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Tattoos & Tentacles- 11.04.11

tentacles0.jpg Tattoos & Tentacles is a book by photographer Julian Murray… and it is precisely what it sounds like (though the octopi don’t seem to be alive)… and it might be NSFW, but there’s a SFW peek inside the book on the next page!












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This is pretty interesting. When i was outside of the skull church that was recently posted on notcot, we met a nice group of other travelers. one of the girls was wearing some shorts and hand an octopus tentacle twisting down her leg. i am not sure where else it went but it definitely had an interesting look. want to buy the book just to see if some how she made it in :)

----- Cody B. 05.11.11 11:39

I love lots of highbrow tattooing publications, I can’t help but love cephalopods as they’re really fasciniating when they’re alive,instead of sad, cold, limp and bleh… this is just trite and bandwagoney. boooo!

----- antony 05.11.11 03:49

wow, apparently i have an extreme octopus-out-of-water phobia. who knew?

----- kamo 05.11.11 01:02

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