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Holiday Giveaway #6: Baxter of California- 11.30.11

baxter00.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Giveaway #6 is here ~ and the guys at Baxter of California are giving away their latest trio of White Wood Candles! Of course, the awesome packaging is designed by Mark Atlan ~ and the scents are as follows - One: Patchouli, Vetiver, Oak moss, Liquid amber, Rum. Two: Bergamot, Mandarin, Mission Fig, Santalum, Vetiver. Three: Birch Tar, Leather, Guiac Wood, Rosemary Oil, Cedar.

For a chance to win a trio of White Wood Candles from Baxter of California, leave a comment with what your favorite scent is (whatever that means to you!) before midnight PST on Dec 5th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! Take a peek at more pics of the candles and a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Kelsey of Minneapolis, MN!





For a chance to win a trio of White Wood Candles from Baxter of California, leave a comment with what your favorite scent is (whatever that means to you!) before midnight PST on Dec 5th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


352 Notes

my favorite scent is lavender

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

----- Louis 05.12.11 21:48

My grandmother had her own oasis in the desert — I grew up in a family of 3rd gen japanese farmers. To this day I can recall the scent of dust on warm pavement as the rain first falls, and the scent of juniper and lilies wafting through.

----- Jess 05.12.11 21:26

Puppies! I love the new puppy smell that is in combination with their clean soft fur. I could smell puppies all day (besides when they roll in their poop). The smell of puppies makes me so happy, not as happy as the sight of them though.

----- Nicole 05.12.11 20:29

Love the scent of roasted marshmallows!

----- Selina Wong 05.12.11 20:15

Smoke. Also, lavender.

----- Roller 05.12.11 18:53

Currently I would have to say my favorite scent is of my freshly cut Fraser Fir xmas tree.

----- jamie 05.12.11 18:39

I guess I’m pretty old school. I like my air filled with frankincense.
I don’t really know why. I guess something about the smell just resin-ates with me.

----- Emma 05.12.11 18:19

The aroma that fills the air from grinding coffee beans.

----- Jacob Jones 05.12.11 17:09


----- Jane 05.12.11 17:02

I love the smell of gardenia - it reminds me of my mom!

----- Marlo 05.12.11 16:45

I love the smell of gardenia - it reminds me of my mom!

----- Marlo 05.12.11 16:45

Its a weird one, Licorice.

----- Jean 05.12.11 13:36

The first minute when it starts rainning :D

----- Maria 05.12.11 10:11

I like the smell of my lady’s hair.

----- Ted 05.12.11 09:48

A combination of citrus, leather, cigars, and scotch!

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.11 09:48

Toms of Maine woodspice deoderant

----- Josh 05.12.11 08:39

Freshly baked pastries!!!

----- Alexandra 05.12.11 07:29

Freshly brewed coffee. No question.

----- Kimberly M 05.12.11 06:46

The smell I like the most is apple cinnamon. It reminds me of the country air but yet with a warm urban feel to it.

----- Damion 05.12.11 06:31

The smell of my baby’s hair.

----- Bill 05.12.11 05:38

my favourite scent is vanilla…

----- Dagne 05.12.11 05:09

the best smell ever is the mix of tobacco smoke (when smokes somebody, not me) and coming into leaf trees, mixed on fresh wet spring air!

----- Tanya 05.12.11 03:42

smell of freshly washed and dried bed sheet

----- K. 05.12.11 03:12

My favourite scent is the smell before it snows.

----- Lea 05.12.11 01:10

Definitely mint for me.

----- Jason 04.12.11 20:29

Definitely mint for me.

----- Jason 04.12.11 20:28

My favorite scent is my mom’s kitchen. I know that someone has posted this before me, but that is and always will be my favorite scent. From the harsh bite of ammonia when she cleans the floor, to the sweet smell of cookies baking, I cannot get enough of that lingering scent of the warmth and good times and food that I had there.

----- David Rieman 04.12.11 19:48

I love freshly-cut spring green grass.

----- Wehaf 04.12.11 19:47

If there was a scent combining cinnamon, geranium, magnolia, and pine together I’d probably douse everything with it. But mainly clean scent with a touch of spice. I love magnolias because they remind me of the large one in my grandmother’s back yard in Jackson, TN, spice for my love of all things spicy, and pine because I’m a tree-climber at heart and love the smell of fresh pine needles this time of year.

----- Charlotte 04.12.11 19:38

Boiled Cabbage. Reminds me of my Ukranian Grandmother, Babu.

----- Colin Schless 04.12.11 18:31


----- sindy murray 04.12.11 17:35

the smell of the ROAD AFTER the RAIN in a hot day… then you want to travel where your eyes can see…

----- Monika 04.12.11 16:19

my boyfriend’s clavicle between the hours of 10 pm and midnight.

----- Amy M 04.12.11 15:36

My favorite scent is grapefruit and vanilla

----- Emily 04.12.11 15:07

The smell of bacon on a griddle with maple syrup

----- Arthur Li 04.12.11 14:41

nothing smells better than the fresh smell of a fraiser fir….Christmas anyone??? :)

----- nikki 04.12.11 14:29

My favorite scent: grass that has just been mowed.

----- Yolanda Hernandez 04.12.11 12:19

clothing hung to dry out in the COLD.

----- jon 04.12.11 12:12

The scent of walking through a house being newly constructed. Fresh ( or now not so fresh) wood mixed with paint mixed with the open air mixed with newly covered stucco walls. Its an odd smell, but its the scent of a house in the making before a family will make it a home , and I think there’s something delicious about that.

----- Brandon 04.12.11 12:08

That really old familiar smell that takes you right back to…but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

----- Momoko 04.12.11 11:35

my favorite scent is spiked apple cider on a cold day with nothing to do but sip…

----- brian 04.12.11 10:27

fresh cut or sawn wood. smells like a project

----- Matt 04.12.11 09:45

The smell of baking cookies.

----- Tash 04.12.11 08:58

The smell outside when people have their fireplaces going.

----- Lesli 04.12.11 07:53

my favorite scent is the smell of manure that the farm by my parents house spreads on the corn fields because it means i am home and its spring.

----- Seth 04.12.11 07:47

Love the smell of the ocean!

----- Ronan 04.12.11 07:44

Heavy rains in the Sonoran desert because it reminds me of home.

----- Paul M 04.12.11 07:35

my favorite scent is the smell of the soil after the rain… as you breath the air, it feel so calm and so peacefull :)

----- Delia 04.12.11 06:29

The smell of wandering through the local bazaar. Whatever hodgepodge of things I happen to pass (homemade butter/cheese, meat sitting on a cold counter, still warm pastries with god knows inside, clothes that are older than I am). My nose is never bored :)

----- Matthew 04.12.11 05:26

My favorite scent is of blueberries.

----- Jon 04.12.11 04:50

Fresh mint leaves

----- Tris 03.12.11 21:27

The scent of apple pie baking in the oven and it’s delicious.

----- Jim B 03.12.11 21:20

Fresh orange is my absolute favorite scent!

----- April Brooks 03.12.11 20:56

Spring, when the snow is 90% gone…followed closely by Christmas

----- Maisan 03.12.11 20:43

Honeysuckle. Or cilantro.

----- Alisa 03.12.11 20:38

I love the smells in a barbershop.

----- Andy 03.12.11 18:31

I love peonies. Big time. Second to that would be the smell of pine branches.

----- Jenna 03.12.11 15:48

I love the smell of cinnamon!

----- Iris 03.12.11 13:45

The smoke from a freshly extinguished birthday candle.

----- Meghan 03.12.11 13:28

pinewood. the smell of my childhood.

----- Elona 03.12.11 12:40

Used bookstore smell is so comforting.

----- black_cloud 03.12.11 12:22

The smell of Downy and fresh laundry. Brings me back to simpler days when I was a child and thoroughly attached to my mom.

----- Tommy Lei 03.12.11 12:20

Santa’s White Christmas coffee from Barnie’s. I don’t even drink coffee, but the smell reminds me of good memories. :)

----- Lara 03.12.11 11:54

cinnamon - reminds me of good food and comfort

----- Nicole 03.12.11 11:18

The sweet smell of waffles in the morning because it means I’m home with the fam for the weekend

----- Laylah 03.12.11 11:06

Cake, being baked in the morning. Because that means cake for breakfast :)

----- Antoana 03.12.11 09:56

The smell of old books in a bookstore!!

----- Angela Nguyen 03.12.11 09:48

Lemon ginger zest.

----- Doug 03.12.11 09:34

The crisp air of autumn filled with the hint of fallen leaves in Ohio.

----- Matt Gill 03.12.11 08:48

the scent of cinnamon rolls first thing in the morning

----- Matt 03.12.11 08:41

Onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, celery, bell peppers sauteeing in a pan with olive oil. Yummy.

----- Chris Jennings 03.12.11 08:35

The smell of rain when it first starts to fall. Best scent ever.

----- AJ 03.12.11 04:41

I love the smell of burning woodsmoke and, honestly, any of the scents associated with autumn. I kind of go into a pumpkin/apple/cinnamon coma.

----- Kat 03.12.11 00:42

My favorite scent is that of my house when I come home from college.

----- Andy Swafford 03.12.11 00:18

Angel the perfume…. Period.

----- chris 02.12.11 22:03

I know its boring, but my favorite smell is lilac!

----- Michel 02.12.11 21:07

grass, mud, sweat, fall: whats that smell? xc

----- kelly 02.12.11 20:27

African rosewood

----- Will 02.12.11 19:53

If I want to be traditional, my favorite scents would be lavender or green tea. But a little weirder would be the scent of paints and oils during my art courses.

----- Jay B. 02.12.11 18:09

the hint of Narcissus in the Jasmin Noir reminds me of spring at my grandmothers house, she always had flowers put out

----- Mehrdad 02.12.11 18:06

The smell of the smoke after you blow out a match.

----- Dustin 02.12.11 17:32

I love the smell of the hospital…it is so soothing to me!!!

----- Kim Spencer 02.12.11 16:31

Scents are lovely on their own, but there’s truly nothing as epic as when multiple, amazing scents combine for a total nostril catharsis.

Imagine for a moment the decadent smell of fresh baked chocolate chip and caramel swirl cookies, while at the same time, a rainstorm has just completed its pouring outside, igniting a rainbow in the sky. Sure rainbows can’t smell, but the freshness after a storm is an ephemeral thing. Couple that with the gentle kiss of your just-showered supermodel girlfriend, smelling like every delicious fruit on the planet, and you’ve got yourself a perfect scent collage.

----- Jon Gibson 02.12.11 16:18

Hibiscus, or grassy fields at dawn. A horse’s coat as you’re brushing it. Coffee.

----- Lynnea E 02.12.11 15:17

musty parking garages. i know. it’s weird.

----- janete 02.12.11 15:06

Ocean breeze

----- Tab 02.12.11 14:42

Plain ‘ol Vanilla!

----- Jane 02.12.11 14:23

Soft Blanket!

----- Neil 02.12.11 13:40

I love the smell of cookies baking!

----- Giant Sis 02.12.11 13:30

Petrichor, reminds me of summer.

----- Ellissa 02.12.11 12:31

Hmmmmmm. I think my favorite scent is whatever soft, subtle smell is left over on my girlfriend’s pillow laying next to me in the morning.

----- Christian 02.12.11 12:15

The smell of my childhood blanket. Always reminds me of the comfort of home.

----- SARAH 02.12.11 11:54

Bacon and coffee.

----- Melanie 02.12.11 11:34

The scent of rain.
Reminds me of my trip to eastern Canada. So calm and energizing at the same time.

----- Asenh Tsan 02.12.11 11:25

My favorite scent is the smell of a new opened macbook pro.

----- Joseph Sarti 02.12.11 11:03

Have you ever open up a bag of potting soil & smelled its scent as the wind pulls it upward and onto the breeze? Earth. The smell of dirt is often overlooked or critisized as not your typical favored scent. How often do you find a bottle of Eau de Dirt? Regardless, there is something so basic and primal about the smell of wet dirt after a rain. Or the smell of it baking under a hot summer sun. It just makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

----- Roman 02.12.11 09:39


----- Ben Bubar 02.12.11 09:01

The first snowfall, and the spine of new books.

----- Nicole 02.12.11 07:31

My favorite scent is the “soku lime” candle from Votivo.

----- Chloe 02.12.11 07:17

Lemon Verbana. I’m a total sucker for it.

Awesome packaging by Baxter though! I’d love to win these just to dissect the box around the candle! Haha

----- Blake 02.12.11 07:15

I just don’t get bored of vanilla.

----- Andy 02.12.11 06:56

Cool morning air after a rain, with the hint of a wood-burning stove in the distance. It reminds me of childhood.

----- rich 02.12.11 06:41

My scent of my woman’s skin

----- J_Walrus 02.12.11 06:36

My grandparents live in WI and their fresh cut grass smell paired with a crisp mid-western breeze and sweet, glacial earth makes me smile :)

----- Justin 02.12.11 05:44

fresh cut grass mixed with sea breeze. Reminds me of childhood on the English channel.

----- Kat 02.12.11 04:39

I love scent of my fiance pheromone, hehe…

----- RONI PASLAH 02.12.11 03:51

Freshly opened can of tennis balls.

----- Jimmy Tran 02.12.11 01:49

I like the scent of babies. Not baby powder, babies. I mean, I do like the scent of baby powder, but my favorite scent is of babies. If they made a baby scented candle, I would be set.

----- Lisa 02.12.11 01:30

my favorite scent would be the smell of old books and also the musky smell of perfume interlaced with fresh cigarettes.

----- elinn 01.12.11 23:48

My favorite smell - My wife’s neck as her arms are wrapped around me.

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.11 23:17

Favorite scent is my boyfriend’s tee-shirt. Smells are memories

----- Vanessa 01.12.11 23:10

I love the scent of new born babe.

----- JP 01.12.11 21:53

I love the smell of rain on hot asphalt. It automatically takes me back to my childhood!

----- Leanna 01.12.11 21:44

The smell of dewy skin against wet bark

----- Kristen 01.12.11 21:25

I love the smell of cloves.

----- Alicia 01.12.11 21:22

My lovers worn tshirt after he has been away for a few days.

----- Talia 01.12.11 21:21

Leaves burning in a new car

----- Jason 01.12.11 21:17

I don’t know if this is actually a scent or more like..a sensation, but the “smell” of the first day of winter…or when you know that the season has changed from fall to winter…that is the best.

----- Cill 01.12.11 21:10

My favorite smell is the smell of the product my good friend uses for her dreadlocks.

----- Laura 01.12.11 20:44

my favourite scent is barbecue in the summertime. mmm.

----- Jess 01.12.11 20:35

Driving with the windows on and catching a whiff of woodsmoke :)

----- Genie 01.12.11 19:49

The smell of winter and distant bon fires.

----- Grace Ludmer 01.12.11 19:32

I love the smell of Sunday mornings on the porch…hound dog curled up on my lap and coffee on the table.

----- Natalie 01.12.11 19:20

Of course everyone has a favorite cologne or perfume. A favorite food or favorite part of the world where a certain smell takes you back in time. But the smell of brand new bills from the bank or atm is to die for…..that smell can lead you to do some crazy things!!!!

----- ADAM H 01.12.11 18:14

Freshly ground espresso beans

----- Jay 01.12.11 17:13

I could smell lilac forever

----- Jenny 01.12.11 16:29

the agrarian deep within me loves the smell of dirt!

----- Mindy H 01.12.11 16:26

Clementines from Spain, peeled in Norway

----- Beck 01.12.11 16:17

Freshly showered balls.

----- Chen 01.12.11 15:43

I love the scent of citrus or the cool autumn air.

----- Edgar 01.12.11 15:40

I love the smell of Oak

----- Brenda 01.12.11 15:07

I love to smell my boyfriends neck.
Oh, and Promarkers.

----- Johanna 01.12.11 14:56

I love smell of new books

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:42

The smell of cinnamon and balsam…. It reminds me of home and being with family, I cannot wait to share that this Christmas!!!!

----- Tim 01.12.11 13:35

3. Because it’s the magic number.

----- Sung 01.12.11 13:23

The smell of any bbq restaurant.

----- Parker 01.12.11 12:57

Nothing beats the smell of a delicious coconut

----- Mikki 01.12.11 12:45

freshly cut grass on a spring morning !

----- Bekah 01.12.11 12:11

My favorite scent is that of the frangipani flower- it reminds me of my family and times spent with them at warm peaceful beaches !

----- Natalie Kay 01.12.11 12:10

The smell of the sea, slightly salty, fresh, like a clean marine wind

----- leigh 01.12.11 11:47

my favorite scent is vanilla and orange. i have an oil that i wear that is a combination of both scents and it’s amazing.

----- jacklyn 01.12.11 11:13

I would have to say the smell of my home the first day that you bring in a new Christmas tree. That jut brings back memories of my mom who passed away around the holidays when I was young.

----- Justin H 01.12.11 10:43

I love the smell of gasoline.

----- Johnnie 01.12.11 10:25

I love the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven! Or apple cinnamon crumble. the whole flat smells amazing for the entire day!

----- Ashley 01.12.11 09:53

Cedar, reminds me of my childhood

----- Cristo Aleister 01.12.11 09:27

Coffee and books, without a doubt. I know that’s the most cliched answer of them all, but there’s a reason for that.

----- JCGrant 01.12.11 09:01

My favorite scent is pumpkin pie with the nutmeg and vanilla hints in the background.

----- Anders 01.12.11 08:52

I was just thinking the other day that a great candle scent would be “fresh baked bread, preferably sourdough but either way”. It’s great to walk into our house after my wife has made some bread.

----- Erastos 01.12.11 08:51

Gotta echo the coffee love.

----- Kate 01.12.11 08:44

My favorite smell is when you’re walking in the cold air behind someone smoking a tobacco pipe.

----- ChloeDee 01.12.11 08:38

I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the crisp morning air. It reminds me of playing soccer as a child.

----- Tyler 01.12.11 08:29

I love the sweet smell of victory!

----- Jasper 01.12.11 08:25


----- RENE 01.12.11 08:18

I love the small of coffee.

----- Sara P. 01.12.11 07:34

I love the smell of an office supply store.

----- aileen 01.12.11 07:34

clean sheets

----- marta 01.12.11 07:27

Fresh cut grass!

----- libby 01.12.11 07:16

The smell of cold, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, freshly-printed paper.

----- Amber 01.12.11 06:55

My favorite scent is the first day of fall in the Georgia mountains while driving up to a family bbq, the air is so crisp and fresh, then you smell the bbq and just can’t help but salivate after smelling a whole pig being roasted.

----- Sid Law 01.12.11 06:23

love the smell of new leather shoes…

----- lilly 01.12.11 05:42

I love the aroma of when my wife smokes ribs and brisket. Or when I’m baking bread. Or both. Definitely both.

----- Benjamin 01.12.11 05:40

I love the smell of my b friend after sex. I miss the smell of my dog wich i need to leave whene i moved to japan. And i need the smell after a candle burn out. Cuz candles are so fucking expensive in Japan :( Need a new one, two, three ;)

----- Agnes 01.12.11 05:20

The pulp of a £50 banknote. ;)

----- Simon 01.12.11 04:41

The scent of “eau de cologne” that my great grand mother was using on a daily basis.

----- vincent bouffandeau 01.12.11 04:36

I love the smell of rain on tarmac on a sunny day because it means that it is raining… and I love the rain.

----- James 01.12.11 04:00

I love the smell of old books and the new car smell.

----- Teresa 01.12.11 01:49

My favorite scent is redwood!

----- Tyler Benner 01.12.11 01:42

Nothing beats the warmth and scent of a home cooked meal, prepared by or for someone you love.

----- tasa 01.12.11 01:31

To me the smell of nothing after a heavy thunderstorm reminds me of playing in my father’s garden when I was young. It smelled like that the first time I helped him mow the lawn, and I still love it. If only I could buy that smell in a candle form…..

----- Tim 01.12.11 00:56

The smell of autumn’s first rain hitting freshly turned and seeded paddocks.

----- Sam 01.12.11 00:37

I love the smell of cement during a rain shower. It reminds me of summer, and sitting on cafe patios or my porch during my city’s frequent lightning storms.

----- Kylene 30.11.11 23:11

My favorite is the dark soil amid the pine trees in summer around Lake Tahoe—my family had a cabin down there up until a few years ago, and that smell has been part of my life since I was a baby. It always smells like home.

----- Catherine Chandler 30.11.11 23:00

My wife’s hair. I don’t know what she puts in it, but it always does the trick.

----- J Alexander 30.11.11 22:56


----- cody 30.11.11 22:49

I like the smell of a freshly cut lawn, but mostly, I love the scent of laughter in the wind while playfully treading on grass.

----- Ellen Bautista 30.11.11 22:38

I like the smell of a freshly cut lawn, but mostly, I love the scent of laughter in the wind while playfully treading on grass.

----- Ellen Bautista 30.11.11 22:37

My favorite scent is ylang ylang.

----- Schmidty 30.11.11 22:23

Bounce sheets. My bf stuffs them all over The closet so he doesn’t have to wash his clothes as often. Dirty, i know, but I miss it since I just moved 2,000+ miles away!!!

----- Minnow 30.11.11 21:54

The scent of my own home. I am so desensitized that i rarely notice it, but when I am away long periods of time and come back, I truly appreciate what home smells like (which is pine).

----- Collin Banko 30.11.11 21:40

I like the scent of the air when the seasons change, especially when autumn and winter come along. I also enjoy buttered toast, tea, and citrus.

----- laura 30.11.11 21:03

Anise is the best scent by far. It’s sweet, sexy and incredibly pungent

----- Sydney 30.11.11 21:03

I love fresh bread!

----- Amy 30.11.11 21:02

I love the smell of home depot and other home improvement stores.

----- Megan 30.11.11 20:54

lavender, mandarin oranges and green tea (together). after my mom went through chemo we’d always chit chat about life over mandarin oranges and tea her fav.

----- jonathan 30.11.11 20:38

Either mint or lavender.

----- Gaetan 30.11.11 20:36

The best scent in the world in Dr. Johnson walking by work area. He wears the most amazing musky cologne.

----- Christi 30.11.11 20:29

I love breathing in the scent of my eighteen month-old daughter- freshly bathed and ready for bed. The fragrance of her Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Bath mingles with the faintest tinge of berry-flavored toothpaste and the resulting scent is intoxicating…especially when paired with the weight and warmth of her little body.

----- Lynn 30.11.11 20:27

My favorite scent… if it was food related I would say either roast rib eye or fresh baked cookies or bread… but if it was fragrance/floral… I would definitely say lavender.

----- Steph 30.11.11 19:57

the smell of your skin after you cuddle for a while and you smell like that someone special’s skin

----- kye 30.11.11 19:55

Pine Trees, fresh cut grass, snow, rain

----- Dru 30.11.11 19:47

Hmm…something a bit rich and woody. Almost burnt but flavorful. A hint of apricots or jasmine is a nice touch. Other than that anything that smells like baked goods is always welcome!

----- Marshal 30.11.11 19:47

I love the smell of money in a sexy woman’s underwear.

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:28

My favorite scents are pastry-based: cookies, cupcakes, donuts…

----- Ashley 30.11.11 19:16

Baking bread and cookies!

----- Thu 30.11.11 19:11

my favorite scent is vetiver. i cannot explain why this is, but my senses respond in an almost therapeutic way. baxter is such a unique company. as a female with a lot of masculine traits, i have followed their business since i first came across them. i want to buy SO many products, the shaving instruments in particular to display in my bathroom because of the craftsmanship and and novelty of an era that has gone by. thanks for listening and the opportunity. best.

----- carrie rodd 30.11.11 19:09

Anything cinnamon or with cinnamon in it.

----- Dan 30.11.11 19:06

The smell of freshly cut grass…

----- Gary 30.11.11 19:02

I love the smell of dark room chemicals - as I kid I would spend hours sitting in the corner of the darkroom watching my dad develop his photos.

----- Mary 30.11.11 18:59

I love the smell of vanilla.

----- Heidi 30.11.11 18:36

Love LOVE the smell of my niece when she comes to visit! I don’t have kids, so when I get a hug from her, it’s like dryer sheets, fresh grass, crayons, shampoo… all mixed up in one. amazing.

----- Mia 30.11.11 18:29

The scent of that first crisp day breaking through the summer heat

----- Jim 30.11.11 18:25

My favorite smell is espresso.

----- James 30.11.11 18:22

Sandlewood, leather, barbecue, victory.

----- Arthur Kosasih 30.11.11 18:12

My favorite scent is fresh cut marble.

----- Clayton 30.11.11 17:54

I love the smell of a fresh National Geographic!

----- Betsy 30.11.11 17:52

A fresh made cup of coffee from locally roasted small batch beans…. mmmmm

----- Tony F 30.11.11 17:42


----- Chris 30.11.11 17:30

garlic, garlic, garlic =) particularly when it’s sauteing in olive oil in a frying pan.

----- Kathryn 30.11.11 17:30

the smell of rain,lemon,cedar,whiskey and the ocean are all nostalgic smells of my father

----- carly 30.11.11 17:15

My favorite scent = quarters, almost all the vending machines accept them :) I love the scent of honey, sweet and warming like Mr. Pooh Bear~ New quarters do smell wonderful though

----- Sarah 30.11.11 16:55

My favorite scent is that of my boyfriend’s shirt after a long day.

----- Annabel 30.11.11 16:50

My favorite scent is Rosemary. I can’t get enough of it.

----- Leslie 30.11.11 16:47

A pine forest all damp with rain and campfire smoke. It’s a cozy fresh and invigorating combination!

----- Emma G. 30.11.11 16:43

freshly baked bread.. or the inside of a new york bagel

----- Stephanie 30.11.11 16:34

My favorite scent would have to be that clean laundry smell that gets vented to outside of your home. I live in New Jersey and although it’s known as the Garden State, it smells like the garbage state. Consequently, I love when I walk past (-asssed) a house doing laundry and can smell fabric softener in the air. I take a minute to stop and breathe it in before the STANK NJ air takes over.

----- Darrell 30.11.11 16:26

Hmmm, favorite scent might just be the mélange of celery, onion, salt/pepper, and butter mixture that is the basis for all great dishes. You know something good is coming when you smell that in the air.

----- Mikaela 30.11.11 16:21

I love the smell of freesia. That scent mixed with the smell of jasmon tea take me back to younger days.

----- Adrianne Sherron 30.11.11 16:14

Fresh baked cookies! Not that I would wear it as a perfume, but they do smell amazing…

----- Kailyn 30.11.11 15:46

The charging smell of seasalt and surf wax right before i head out for a surf ahhhh.

----- Ryan Chapman 30.11.11 15:38

I always loved amber myself!

----- Devin 30.11.11 15:30

Popcorn mixed with peanuts plus hot dogs, a hint of cotton candy, and fresh cut grass; in other words, the scent of the ballpark. This triggers warm memories of trips to the ballpark with my Dad when I was little.

----- Katherine 30.11.11 15:28

Basil…it’s incredible how deep its scent can pervade your body.

----- FEDERICA 30.11.11 15:21

My favorite scent is ‘huele de noche’. You can only smell it when the flowers open at night and it is the most delicious smell ever. It reminds me of warm nights at my grandparent’s house.

----- Elena 30.11.11 15:14

cigarettes and old spice :)

----- Tiffany 30.11.11 15:11

The smell of napalm in the morning. And freshly cut cedar.

----- Jon 30.11.11 14:59

I love ALLLLLLLL! Amazeballs!!!!!!

----- dave 30.11.11 14:58

Well, recently it’s been the first breath I take when I sit down at the computer and open up my coffee mug. I need to get more sleep.

----- Liza 30.11.11 14:58

Bergamot, baby!

----- Monica 30.11.11 14:55

My favorite scent is free!

----- Kristin 30.11.11 14:48

Oranges in winter, Jasmine flower in summer. Just to think of these smells makes me smile.

----- Stav 30.11.11 14:46

My favorite scent is free!

----- Kristin 30.11.11 14:46

Eucalyptus Spearmint!

----- Nicole 30.11.11 14:36

Leather, as well as really musty-woodsy-sexy perfumes, like Euphoria (Calvin Klein)

----- Jody 30.11.11 14:35

I went to an antique store and they had an old tin of Players tobacco. I opened it and the smell almost brought me to tears. It transported me back to when I was six, at my grandparents farm. Not realizing that while I was sitting on my grandpa’s knee that the smell of cigarettes and Old Spice was part of what was so comforting. So I guess Players tobacco because it made me think of that 30 years later, it also made me miss him so much it hurt.

----- Joyce 30.11.11 14:34

I love the scent of winning great candles!

----- rey 30.11.11 14:29

boyfriend’s t shirt

----- Hilary 30.11.11 14:19

also the smell of home, the moment I open the door.

----- Jean 30.11.11 14:16

musk, lavender and anything down to earth

----- Jean 30.11.11 14:16

Yarrow! It grows wild all around our family cabin on Vancouver Island and every time I smell it, it brings back wonderful memories of long summers at the beach with my family.

----- Danica 30.11.11 14:12

My favorite scent is laundry room drier vent smell. Besides that, I love the smell of the forest after the rain has gone. It smells so earthy and good.

----- Micah 30.11.11 14:05

My favourite scent would be Mya’s little head.

----- Andrew Chau 30.11.11 14:00

Favourite smell? Justice.

----- cole 30.11.11 13:55

I love the smell of Bacon in the morning.

----- Gino V. 30.11.11 13:39

My favourite smell is jasmine flowers. When it”s in bloom, I’ll take walks to find some, cut a snippit while my boyfriend stands watch and bring it home.

----- Natasha 30.11.11 13:31

My boyfriend’s armpits. I’m serious, I’m not a weirdo or anything, I swear! If it makes it okay, they’re the only armpits that have ever smelled good to me. It must be our natural chemistry. :)

----- Lorien 30.11.11 13:30

Oooh my favorite scent is Mountain Clouds!

----- Russ! 30.11.11 13:30

The wooden floors of Versailles

----- Marc 30.11.11 13:25

Guava. It reminds me of the pastries my grandfather used to bake in his bakery, La Perezsosa. This scent means even more now having moved to the UK, where i can’t buy guava, in any form. It’s especially vivid, as he passed away earlier this year.

Sweet and so much stronger then the actual taste of the fruit.

That’s my favorite scent.

only thing that comes close after that is the sea. (can you tell i am homesick for the caribean)

----- maggie 30.11.11 13:24

The smell of cologne on a man makes me go crazy!

----- Megan 30.11.11 13:24

Roasting coffee

----- Andrew 30.11.11 13:08

a few days ago I was lucky to have a walk in Berlins Christmas market and I have found out that a scent of freshly cooked sausages on the open fire is a great smell to smell

----- martins 30.11.11 13:04

fresh-cut grass and bonfire-smoke! :)

----- Liisa 30.11.11 12:59

Smokey things come to mind. BBQ, campfires, grills all over the neighborhood in the summer, cigars. Of course these all smell awful stuck in your clothes/hair the next morning.

----- Ben 30.11.11 12:58

I am loving all the warm woodsy fragrances- cedar, sandalwood, turned earth, smoked tea leaves…

----- Eva Xia 30.11.11 12:53

Good coffee. Reminds me of good taste bud times

----- Sam Lam 30.11.11 12:51

My favorite scent is fresh cut pine wood. The freshness of pine mixed with a little burnt smell from the saw blade cutting through it.

----- Joe 30.11.11 12:49

My favorite scent is either a fresh christmas tree or baking bread

----- Nicole 30.11.11 12:43

the scent of leather, hands down. but not new leather, old, weathered and well worn leather.

----- Alex 30.11.11 12:30

Freshly mowed grass!

----- Savio 30.11.11 12:24

probably a bit weird, but the way my mini-lop rabbit smells right behind her ears. someone once told me that all rabbits have a specific scent and that’s where it’s strongest. that, or hot wet pavement right at the beginning of a summer storm.

----- Allie 30.11.11 12:22

The smell just after a match has been struck and lit…

----- Maggie 30.11.11 12:22

Burning camp fire.

----- Max 30.11.11 12:06

My favorite scent is cinnamon. It reminds me of my grandfather. He was a former Marine cook and would make the best desserts. I used to have his pumpkin pie on my birthdays instead of cake. Adding the cinnamon while making the filling for the pie was always my favorite part.

----- Leslie 30.11.11 12:00

oil paints mixed with turps. Heaven by the canvas

----- Jamieson 30.11.11 11:35

The scent of whatever my mother is making that night when I actually get to go home and visit. I’m a college student, and I live quite a distance away from home, so I rarely ever get to eat with my family.

----- Emily 30.11.11 11:34

My favorite scent is one or another of the colognes that remind of people I love.

----- Courtney 30.11.11 11:33

My favorite scent by far has to be freshly cut grass even as a kid I loved the smellmof freshly cut grass

----- Levi montez 30.11.11 11:32

the scent of my new golden macbook air is pricless!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 30.11.11 11:23

When my girlfriend is wearing Chanel Chance.

----- Robert W. 30.11.11 11:22

Fresh-cracked black pepper. Especially in cologne. But I also love both gardenia and magnolia. Odd for a guy to say that maybe, but the one reminds me of my mom (who I love), and the other reminds me of this huge magnolia tree in UMD-College Park that would fill the campus with the greatest fresh scent.

----- Hector 30.11.11 11:21

The scent of the life :)

----- Dorian 30.11.11 11:19

Lavender….sweet, relaxing….and beautiful……………………(she is)

----- carlos 30.11.11 11:11

My favorite scent? There are so many to choose from. I think my favorite is freshly peeled orange or citrus. Love that smell when you’re riding on Soaring over California ride at Disneyland’s California Adventure.

----- Tran Nguyen 30.11.11 11:09


----- viktoria papp 30.11.11 11:06

Outdoor Flower Markets, Parisian Crepe Stands, Vintage Clothing Stores, and the hillsides of the Haute-Corse region in Corsica.

----- Noelle Stiles 30.11.11 11:02

my favorite scent is laundry smell!!! so nice and comfortable… :)

----- christine 30.11.11 10:55

Clean Laundry, because even after working in a laundrymat for five years I still close my eyes every time I smell dryer sheets.

----- Lauren Marie 30.11.11 10:54


----- B Louie 30.11.11 10:50

my favourite scent: late summer’s tomato’s stem. The essence of the summer vacations:)

----- Agnieszka 30.11.11 10:48

Asphalt drying slowly after it’s rained.

----- Daisy 30.11.11 10:44

Bread baking… mmm.

----- Jeremy 30.11.11 10:44

My favorite scent is the smell of bonfires in the distance when walking outside.

----- Cianán 30.11.11 10:37

My favorite scent is vanilla.

----- Daniel 30.11.11 10:37

my favorite sent is rain

----- Nick Robles 30.11.11 10:36

I love the smell of fresh linens. It makes you feel clean.

----- vu 30.11.11 10:36

The smell of my 5 month old son. There’s nothing like a hug with baby skin. If Parents will understand.

----- Smyth 30.11.11 10:34


----- Spencer 30.11.11 10:34

Nothing beats the smell of burning firewood or a nice cup of Jasmine green tea.

----- Garrett 30.11.11 10:30

My favorite scent is of laundry that comes just out of the dryer. Particularly sheets.

----- Luis 30.11.11 10:29

Umm… if you’ve ever been driving around Northern Ontario in the farmland regions - I don’t know what they’re feeding their cows but for some reason the cow pies have this home made aroma… is that wierd?

----- Justin Astro 30.11.11 10:23

Fresh-baked apple crisp. HEAVEN!

----- Maggie 30.11.11 10:20

my favorite scent is roses!

----- kim 30.11.11 10:20

My favorite scent is the smell of the air the evening before the first night of the winter.

----- Przemek 30.11.11 10:19

The electric sweet smell of the air right before a thunder storm and the smell of my fiance when he walks in the door after work (he’s a wood worker), oh and the smell of my mom making cream puffs w/ lemon creme. XO, N

----- Noelle Stiles 30.11.11 10:19

My favorite scent is my dog! ….is that weird?

----- Tam 30.11.11 10:16

This time of year, my favorite scent is cinnamon. Nothing makes me think of Xmas more.

----- Geoff 30.11.11 10:13

The sent of the candle I burned in my room while living in Rome. Or the perfume my friend wore when we went to Paris when we were 15. Somehow those scents always take me right back…

----- Erin 30.11.11 10:12

When my mom used to make tacos, you could smell the meat simmering all over the house. I loved those days.

----- Allison 30.11.11 10:05

My favorite scent is fresh air right before it rains.

----- allen 30.11.11 10:02

that new car smell :)

----- Mike 30.11.11 10:00

My favorite scent to wear is lavender, but my favorite smell is onions and celery being sautéed for stuffing on thanksgiving morning…. I loved waking up to that smell in the house as a kid!

----- Diana 30.11.11 09:53

Gotta love the smell of spiced rum and leather - I even have a candle that smells like that. But would love to give these scents a try too!

----- Casey S. 30.11.11 09:52

My favorite smell is dinner cooking in the kitchen, fresh bread in the oven or a pie cooling on a wire rack. Just thinking about them makes me smile!

----- Drew 30.11.11 09:44

for me my favorite candle scent is one I havent been able to find in years. As a teenager my mom had given me a patuli scented candle….before everyone gags….this wasnt a heavy scented smell of hippies…it was nice and calming. I have not been able to find a replacement since that one. So yeah I have to go with the patouli scent from years ago.

----- Charlie Price 30.11.11 09:43

Ozone from a summer thunderstorm

----- Zack 30.11.11 09:42

Fresh cut wood is my favorite scent.

----- Wesley 30.11.11 09:40

Sawdust and Apple Pie: The smells of motivation and warmth.

----- Andy Stoltz 30.11.11 09:30

I always love the smell of fresh cut wood. mmmm

----- Matthew 30.11.11 09:21

Something about the crisp clean scent of Egyptian Cotton is so refreshing.

----- Stacy B. 30.11.11 09:17

My favorite scent is probably any type of Mens deodorant. I know, random but I love the smell of a man !

----- April B. 30.11.11 09:16

Blueberry pie!

----- Joe S 30.11.11 09:12

The scent of grass as you pass over it with a lawn mower. Nothing more gratifying than seeing the fruits of your labor instantly, and being able to smell them as well.

----- Justin 30.11.11 09:11

Anything with rosemary oil and cedar in it, has to be great. So my favorite would have to be #3. Hope I win!

----- Pamela 30.11.11 09:11

The smell of sun tanned sunflowers

----- Anna Hinojosa 30.11.11 09:06

My favorite scent is definitely wood smoke from a chimney. When the weather gets cold and I smell it for the first time for the season it makes me happy.

----- Ryan J 30.11.11 09:06

There are many:
favorite scent to bathe in: Lavender
favorite scent to have in my home: fresh laundry, and pine tree
favorite scent in the air: the sage plains of the mountain west after a thunder storm
comforting scents: fresh baked bread, sauteed onions, coffee, brown butter
favorite flower scent: sweet peas

----- katalia 30.11.11 09:05

My favourite scent is Givenchi Pi. I don’t normally have expensive tastes, but that cologne is A-mazing smelling and works well with most body chemistry too.

----- Jennifer 30.11.11 08:56

Burnt toast

----- Todd 30.11.11 08:56

Woodpile—the smell that rises right after you pick a couple of logs up off the stack—is the best. Other favorites are fresh sassafras, molasses, turned earth, and onions cooking in butter.

----- Josephine 30.11.11 08:52

It has to be a freshly burnt match and/or petrol (separately obviously)

----- John Norman 30.11.11 08:50

-fresh cut grass
-old books
-anything baking
Teenage years
-fillng up a gas tank
-the dark room at school
Adulthood (part1)
-coffee brewing
-my husband

----- Kristina 30.11.11 08:49

The smell of rain in the summer & fire in the winter

----- Ashley 30.11.11 08:47

Just moving from California to NY, my favorite scents are: Bon fires or the smell of roasted nuts on the streets of NY!

----- Jenn 30.11.11 08:47

A newly opened book. While there are a lot of scents that are more emotional to me, the act of opening a book for the first time to me is an act of awareness, and with scents in our day and time, this sadly has become rare.

----- Flo 30.11.11 08:44

I’m a sucker for any smell that is powerfully linked to memories. The wonderfully synthetic smell of Lemon Pledge always makes me think of Grandma’s house. And the orange smell of Testors model glue zaps me right back to the old garage with my dad.

----- Adam 30.11.11 08:43

Nothing smells more refreshing than a concourse after being stuck next to cologne-bathed man for a 6-hour flight.

----- Bella 30.11.11 08:37

WHITE WOOD 2 + WHITE WOOD 3 sound delicious, but usually i gravitate towards tea tree oil or eucalyptus scents.

----- andrea 30.11.11 08:25

I’m torn between fresh cut grass and fresh baked bread! Now I know these are not your typical scents for candles so lets say lavender!

----- Andy Coldicott 30.11.11 08:23

Rosemary. No, lavender. No, rosemary. Eucalyptus is nice. Jasmine…? Rosemary, definitely rosemary. Or orange blossoms.

----- Kathy R 30.11.11 08:23

I’ve had a Christmas tree candle for 11 years. Every year I pull it out of the decorations box, it instantly shifts your entire mood. It’s like Christmas in a box, I love it!

----- Sallyann Corn 30.11.11 08:23

Glade sells a scent called Angel Whispers. LOVE IT.

----- Ayumi 30.11.11 08:19

Love: roasted garlic, clean sheets at Mom’s house, and Bond No. 9 Coney Island!

----- Alex 30.11.11 08:19

Oakmoss and cedar are incredible scents.

----- Michael 30.11.11 08:19

Vanilla and Cinnamon are my two favorites

----- Chris Wilkinson 30.11.11 08:18

Ionized air, the smell right before a thunderstorm

----- Ryan Wampler 30.11.11 08:16

Giddy-UP!!! Jerry, its the smell of the beach but in a cologne. You see the smell of a beach but in a cologne!

----- Mickiah Broomfield 30.11.11 08:16

crisp autumn bacon cinnabon air

----- Noah 30.11.11 08:15

I love naturey scents like autumn leaves, grass and leather, love the design of the packaging and would love to smell these candles!

----- Beth 30.11.11 08:14

My favorite scent is my hometown post office.

----- Kelsey 30.11.11 08:12

I love vanilla. It reminds me of my mother’s kitchen and of ice cream on endless summer days.

----- Becca 30.11.11 08:12

I love the smell of cafe’s in Paris. When they make espresso/coffee it permeates the streets. I can just get high.

----- Gulruh Mamatova 30.11.11 08:11

green tea… any sort of tea really.

----- alicia 30.11.11 08:11

The smell of slightly over-brewed coffee at my grandparents’ house on a cold morning.

----- Kersten 30.11.11 08:10

Maine by MCMC Fragrances is irresistible to me.

----- Tifa 30.11.11 08:00

Cut grass on a fresh summers day

----- Philip 30.11.11 07:56

I’ve been using Scentsy for a few months now, and so far my favorite it their men’s line of scents.

----- Tom 30.11.11 07:53

My Favorite scent is Mandarin i enjoy citrus scents, Theyre so clean and uplifting.

----- Jennifer Peters 30.11.11 07:50

My favorite sent : autumn’s wet ground outside. It reminds me of my childhood, wandering in the forest nearby.

----- Gyr 30.11.11 07:49

Well-roasted coffee beans, verbena, browning butter, bread in the oven.

----- Michele 30.11.11 07:47

Favorite scent: Mid-autumn forest in New England.

----- John 30.11.11 07:39

My favourite scent is the smell of fresh coffee as I wake up.

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:29

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