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Holiday Giveaway #15: Nervous System- 12.09.11

nervous0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

I can’t believe we’re now half way through the holiday giveaways! Up today for #15 is from our friends at Nervous System! They are masters at 3D printed goodness from jewelry to lighting ~ in everything from nylon to silver and more! This giveaway you have a chance to win the Cellular Pendant and Subdivision Cuff in either black or white!

For a chance to win Subdivision Cuff and Cellular Pendant from Nervous System, leave a comment with what you’d love to 3D print someday before midnight PST on Dec 14th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures and a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Megan in Cincinnati, OH!



For a chance to win Subdivision Cuff and Cellular Pendant from Nervous System, leave a comment with what you’d love to 3D print someday before midnight PST on Dec 14th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



288 Notes

I would print a giant octopus :)

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:31

I would love to print galaxies.

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:28

Since I am a dental student, I would love to see a 3D model of a human skull, with a complete set of teeth!

----- Emily 14.12.11 22:07

I’d print a cutlery set out with double helix handles.

----- Mohit 14.12.11 20:47

A 3D print of DNA could be cool. Or Escher’s Relativity.

----- Mark Kantrowitz 14.12.11 20:25

I want to 3D Print a chair much like front design did a few years back using FDM printing and Stop Motion Technology

----- Sid 14.12.11 19:17

I would love to 3D print a taiko drum

----- Emily 14.12.11 17:28

If we could find a way to 3D print emotions, that would be amazing. We could really “see” how someone felt.

----- daniela 14.12.11 16:28

I think I’d like to print a scan of my skull; I’m quite fond of it.

----- Valerie 14.12.11 16:19

I’d love to 3d print miniatures of my fashion designs for display.

----- Margaret 14.12.11 16:01

I’d like to 3d print a watch case or tie clip.

----- Bobby 14.12.11 14:54

I’d love to print a graph made on spherical coordinates! They are kind of like polar coordinates, but even cooler and 3d!

----- Clara 14.12.11 14:04

I’d Print the one of the typefaces I’ve designed, Photograph the 3d characters and make a series of typographic posters using the photo lettering. Sounds like a fun project.

----- Matt 14.12.11 12:54

I would love to print a 3d replica of my beloved cat, may he RIP.

----- Tina 14.12.11 12:35

I would love to print a 3d replica of my beloved cat, may he RIP.

----- Tina 14.12.11 12:35

a silhouette of three red cedar trees

----- JJ 14.12.11 10:47

i would love to print my bisnes cards

----- roberto 14.12.11 09:05

I’d like to print a series of ovular kitchen bowls with the outer topography taken from the surface of my own brain, reconstructed from an MRI.

----- Matthew Wettergreen 14.12.11 09:02

Architecture, for sure, but other than that I’d say existing tattoo designs and logos.

----- Jali 14.12.11 08:28

Probably a full scale 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix. Obvious.

----- Dan 14.12.11 05:44

I would love to print abstract physical representations of my memories, generated by brainwave readings triggered by those specific memories.

----- Guido 14.12.11 05:33

A front facing wolf for a pendant or an Inuit Orca for a bracelet.

----- Erin E 14.12.11 02:08

I would really enjoy seeing a Boabab tree. In my mind I have always seen it as the tree of life. They saved my dads life a number of times :)

----- Greg Gerv 14.12.11 02:03

a real human heart with its vein

----- Erlina Husada 14.12.11 00:16

Punch my nerd card for this one if you like, but I love some of the 3D printed D&D dice I’ve seen. Seeing a theme permutate across those geometric forms, from 4 sides to 20, is fastinating.

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:21

All the toys in my head

----- Tony F 13.12.11 19:02

a microscopic view of almost any kind of fungus.

----- Allie 13.12.11 18:04

the skeletal framework for the perfect urban umbrella.

----- Linda 13.12.11 14:28

i would love to print 3D pollen grains! have you seen how cool they are?! they’re little microscopic beads of wonder! it’s astonishing that something so beautiful is actually an evolutionary adaptation.

----- shawn 13.12.11 13:12

I’d love to print my own jewelry some day!

----- Amanda 13.12.11 12:57

I would 3D print the synapses that fire when my fiance tells me he loves me and wear it as a necklace or print the first letter he wrote me.

----- Noelle 13.12.11 12:47

new spectacle frames

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:48

I love being outside, so the idea of being able to print a favorite mountain range, forest or even a cloud in miniature and 3D makes me happy.

----- Brianna 13.12.11 11:06

I would love to 3D print the landscape of the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

----- Kim 13.12.11 10:33

I would love to 3D print my dog!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:27

I’d love to 3D print some scale models of bird skulls… hummingbird, raven - that type. those things are cool! i have no idea what i’d do with them, maybe just keep them in a little bowl on my fireplace mantel…

----- TONI 13.12.11 09:03

I’d 3-D print THE ideal boyfriend!

----- Eloisa 13.12.11 07:47

I want to 3D print an old Macintosh 128K.

----- Justin R 13.12.11 07:42

I’d print myself more jewellery and some honeycomb storage to fit perfectly under my stairs at home

----- Nicole 13.12.11 07:23

I’d 3D print illustrations from my favorite children’s books, like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

----- Erin 13.12.11 04:50

I would 3D print a delightfully tiny and harmless yeti, complete with angry arms!

And then I would knit it a tiny sweater.

----- Jori 13.12.11 03:45

I would like to print an exoskeleton aplique to wear for next halloween

----- Justin H 12.12.11 20:47

I really want one of these tiny Theo Jansen wind walkers!!! 3D printing is so freaking cool. http://www.shapeways.com/model/247069/animaris_geneticus_parvus__5.html?gid=sg79055

Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

----- April Brooks 12.12.11 20:35

A poem written for someone special and woven into a beautiful bracelet.

----- Barbara Daly 12.12.11 16:36

Cars! Skyscrapers! Airplanes!

----- Tyler Benner 12.12.11 16:30

The Mason-Pfizer monkey virus crystal structure, awarded to the winning team from fold.it.

----- Richard 12.12.11 14:28

So Cool! I would want to see a baroque style piece of jewelery printed. :)

----- Gabriela 12.12.11 13:13

Wouldn’t it be rad to 3D print an entire adult human skeleton and then assemble it like a giant puzzle?

----- BEN C. 12.12.11 12:41

Our wedding bands so we could both have them when he is deployed with the Navy.

----- Kathleen 12.12.11 12:40

I’d love to 3D print scale models of kids being kids for my Interior Design capstone project.

----- Cameron 12.12.11 12:13

I would print a 3d printer.

----- Ryan 12.12.11 11:45

Wow one day I think 3d-printing plates and utensils that can be used and then “recycled” into more printer material would be cool

----- erastos 12.12.11 11:43

the stuff is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I love it.
I would like to see a 3D small scarecrow, in a necklace.

----- chiara 12.12.11 11:17

I think I would have to 3D print out a full living room set!

----- Abbie 12.12.11 11:16

The one missing Lego piece that inevitably is missing.

----- raymond 12.12.11 10:58

A 3D print of a fingerprint would be interesting.

----- Shannon 12.12.11 10:27

A water drop in mid fall…

----- Mihai V. 12.12.11 10:26

Custom furniture parts would be nice.

----- Scott B 12.12.11 10:17

i will want to print shoes!

----- Dagne 12.12.11 10:15

I would love to 3D print some bacon strips

----- Gino V 12.12.11 09:32

The curve of my friend’s back as he sleeps.

----- Laurita 12.12.11 07:48

i’d love to 3D print a dollhouse and all the furniture!!

----- cla 12.12.11 07:30

I’d love to print out little 3d dioramas from pictures I’ve taken. Thanks for this contest. I LOVE Nervous System’s jewelry!!!

----- Kimberly M 12.12.11 07:20

car parts

----- Morgan 12.12.11 07:18

I’d love to print out branches in 3D. I love the idea of something from nature, perfectly replicated.

----- Daisy 12.12.11 07:07

A bike!

----- Jessi 12.12.11 07:03

I’d like to print a replica of my skull from MRI scan data.

----- Dan Gilmore 12.12.11 04:56

Id love to 3d print myself, then dress it up in my clothes, and freak people out with it!

----- Sam 12.12.11 02:26

Johnny Depp or/and a poptart.

----- Grace 12.12.11 02:12

Already made! A personal artoyz! :)

----- dorian 12.12.11 01:46

I would love to print a 3d model of my hand.

----- Jacquelynn 12.12.11 00:58


----- MINDY H 11.12.11 20:43

I’d like to 3d print a working miniature bicycle with all the complicated parts of the drive train and wheels.

----- Chris Clinton 11.12.11 20:37

some seating

----- Tom V 11.12.11 19:56

I would absolutely love to 3-d print some Imperial Septims from the Elder Scrolls universe. It would make my boyfriend Killer-Happy.

----- Jennifer 11.12.11 18:56


----- Jasper 11.12.11 18:27

I would like to be able to print out a pair shoes for whatever the occasion called for.

----- Robert 11.12.11 17:31

I would print a piece of toast. Every single little hole in it. The perfect toast thickness and maybe even the topography of peanut butter.

----- Andrew Chau 11.12.11 16:54

I would like to do a life-size 3D print of the entire world and then send it to space!

----- TL 11.12.11 16:31

I would print cute cupcakes and decorate them with sparkles.

----- Crystal 11.12.11 16:28

I would like to print a Golden Retriever in 3D. I always wanted a dog but I’m staying at an apartment which forbids any ownership of pets…

----- Gary 11.12.11 16:01

I’d like to 3d print negative spaces of statues, places, spiral staircases, the |Royal Opera bridge etc…

----- Antoana 11.12.11 14:57

I would print out the insides of a snake king

----- Bojan 11.12.11 14:34

illustrated bird models

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:24

I’d love to 3D print some cool cooking utensils one day !

----- april B 11.12.11 14:08

I’d like a 3D print of a strand of my hair at the molecular level, as a necklace. That’d be awesome.

----- Sharon 11.12.11 14:01

I’d print an fractalicious pendant lamp shade.

----- Melissa 11.12.11 13:06

I would print a woman LOL

----- Russ McIntosh 11.12.11 12:51

I would 3D print a harp pendant

----- Victoria Bill 11.12.11 12:50

I’d like to print a little gotham city. =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 11.12.11 12:22

the sculptures with way too many compound curves i sketch but never build…

----- erin 11.12.11 11:24

I would like to 3D print miniatures of endangered animals and place them all around the city to raise awareness.

----- Lily 11.12.11 10:32

My heart or what ever interesting

----- joseph Sarti 11.12.11 09:06

a panoramic camera for roll film!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 11.12.11 08:06

I would love a 3d print of my teeth to hang in my kitchen.

----- seAN 11.12.11 07:27

I would like to 3D print a feather.

----- Jon 11.12.11 06:30

I’d print little breasts, all shapes and sizes.

----- Jan 11.12.11 06:25

a model of my DNA

----- noel drumbor 11.12.11 05:29

I would love to 3D-print one of the figures my boyfriend made in the computor!

----- Johanna 11.12.11 04:09

I would print 3D replicas of the places shown the the opening title sequences from the Game of Thrones.

----- Lisa 11.12.11 03:37

I would love to print a chess set with all my family members.

----- Rae 11.12.11 02:42

A metal 3D print of some chain mail sounds pretty awesome to me.

----- Jeff 10.12.11 23:41

I would print parts for custom computer cases and replica movie and video game props.

----- Daniel F 10.12.11 23:37

I would love to print out cicada nymphs. i saw them for the first time this summer and I have been obsessed.

----- Kat 10.12.11 21:51

Gorgeous stuff. I’d have to say I’d print a rather open and interesting interpretation of Ganesha, given the chance!

----- Anissa 10.12.11 21:35

I would print a dragon. No question

----- Kayla 10.12.11 21:06

These are really fabulous pieces. So many good suggestions already up. My first thought was to have a 3D print of dendrites, or two nerves connecting. Then I thought it would be neat to see the molecular model of thing we take for granted printed out in 3D; like air or water.

----- Jenn 10.12.11 20:40

I would 3d print these amazing graffiti stencils I have. They truly need another use.

----- Sean Monaghan 10.12.11 20:27

I think I’d like to 3D print a replica of my childhood home, so I could have it with me wherever I end up.

----- Courtney 10.12.11 19:51

i would love to print my unborn children.

----- carol 10.12.11 18:43

I would 3D print a map to secret treasure

----- Jamee 10.12.11 18:14

Just visited the tour eiffel! And Louvre!
What two amazing piece of art to 3D print (maybe as pendant?)…


----- carmelo 10.12.11 16:46

I would 3D print the neural connections of the brain. (It’s a part of the nervous system, after all!) Bad pun aside, it would be a more thoughtful badge of intelligence than any slogan t-shirt or tote bag with a Hemingway book cover printed on the side.

----- Anne 10.12.11 16:42

The human skeleton! (I love anatomy).

----- Emily 10.12.11 15:35

Different parts of the body that people are not familiar with. Like omentum or the rotator cuff of a sperm cell.

----- christi 10.12.11 14:09

I would 3-D print my cat as he was as a baby, I miss that time, he was the cutest thing ever :)

----- Stav 10.12.11 13:53

3D large scale print of my DNA

----- ShaneNoir 10.12.11 13:21

i’d love a 3d print of san francisco! it’s such a beautiful city.

----- kerri 10.12.11 13:07

I would want to 3D print subway maps of the biggest cities of the world.

----- Anna 10.12.11 12:49

I would print a whole bunch of fantastical gears to use in my art!

----- Pam 10.12.11 12:41

I think I would like to see my own DNA in 3D. Wanna know what I look like when you look VERY closely! haha

----- Solmaz 10.12.11 11:49

an anatomically correct human heart, or at least the outer shell of it, with all the tiny bloodvessels - to make a lamp out of it! :)

----- Liisa 10.12.11 11:13

a marc jones smoking rabbit i would 3D print

----- martins 10.12.11 10:19

I would want to print 3D models of organ anatomy.

----- Megan 10.12.11 10:18

I’d love to be able to 3D print happiness.

----- Tatiana 10.12.11 10:05

A Quagmire :::)

----- Ana 10.12.11 09:53

A replica of Marshmellow Boy, he’s a cartoon character I invented when I was 12. It would be super cute.

----- Lauren Marie 10.12.11 09:26

I would love Cellular Pendant

----- Lyudmila 10.12.11 09:12

The solar system would be pretty cool if it was printed 3D.

----- Lara 10.12.11 08:57

Chinese finger cuffs

----- Adam Edwards 10.12.11 08:35

I’d make mini 3d prints of my six painted turtles

----- Alex Awesome 10.12.11 07:48

I would 3D print replacement parts for my broken jewelry, but in black. It would be an interesting contrast to wear it like each piece has a cast….

----- sarah 10.12.11 07:36

I actually work with a 3D printer, so I know the work that it takes, which makes this prize extra awesome. If I could, I would love to print a topographical globe. Considering the detail these printers can catch, it would be amazing.

----- Mikaela 10.12.11 07:19

A series of different trees’ barks

----- Lindsey W. 10.12.11 06:43

I would love to design and 3D print engagement rings.

----- Nina 10.12.11 06:39

banyan trees!

----- sarah 10.12.11 06:34

I’d love to get a detailed MRI of my skull and use the data to 3D print a n exact, life-sized copy of my noggin. ^_^

----- Tom 10.12.11 05:59

3D printing cutlery and dishes.

----- Michael P 10.12.11 05:08

I’d love to write letters in 3D, to find hidden and secret meanings beyond a single word…

----- Federica 10.12.11 03:04

A teddy bear skeleton!

----- Iris 10.12.11 02:47

A to-scale version of the Starship Enterprise?

----- Laura 10.12.11 02:43

A life-sized action figure of Halo’s Master Chief, complete with detachable and wearable armor.

----- OJ Desuasido 10.12.11 01:50

I would 3D print my graffiti art into jewelry that would be awesome!

----- Chris Rands 10.12.11 01:20

i’d love to 3d print a sx-70 polaroid camera!

----- Michelle 10.12.11 01:02

I would love to print some of the beautiful abstract art out there. It thing a lot of it would become amazing sculptural pieces.

----- Leslie 10.12.11 00:59

i’d 3Dprint my entire apartment… but in black.

----- hunter 10.12.11 00:51

I would print for you that thing which brings you joy.

----- RA 09.12.11 23:52

a model of the human body

----- Tris 09.12.11 23:26

I would like to 3D print a coffee table.

----- Christina 09.12.11 23:06

Living flowers

----- Anja 09.12.11 22:24

a carpool buddy…

----- Melissa flicker 09.12.11 21:52

I’d love to 3D print my deceased dog. I really miss him. It’d be nice to create a homage for Muzzy.

----- Alyssa 09.12.11 21:03

I’d like to print my Face with some changes like a smaller nose and littlebit bigger lips, to see how it looks for real! So if it looks like shit i know its the right desicionnot to make a plastic surgary XD

----- Agnes 09.12.11 21:00

architectural building frames

----- b louie 09.12.11 20:56

a full scale replica of my iphone for my 7 month old son to chew on. (bpa free, of course)

----- rich 09.12.11 20:51

Some of my drawings!

----- Thu 09.12.11 20:42

Replacement pieces for all of my broken crap.

----- Speck 09.12.11 20:20

I would 3D print myself some amazing glasses.

----- Alex 09.12.11 20:16

Last minute props for math class? I think so. (My longterm lesson planning skills need to improve.)

----- Sarah 09.12.11 19:46

I’d 3D print one of my poems into the shape of a bangle and give it to my girlfriend. Wearable poetry, if you may.

----- Guan Liang 09.12.11 19:23

I would 3D print custom dishes and cutlery.

----- Dustin 09.12.11 19:11

A family photo!

----- wolfie 09.12.11 18:55

i’d 3D print a neurone!

----- Siena 09.12.11 18:55

I’d love 3D models of herbs

----- nicole 09.12.11 18:52

Printing nature’s structures is fascinating - tangibly creating the aurora borealis (the northern lights), a solar system or gaseus nebula in 3D would blow my mind!

----- Leigh 09.12.11 18:37

hayao miyazaki’s animation characters.

----- Trinh 09.12.11 18:35

A replica of my Mom and Dad’s hands- they won’t always physically be with me; this would remind me of everything they’ve made for me and provided me with.

----- Michelle 09.12.11 18:33

Replacement parts for my bike, my computer and just about everything that breaks.

----- Matt 09.12.11 18:25

I would 3D print the world a coke, and teach it how to sing.

----- Michael Senkow 09.12.11 18:20

I’d love to 3D print my heart

----- Stacy B. 09.12.11 18:17

A jetpack.

----- Gaetan 09.12.11 18:15

I want to 3d print utensils. Fancy forks and chopsticks, please!

----- Codi 09.12.11 17:53

batman bursting out of a robot

----- steven 09.12.11 17:41

I’d love to print some rings!

----- TQ 09.12.11 17:34

I’d love to one day print costumes for feature film production…

----- Patrick 09.12.11 17:32

insect wings would be cool. then I would use it as a press mold to make things out of clay.

----- tane 09.12.11 17:20

I would love to 3D print legos!

----- Yenn 09.12.11 17:10

A blck hole swallowing a star.

----- Arthur Kosasih 09.12.11 17:04

I’d 3D print a pair of wings for my current wearables project.

----- Jacky 09.12.11 16:51

Love the cuff … hope can be unisex XD

----- jia Ying 09.12.11 16:28

to stop the HEART BEAT,
to catch the moment of HAPPINESS,
to close FEAR
in the artwork of 3d print

----- Monika 09.12.11 16:24

I would print shot glasses

----- Heather L 09.12.11 16:16

I would love to 3D print well-designed houses and buildings. that’s going to be the future…

----- Thinh 09.12.11 16:14

It’d be cool to print out replicas of people who have been 3D scanned

----- Jim 09.12.11 16:09

I’d love to do a 3D print of that luscious Subdivision Cuff ;)

----- Anne 09.12.11 16:08

A Calabi-Yau shape.

----- Marc D 09.12.11 16:04

I would love to print Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House

----- JON 09.12.11 16:02

a jacks!! that’s a game in my home country Costa Rica!! :D Greetings!!

----- maria 09.12.11 15:57

A house! Imagine just designing a house on a computer and having it be printed out in front of you. One day…

----- Angela Nguyen 09.12.11 15:46

I would love to 3D print my heart so I could literally give it to my Love.

----- Ethel 09.12.11 15:40

I’d 3D print house plants, because I’m no good at keeping the real ones alive !

----- Jane 09.12.11 15:39


----- Claire 09.12.11 15:24

I’d love to have 3D print of Borobudur Temple! That would be great!

----- risca 09.12.11 15:24

I’d love to 3D print a Menger sponge.

----- Chris 09.12.11 14:59

A series of increasingly tiny 3D printers, each printed by its predecessor.

----- Christina 09.12.11 14:57

I think a 3D-printed jellyfish would be amazing, even without the transparency.

----- Kylene 09.12.11 14:57

Living flowers

----- Anja 09.12.11 14:51

I’m an actress/writer - 3D printing a gun would make for such a cool prop!

----- Meghan 09.12.11 14:49

A Calabi-Yau shape.

----- Marc D 09.12.11 14:44

a duplicate of myself would be great ;)

----- kdb 09.12.11 14:38

I would print out a 3D map of Yosemite National Park.

----- Chloe H. 09.12.11 14:24

Modular blocks for furniture builiding

----- JAVI 09.12.11 14:02

diatoms :)

----- blue 09.12.11 14:00

Probably jewelry. I know it’s not particularly original, but still.

----- Rachel Bain 09.12.11 13:59

I’d love to see a 3D printed anatomically correct Tom Selleck. Why the hell not.

----- cole 09.12.11 13:57


----- Lish 09.12.11 13:53

Something I designed beginning on paper and see it come to 3D life.

----- Stan 09.12.11 13:53

A 3D of M.C. Escher print, perhaps “Relativity”.

----- Joyce 09.12.11 13:49

Body parts, transport, cities, worlds - technoloy will hoepfully be used for true human progression, one day.

----- John Norman 09.12.11 13:45

I would 3D print a replica of my roommate’s car and “park” it outside our house in place of the real one :)

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 13:41

a cosmic nebula. like the orion nebula.

----- Danielle 09.12.11 13:35

When the time is right, I’d like to have 3D printed a custom-designed special piece of jewellery for my special man ;)

----- Craig 09.12.11 13:33

I’d love to 3D print a tiny fully moving internal combustion engine.

----- Ben 09.12.11 13:33

A velociraptor taking down a robot

----- Walt Stevens 09.12.11 13:27

I’d love to 3d print the eiffel tower! a miniature version :)

----- Cathy 09.12.11 13:25

a 3d printer

----- thomas acciavatti 09.12.11 13:25

i’d love to print human spine as a bracelet

----- Catarina Vaz 09.12.11 13:23

Everything. Anything.

----- neza 09.12.11 13:22

My own brain!

----- laura 09.12.11 13:19

I would like to see made into jewelry an illustrated map of Cassiopeia (or some other constellation with an equally beautiful name)and its movement across the skies above Stonehenge (or some other ancient world wonder of mysterious origins). Or maybe a contour illustration of some amazing cosmic body/event - Andromeda Galaxy, The Horse Head Nebula, The Milky Way, The orbit or the planets of our solar system, the birth and death of a star.

----- Holly 09.12.11 13:19

Chicago city skyline

----- Genevieve 09.12.11 13:13

I’d love to design & print my own designer toys and also toys for my children in the future!

----- J_Walrus 09.12.11 13:11

A 3d infinity sign ring which spans over two fingers would be amazing!

----- Tom 09.12.11 13:06

The perfect man.

----- Leslie Zacharkow 09.12.11 12:57

I want to 3D print all of the components to a self-winding watch, then put it together.

----- Max 09.12.11 12:57

I’d love to 3D print monkey DNA.

----- becca 09.12.11 12:53

I want to 3-D print a gameboard and figurines for a game we create ourselves.

----- Susanna 09.12.11 12:52

I would 3-D print the golden gate bridge. Or a skeleton.

----- Kimi 09.12.11 12:45

I would 3D print my pet dog in miniature! That way I can carry him around everywhere :]

----- Tatiana L 09.12.11 12:41

I would 3D print my dog in miniature. That way I can carry him around everywhere!

----- Tatiana 09.12.11 12:38

I think it would be pretty amazing to 3d print an ultrasound of my unborn child one day

----- Diana 09.12.11 12:37

i’d love to 3d print custom birthday cards!

----- rebecca f. 09.12.11 12:35

I would 3D print dimensional tiles for the wall.

----- Jenny 09.12.11 12:32

a translucent & flexible King Cobra that pulls apart in anatomical layers like a puzzle. And the hood would expand as well.

----- MGV 09.12.11 12:31

A full-size house that I can live in.

----- Bartal Djurhuus 09.12.11 12:19

I would like to print a motorcycle swingarm out of graphene.

----- Ryan J 09.12.11 12:06

I would love to 3D print a bike frame on the cheap! or an cool case for my old cameras.

----- Christian 09.12.11 12:05

I build props for theatre, so I’d like to print some of the more challenge things I’ve had to couple together from found materials…like instruments that have never been invented before!

----- Natalie 09.12.11 12:02

I’m not very familiar with 3D printing and would just love to observe a variety of things being printed. I think I would like to 3D print some sort of old-fashioned machinery, like a loom.
thanks for this chance to win!

----- snacks 09.12.11 11:56

I would 3D print my favorite blanket that I had as a child, that my older brothers subsequently lit on fire on purpose, and destroyed.

----- Alexandra 09.12.11 11:51

a bicycle frame, which i have designed.

----- viktoria papp 09.12.11 11:50

a dendrite

----- yuenMe 09.12.11 11:48

Modern kitchenware: utensils, knife blocks, the kind of things you used to have to work with a factory to have produced.

----- Monica 09.12.11 11:46

Cat toys - to replace the ones that get shredded.

----- Zack 09.12.11 11:33

I’d like to 3d print a guitar, and have an awesome design on the neck and body.

----- chris wilkinson 09.12.11 11:31

I would like to be able to 3D print a 3D printer, that in it’s turn of course can print a 3D printer.

----- Vegter van Slooten 09.12.11 11:28

a brain

----- Kerrie 09.12.11 11:27

I would love to print the nerves in the human body, visible man style

----- Scott 09.12.11 11:26

I’d like to print a 3D photo of my dog to keep him forever.

----- Ashley 09.12.11 11:22

I’d love to 3D print my cat!

----- Jen 09.12.11 11:22

I design intricate hand drawn patterns and I’d love to see them 3D printed as jewelry or on a large scale as sculptures.

----- Renee 09.12.11 11:19

legos,barbie house

----- sindy murray 09.12.11 11:18

A Pteradactyl.

----- sethernicus 09.12.11 11:16

I’d love to 3D print a huge picture of Hogwarts, both to relive my childhood and to check out every nook n cranny.

----- Laura 09.12.11 11:15

The Purkinje cell layer in the cerebellum.

----- Ralitsa 09.12.11 11:13

I would love to 3D print a bunch of tiny bicycles with riders and re-enact an old Tour de France scene.

----- Tran Nguyen 09.12.11 11:12

I would 3D print a model of Calatrava’s Gare do Oriente Station in Portugal and use it as a bookshelf.

----- Laura 09.12.11 10:51

A coral reef

----- Kirstin 09.12.11 10:50


----- Natalie Kay 09.12.11 10:49

Miniature buildings…? I want to print full size furniture / building components.

----- Ryan Newman 09.12.11 10:47

I want to print the creatures I create, even better if I could bring them to life and release them upon the world.

----- Elizabeth 09.12.11 10:46

i’d test out concept experimental furniture, and even manufacture it. And then some motorcycle designs afterward.

----- david 09.12.11 10:43

I would 3D print a 3D printer.

----- Chen 09.12.11 10:41

Something my husband designed

----- lauren 09.12.11 10:37

I’d print myself some sweet glasses. I need them, haven’t had benefits for a while and frames and lenses are expensive.

----- Matthew 09.12.11 10:36

Id 3D print animal skeletons

----- nick robles 09.12.11 10:35

I would love to 3d print a set of lights. Currently trying to design them with grasshopper and rhino.

----- Sean 09.12.11 10:32

Stem Cells.

----- Roman 09.12.11 10:27

I’d like to be able to 3D print a real snack, a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy . In the more realistic short term, I’d have to go with a klein bottle.

----- Robyn 09.12.11 10:27

I want to do a bust by myself of myself for myself.

----- Anders 09.12.11 10:27

I’d love to 3D print a small gecko :)

----- Tatiana 09.12.11 10:26

Frames, drawer organizers, legos!

----- Ginger 09.12.11 10:25

3D printed shoe trees.

----- John 09.12.11 10:14

I want to 3D print reconstructive bone implants!

----- Stephen Fernandez 09.12.11 10:13


----- jacob 09.12.11 10:06

I’d like to print a new front fender for my poor little car! :(

----- Ian S. 09.12.11 10:05

I’d 3d print an airplane.

----- Daniel 09.12.11 10:04

I’d love to print a jellyfish in 3D. That’d be awesome =) They’re such fascinating creatures.

----- Ly 09.12.11 10:03

I’d love to 3D print copies of this giveaway and then I wouldn’t need to win it.

----- rey 09.12.11 10:02

I’d like to 3D print some of my illustrations.

----- Robert W. 09.12.11 10:01

An anatomically accurate representation of my heart placed in a box lined with velvet cushion.

----- Collin Banko 09.12.11 10:01

Fractals in color!

----- Suzie 09.12.11 09:58

I’d love to be able to 3D print molecule models and other models to help my high school chemistry students visualize structures.

----- Domi 09.12.11 09:56

butterfly wings

----- jenna 09.12.11 09:55

I would love to print miniature buildings.

----- Ayumi 09.12.11 09:54

I would like to print a cityscape in 3D

----- Liz 09.12.11 09:47

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