ll carry my tools of trade and keep em safe. You’d be over my head in the sudden rush of rain and in times of great peril, you’ll act as a weapon of cranial destruction. If some foolish creatures try to take you away from me, their limbs will be in their jackasses before they know it. —“It’s too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you. You’d be like heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much…The sight of you leaves me weak, there are no words left to speak.”—

----- NY 29.11.11 09:58

I would give it to my girlfriend because she is abusing here (ugly) laptop sleeve to transport all the paper work she needs for daily work and that is a lot and completely cumbersome. Was wondering about a solution since a long time. This one seems to be perfect! What a beauty. Thanks.

----- Raphael 29.11.11 09:57

the best place for my nikon f3!:)

----- viktoria papp 29.11.11 09:57

This bag would be perfect to share with my boyfriend, as we transiton from architecture students by day to world travelers and photographers at night and on weekends. It would be great to carry a sketchbook and laptop to a coffee shop and class. And then double as a an adventure bag as we hop buses, walk across entire cities, and crash on couches and in hostels, carrying only a few necessitites.

----- Alex Z 29.11.11 09:56

I would love to go on a complete European roundtrip with this beauty.

----- Erika 29.11.11 09:55

I’d use this bag to just smell whenever I was feeling down. Mmm. Leather…

----- Ben 29.11.11 09:53

it would become my best friend and keep me company on my many adventures around LA and the world…

----- el 29.11.11 09:52

I would give this bag to my little sister. She teaches art to K-8 graders and is always lugging her computer and a million other supplies around. This would really help her.

----- Desi 29.11.11 09:52

I’d use this bag to carry my laptop around in, a number of books, pens….and to protect against our monetary oppressors when they attempt to taze me for protesting the establishment!

----- Michael Senkow 29.11.11 09:51

I’d use this bag for school, for work and for lookin’ kool!

----- Jennifer windsor 29.11.11 09:51

I would use it to help me live life to the fullest.

----- Luke Marvin 29.11.11 09:50

I’d use this bag as my day-day to carry-all tool. I go to Ringling College of Art and Design and I always have to carry a good amount of stuff with me while I’m riding my bike. But certain times I need a bag for different occasions, so that’s why this would be perfect haha.

----- Kavan 29.11.11 09:49

That leather is gorgeous. This would be my new everyday bag.

----- Monica 29.11.11 09:49

Pointe Shoes

----- Catherine 29.11.11 09:48

I’d use it as I cycle in to my day job as a video editor and then at night use it for my super secret covert affairs as a part time private investigator.

----- Brandon O 29.11.11 09:48

This bag is so cool that I wouldn’t need to carry anything in it but just to look cool.

----- Del 29.11.11 09:48

For dazzling business partners. I’d love to have such a unique statement piece.

----- Linda 29.11.11 09:44

I’d use this bag to travel everywhere on my bike. I’d probably promise myself I’d never take it camping but I’d probably end up doing that too. This bag looks like it could take a little dirt and campfire and return to school with me on Monday morning with no one the wiser.

----- Breanna 29.11.11 09:44

I would use this bag to make everybody think I’m cool, young and contemporary. And possibly feel that way too.

----- ANNA 29.11.11 09:43

‘cause 3 is my number and this is my bag!

I’ve just arrived London..
1. New Job
2. New City
3. New Life

..and when I come back home - B2B - this bag will be full of new dreams!

----- Vanessa 29.11.11 09:42

As a freelance Web Designer that have to carry my laptop to meetings, I’ll definitely have this Hard Craft bag as my Swiss Knife bag. A bag that goes well with everything! It is so versatile, stylish and funky that it would go along with anything I’m wearing: from jeans… to dress. And most important of all, it’s italian leather… what could be better than that!

----- Carmen Nova 29.11.11 09:41

I would use it for my body, my bike, and everyone around me… they will all be so so happy.

This bag would give me so much more confidence in everything I do as a designer, musician, artist, biker, friend, intern, student, and just being ME.

----- Katie 29.11.11 09:41

Such a cool bag. I would actually give it to my boyfriend! He would LOVE this for his macbook.

----- Marlo 29.11.11 09:40

I like to do a little bit of my work at coffee shops. The bag would be great for taking my laptop around town.

----- Ryan J 29.11.11 09:40

i’d like to say ‘to make other people jealous,’ but more than that it would make my girlfriend HAPPY if she could have it….

----- Mark 29.11.11 09:39

If I had this bag to carry all the important stuff i would need once i get into grad school for my MFA. As well as the occasional tennis ball for my corgi when she joins me for road trips.

----- Elizabeth 29.11.11 09:39

I’ve been coveting this bag ever since it was released! But alas, it would not be possible on a medical students budget. I would use it for toting around my Asus Transformer, stethoscope, lenses…

----- Sophia 29.11.11 09:37

Wow! I’d use the messenger bag for my laptop, the briefcase mode for pads of paper, and the backpack mode to carry baked beans for camping. Def.

----- Jordan 29.11.11 09:36

I’ve been looking for a sleek convertible bag for ages! I’d use it as a rucksack on my days off going shopping and as a messenger or briefcase on my more professional days.

----- Shauna B. 29.11.11 09:36

I would use this beautiful bag to carry my other current everyday carry bag to the local Goodwill where I would donate it. Upon leaving Goodwill, I will go buy the nicest scotch I can purchase in Austin, carry it my house, testing all three methods of carry, then drink said bottle of scotch.
I have been lusting over this specific bag for quite some time now (most of Hard Graft’s products actually), but this, this is the one. Thanks Hard Graft and thanks NOTCOT!

----- Taylor 29.11.11 09:35

I’d use it to carry my computer, notepad and galaxytab.

----- Oscar Gatamah 29.11.11 09:34

I will spend my days and nights trying to figure out a 4th configuration for it.

----- Nolo 29.11.11 09:32

As a freelance theatre artist I’ve found myself traveling the streets of NYC, the country and recently the world, often on foot, with laptop or iPad (or both in tow) not to mention a half dozen scripts and production notes! For day to day I prefer a messenger bag but when traveling it’s really nice to adjust the weight load to a backpack/rucksack. I have a convertible bag that I hate, it’s so ugly and barely functions so I never cary it… When traveling far from home, I never have room to pack an extra bag to adjust to each days needs. Besides a bag that adapts to mine would be far better!

----- Dante 29.11.11 09:29

I would take this bag with me everywhere: client meetings, work, travel, showering, sleeping…ok maybe not those last two but it sure is tempting!

----- Steve 29.11.11 09:26

I would use this bag or carrying things

----- jason 29.11.11 09:26

I would give it to my husband so that he has a way to carry his computer and books while riding his bike.

----- Lauren 29.11.11 09:26

I would use it for my laptop and books for school

----- Ming 29.11.11 09:25

I would share this bag with my girlfriend! For my work, for her school, for us traveling!

----- Mike 29.11.11 09:23

I’d use this big to evade those pesky agents tailing me at the border…once a man identified with a backpack, in a moment, gone!

----- John Wagner 29.11.11 09:19

my stash

----- Joel 29.11.11 09:15

As a rucksack, I would use it for my weekly bike trips into downtown Austin. Pick up a few groceries from the farmers market. Switch it to a briefcase for everyday use. I would use it as a messenger bag for my impromptu 3 day trips San Francisco or Chicago. Hard Graft Back2Back Laptop Bag is a truly universal bag with quiet sophistication.

----- Ryan S 29.11.11 09:15

As a Scouts Canada trainer this would be a classy way to bring in my laptop and all the handouts for an Outdoor Skills training. What is more Outdoorsy that full grain leather?! None of those nasty nylon or Cordura backpacks for me. It Leave No Trace with class!

----- Tim Driscoll 29.11.11 09:15

I’d give this bag to my husband so that he could have a more stylish diaper bag. Why should he sacrifice style just because he’s toting around a tot?

----- Karrie 29.11.11 09:13

i love it!! i will use it for my commute to work and for weekend, i’ll carry my 5month old son in it for a fixie ride around nyc.

----- Timothy Cho 29.11.11 09:11

I would use this bag to carry my laptop and to transition from school to work to hanging out with friends. It would be perfectly versatile for my day.

----- Alena 29.11.11 09:11

I’d use it to carry many things far and wide. Because as we all know, you loose what you don’t hold.

----- Chris 29.11.11 09:10

I love its versatility! I’d use this bag to keep myself organized for work.

----- Melissa 29.11.11 09:10

I’d use this 3-in-1 bag to carry around my notebook, camera, film and lenses to ride around town or walk about taking pictures and making notes of sites for other potential shoots. Love it’s look and it would definitely help a photographer out, hint hint. haha.

----- Robert Fielder 29.11.11 09:10

Such a great bag. I’d use it to carry things (what else?)

----- Rachel Bain 29.11.11 09:09

I’d use it commuting to my NEW JOB which will probably involve a 3-hour per day commute. I start on 3 Jan, the first postdoc in a small lab, and I want to look like a grownup. :)

----- Dixie 29.11.11 09:09

Plenty of room for my dog!

----- Joe 29.11.11 09:07

I’m a graphic designer turned singer/songwriter, a self-imposed starving artist for life if you will. I carry my laptop and multiple notebooks with me at all times for when inspiration hits. It’s a beautiful bag and I have such a soft spot for great design but I could never justify the funds to buy it for myself.

----- Dane 29.11.11 09:07

The better question is what wouldn’t I use this bag for!?! I have been coveting this bag since you first showed it on your site two or three years ago!

I vow to not use this bag for holding garbage or food of any kind or as a flotation device, any other uses will be acceptable!

----- Lucas Lund 29.11.11 09:07

It doesn’t matter what I’d use it for, I’d carry it even when its empty! :)

----- Andrea 29.11.11 09:06

When they unearth my bones, on some hillside, or entombed in a city forgotten by those distant generations, they will find that bag at my side, and see the marks and signs of a remarkable life, well lived, and well worn.

----- Michael Fitzpatrick 29.11.11 09:05

I’d carry everything. I rarely get home between the gym, work, bars, and general prancing about. A stylish bag would dress up the schlepping, and make my wish for a pack mule that much less.

----- mary 29.11.11 09:03

I’d probably use the bad as a Rucksack and Briefcase the most. I bike to work in the Summer but, occasionally like to have a bag as a sort of briefcase. This bag looks amazing!

----- Kelsey 29.11.11 09:00

I will use it as my everyday bag.

It will replace the polished lady-like handbag that I bring to work.
It will replace the ‘designer-ly’ felt document bag that I carry my laptop in.
It will replace the sporty sling bag that is meant for the weekend.

----- Pei 29.11.11 08:59

I’m going to use it to carry things when I go to places. If I win, I won’t have to carry things in my arms or hold things in my hands. Imagine carrying a laptop, a laptop charger, a thermos, sunglasses w/case, a leather back journal, pen and pencil, folders, ipod cable, a thick wallet, and other items without a bag. Hard, isn’t it? That’s what I do on a daily basis. However, I do have really muscular arms to show for it!

----- Darrell 29.11.11 08:58

This Hard Graft Back2Back laptop bag would be perfect for my on the road needs. I’m traveling right now and using my laptop at WiFi locations all over the country. This versatile bag can carry my computer, accessories and the paperwork I need, where I need it. Of course with it being so stylish I would look good no matter how I decide to carry it or wear it. Functional, durable and good looking is a great combination.

----- David 29.11.11 08:57

This bag will be used to hold my magic kit!

----- Jonathan 29.11.11 08:55

I would be the most badass newspaper boy in town bar none - but if I do get the bag my bike might need a bit of an upgrade too :-/

----- James 29.11.11 08:55

Thing I would put in this bag:
Interesting rocks from the beach
My lunch
Pine cones
Bow tie

----- Dan Gilmore 29.11.11 08:54

i’d finally have a bag that wouldn’t make me feel like a schlub when traveling for business meetings!!

----- gray 29.11.11 08:52

The danger in a bag like this is it becomes an object of desire. A covetous man will keep for himself, but I try to be wise, so I think I’ll go ahead and hand it over to my wife. It is her style and she would love it.

----- David Keys 29.11.11 08:51

I would use it to carry on my first-ever trip to France next year!

----- Jen 29.11.11 08:51

This would become my everyday urban exploring bag carrying my iPad and SLR all day to discover the hidden pockets of NYC.

----- Adam 29.11.11 08:50

1. Messenger: Carry textbooks and notebooks to lecture/library.
2. Backpack: Moleskine, pen and camera when biking.
3. Briefcase: To carry the copious amount of paperwork I need to bring to work.
This is an awesome bag.

----- Jordan 29.11.11 08:46

I would use this bag:
as a briefcase to take to into work.
as a messenger bag for travel.
and as a rucksack for my bike commute.
a true 365 day bag.

----- Bethany 29.11.11 08:46

I’d just rub my face against it’s beautiful leathery loveliness…


----- Alec 29.11.11 08:45

For my groceries!

----- wolfie 29.11.11 08:45

I would use it to cultivate a general look of awesomeness. It would be the centerpiece to my new appearance.

----- Joe 29.11.11 08:44

I’d take it with me anywhere. Wow, this thing is *sweet*!

----- Stephan 29.11.11 08:44

I’d use it for a day-trip around town. Pack all the essentials: snacks, water, camera, notebook, and my iPad

----- Tran Nguyen 29.11.11 08:43

Carrying paint and “art” supplies around town, looks super durable for pretty much everything though.

----- Michael 29.11.11 08:43

I would use this messenger bag / briefcase / rucksack as a cozy winter home for my squirrel friends that have made their nest in my bedroom wall. They’re very loud and fight a lot, but I think it’s because they don’t have a suitable living space. Any human family as cramped as they would fight a lot, don’t you think?

So this one’s for the squirrel family (I’ve named them the Johnsons). Or maybe it’s for me. Yeah, probably me.

----- Micah 29.11.11 08:43

I LOVE THIS BAG!!! I would use it everywhere. Literally. I think it would make me feel like an actual adult. Like its got all the functionality for school, work, and just anywhere fun. I would carry everything in it! Or I could give it to my bro he needs a new bag for work… Haha yeah, we shall see. Man I really want this bag!

----- BioAx 29.11.11 08:39

This bag would be more than ideal for carrying around both my work and school essentials. Rather than having to switch out my things from one bag to another, I can just use this one to carry all my needed belongings. To be honest I’ve been eying this bag for quite some time now, the only thing that’s holding me back is that price! So to get this as a gift would be awesome!

----- John Guinto 29.11.11 08:38

I would carry all my dreams, hopes and aspirations.

----- brandon Mike 29.11.11 08:36

Would be a great addition to my iPad, I travel alot and have nowhere to put my iPad.

----- Mike H 29.11.11 08:35

I would use this bag to take my work with me on my way to meet friends some where fun, like in the desert, possibly NYE. I would then leave the bag in my room and ignore work, but at least I would be doing it in style.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 29.11.11 08:33

I would carry the usual suspects in there … MacBook Pro, iPad2, various pads and pens. Love hardgraft!

----- Aaron 29.11.11 08:33

I would use as a cool disguise for my not so cool laptop and lap quilt.

----- Valeria Mezzano 29.11.11 08:33

This bag would be perfect for carrying all of my books and computer to work and school!

----- Nicole 29.11.11 08:32

Wow. I would love this bag!

I’d use it to carry my laptop and notes to and from the library while I’m researching my master’s thesis…. it would sure make the trip exciting if I was carrying that gorgeous bag!

----- Adri 29.11.11 08:31

This is such a lovely yet very practical bag. I would share it with my beau and bring it along for all of our urban adventures. Amazing contents could include our Diana F+, moleskines + pens, laptop, PSP, DS, and a pair of wonderful books by Haruki Murakami. We could name it Megatron as this ultimate transformer of a bag would be great as a rucksack for me (short + weak) and a messenger for my beau (tall + lumberjack).

----- Flora 29.11.11 08:29

This would be a perfect gift for my dad. I have never bought him anything because I’m still a student and a broke one at that. I’m sure he would love it because the bag is very versatile.
What would he put in it?
I was hoping that he would fill it with souvenirs and gifts from around the world for me and my siblings since he travels for work a lot.

----- NABEL 29.11.11 08:29

I’d use it as my day to day bag, and it would actually be versatile enough to do the job. I could (finally) use one bag to haul my laptop, a change of clothes, etc, to work, bring it to meetings in briefcase mode holding a notebook and my ipad, throw it on as a messenger to hit a coffee shop and do some thinking after work, and then use it as a backpack to store the coffee / groceries / snacks I pick up on the way home.

That, and it’s beautiful, so I’d mostly use it to show off my good taste.

----- Jon Crowley 29.11.11 08:28

My Aspirations.

----- Charlie 29.11.11 08:27

I’d use this bag to stylishly carry my lunch, book and maybe some fabulous shoes on my bicycle commute.

----- Maureen McAvoy Jemison 29.11.11 08:27

If I won this beautiful bag I’d probably use it for just about everything: I’d carry my laptop to work, books to the library, deposits to the bank, et cetera.

----- Anne 29.11.11 08:26

I’ve been looking for a bag that holds more stuff for everyday use but still works as a formal-enough bag for job interviews. Perfect.

----- Andrew 29.11.11 08:26

I would use it to stow only the most cherished of tools, as I travel around the globe. Never again would my MacBook Pro or Moleskine have to worry of being handle in a lesser vessel.

----- Daniel Ramer 29.11.11 08:23

I would use it to travel around and carry my laptop and camera accessories as well as design tools. It is perfect.

----- Mario 29.11.11 08:23

I would, I would, uh, CARRY ALL THE THINGS!

----- Erik 29.11.11 08:22

I’d give this bag to my partner. He bikes to and from work and to class. We also bike downtown for bars/galleries, so it’d be nice to have a multi-functional bag. What would he keep in it? Let’s see … laptop, books, sketchbook, diary, ipod, rocks (we collect rocks), tobacco and papers.

----- Samantha 29.11.11 08:22

Jesus Christ Superstar! I would use this amazing bag everywhere on every situation! I think this bag is so easy to combine with almost any outfit ( maybe not with a party dress… or not?!). I would use this bag for go school, work, movies, shopping, library..even stay home with it, watching tv..

----- Renata 29.11.11 08:20

I’d shuttle the beauty between chicago and copenhagen… Make it carry all the gear I need to record my music: laptop, ipad, irig, pod2 and whatnot. Oh sigh…

----- Arne 29.11.11 08:19

By winning this awesome bag, I would stuff the money saved into it!

----- Elliott 29.11.11 08:17

Fresh out of college, my cut-price fashion needs a refresh now that I’m in the real world. Much nicer than the bag I’ve ripped to tatters for heading to work.

----- Jeff 29.11.11 08:16

this outstanding creation of style and function is another clear step for maintaining my parental status as one that is still in touch with reality. this bag would be an example to all parents that you can still represent a sense of fashion and functionality without losing your life to a 5 year old and 21 month old. we young parents need all the help we can get to inspire others, hold our identity, and be an example to our own children of what true style looks like. this carry-all would be perfect for my MacBook Pro, lunch, and various and sundry items worthy of caring well for the groms.

----- Erik 29.11.11 08:15

I’d use it to carry my rubbish backpack to the tip.

----- Adam King 29.11.11 08:15

First of all, awesome! never really read the comments portion on NOTCOT, some sweet posts.

Second of all, I would use this bag to to make everyone super jealous, and when they as where I got it from I will proudly say, I got it in a giveaway from this awesome site called NOTCOT! and then immediately tell them to go there so they can get hooked. This pretty much happens everyday but, it would be better with a new bag =)

----- JoshK 29.11.11 08:15

walking in Brazil with this bag will be very, very cool.

----- jay panelomo 29.11.11 08:14

I’d use it to carry my computer and notebooks (and books!) instead of my ratty backpack— ah, to be able to look professional *and* functional!

----- Dena 29.11.11 08:12

To carry my books on the train…

----- Lir 29.11.11 08:12

I would use it to get shit done.

----- Charles Worthington 29.11.11 08:10

I would give it to my plant pathologist boyfriend who has been dragging around the same old ripped REI backpack with one strap for the past year

----- Laura K. 29.11.11 08:10

I would give this to my brother! He is very fashion-conscious, but he doesn’t always have the money to spend. He has a new job that he has to lug his old backpack around with, and he’s a bit embarrassed about it - and this is one of the times that I would like to help him out, not just laugh at his misfortune like the bad little sister I often am! ;)

----- Ayla 29.11.11 08:09

Other than to carry my daily essentials; laptop, sketchbook/s etc, I’d use it to remind myself to visit Notcot every night. :)

----- Rafiz Raman 29.11.11 08:09

I’ve been looking for a new bag to replace my trust Timbuk2 Messenger that is about 10 years old and not held together with duct tape. I need something a bit more sophisticated and grown up and this would fit the bill perfectly.

----- Justin H 29.11.11 08:08

I’d use it to carry my laptop and other things to and from work … or maybe give it to my husband so he could have a nicer looking commuter bag!

----- katalia 29.11.11 08:08

I’m a Moleskine (and notebooks in general) lover. I would love this bag to fill it with a lot of Moleskines, pens, markers and of course with all the electronic devices (yes, I love them too) I usually carry around.
Hmmm … will this bag be enough to put all my stuff inside? Only if I win I will know it ;)



----- Federico 29.11.11 08:07

I would use this bag to hold my sketchbook and laptop on set (I’m an NYC filmmaker). It would be perfect for filming, rugged, simple, and the briefcase would be ideal for more professional production meetings, the backpack, for more rugged filming days (I do a lot of doc shooting) and the messenger, for everything in between. What a perfect Christmas present!

----- Atif Hashmi 29.11.11 08:07

I would use it to protect my books when school starts next summer :)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 29.11.11 08:07

I’d use this for all the things I currently carry back and forth to work in an ugly blue tote bag, like some frumpy lady carrying her knitting.

----- Laura 29.11.11 08:05

Other than to carry my daily essentials; laptop, sketchbook/s etc, I’d use it to remind myself to visit Notcot every night. :)

----- Rafiz Raman 29.11.11 08:05

BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!! And I would use it for everything…
When I go to work I´d use it as a briefcase and on weekends in any of the other 2 forms… I have all the attitude thats goes with this bag.

----- Dalia 29.11.11 08:02

I’m a designer, I design beautiful objects, I need a beautiful bag to carry my beautiful ideas in, no more, no less.

----- RY 29.11.11 08:02

Wonderful bag, I’d use it to carry laptop and for travel of a day!

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 29.11.11 08:01

i’d put all my architecture in it and merely through the observation of my ownership of this bag my clients would surely be reassured…

----- ian 29.11.11 08:01

This bag looks amazing! It’s the perfect bag for me because it strikes a great balance between looking professional without looking boring. I look really young for my 29 years and as a retail manager it helps having more grown-up accessories. It would replace the military-style backpack I currently use and have the benefit of holding my laptop properly (the current home-made laptop sleeve I made from felt lined with bubble wrap looks far too shoddy to be professional.)
does it also help that my birthday is Dec. 4th? I may have to get it as a gift to myself if I don’t luck out here!

----- Mikey 29.11.11 08:01

Well, it looks like one of those snazy hollywood type bags. So I would use it to walk around town with no purpose apart from being picked up by one of those movie producers because my bag is so flashy

----- sebastian 29.11.11 08:01

what a beautiful bag! as a grad student, i’d use the rucksack most, as it leaves my hands free while i walk and take the bus to campus, and i can carry heavier items like books and laptop evenly on my shoulders. for going out, either solo or with friends, i’d use the messenger bag for my wallet, keys, cell phone, water bottle, etc. when i’m attending a conference and need to look ‘professional’, i’d use the briefcase for notes and papers.

----- Pamela W. 29.11.11 08:00

computer, notebook, pen, pencil, mouse, power cable, gum, headphones, business cards, thumb drive, sunglasses, magazine, book, shrunken head.

----- Adam Edwards 29.11.11 07:59

I would use it for work daily in SF Bay Area. The strap on my last bag just broke off so I’ve been carrying it by the strap, which is awkward and not convenient. I have to wait to buy something for myself as it’s X-Mas season and bills and gifts for other people have to come first. I have one of the original Hard Graft iPhone cases from just after their name change from Working Class Heroes, I’ve recommended it to dozens of people and been asked about it by even more.

----- Nick 29.11.11 07:58

65th birthday present catch-all to my father for our upcoming Speyside trip in April. Leather holds scotch well, doesn’t it?

----- Matt 29.11.11 07:57

` : | | | |: || : ` : | |+|: | : : :| . ` .
` : | :| || |: : ` | | :| : | : |: | . :
.’ ‘: || |: | ’ ` || | : | |: : | . ` . :.
`’ || | ’ | * ` : | | :| |*| : : :|
* * ` | : : | . ` ’ :| | :| . : : * :.||
.` | | | : .:| ` | || | : |: | | ||
’ . + ` | : .: . ‘| | : :| : . |:| ||
. . ` *| || : ` | | :| | : |:| |
. . . || |.: * | || : : :|||
. . . * . . ` |||. + + ‘| ||| . ||`
. * . +:`|! . |||| :.||`
+ . ..!|* . | :`||+ |||`
. + : |||` .| :| | | |.| ||` .
* + ’ + :|| |` :.+. || || | |:`|| `
. .||` . ..|| | |: ‘` `| | |` +
. +++ || !|!: ` :| |
+ . . | . `|||.: .|| . . `
’ `|. . `:||| + ||’ `
__ + * `’ `’|. `:
“’ `—-“”“——….____,..^—-`^“——.,.___ `. `. . ____,.,-
___,—’”“`—-“’ ^ ^ ^ ^ “”“’—-,..___ __,..—-“”’
—”’ &nnbsp; ^ “—..,__
D. Rice

I’d take it beautiful places all over the world.

----- Jay 29.11.11 07:57

i just found it! i mean, im searching for the perfect present to my boyfriend..and this is it! :)

----- Lilla 29.11.11 07:53

I would use to carry my beloved Macbook Pro & sketchbook.

----- Nir Tober 29.11.11 07:52

I am a middle school art teacher. This hardy bag would be perfect for me as I scuttle to and from my classes, carrying everything I need including my laptop and art supplies. No harm being the coolest teacher in school!

----- Licheng 29.11.11 07:51

I would give it to my fiance for Christmas! He lugs his laptop on so many work trips, and he deserves to look good doing it.

----- Amelia 29.11.11 07:50


----- lindsay 29.11.11 07:50

I would give it to my boyfriend to replace his old ratty bag.

----- Jasmine 29.11.11 07:50

Bringing workout clothes to the office for later, fabric to the home for creative fussing, welding gloves & mask to the studio for torching art, and carrying nibbles to & fro on my bike…

Finally, something that can contain all my interests!

----- CJ Bee 29.11.11 07:47

I would give this as a gift to my husband who is constantly working on his laptop and who also has champagne taste on a beer budget. I know he would love it.

----- jacklyn 29.11.11 07:47

My shoulders are not my best feature. Bags help.

----- Ashley 29.11.11 07:46

I am an art student, and I bring my laptop everyday back and forth for an hour and a half commute. It’s not fun, but it’s worth it. I would love something like a Bag2Back to ease the pain of me running through the Metra, to the bus, to the L train with TWO bags that I have to carry because my laptop bag isn’t enough.

I have always admired Hard Graft’s work but could never afford it! If I could, I would get every one of their product for my boyfriend and I because I see no better options. Well, a girl can dream!

----- Michelle C. 29.11.11 07:44

Lugging my camera, iPad, Hard Graft iPhone wallet every day…simply put: for absolutely everything!

----- Susan 29.11.11 07:43

This Amazing bag would be my perfect go-to-bag. Perfect for travelling with, commuting, Love the idea I can cycle with it!!!! Generally keeping everything safe whilst looking incredibly stylish. If i won it all my friends would be insanely jealous and probably buy one too!!!

----- Joel Levitt 29.11.11 07:42

i think i’d end up fighting my husband for it, but while i could still call it mine i’d savor use it for toting my lunch and paper to work or studio either on the bus or my bike. I’d also enjoy having more space in my closet since I could get rid of three other bags that I rotate between depending on transport method.

----- holly 29.11.11 07:42

Nice bag, hope my cam will fits.
One for work, one for cycling and one for loving!

----- Paul 29.11.11 07:42

I would use this bag to show everyone how wool and leather and the most beautiful materials known to man. And of course, to shove all my essential design tools in there…

----- Matthew 29.11.11 07:40

I would use this bag as my everyday bag, laptop for the work days and beer/bike lock for the park days.

----- Wesley H 29.11.11 07:39

I’d use it to make myself feel good walking down the street. Vanity…

----- Eugen 29.11.11 07:38

I’m an editor, so the bag would likely be filled with manuscripts and a laptop. This is a timely giveaway…the zipper on my current laptop bag just broke!

----- Yenn 29.11.11 07:35

I’d use the heck out of it.

----- Scott B 29.11.11 07:35


----- JOONG HAN LEE 29.11.11 07:33

I would use this bag to help Santa deliver gifts on Christmas Eve, as it appears to have unlimited space for storing presents. I would, of course, also pack a parachute in the bag for safe landing out of Santa’s sleigh. [Contrary to popular belief, Santa does not haphazardly toss the presents out of the sleigh down a chimney. They are delivered with care and in person by either Santa or his helpers.]

----- Kezia C. 29.11.11 07:31

Oh my God, what couldn’t I use this bag for? Its awesome! I’d use it to carry my computer and sketchbook around for sure, along with my sketching tools. Amazing. Love it!

----- Dani 29.11.11 07:28

I would use it as advertised: for absolutely everything. Also, world peace like everyone above, just so we’re on a level playing field.

----- Aaron 29.11.11 07:28

My dear boyfriend have this thing for rucksacks.. ugly yet practical ones. He needs this one!

----- Johanna 29.11.11 07:27

to carry my golden macbook air around.

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 29.11.11 07:26

This would be an ideal bag to carry my laptop on the commute to work.

----- Ed 29.11.11 07:24

I would pack some camping goodies for the luxe camping retreat that I’ve always dreamed of.

----- Rav 29.11.11 07:20

You mean what would I use it for besides being cool and looking awesome?

Well, I’d use it for carrying my sketchbook that I never use, my pens that I have since like 6-8 years ago that I barely use (go figure), my iPad that I barely use as well but it sounds so fancy when I say I have one and not to mention it has a cover that matches perfectly with this bag, my chap stick (that I do use), my head phones, and a bunch of other junk that I probably never use…

So, in other words and back to where we started, I’d use it mainly for being cool and looking awesome :)

PS: I’m a graphic designer so it’s almost imperative for me to have it; I already have the dark framed glasses to go with it :)

----- Simon Lam 29.11.11 07:18

I would use this bag to carry work items, carry iPad and iPhone to view and read up on notcot & hard graft regularly.

----- Munishp 29.11.11 07:17

Laptop and junkfood. For those days I find myself working super late at the office.

----- Tiffany 29.11.11 07:17

laptop holder. maybe i would let my bf borrow it if i was feeling nice.

----- alicia 29.11.11 07:16

I would use the messenger bag to bike to class and the briefcase for my work meetings.

----- Blake 29.11.11 07:13

I’d use this bag for everything, the possibilities are endless since its design is very sleek and tres tres chic

----- Nicholas Sipes 29.11.11 07:13

all my gym clothes of course.

----- sk 29.11.11 07:13

I’d use it for all the interviews I’ll be going on in the (hopefully) near future!!

----- Eric Alessandrini 29.11.11 07:11

I would carry my iPad and an emergency bag of skittles. Aside from that, I’d make it my goal to leave home with it as empty as possible and use it as an excuse to fill it with new things.

----- Kevin 29.11.11 07:09




----- JOHN 29.11.11 07:08

For carrying lilacs in May.

----- Cristina 29.11.11 07:07

I travel the world doing consulting work for wireless systems. Having a convertible bag would be a huge help. I could use it as a messenger/backpack when traveling and walk into meetings with a briefcase. Maybe I’d get a mba/ultrabook to go along with it :)

----- Josh 29.11.11 07:07

I’d probably use this for all the same boring things everybody else has already written. I’m probably also a designer, think it’s uber chic, blah blah etc. What I would do differently however is stylishly pack all my apocalypse gear, so depending on how the zombies are coming at me I can swing it over my shoulder and grab weapons with ease, keep it on my back and run away like a girl, or get all business and briefcase them in the face. Most likely, they would just leave me alone since zombies appreciate well crafted accessories.

----- Andy Sheffield / Cure for the Common 29.11.11 07:07

I’d definitely use it on my retro bicycle, whether I’m going to work, out for a beer, or visiting with friends. The bike is newly refurbished (it originally belonged to my late mother, and a good friend of mine fixed it up for me while I was studying abroad for a year). Gray, orange and blue is a great color combination!

----- Lelia 29.11.11 07:04

Walking around NYC with my laptop. I’m using this old bag from high school which needs replacement desperately.

----- James 29.11.11 07:04

i would to use it as a everyday bag! this would be perfect for different situations where I can just take my bag and wear it as either a shoulder bag when walking or backpack when riding my bike!

----- Ken 29.11.11 07:03

365 Days - every Day a different use - that’s the goal for 2012!! and yes - i’ll find 365 different ways to use that Thing. 3 ways to fold it - at least 365 to use it!

----- Rouven 29.11.11 07:03

A perfect utilitarian bag, with great understated style. I could finally replace my worn out canvas tote!

----- Zack 29.11.11 07:03

Keeping my lunch safe during the long commute to work.

----- Gino 29.11.11 07:02

My love could use this whether he is walking to work, biking or riding his 1984 Honda Cub!

----- AILEEN 29.11.11 07:02

I would use the AWESOME BAG as my daily do-everything bag. Work, hanging out, shopping it goes wherever I go.

----- Jason 29.11.11 07:01

Wake up and being able to pack all my things in the briefcase, from paper to computer anything that can fuel creativity during days of work, meetings and presentations…

En fin d’après-midi, sortir une bouteille de vin du sac à dos pour discuter, rire, écouter et refaire le monde une énième fois autour d’une bonne table avec mes meilleurs amis…

Y finalmente voy a regressar en mi casa, para encontrar los brasos de mi esposa y regararla con un regalito que yo escondería en mi bolso de viaje y acabar el dia con un beso.

----- Lionel 29.11.11 07:01

Would work wonderfully for the lap top and all my necessary work papers and then easily into a wonderful purse.

----- Lisa 29.11.11 06:59

I have been a fan of Hard Graft since they were Working Class Heroes. This bag would be the coolest one in my arsenal and it would easily replace my nylon messenger for the bike commute.

----- Brandon 29.11.11 06:59

I would love to have this bag. My laptop and bag got stolen two weeks ago in South-Africa. I need to buy everything, so i can spend some money on a laptop instead of a bag ;)

----- Miquel Steps 29.11.11 06:58

I’m back in school, so I’d use it as a backpack for my computer, books, and notebooks.

----- Lara 29.11.11 06:58

The Messenger Bag: Going to the lab.
- u lock, rain coat, lights
- Rhodia notebook, pencil with eraser
- laptop, power cord
- unroasted coffee samples, cupping spoon
- Rubik’s cube, partially solved
The Rucksack: Going to origin.
- ticket, passport
- tooth brush, 3oz toothpaste
- PowerShot G12, GPS
- pesos, dollars, quetzals, lempiras, shillings, or Kroons.
- New Yorker, head phones
- cupping spoon
The Briefcase: Going everywhere else.
- Pentel fine superball
- roasted coffee samples, cupping spoon
- Scott Rao’s Everything But Espresso, autographed
- Naked and Famous elephant selvedge denim, well worn
- Mixed nuts minus the brazil
- Rubik’s cube, solved

----- myhusband 29.11.11 06:58

I currently carry around a bag given to me by my ex-girlfriend. It holds my slate pc, my lunch and anything else I need to haul to work and back. I’d use this well designed and great looking bag to replace this ever reminder of her. Since I take public transit to work, it may also help me attract a like-minded, design-conscious mate. Thanks NOTCOT!

----- Patrick 29.11.11 06:57

I’d use to carry anything I could use to access the NOTCOT.

----- Talita Escher Massola 29.11.11 06:57

I would use this bag to amaze and delight my friends, as well as elicit envious looks and snide comments from my co-workers. I’d also, like, ya know, put stuff in it.

----- Bryan 29.11.11 06:56

This bag would be perfect for protecting my piccolo while I bike across the Manhattan Bridge to my gigs. I’ll probably carry it messenger style because I’m a lady. When my flute gets jealous (I don’t think it’ll fit), I’ll give it to my computer programmer boyfriend. He’ll carry around his cute little Lenovo laptop on his matching bike. Then I’ll ask for it back when I get jealous. Pretty much, this bag will incite jealousy in everyone because it’s functional and beautiful.

----- Alison 29.11.11 06:56

My iPad for sure.

----- Raymond 29.11.11 06:55

I would smuggle all the puppies in the pound to FREEDOM!!!

----- Cristina 29.11.11 06:55

I’ll be travelling to Japan in January so this would be a perfect bag to hold all my camera and tablet equipment. Everyone in Japan would take notice of how good looking this bag is!

----- Jacky 29.11.11 06:54

I’ll use it as daily carrier. Labtop, iPad, papers, camera time to time. It would just complete my style :)


----- Petri Teppo 29.11.11 06:53

That messenger form would be just the fit for notebooks and shit

----- Jim 29.11.11 06:52

I’ll use it as a great life companion to share all my adventures with (work related or pleasure, both combine in my case…), Perfect bag to put all my stuff (macbook pro, cables, books, files, etc.!)

I would also take good care of it!

----- Renaud G 29.11.11 06:52

I would love it.

----- Chris 29.11.11 06:51

I’d put all my other bags in it.

----- Cole 29.11.11 06:50

I LOVE hard graft. I would pretty much carry my life in here.

----- Amanda 29.11.11 06:47

About this time last year I met the man of my dreams and fell madly in love. He has made the effort every day since to make me smile, and never failed. This bag would make him smile, in return, and would be as supportive and dependable as he’s been for me. He runs several growing independent businesses out of a bicycle messenger bag that’s seen it’s best days, and works 18 hours a day towards our shared future. As a single parent with a similar schedule but expenses exceeding my gift budget, winning this for him would simply make me cry happy tears.

----- Antonia 29.11.11 06:45

I’ve been at my new job for just a few months now, and have still not managed to get a decent looking bag to carry around all my things. This would be perfect to help with all my paperwork and sketches.

It could probably do a handy job of protecting my camera gear as well…

----- Mikaela 29.11.11 06:43

I would use this bag for backpacking trips through the alps, never been there.. and to launder money for the Canadian Association of Rocketry (who wouldn’t want to). In all seriousness, this bag could possibly save someone’s life someday and I am obviously living life on the edge.

----- Dave 29.11.11 06:43

I would make this the coolest diaper bag ever.

----- rich 29.11.11 06:43

I’m a small business owner, and I desperately need a new bag for my business meetings with new and potential clients. This Hard Graft bag would be perfect for that!

----- Maurice 29.11.11 06:42

I would wear that bag with my other grey attire, everything should be grey with a touch of color.

----- Nick Becker 29.11.11 06:41

I’m an Industrial Design Student. I have to carry lots of stuff everyday through my bus drive and metro drive. This bag would be more than useful for me !! Stylish , with neutral colors.. hmmm.. I’d make my classmates jealous..

----- Char Lef Pai 29.11.11 06:41

First, I would use it when I take my kids out for play dates and such. This would be very versitaile for carrying all the goods I need for them and to make all the other dads and moms envious!
Then, I could take it to work, carrying all my needed design info and whatnot all while making my coworkers jealous that I’m rocking a cool bag.

----- jonnyA 29.11.11 06:39

Id use this bag to give a scence of quality, functionality and beauty as I take it to meetings and the office. It would hold a macbook air and a notepad and pen. Im a graphic and web designer by trade and my profession is all about a fine balance between form and function. Having something that looks beautiful but essentially is very functional at the same time is a hard balance to perfect. Something hardgraft does incredibly well with their line or products.

I grew up with my father running a small family business that made and sold leather items and to this day the smell and texture or leather brings back memories of his workshop. Littered in scribbled designs, sheets of leather, a pungent smell of glue and the sound of the industrial sowing machines in the background.

Looking at all of the hardgraft products brings back great memories and gettings to use something that beautiful in my daily work would mean a lot to me.

----- Jason Karayiannis 29.11.11 06:39

I work out of my car, driving from place to place every day meeting and talking with people. This would look much more professional than the old Jansport backpack I’ve managed to use throughout highschool, college, and now my adult life!

----- Stephan Kwapis 29.11.11 06:38

I’ll carrying it every day although I don’t need a bag.

----- Josh 29.11.11 06:38

I would smuggle cocaine from Bolivia into the states.

----- craig hackey 29.11.11 06:36

The U.S. border patrol will never suspect that I would be smuggling drugs inside such a lovely bag.

----- Bella 29.11.11 06:36

fighting crime isn’t as simple as a cool utility belt anymore. with the advances in technology you simply need more stuff. what is a better sidekick then the back2back for all your crime fighting needs. ka-pow

----- Mickiah Broomfield 29.11.11 06:35

Hey ho everyone

Thats no Joke i´m searching for an nice looking Backpack since a few week/Months. Neither their look like this absolute functional Bags, that doesn´t fit to me, cause it looks like a Backpack wears a girl, or there are simply too expensive for my Studentbudget.
Im studieing Interior Design and ride by bike to my universitiy. My Laptop is my most important tool and i need a save protection for it.
Also i think it would be nice to see it at our Designcampus ;-)))
I will explode like a rocket

Lots of crazy greets

----- Caro^^ 29.11.11 06:35

I would gift the bag to my husband — he would love this!

----- Geek in Heels 29.11.11 06:33

I reckon I would spend the first hour just ogling at that bag, to be honest; after that, I will fall back to its proper, item-carrying use and feel one with the world of baggage.

----- Andrea 29.11.11 06:33

I am traveling to Japan next year from March-June. I have been looking into a versatile bag that will fit the essentials that I’ll need to use while exploring daily and traveling extensively. I absolutely love how it can be worn as a messenger and easily manipulated into a rucksack depending on the environment I’m in. I’ll be documenting my experience, and this bag will help me stay organized while I discover and blog about hidden Japanese hideouts for future travelers.

----- Katie 29.11.11 06:33

In my life as a secret agent, it’s important to have a versatile bag that can morph with me as I’m switching personas, chasing or being chased by the top evil geniuses of the world or kicking a few back with the 007’s of the world. The Hard Graft Back2Back is perfect for meeting the harsh demands of my line of work while looking good enough to go with my always freshly pressed tux.

----- Brian 29.11.11 06:32

I could use a new computer bag.

----- Tom 29.11.11 06:32

Wow, what a beautiful bag! I would use it lug from various adventures to get-togethers to meetings to shoots.
It would hold my life — notebook, camera, several layers and outfits of clothes, emergency gym gear… awesome!

----- Calvin Lau 29.11.11 06:30

Give it to my wife as a gift so she won’t get all her paperwork wet in the rain.

----- Will 29.11.11 06:30

I would use this beast for all of me sweet nerf guns to dominate the office and urban wastelands.

----- Christian 29.11.11 06:30

As a student and an avid cyclist I would use this bag everyday to hold all my essentials. Finally a classy utilitarian backpack.

----- JON WANG 29.11.11 06:26

I ditch my leather attache, cut up my neck tie, and sport this on my back with nothing else on!

----- Cesar 29.11.11 06:26

I’ll use it to complete me!

----- Joshua Lim 29.11.11 06:26

I’d give this bag to my husband if I won it. He’d use it for his regular Friday night Warhammer 30K gaming group & they’d all be jealous of his awesome new bag :)

----- April Bogus 29.11.11 06:25

I am traveling to Japan next year from March-June. I have been looking into a versatile bag that will fit the essentials that I’ll need to use while exploring daily and traveling extensively. I absolutely love how it can be worn as a messenger and easily manipulated into a rucksack depending on the environment I’m in. I’ll be documenting my experience, and this bag will help me stay organized while I discover and blog about hidden Japanese hideouts for future travelers.

----- Katie 29.11.11 06:25

Hey! I would use this bag for collage. What else would you use it for? It would hold all those textbooks while I bike to school! I’d use the backpack when I’m riding, then the messenger bag for when I’m walking, and for fancy presentations, I would strut in with the briefcase. All. In. ONE.

----- Angela Nguyen 29.11.11 06:25

Cycling to work and going take a beer with style!

----- Anne-Marie L. 29.11.11 06:21

Whether it’s walking into a business presentation, traveling on a plane or just a day at the beach, this handsome and versatile bag is up to the challenge. My files, computer, and outdoor gear will get plenty of use out of it.

----- York 29.11.11 06:20

I would use this bag everyday and not baby it. powertools, lunch, books, laptop, cats.

----- Mike 29.11.11 06:20

I want..naturally, there isn’t a need for such an undeniably awesome bag (I’m told that hands can do the same. Or plastic grocery bags for that matter). But this is what I consider a “forever bag”. I would use this puppy for everything: shelping the day-to-day (high disdain for purses), travel, and sleepovers. It is the kind of bag I would keep until it was too tired to function. Aw yes (cue daydreaming bubbles), this bag would be a great partner.

----- elise 29.11.11 06:20

With my 4 hour daily commute, I’d use this beautiful bag to hold all the things that keep me sane

----- Cory M 29.11.11 06:19

I tutor at a high school. Unfortunately, I also LOOK like a high schooler, and the giant backpack I still use to carry my computer doesn’t help any. I’m tired of faculty confusing me for a 15 year old, and maybe a bag this sophisticated could help.

----- Jeremy 29.11.11 06:15

This bag might move me away from Joyce’s comeback of the backpack crew and into the realm of grown-up bags. (I tried once before. Then returned when I needed more space to carry student papers.) If I won, I’d use the bag to carry papers and books and my computer to and from school.

----- Sarah 29.11.11 06:14

This case,

I will use it for my work,
In order to take my bread, and my laptop
my phone and apple or orange.
Make my colega’s jealous and my boss,
And on may way home, hit the dog from my bag with it.
Take a shelter from the rain, forgot my rainsuit.
And when I come home, throw it in the corner, and the next day the
same ritual, day after day, year after year, until I retire, then I will
take him fishing.


----- Hielke Schoonewelle 29.11.11 06:13

I will take it with me first time I go to Mars!

----- Janez 29.11.11 06:11

December 1st is my birthday and my current bag for holding all of my pens and paper and portfolio equipment is falling apart! I’m am industrial design student and I’m literally carrying all of my tools everywhere I go! Cheers!

----- Edouard Urcadez 29.11.11 06:10

Some people have say that I live a triple life… Do you know how hard it is to find a bag that can live up to a triple life standard? I can only imagine that this bag would do provide the perfect platform to live up to all three! Corporate marketer by day, messenger-bag-fixed-gear-bicycle-commuter in the afternoon and the rucksack for carrying that heavy camera gear to my next photo shoot. Match.Made.In.Heaven.

----- Justin Astro 29.11.11 06:09

I’m a DJ, a public speaker about technology, rights & culture, I’m an activist organizing to fight privatization of public education, and I’m a teacher. Luckily my laptop allows me to do all those things, with a few books, papers, headphones, and my e-reader. I need a bag that lets me move between all these different worlds and still look sharp - and Hard Graft design is the way to go.

----- Larisa Mann 29.11.11 06:07

I could ride to work looking stylish… carrying my laptop, iPad, magazines/newspapers,…

----- José 29.11.11 06:07

Wow, what a beautiful bag! I would use it lug from various adventures to get-togethers to meetings to shoots.
It would hold my life — notebook, camera, several layers and outfits of clothes, emergency gym gear… awesome!

----- Calvin Lau 29.11.11 06:05

conquering the world

----- Dave 29.11.11 06:04

I would use this bag for everything! It would be wonderful for my commute.

----- Ginger 29.11.11 06:04

Day-to-day I’d use this for my laptop as a messenger bag. It’d also be amazing for when I travel considering I only bring a cameras and a couple days worth of clothes even if I’m gone for a month. This is a bag I’d use every day for the rest of my life and since it’s leather it’d last that long.

----- Blake 29.11.11 06:03

What do bags do? They carry stuff. Like wallets, umbrellas, chapsticks, keys and loads of paperwork. This one could easily carry all of the above. But the most important thing a bag does, is carry dreams. In it, I’d put all the things I need to realize mine: a loveletter, a pamflet, a memory….

----- Samira 29.11.11 06:01

I would love to say I’d do something cool with this bag……but it would end up like all of my other bags; full of gum wrappers, old kleenex, bus transfers and mismatched gloves. That being said I would love and care for it and show it off to my Coach bag carrying friends. (I have been hailing the come back of the backpack!)

----- Joyce 29.11.11 05:59

That’s simple….hardgraft was made for the working mans life. I would use it in the spirit of the workers who created it and the company.

----- Robert Wang 29.11.11 05:57

I think the question is;, what wouldn’t I use the bag for? ^____^

----- Chau H 29.11.11 05:56

I’d get it for my brother, hes a packaging designer who hauls all of his gadgets/ notepads around in ripped up tote bags, or just by hand. He both rides the train and bike– I guess he can be professional at times, so all three uses of this bag would be beneficial to him. I wanna make this christmas something nice for him because he never really takes time out to enjoy himself and give a moment to appreciate… thank you!

----- Tim 29.11.11 05:55

I would give it to my sister for Christmas. She is in historic preservation (laptops, books, schematics… no idea what she is carrying around) and this is right up her alley.

----- Zack 29.11.11 05:55

I would use this bag to trasport my sketchbook and computer to and from the studio I work in and to my office! I think the versatility of the design would fit all the areas so I can have a backpack when im on my bike but the more briefcase style when I am in the office scene!

----- Natalie Kay 29.11.11 05:53

Carrying my digital goodies on trips back and forth to SoCal… From SoCar… It’s a pretty long trek.

----- Matt Peckham 29.11.11 05:50

I would use this bag to its fullest potential. Get it? Fullest?

----- Maggie 29.11.11 05:49

I’d give it to my wife to carry her knitting, reading, writing, etc.

----- Doug 29.11.11 05:48

I’d give it to my dad for Christmas so he can stop using the nasty duct tape-y old Burton backpack he wears every day on his ride to work!

----- Kate S 29.11.11 05:47

This bag would be quintessential on the long-labored battlefield that is the fine buses and trains of the Chicago Transit Authority fleet. I would put it on my lap and read books from out of it on top of it so that people find me simple and do not attempt to engage me in battle. It would need to keep my laptop safe as I thrust it to the ground and perform a ninja cartwheel into the crowd so the ghost riders can’t remember my face.

----- Shanna VanVolt 29.11.11 05:43

I would use that bag for riding my stuff on my bike, best of it, the colors and the look fits!

----- Nicolas 29.11.11 05:42

I spend endless hours teaching art to disadvantaged people, both adults and children. This bag would be a heart warming perk for devotion to low pay while brightening lives. All I have ever had are recycled shopping bags. Thank you for considering me for this gift. Also, I am old, so it would be fun to watch my kids fight over it when they put me in a nursing home in a few years.

----- jean wilson 29.11.11 05:37

I’d use it everyday.

----- Goldfish 29.11.11 05:36

The ideal bag to commute to school! As a rucksack during the bicycle ride to the bus stop. As a messenger bag on the bus and as a briefcase at school!

----- Wim Bussels 29.11.11 05:36

This would be great as a new laptop bag for work. My current bag is falling apart.

----- Geoff 29.11.11 05:35

I’d give it to my very stylish yet very functionality-obsessed brother, who is always in search of the perfect bag!

----- Rachel 29.11.11 05:35

I’d throw in everything I carry with me every day - headphones, camera, laptop, tape measure [and half a tool box!] bike lights and the tonne of cables I need to keep everything charged!

----- stephen 29.11.11 05:30

I would haul my coffee to work with it.

----- Evan 29.11.11 05:30

This would be the perfect bag for hauling around freelance editing work. I could totally stuff page proofs for a 300-page whatever in there and lug them to my preferred coffee shop without looking like a schmo.

----- Josephine 29.11.11 05:29

I would sell it and buy some stuff instead :)

----- kokko8 29.11.11 05:26

I’ll use to go to the EPFL ( Switzerland ) studying Architecture !

----- Mikael 29.11.11 05:23

I’d use it in my quest to find my first job, as my studies are finally finishing soon. And while I hopefully find one in the end, it would be a perfect bag for me to use for commuting to work & use when travelling abroad (when I finally can afford it thanks to working)!

----- J_Walrus 29.11.11 05:23

I would use it at my other job saving the world.

----- MARK 29.11.11 05:22

I would use it to shlep all my junk to and from scool.

----- Christina 29.11.11 05:22

Such a cool bag, I could toss in a point and shoot and my e-reader.

----- Keely 29.11.11 05:19

what would I use this bag for?
I am a modern Mary Poppins, I need a cute space to store my world!

----- Carla 29.11.11 05:19

I’d give it away as a Christmas present. Spread the love!

----- L.Beth 29.11.11 05:18

I would use this rucksack to carry around my laptop and portfolio since it looks super sleek.

----- Rachel 29.11.11 05:18

Sweet mother of God this bag is like an ice cream cone filled with deep fried cheeseburgers with ranch dressing. Looks like the perfect fit for my Macbook Pro and sketch notebook which I use for my graphic and web design business. I’d probably stuff an extra t-shirt and jeans in next to the lap top so I can have something to wear the next day after a long night of drinking Jameson’n’Gingers. I’d Indiana Jones that bag as I tore through the mean streets of Asbury Park, NJ on my longboard; a task so arduous and danger-filled it’s like the coal-train scene in Temple of Doom. Oh, and I’d also be buried with it.

----- Skeeter 29.11.11 05:18

I would use it to carry my camera everywhere with me.

----- Raluca 29.11.11 05:16

I would carry around my coolness as i would look uber cool with this bag…FACT

----- Christian 29.11.11 05:16

I would use it to make a travel all around the world :)

----- Dorian 29.11.11 05:15

I would use this bag for carrying around my dj-equipment.

----- Mo 29.11.11 05:13

Like a lot of other commenters here, I’m a teacher and a grad student, so it’d be great to use to haul papers and textbooks to school and to class!

----- Kristie 29.11.11 05:12

I would put my schools books in it, and on the days I get lunch i’d put my lunch box in it. I’d also use it to help me carry water back to my village.

----- Lawrence 29.11.11 05:10

I’ve long been looking for the perfect bag, one that has plenty of style, but doesn’t look like it belongs to a banker. Most bags around are either the wrong size, the wrong material, or just plain wrong. A leather messenger/brief that’s smaller than your average messenger would be perfect, but no-one seems interested in making one. Except, it seems, Hard Graft.

What would I use this bag for? It would simply be my everyday go-to bag. For everything. For the ride to the studio and back, for carrying presentation material for client meetings, to carrying a few magazines and my camera for weekend day trips with my fiancée. The brilliance of the bag is that it can be “dressed up” or “dressed down”, and thus, is perfect for every situation I would ever need a bag for (except the grocery shopping!)

----- Nathan Adams 29.11.11 05:10

I would use it to carry my iPad and all my journals.

----- michelle d 29.11.11 05:06

i would use this bag to look 3 times better then today.

----- yariv 29.11.11 05:04

Hard Graft makes awesome leather goods and this one would fit all my everyday things. You know things like magic and books.

----- Kelly Rae Burns 29.11.11 05:04

I would fill the bag with peace and goodwill towards men, and then distribute around the world Santa style!

----- Rob 29.11.11 05:03

Being an illustrator and designer it bothered my for quite a while now that I only have the extremes (A super-light-climbing backpack and a huge crumpler for my notebook) because neither works very well for a sketchbook. And while I’m currently working at an advertising agency and have my workspace there I’m going to study game design abroad next year and I guess a huge part of my life will deal with moving things from one place to another.

----- Flo 29.11.11 05:03

I’d use it to carry my laptop in so I can visit the NOTCOT site whenever I’m on the move……WIFI pending of course!

----- Andy Coldicott 29.11.11 04:59

This bag is extremely interesting. And it captivates men and women.
I am the type of person that gets sick of using the same bag everyday.
Therefore I would use it as a rucksack to University as I’m studying Industrial Design, as a messenger bag to my design internship and as a briefcase to my optics job.

What would I put in it?
I carry a lot of stuff around all the time. Laptop, ipad, various moleskines, reading book, computer cables, hdd, mouse and so on.
I’d shove a paper bag of fruit in there ;)

----- Sina Vodjdani 29.11.11 04:58

I would use it for EVERYTHING!
Its gorgeous and will look great worn in

----- Tom 29.11.11 04:55

i’m a student and doing an intership right now. everyday i have to carry my heavy mbp around… this would be the perfect companion

----- ioe 29.11.11 04:55

This would be the perfect bag for the back-and-forth between my full-time job and both of my businesses as a stylist and makeup artist. That, and it would definitely be better than trying to tote around my things as well as those of my autistic nine-year-old for outings…

----- Reni 29.11.11 04:53

I would use it to carry around my supplies for teaching and meetings.

----- James 29.11.11 04:44

I think I just fell in love. I’m an on-hiatus art and design student; due to lack of funds I’m currently unable to attend school. I’ve fallen on hard times and can no longer make ends meet in my daily life. i am job-hunting in between my part-time sales’ job to make things work. this bag would hold resumes, books, eventually a computer when I’m able to afford one again, and a little hope to keep moving forward with my dreams. I have never heard of this company but you can bet ill be lusting over their products from now on. this bag is gorgeous and I thank you for sharing!

----- Heather 29.11.11 04:26

I would use this bag to achieve world peace!!! Or if that doesn’t work, to carry my camera everywhere so I’d never miss a shot :)

----- Minnow 29.11.11 04:19

I’d fill up this amazing bag with loads of candies.

----- Martina 29.11.11 04:10

Simple. I would use it to look cool, while carrying all my stuff.

----- Keith Swyers 29.11.11 04:02

I’d totally use this every day to haul around my design gear!

----- Jeff 29.11.11 03:52

I would put it to good use in my daily adventures with my 2-year-old daugter. It would hold a lot of goodies!

----- Andrea 29.11.11 03:32

I would use this bag to take all my things to lectures and impress all the women with my sexy new bag.

----- David Thompson 29.11.11 03:25

It’ll be my Mary Poppins’ fixie bag!

----- matteo 29.11.11 03:17

I give it to my girlfriend. She’s working at a theater and her bosses are two women. Everywhere women in there. And the local press is writing, that you can feel the feminine style of their work.
And my gf doesn’t like that; she isn’t anti-feminist, she is it really. She doesn’t like to be “the girl, who can do only girlish stuff”, yes, she is a tomboy. And i love her for that and i want to give her this bag.

----- Lars 29.11.11 03:15

I’m a graduate student and ESL teacher, so I’d use the bag every day to get to work and classes. I need to lug around my MBP, and it’s not a light model, it’s the 17-inch monster, so a nice bag would be cool.

----- range 29.11.11 03:13

As a teacher and student, I would use this bag to keep myself organized as I travel from classroom to classroom.

----- Bo 29.11.11 03:11

I’m part of a video game development startup in the Philippines, and since we don’t have an actual office, we tend to travel from workplace to workplace, carrying our laptops, and the rest of our gear. A well-made bag (in messenger bag/briefcase mode, of course) like this would give me immense peace of mind, knowing that my stuff is safe and… stylish. :P

I also travel abroad every now and then to give talks and presentations to conferences and conventions. For these business trips, I like to travel as light as I can, to avoid those gigantic pieces of luggage which have to be checked in. A bag like this is perfect for this purpose (in its rucksack mode, of course), and with its configurability, will allow me to consolidate all my bags into this one super-bag.

I’m a fan of efficiency, and this would be perfect for a guy like me. *HINT HINT*

----- Levi 29.11.11 03:00

I’d buy a new fixie do that I could ride to work looking über cool and stylish… Even though I live 10mins away…

----- Sam Lam 29.11.11 02:56

Cycling to work and being the envy of E-VE-RY-ONE in my design office!


----- Craig Lamb 29.11.11 02:51

Such a beautiful bag deserves to be seen, so it would be the new home for my laptop as I scurry around trying not to get run over in the city. Which is not to say it wouldn’t look equally as good with some carefully applied tire marks across it, but I don’t think I’d fare so well myself.

----- Chris 29.11.11 02:34

I’ve just split from my wife. I move out tomorrow. My new place is beautiful, but it’s a long way from my design studio. I’m about to become a COMMUTER. Which means I will need an awesome bag to carry my life from one place to the other, day in and day out. This Hard Graft Back2Back Laptop Bag would be the perfect thing to protect my laptop and my sketchbook from the Scottish weather …

----- Tony 29.11.11 02:33

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