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Holiday Giveaway #27: Fred- 12.21.11

fred0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

The team at Fred always has way too much fun ~ I can’t imagine how inspiring and amusing it must be to work over there ~ they come up with the most playful twists on functional objects for your everyday. So once again, they’ve come up with a really fun bundle of goodies for you guys ~ Yum Bots, Letterpress Cookie Cutters, Dream Light, Food Fighters Toy Soldiers, a Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass, a Gym Glass Sports Bottle, Paper Airplane Door Stop, and Dishplay Gloves! Can you believe we’re already at Giveaway #27?!?!

For a chance to win a bundle of new goodies containing, Yum Bots, Letterpress Cookie Cutters, Dream Light, Food Fighters Toy Soldiers, a Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass, a Gym Glass Sports Bottle, Paper Airplane Door Stop, and Dishplay Gloves from Fred, leave a comment with your new year’s resolution before midnight PST on Dec 26th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!

CONGRATS to our winner Sarah in Fremont, CA!

fred1.jpg Yum Bots - sillicon cupcake molds… or jello molds… or whatever you get creative and come up with…

fred2.jpg Letterpress Cookie Cutters!

fred3.jpg Dream Light ~ sparkling lights glowing and seemingly floating in the jar…

fred4.jpg Food Fighters Toy Soldiers ~ these guys will fight the good fight for/on your food!

fred5.jpg a Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

fred6.jpg A Gym Glass Sports Bottle… for all your hydration needs…

fred7.jpg Last Stop ~ paper airplane looking door stop!

fred8.jpg and Dishplay Gloves to make clean up a bit more fun!

346 Notes

My new years resolution is to not freak out when things don’t go the way I think they should, and to not take for granted the moments where everything seems to be going perfect.

----- Jessie 26.12.11 22:22

Get Organized


----- Mommydoll13 26.12.11 20:26

Save the world with my new Ignoble bag that I shall win shortly.

----- patd 26.12.11 16:15

work more hours in my design page!

----- Marco Purroy 26.12.11 12:48

My resolution is to update my blog more regularly.

----- chris 26.12.11 10:48

My resolution is to get my driver’s license, to get a part-time job, and start exercising regularly >

----- Sara 26.12.11 01:11

to stay focused, healthy and happy…and mostly, get a job!

----- Bethany 25.12.11 20:32

Im determined to go to many more comedy shows, gigs and gallery exhibitions in 2012!
By more, I mean more than zero, which is what I do now!

----- Dan S 25.12.11 17:12

I love Fred! My new year’s resolution is to find a job back on the East coast to be closer to my brand new nephew and family.

----- Sarah Meyers 25.12.11 16:46

be a better person

----- Paulina 25.12.11 15:00

To have a good amazing year overall.

----- Joseph Sarti 25.12.11 12:36

I resolve to sleep like a normal person.

----- Jess 25.12.11 11:54


----- Burçin 25.12.11 11:49

I am going to try to overcome my constant pain so I can be a better wife, mom, and teacher. I also want to create more ART!

----- nancy 25.12.11 11:16

I am serious when I say I need to drink more. I need to get out more and remember to be outgoing and have fun.

----- Rich 25.12.11 08:52

Get more sleep to avoid looking like a panda bear!NO

----- Denise 25.12.11 07:39

My new years resolution is to stick to my new years resolution!!

----- Janet Eu 24.12.11 23:58

My new years resolution is to finish my degree next year, with high distinctions.

----- Carly 24.12.11 21:35

My Nw Yar’s Rsolution: fix th ky bsid th W on my kyboard.

----- Brad 24.12.11 20:49

My resolution is to train to run a 1/2 marathon.

----- Juli 24.12.11 20:32

To make time for other things in my life besides work, even though I love my job

----- Allie 24.12.11 18:41

Turn Xmas Pork belly and lamb racks (as I don’t touch the unhealthy sweets and vegetables at all) into positive creative energy for me and the lovely people around me.

----- Zoe 24.12.11 16:42

Drink less beer, make homebrew.

----- Ana 24.12.11 15:29


----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:10


----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:10

To design + print my 2013 Letterpress Calendar in the summer of 2012!!!

----- moose 24.12.11 15:07

my resolution is to eat healthier and climb a volcano in Guatemala this coming summer!

----- Michele P. 24.12.11 14:43

To complete 3 major art/publishing projects.

----- Keith Again 24.12.11 12:38

Very Interesting things!

----- Leslie Roberson 24.12.11 12:21

do more yoga, feel more better bout myself.

----- liz 24.12.11 11:38

My new year’s resolution is to … exercise more! (never heard that one I bet).

----- Liam Kelly 24.12.11 11:32

My resolution: simplify.

----- domestic diva 24.12.11 09:58

My new year’s resolution is to continue cycling to work as much as I can. Also… to finally get my driver’s license :)

----- Steph 24.12.11 09:46

Go to the gym more.

----- Dustin 24.12.11 09:26

New Years resolution #59: Eat, don’t drink, and be merry…and more walks with my doggie, Izzy Bella.

----- connie busch 24.12.11 08:15

to live without regret…to love without restraint…to laugh like noone can hear

----- kimmi 24.12.11 07:16

I need to learn French… I live in France but hardly speak the language.

----- James 24.12.11 06:32

1. Spend more time with brother
2. Improve ballet technique
3. Help out parents more with their garden

----- Joni 24.12.11 04:18

These products are sooo cool! My new year’s resolution is to hit the gym at least once a week. I know, once a week is not a lot. But at least, it’s a start. I want to be able to keep it up for a month and add on more days. :)

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- amy @ uTryIt 23.12.11 23:50

To improve my grades

----- Clara 23.12.11 20:47

My resolution is to live every day as if the Mayans were right!

----- Anissa 23.12.11 19:52

Sadly again this year it is to stop smoking, or it should really be to stop enjoying smoking so much. Or to stop being so good at hiding smoking from my husband. Or to really see myself in a realistic manner when I am standing on my toilet smoking into the vent so my husband can’t smell it. I need to stop smoking.

----- Joyce 23.12.11 19:40

I would like to read the NY Times each day.

----- Brett K. 23.12.11 18:36

be a better person

----- steven 23.12.11 17:48

Learn how to speak a new language fluently, French being #1 on my list.

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 23.12.11 17:27

My resolution for 2012 - No more resolutions.

----- Anna Banana 23.12.11 16:37

my new years resolution is to improve my painting skills and stop being such a hermit!!

----- Martin 23.12.11 16:05

My new years resolution is to set aside more quiet down time for myself, and to set aside more time to read the books I want to. :)

----- Jane 23.12.11 15:24

Get more of my creative plans finished

----- Nick Robles 23.12.11 15:17

to go into the wild more often

----- Lisa 23.12.11 15:10

To eat more junk food and exercise less

----- Annie 23.12.11 13:17

Stop being afraid. And that’s how it’s going to be from now on. :)

----- Stav 23.12.11 11:54

I am looking into a new profession for my new years resolution

----- taylor 23.12.11 11:24

My new year’s resolution will be to take my dog to the pet cafe we have downtown. It’s a bit of a hassle as I live in the east end, but she’d love the experience and I’ve been meaning to go since they opened!

----- Ayla 23.12.11 11:20

I’d planned on making more ransom notes out of cookies next year. Perhaps one of these products would help?

----- Chris 23.12.11 11:08

I am going to try to overcome my constant pain so I can be a better wife, mom, and teacher. I also want to create more ART!

----- nancy 23.12.11 11:06

To start writing again and to get healthy!

----- Thu 23.12.11 10:56

For the past three years I have resolved to drink more champagne. I have been meeting my goal so far so why stop now!

----- Ryan J 23.12.11 10:46

To win a Fred giveaway!

----- Donelle 23.12.11 10:44

Organize my home!

----- Lorel 23.12.11 10:33

I resolve that I will try to have more patients with my parents and think before I spend (except on Fred products)

----- Jennifer 23.12.11 10:30

Run more.

----- Carrie 23.12.11 10:22

my new years resolution is to buy more Fred stuff- I am such a fan!

----- Lea 23.12.11 10:08

new year = new job! its going to be a great year!

----- Kristen 23.12.11 09:45

My New Years Resolution is to stop relying on others to find happiness! :-)

----- Michelle Cannon 23.12.11 09:15

My resolution is to become a big sister at the big sister big brother program in my town or volunteer at the boys and girls club. i want to give back

----- Molly 23.12.11 09:11

Remember to brush teeth with bristly end of toothbrush.

----- Polo 23.12.11 09:09

I will balance my checkbook. (on my nose). :D

----- Rhys 23.12.11 09:07

My resolution is to make more robot-cupcakes!

----- Johanna 23.12.11 09:06

I will not ring the stewardess button on airplanes just to get her phone number.

----- Mitchell 23.12.11 09:06

To be more creative. Think outside the box and be unique. To be my self, not what others want me to be.

----- Mark 23.12.11 09:02

Do more, love more, laugh more, enjoy life more.

----- Elizabeth Nelsen 23.12.11 08:53

Love Fred! I resolve to find a new job that makes me happier and try at least one new recipe a month!

----- Leah 23.12.11 08:39

Practice more random acts of kindness.

----- Casey 23.12.11 08:38

I will finish projects on time!

----- Adam Edwards 23.12.11 08:31

Find a career, instead of my retail job!

----- Jen 23.12.11 08:28

I resolve to be a better parent. Being a parent is a commitment to be open and continually improve. It is my #1 every year.

----- Erin Fleming 23.12.11 08:27

To live like it is my last week on earth, to keep my apartment like I have to move imminently (ie- uncluttered and full of items I truly love) and to catapult my own art into something more public.

----- Maria 23.12.11 08:17

1- be more active, which would require…
2- go to the Dr. to check out my pesky, achy knee.
3- learn how to bake more tasty treats for people with dietary restrictions (IE- gluten free, vegan, raw, low sugar…)


----- Valerie 23.12.11 08:15

Buy more Fred and Friends products.

----- Bethany 23.12.11 08:10

My resolution is to be more positive in everything that I do!

----- Christy 23.12.11 08:04

My resolution is to have cuter (i.e., more FRED) kitchen products!

----- Naomi 23.12.11 07:59

lose those last pesky 20 lbs

----- DeNae 23.12.11 07:47

To not talk about FIGHT CLUB!

----- Emily 23.12.11 07:46

Love Fred products! My resolution is to do more sewing. I have a box of fabric that needs a purpose.

----- Cheryl 23.12.11 07:45

Try not to die.

----- catherine 23.12.11 07:38

“to be excellent’” to others.

----- Sarah J 23.12.11 07:38

My resolution is to spend more time with my family

----- Brookelynn 23.12.11 07:36

To try and be less stressed.

----- Jennifer 23.12.11 07:30

Eat more bacon.
oh, and to be nice to shop keepers.

----- veleta 23.12.11 07:30

To be happy, creative and productive :)

----- Deborah 23.12.11 07:30

To be more productive with personal creative projects

----- Elizabeth 23.12.11 07:30

After watching the documentary Earthlings, it put me off meat for awhile but theres no way i could stick to a vegetarian diet so my resolution is to buy free range/organic happy meat and dairy products and not buy anything made of leather!!

----- Francine Ho 23.12.11 07:30

Buy more Fred products

----- Joshua 23.12.11 07:29

Buy more Fred products

----- Joshua 23.12.11 07:29

My new year’s resolution is to be less like Garfield!! XD

----- Alessandra 23.12.11 07:29

My resolution is to lost 25 pound and be more positive

----- Cory 23.12.11 07:28

Work on opening my kitchen store……

----- Sheila P 23.12.11 07:28

My new years resolution is to learn a new language!

----- Amber B 23.12.11 07:27

My resolutions are as follows: learn a new word every day for the whole year, be nicer to myself (body and mind), stop spending all my money on junk food and sweaters (so…budget, I guess), and apply to grad school. I would also like to teach my horrible mean dog to not chew up my stuff when he’s mad at me.

----- Amy 23.12.11 07:26

Get back to the gym.

----- Al Eklund 23.12.11 06:08

I don’t think I have one, and I’m delighted by that

----- james 23.12.11 04:29

to start cooking more often !!!!

----- Kai 23.12.11 03:50

eat more cake!

----- Grace 23.12.11 02:27

Going to the gym!

----- Iris 23.12.11 00:49

Be a bit more with myself.

----- Rubén 23.12.11 00:37

To get outside more often and not spend so much time in front of the computer!

----- Gina F 22.12.11 23:54

Wow, I was just talking to my best guy friend about resolutions and I said I didn’t believe I had any resolutions this year since they always just feel and seem like “goals” that I never really meet - just goals that I aim and fail at. But this year, I guess it’s been my ‘resolution’ since I was diagnosed with Takayasu’s disease and people kept telling me I was depressed because I have a chronic disease at such a young age… but this year I will exercise so as to keep my disease and moodiness away and also to make friends that will support me through this all.

----- Han 22.12.11 23:25

Oh my gosh… best giveaway yet!! I hope I am considered.. My new years resolution is to become a healthier, more proactive human being.

----- Angus Macmillan 22.12.11 23:00

Mine is to improve my (currently atrocious) table manners.

----- Wehaf 22.12.11 20:44

to finally learn how to drive!!

----- amanda 22.12.11 20:23

don’t procrastinate…

----- carol 22.12.11 20:00

don’t procrastinate…

----- carol 22.12.11 19:59

go to bed at 10.30

----- Marc D 22.12.11 19:57

my new year’s resolution is to finally start (and maintain) my baking blog!

----- Ashley 22.12.11 19:41

Read more books

----- Jeff 22.12.11 19:35

My immediate resolve is to get medical insurance, which also involves getting a FT job and the like. Of course since these are FRED products up for grabs, I must also mention my variation of the annual weight loss resolution: To cook more (and toast sadly cannot count.)

----- Lisa 22.12.11 19:14

To not be judgmental of others :)

----- Magdalena 22.12.11 19:00

I’m going to finish what I started in 2011

----- Daniel 22.12.11 17:54

This coming year, I wanna draw more, dream more and see more of the world :D

----- Juliana 22.12.11 17:40

To sew more, and blog about it regularly.

----- Rachel Bain 22.12.11 17:39

To read more Not Cot!

----- Christina Ward 22.12.11 17:36

My resolution is to start running again.

----- Clayton 22.12.11 16:41

My resolution is to keep a cleaner house next year!

----- Betsy Bull 22.12.11 16:40

my new year’s resolution is to be first author on a scholarly paper.

----- siena 22.12.11 16:35

To not let one day be the motivation for the rest of the year. To live every day and my life with resolve.

----- Kylito 22.12.11 16:17

Resolution: Relax!

----- Ellen 22.12.11 16:10

Utilize the awesomeness at my job, at home, in my city (libraries! lakes! movies!) and be happy all over the place. :)

----- Emily 22.12.11 15:58

my new year’s resolution is to start and stick to a budget, and then buy a house.

----- kim 22.12.11 15:41

Get back into my artsy side - more painting!

----- Robyn 22.12.11 14:54

to get back on a bike for the first time in 12 years

----- Pam 22.12.11 14:27

spend more time reading and laughing with the kids.

----- lace 22.12.11 14:26

be nicer to my family

----- Debbie 22.12.11 14:13

learn spanish!

----- grace 22.12.11 13:35

To let whatever happens, happen.

----- Cyndy Woodhouse 22.12.11 13:19

My new year resolution is to lose the winter weight. That I put on 4 winters ago. lol

That and to explore more of my natural surroundings. Hiking, climbing and biking all need to be a bigger part!

----- John G 22.12.11 13:06

to convince businesses that people with PhDs are not “overqualified and inexperienced” but are “well-qualified and diversely experienced” (yeah, yeah, I am looking for a job, but I am also helping others get interviews, so that’s good!)

----- blue 22.12.11 12:32

to live honestly

----- Natalie G 22.12.11 12:00

make my own pasta

----- Ayumi 22.12.11 11:56

to laugh more,love more, give more and finally eat less.

----- mary fielder 22.12.11 11:43

Become better at keeping in touch with people, I am terrible at it unfortunately but maybe this year it will change!

----- Karin 22.12.11 11:42

learn FRENCH!

----- Colleen 22.12.11 11:39

new years resolution: learn FRENCH!

----- Colleen 22.12.11 11:38

To be a nicer person and not let the little things bother me.

----- Marshal 22.12.11 11:14

to start drawing again, to play with my girls more and worry less about lame things

----- Leah 22.12.11 11:12

to cook more at home

----- miguel 22.12.11 10:33

Resolution: Exercise more than once a week.

----- christi 22.12.11 10:32

Get the house organized so we can put it on the market.

----- Carmen 22.12.11 10:31

To be a better person

----- Liz 22.12.11 10:16

I resolve to be good to my sons and wife.

----- CHRIS KIUCHI 22.12.11 10:14

Eat more deep fried food

----- Morgan 22.12.11 10:12

My New Year’s resolution is to shop online more and also to take a vacation in France.

----- Dennis 22.12.11 10:07

I resolve to dye my hair red, stop eating deep fried food, save 1/4 of my take-home pay, and get pregnant in 2012. I know, I should try to be more ambitious…

----- Annie 22.12.11 10:00

My New Years Resolution is to put myself first this year, and to have my best year yet. 2011 was a rocky one, but I’ve learned a lot and will put it all to use in 2012.

----- Dani 22.12.11 09:56

I resolve to have more fun in my day to day life - why not try and catch snowflakes on my tongue or step on an especially crunchy leaf? Just because I’m growing up doesn’t mean I have to lose the kid in me. So it seems this giveaway would be perfect to assist me in my New Year’s resolution!

----- Kacey D. 22.12.11 09:50

TO be my charitable. I have been having a few good years so I wanted to give something back.

----- Vu 22.12.11 09:47

My new years resolution is to be more grateful for the sweet things people do for me and to show them that I appreciate what they do for me.

----- April 22.12.11 09:32

Meet some new, awesome people. It’s friends (and the things they make you do, or vice versa) that keep life interesting!

----- Ali 22.12.11 09:20

Like a lot of other people, I’m sure, my resolution is to get to the gym more.

----- Geoff 22.12.11 09:12

Stop eating so many cupcakes, try something new every week and figure out a way to take a long trip to Brazil! I’m sure limeade tastes 10x better on a Brazilian beach.

----- Brittany 22.12.11 09:08

Be awesome in my new job as an RN for kids with mental health and behavioral disorders.

----- Thea 22.12.11 09:02

my new year resolution is to eat more cupcakes!

----- Naysa 22.12.11 08:55

Help my sister plan her wedding!

----- Melissa 22.12.11 08:53

my resolution: choose HOPE

----- YuenMe 22.12.11 08:47

I resolve to bake a lot more!

----- Karen A 22.12.11 08:41

I am going to do my best to be the person I want to be, I’d like to be more witty and better-dressed, and more than anything happy !

----- Hazel 22.12.11 08:39

gain some weight. work on my abs. get a show on tv and become a bazillionare

----- amir 22.12.11 08:35

Happy holidays to all! try to give your best for the ones you love!

----- Diego V 22.12.11 08:33

My New Year’s Resolution is to make more people smile and enjoy life.

----- Tyler 22.12.11 08:24

Improve the communication with my bosses, trying to keep in mind that hey’re humans, just like me! :)

----- Eloisa 22.12.11 08:23

I resolve to no longer hope for audacity.

----- Matt 22.12.11 08:22

Too not eat all of Santa’s cookies :-)

----- Tamara 22.12.11 08:15

Gonna bring back a good one; to do one new thing every week.

----- jennifer 22.12.11 07:54

To exercise more *sigh*

----- Marcie V. 22.12.11 07:51


----- Agata 22.12.11 07:46

I resolve to worry less! And to read 26 books by the end of 2012.

----- Chloe H. 22.12.11 07:36

My new year’s resolutions is to travel more often. I love to do it, yet only get around to it once a year or so.

----- Maurice 22.12.11 07:31

I gonna do the cliché one and get fit, stop smoking and eat well - which in turn will hopefully make me happier in and out… think i’ll stick to though as I’m planning a photo a week and a specific Blog of progress to name and shame - just so I keep on track.

----- John Norman 22.12.11 07:30

I resolve to stop biting my finger nails.

----- Kristina 22.12.11 07:20

My New Year’s Resolutions are to start selling my own custom designs, build my own wood-buring pizza oven, and keep pushing for more local production!

----- Dan Matarazzo 22.12.11 07:02

To have my own solo art show!

----- Russ! 22.12.11 06:58

To not be afraid to have fun!

----- Emily 22.12.11 06:34

Continue to drink, eat and be merry. And aspire to aquire more nice things.

----- Tain 22.12.11 06:27

I resolve to be happier with the life I have, be content with it, love it, but continue to push to be better…in a more positive way.

----- Allen 22.12.11 06:18

Buy a lunch box; stop buying lunches.

----- Julie 22.12.11 05:58

I don’t make resolutions at the start of the year. I think we have any moment or day to act and feel how we want.

----- Samantha 22.12.11 05:48

Be the same amazing person that I already am, but better.

----- neza 22.12.11 05:05

i have to change my life.

----- marta 22.12.11 05:02

To finally win one of these NotCot contests.

----- Cole 22.12.11 04:36

To drink more water

----- Lize 22.12.11 04:35

to pray more often! Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway

anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

----- anash 22.12.11 03:38

To love more.

----- Lish 22.12.11 02:54

Eat more chocolate!

----- Tim 22.12.11 01:58

Finally save up the money to buy a downhill bike and drive in the woods as much as possible!

----- Aljosa 22.12.11 01:38

I must go on a screen printing course next year!

----- Sam Foster 22.12.11 01:35

Create more paper toys of my own design.

----- Vinny 22.12.11 01:00

My resolution is to win more internet based competitions

----- Kritch 22.12.11 00:53

To spend less money and do more with what i already have.

----- sarah 22.12.11 00:51

I’m gonna be more fabulous

----- J_Walrus 22.12.11 00:46

Eat more cookies.

----- rob 22.12.11 00:38

Read all the books that i used to bought and never had a chance to read them all… and get married :)

----- Mellissa 21.12.11 23:30

Yoga at least every other day, and to write for at least 30 minutes every day

----- Meghan 21.12.11 23:28

Sadly I think I need to cut out Sugar for at least 1 month… dessert detox.

----- Sophie 21.12.11 23:27

My New Year’s Resolution is to find a career or a job that I enjoy.

----- Jacquelynn 21.12.11 23:22

To learn how to design websites, and make a trip to Africa to see if spreading green technologies is for me and how it would work in reality there.

----- Joseph O. 21.12.11 22:58

My New Year’s resolution is to put on a few pounds in muscle.

----- Don 21.12.11 22:50

My resolution is to cook more. Simple.

----- Brent Singer 21.12.11 22:46

Bust my A*s on my portfolio for graduate school so I get in where I want to go.

----- Justin H 21.12.11 22:44

My new year’s resolution is to become a nicer person in general and figure out what I truly desire in life.

----- Joseph 21.12.11 22:38

My new year’s resolution is to put everything I’ve got into making my new business go. Scary!

----- Mug-z 21.12.11 22:20

To have six scientific journal articles in review by the end of the spring semester … and goals beyond that are yet to be solidified.

----- Sam 21.12.11 22:03

Take a picture everyday.

----- Alex 21.12.11 21:54

I have the same resolution every year: be better (to myself, to my family, to my friends) than I was the year before.

----- Yenn 21.12.11 21:44

My new years resolution: no resolution ever!

----- viktoria papp 21.12.11 21:33

Blink more.

----- J Alexander 21.12.11 21:29

Build a better mousetrap.

----- Finn 21.12.11 21:26

To bake more!

----- Laura 21.12.11 21:09

To be more disciplined with exercising, in order to stay healthy (not lose weight).

----- Sharon 21.12.11 20:58

Resolution: to travel to at least one more country this year to learn their traditional cuisine and culture…. and to take tons of photos, building my portfolio in the process! :-D

----- Christina 21.12.11 20:54

My resolution is to workout and eat healthier (so that I lose all the weight I gained in college).

----- Leslie 21.12.11 20:34

successfully monetize our youtube channel

----- jacob 21.12.11 20:27

successfully monetize our youtube channel

----- jacob 21.12.11 20:26

I want to learn how to utilize my new iphone.

----- BEN C. 21.12.11 20:24

My new year’s resolution is to be successful at my new job!

----- Jessica L. 21.12.11 20:16

Quit smoking !

----- noel drumbor 21.12.11 20:04

To stop filling up on tortilla chips before my meal arrives.

----- Ian S. 21.12.11 20:03

To start riding my bike and stop driving

----- Alice 21.12.11 19:53

Learn 2 new languages, and work harder toward my career change.

----- Lara 21.12.11 19:50

My New Year’s resolution is not to make another New Year’s resolution.

----- Gary 21.12.11 19:41

I will at least pick up my guitar every single day.

----- Josh 21.12.11 19:40

Say YES more.

----- Melissa 21.12.11 19:20

My new year resolution is to eat more pie!

----- Diana 21.12.11 19:16

A cocktail a day…

----- Yoshio 21.12.11 19:06

To have a stress-free pregnancy—baby due in June!

----- Erin 21.12.11 19:05

Quit smoking… or at least really try to quit this time :(

----- Ellen Bautista 21.12.11 18:52

Quit smoking… or at least really try to quit this time :(

----- Ellen Bautista 21.12.11 18:52

My new year’s resolution is to learn a form of martial arts!

----- Jocelyn 21.12.11 18:50

My new year’s resolution is to love more fiercely and make sure those I love know they are loved.

----- Ethel 21.12.11 18:40

I’m resolving to get back in the dating scene. (And Fred is always good for conversation and goofing around.)

----- Sarah 21.12.11 18:32

To take things a little (or a LOT) less seriously.


----- The Slapster 21.12.11 18:28

I plan to be much calmer from now on (not waiting until the new year, but it’s my resolution nonetheless). I also plan on being much more patient.

----- Gaetan 21.12.11 18:23

#1 Get a job!
#2 Get a job!!
#3 success in my job!

#4 improof my japanese!
#5 improof my english!
#6 go as a volonteer to Mongolia!
#7 make Harakiri if #1-#6 dones not happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Agnes 21.12.11 18:21

My new years resolution (which is really a birthday resolution, given my birthday’s right before new years) is to be more positive in life. To hold back judgements and to keep a bright view ahead.

----- Kate 21.12.11 18:18

To be present and equanimous, no matter what the year brings me. (No matter what, everything is all good)

----- Anonymous 21.12.11 18:17

sleep at least 6 hours per night (not per week like now…) and with my newfound energy from that - design one simple product and sell it! :)

----- Michal 21.12.11 17:52

I feel old and stupid saying this but I plan to lose some belly next year.

----- jay 21.12.11 17:34

Live each day with no regret.

----- trinh 21.12.11 17:30

Go to the gym…..

----- Solmaz 21.12.11 17:15

learn calligraphy.

----- Adam 21.12.11 17:10

Eat healthier and work out more.

----- Evan 21.12.11 17:05

Laugh more!

----- Sarah 21.12.11 17:04

I’m going to exercise. (I didn’t this year.)

----- tane 21.12.11 17:01

work out & eat more!

----- tali 21.12.11 16:59

To convince my family and friends to adress me as Admiral Oates.

----- Miles 21.12.11 16:56

Not give up on this place.

----- Maria 21.12.11 16:35

To never give up, despite everything that gets in the way.

----- Nina 21.12.11 16:30

finish my master’s program while eating lots of ice cream

----- cameron 21.12.11 16:27

My 2012 New Year’s resolution is to enjoy more time travelling. Thanks for the giveway. I do love me some Fred swag!

----- Pamela Mullins 21.12.11 16:22

Defiantly going to work on giving better hugs. I’m a bit of an awkward hugged…

----- nat 21.12.11 16:16

Gosh. There are a few.
1: cut down my closet to 100 items or less.
2: cut down my bookshelf to, well, not 100 items. but less!
3: Spend less than an hour a day on the internet (not including television)
4: Do one creative thing a day, wether it be emailing my agent, rehearsing, making, anything!
5: Start each day actively, by walking or exercising.
6: Learn to cartwheel properly.

----- Tamuz 21.12.11 16:14

to pursue my dreams, despite my fears.

----- daniel 21.12.11 16:14

have a happy, healthy baby this spring!

----- sarah 21.12.11 16:13

2012 is the year of GMAT and getting in to Grad School

----- Austin 21.12.11 16:10

My resolution is to be a more organized and tidy person…funny, that’s the same one I make every year and it still hasn’t happened!

----- Jane S. 21.12.11 16:00

To finally apply to graduate schools!

----- Jeremy 21.12.11 16:00

My new year’s resolution is to be happy throughout the year, and give it all I got in what ever I am doing in 2012(:

----- Christina Ong 21.12.11 15:51

Hang all the art that’s been lying around since my last move.

----- Zack 21.12.11 15:45

My resolution is to draw on one card from a deck of cards every week next year so by January 2013 I’ll have something impressive to play drinking games with (maybe with some snazzy shot glasses, am I right?)!

----- Fance 21.12.11 15:43

be better

----- Przemek 21.12.11 15:42

My New Year’s resolution is High Definition.

----- James 21.12.11 15:41

I want to live a more healthy lifestyle and exercise my creativity more often. Winter doldrums are the worst.

----- Meghan 21.12.11 15:28

learn another language.

----- Lauren 21.12.11 15:26

I made a list on accompl.sh - plenty of things on the list for my new year resolution.

----- Serra 21.12.11 15:20

I’ll try to smile every morning when i wake up =)

----- mirjam 21.12.11 15:20

I resolve to be more eco-conscious and eat more local foods.

----- Natalie 21.12.11 15:19

try to tumblr less. And maybe think about putting eating before tumblr.

----- Francis 21.12.11 15:19

Write more in my food blog! I won’t even leave it here because it’s quite embarrassing… ok maybe i will. lafoodjunkie.blogspot.com

----- Chris M. 21.12.11 15:17

I plan on ascending to the 98% baby!

----- rey 21.12.11 15:15

Enjoy the now. Volunteer. Bake and craft more. And be good to my mind, heart, and soul.

----- ashly 21.12.11 15:13

to trust myself more in everything I do and push the limits!!! also, have fun :)

----- Liisa 21.12.11 15:12

sub four-hour marathon!

----- Tran Nguyen 21.12.11 15:08

Make a fig tart. Maybe fig and walnuts…hmmm…

----- Andrew Chau 21.12.11 15:07

To finally be able to put my foot behind my head in yoga (so close!)

----- Michelle 21.12.11 15:06

My New Years resolution is to walk my dog every single day.

----- kathryn dart 21.12.11 15:03

My resolution is to lose 10 pounds - sounds silly, but, I am the only of my immediate family that is not over weight and I intend to keep it that way!

----- Keri 21.12.11 14:58

to have a happier year.. and start over fresh. also, to improve my artistic skills and meet new people and lose weight.. :/

----- Rocio 21.12.11 14:45

there is probably a reason no one has done this yet; 2560x1440

----- dylan 21.12.11 14:44

To set aside some time to think at least once a week.

----- Chris 21.12.11 14:44

to have a happier year.. and start over fresh. also, to improve my artistic skills and meet new people and lose weight.. :/

----- Rocio 21.12.11 14:43

have a healthy, happy baby!

----- wolfie 21.12.11 14:41

To try really hard to change my bad attitude about web design.

----- Thomas Vree 21.12.11 14:36

To get into better shape. More gym time.

----- Edgar 21.12.11 14:33

work on my portfolio so i can get a better job!

----- Edward 21.12.11 14:29

Be a more attentive friend. I have been so busy lately, and I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with my girlfriends

----- Hilary 21.12.11 14:21

My new years resolution is 1280x1024.

----- Jasper 21.12.11 14:13

My new years resolution is to get back on top of my grades at school while continuing to work on my portfolio so I can finally declare my fine arts minor.

----- Jackie L. 21.12.11 14:11

My favorite New Year’s resolution is to buy local and cut down on frivolous spending.

----- Noelle 21.12.11 14:10

Meditate at least 2-3 times per week.

----- Stacy B. 21.12.11 14:10

Get out of retail. >_

----- Tom 21.12.11 14:09

My resolution is to make yumbot cupcakes- at least once a week. Achieving my resolution will directly result in the failure of all of my friend’s resolutions, but that’s just how the yumbot cupcake crumbles.

----- Bernadette 21.12.11 14:08

To get out of the house more, see more movies, go to more restaurants.

----- Terri 21.12.11 14:07

to stop watching hours of food network and actually go out and make things.

----- Kim 21.12.11 14:03

My new years resolution is to actually start working at the soup kitchen near school once a week. I’ve been saying that I was going to start doing it for a while, but will actually start.

----- Matt 21.12.11 14:02

Because three is my favorite number, my new years resolution is to complete a ‘tri-list’. It’s my bucket list in which I have a year to do three things three times each: cook three new meals from three different cookbooks; visit three new places within my home of the UK and write three short stories. They seem trivial but I know how deceptively easy resolutions can be and how lazy one can get when trying to achieve them, so I think they’re actually quite feasible but still provide me with a good challenge!

----- Dian Saxon 21.12.11 14:01

To explore new places, try new restaurants, and be more adventurous!

----- Julie 21.12.11 14:00

My New Year’s Resolution is to make better decisions. This includes, watching what I put in my mouth, tracking my exercise, and being more thoughtful about the things I am keeping in my life.

----- Domi 21.12.11 13:57

trying to be content and find motivation.

----- benjamin 21.12.11 13:49

Continue volunteering and make a huge impact in the community!

----- Ella 21.12.11 13:48

I want to start an at home DVD gym set and actually finish it

----- Courtney 21.12.11 13:47

My new years resolution is to be a little less jealous, and more designer.
Very far from one another, but oh so relevant.

----- Jan Umbao 21.12.11 13:44

My new year’s resolution is to keep in better touch with friends and family. I’m absolutely awful with calling people. :P

----- Nina 21.12.11 13:42

My resolution is to laugh more.

----- Sharon 21.12.11 13:38

mine is typical, but I just need to exercise more (and lose weight) but I want to focus on the exercise.

----- katalia 21.12.11 13:35

I will finally finish writing that book! And get published!

----- Arthur Kosasih 21.12.11 13:32

To try and quit smoking, again… 3rd times a charm right!

----- Jacob 21.12.11 13:32

To only have coca cola once a week!

----- Natalie Kay 21.12.11 13:32

Design, design and more design!

----- Steve 21.12.11 13:32

Having just moved to live by myself for the first time, my resolution is not to fall into reclusive ways, and to go out and meet someone new every week.

----- Mikaela 21.12.11 13:32

to learn to play drums!

----- Monika 21.12.11 13:29

to read more books.

----- Angela Nguyen 21.12.11 13:25

My new year’s resolution is to go through the rest of NOTCOT’s archive!

----- TK 21.12.11 13:24

To lose weight and learn the stuff that I want to learn!

----- Wen 21.12.11 13:22

Run more and draw lots and lots more.

----- Garry Hannah 21.12.11 13:20

To stop procrastinating, and use my time better.

----- Darin S. 21.12.11 13:20


----- Gino V 21.12.11 13:19

I will have my music published in some video game this year!

----- Greg Weaver 21.12.11 13:15

My resolution is to stop waiting until the New Year, and to just start making improvements for myself and lifestyle when they come to mind [so…i guess it is to procrastinate less on good resolutions!]

----- Toni 21.12.11 13:15

My new years resolution is to not limit myself to ‘new years’ to start a change for the good in my life.

----- Katie T 21.12.11 13:14

To make tangible progress towards my own bakery!

----- Jen D. 21.12.11 13:14

I resolve to go see a new movie once a month.

----- Nick T. 21.12.11 13:10

My new years resolution is to create more!

----- Lindsey 21.12.11 13:09

I’ll be more determined and will not get sidetracked!

----- Antoana 21.12.11 13:04

My new years res is to start drawing more & sitting at my computer less!

----- Melissa 21.12.11 13:04

spend at least 5 min a day cleaning my apartment

----- jenna 21.12.11 13:00

To be happy.

----- Robert W. 21.12.11 12:57

More swimming in 2012!

----- Monica 21.12.11 12:52

I’m resolving to keep things tidier around the house. Also, to keep the apartment lookin rad.

----- Chris 21.12.11 12:50

to start drawing, playing the guitar, and being creative again.

----- Karina 21.12.11 12:40

My new year’s resolution is to be less affected by the stresses of my job!

----- Elora 21.12.11 12:34

i resolve to be better at my communication. re-read emails before sending them, choose words very carefully so the recipient understands, and not text/instant message things that should be spoken.

----- bekee 21.12.11 12:27

It’s simple, but my resolution is to decide what career path is right for me. I’m torn between graphic design and baking, and I feel that I might be able to combine the two fields, but I just need to figure out how. :)

----- Lorien 21.12.11 12:25

Love ALL of these! My new year’s resolution is to create art every day this year, whether it’s photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, sculpting, or playing with my food! Thanks!

----- Michelle Gerard 21.12.11 12:16

My new years rez, is to revisit my sketchbook and tap into my creative side which feels abandoned lately! Your website definitely fuels a lot of my ideas and I need to explore them more! Thanks guys! Happy Holidays and New Years!

----- Isabella 21.12.11 12:12

To lose 50 pounds and I’m going to do it, too! Love Fred products, especially the Doomed shot glasses!

----- Heidi E. 21.12.11 12:09

My new years resolution is to get back in shape (typical)

----- Levi Montez 21.12.11 12:06

get into a better sleep routine.

----- mike 21.12.11 12:05

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