*notcot in gratis , 12:25

Holiday Giveaway #28: OTTO Espresso- 12.22.11

otto0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

On beautiful ways to brew the ultimate cup of espresso, i’m so excited that the OTTO Espresso is now available (after 3 years of development!) ~ and they are generous enough to give away one of their first units… and they are even including the stunning Induction Cooktop! (Which can be used for non espresso uses as well… but is also perfectly designed to brew your OTTO Espresso.) These are truly a work of art! (And i envy the winner already!!!)

From their website: “OTTO is a Stove Top Espresso Maker, combining Giordano Robbiati’ classic Italian style of the Atomic with unprecedented functionality. Meticulously engineered and crafted, “the little guy” offers inspirational ergonomics and delivers superb coffee. OTTO is made almost completely of stainless steel promising you a lifetime of satisfaction from this modern international design classic. Recognised for excellence, the ‘Little Guy’ won the Australian Design Mark at the prestigous 2008 Australian International Design Awards and was a finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards in America (IDEA).”

For a chance to win the OTTO Espresso Maker and Portable Induction Cooktop from OTTO Espresso, leave a comment with your favorite coffee spot (and what city it’s in!) before midnight PST on Dec 27th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures of this beautiful setup on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner, Peter in Seattle, WA!






For a chance to win the OTTO Espresso Maker and Portable Induction Cooktop from OTTO Espresso, leave a comment with your favorite coffee spot (and what city it’s in!) before midnight PST on Dec 27th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


664 Notes

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Whittier, CA =)

----- Amanda 27.12.11 23:00

JoeBot’s in Tulsa as well!

----- Alisa 27.12.11 21:29

Stumptown Coffee in Portland, Oregon. Always a favorite, never have had a bad cup in all the times I’ve been.

----- Amy 27.12.11 21:24

If it’s Monday morning, I don’t care where I get my coffee but you better not get in my way!…

But seriously, Intelligentsia in Silverlake, Los Angeles is the absolute best.

----- Robert 27.12.11 20:41

That’s easy, Philz Coffee in Palo Alto.

----- nick 27.12.11 20:03

My favorite coffee spot is in Helsinki, Finland. I can’t remember what road it’s on but I was wandering around the northeast side of the Toolonlahti (the lake next to the concert hall). I discovered a tiny Victorian carriage house that was converted into a coffee house. It has great views overlooking the lake and an awesome spot to watch the sun set. You’re surrounded by trees and it feels like you’re not in the city at all.

----- Nina 27.12.11 19:29

JoeBot’s in Tulsa!

----- April Brooks 27.12.11 18:36

Caffe Gambrinus, right off the Piazza Plebiscito in Naples

----- Chris 27.12.11 18:17

The Hub in Midtown Reno is one of the coolest places to get coffee…not to mention they have killer baristas and french pressed coffee…NO DRIP!


----- Leilani 27.12.11 17:47

Ritual Coffee, San Francisco, Ca

----- Evan Varisto 27.12.11 17:05

My favorite place to visit for coffee is Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli, Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

----- Pia 27.12.11 16:52

The Rose Establishment!
Salt Lake City, Utah

----- Erica O'Brien 27.12.11 16:43

Yeah, sign me up for a chance at one of these.

----- tudza 27.12.11 15:32

Penny Lane in Evansville, Indiana… Yes – Evansville, Indiana

----- hayley gallagher 27.12.11 15:04

Stell Coffee, Redlands, CA

----- Ryan 27.12.11 15:04

Java Man - Hermosa Beach, CA

----- Pamela 27.12.11 14:31

cafe aroma : tel aviv, israel

----- eliot 27.12.11 14:12

The Anchor Grill - Covington, KY
The 24hr diner caters to truck drivers, police officers, drunkards, college students, transvestites, and suburban kids, among everyone else.

----- Samantha 27.12.11 13:26

Cafe Sienna, Santa Barbara, CA

----- Andrew Dale 27.12.11 13:15

The French Press in Santa Barbara, CA.

----- Kirstie Hourigan 27.12.11 12:52

My favorite coffee spot is at my best friend’s house in downtown Vancouver, BC. Every weekend morning, I pop over to her place with my wee toddler in arm for some freshly brewed espresso and amazing girl chat! It would be so nice if I could return the favour one of these days ;-) **hint** **hint**

----- Alexandra 27.12.11 12:40

Cubus - Cafe at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria
Great coffee, awesome view, interesting surrounding

----- Chris 27.12.11 12:25

My favourite coffee spot is Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck.

----- Brian 27.12.11 12:13

It’s all about Sally Loo’s in San Luis Obispo, CA! Such a great place to relax with a book and a hot beverage.

----- Steven 27.12.11 12:04

Blue Bottle Coffee on SFMOMA’s rooftop.

----- Stephanie 27.12.11 11:49

The Funnel Mill in Santa Monica is a pretty great spot. For me this place was a higher education on coffee.

----- Ronnie Davis 27.12.11 11:27

Well it used to be Ruta Mayas but no it’s no more… I heard a place called Brown is where it’s at. San Antonio, TX needs more spots! Also Muldoon’s in College Station is a favorite

----- Erastos 27.12.11 11:26

On the streets of Milan

----- Sid Law 27.12.11 11:14

Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel in NYC

Amazing cup of coffee, great people working there and fabulous surroundings!

----- Ben 27.12.11 11:09

North Tea Power, Manchester, UK.

----- willikers 27.12.11 10:58

The Elephant House, Edinburgh, Scotland. I lived there in college and I still dream about it. They had the best view of the castle!

----- Katharine 27.12.11 10:31

Star lounge in Chicago IL

----- Mark 27.12.11 10:29

Rockin’ Joes in Kendall Park

----- Shaun 27.12.11 09:45

Northwest Coffee Clayton MO!!

----- Austin 27.12.11 09:41

Intelligentsia in Venice, CA!

----- Lucas Diaz 27.12.11 09:37

Orvieto, Italy, the little station outside the train, near the black and white chapel. Crema to die for…

----- Mary Burk 27.12.11 09:22

Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn!!

----- Jesse Ng 27.12.11 09:20

My favorite place is Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert, AZ. Of all the places in the Valley of the Sun, it’s the best for a bowl of cafe au lait or a cortadito! YUM!

----- Meredith 27.12.11 08:18

Bean Scene, Kelowna BC Canada
Amazing Espresso and their rustic environment is what I want my future house to look like so going there is just like being at home in the dream house I don’t own yet!

----- Gerry Jobe 27.12.11 08:12

Vincent’s in Leiden, Holland

----- Grace 27.12.11 08:04

Java’s Cafe in Rochester, NY

----- Dan 27.12.11 08:04

Epoch Coffee, Austin, TX.

----- Adam Edwards 27.12.11 07:59

Solde, Malmö, Sweden

----- Mårten Andersson 27.12.11 07:58

my favorite coffee spot is the Maison Blanche in Hasselt, Belgium.

----- Karel Van Dael 27.12.11 07:26

I am a giant fan of the Lone Gull coffeehouse in Glocuester Mass

----- corgimas 27.12.11 06:27

St Ali coffee, melbourne, Australia

----- Shahiman 27.12.11 05:13

De Kroon (The crown) in Moerzeke. A small small village near nowhere (actually near Brussel Belgium) with a lovely terrace under the trees of the town square. They serve a good portion of caffeine and love.

----- Hans De Backer 27.12.11 04:29

Seven Seeds in Melbourne!

----- Thom Port 27.12.11 02:28

I have to say The Source Espresso in Mosman,Sydney Australia

----- Scott Dias 27.12.11 01:59

Jones Coffee Roasters_Pasadena, CA

----- William 27.12.11 00:50

My favourite coffe spot is Dobnik in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The coffe is soo good, the staff is great and this place is also a chocolaterie and makes it’s own chocolates and the best minicakes …

----- Iva 27.12.11 00:21

My favorite coffee spot is Starbucks @ Wisma Atria, Singapore

----- Jessica 27.12.11 00:10

gimme! coffee in Ithaca, NY. It is wonderful and locals and visitors alike enjoy a morning cup of coffee at their shop.

----- Benny 26.12.11 23:41

The Rose Establishment, Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah. Mmmmmm pastries…

----- Benjamin Poole 26.12.11 23:36

21st Street Coffee and Tea in Pittsburgh, PA. You never forget the first time your senses are opened to the experience of coffee, and it’s become my center ever since!

----- Kendall 26.12.11 22:20

Lestat’s coffee shop, adams avenue, Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego, California.
Lestat’s also has a music venue area next door to the shop where they host open mics, comedy night, and some awesome bands on the weekends.

----- Jessie 26.12.11 22:18

Wicked, Vancouver, BC!

----- B Louie 26.12.11 21:58

Manic Coffee in Toronto!

----- cole 26.12.11 21:04

Jammin Java, Vienna, Virginia

----- Stephanie Johnson 26.12.11 19:56

Well, I like the cappuccino’s at my house, but all else fails, Blue Bottle in San Francisco delivers the goods every time.

----- Bad 26.12.11 19:52

Ottawa (Canada) may not be the most interesting city, but there’s definitely good food (and drink), especially Sun Cafe - a cafe/florist run by the nicest family!

----- Michelle 26.12.11 19:27

for old times, Wordsmiths (on the campus of the University of Queensland), Brisbane, Australia

----- Em M 26.12.11 18:18

Espresso Royale, Minneapolis, MN

----- Viv P. 26.12.11 17:51

Cartel Coffee Lab in Phoenix, AZ - they best the best coffee and roast it there on spot. Great place to not only enjoy a good cup of joe or cappuccino, but to also check some of the art of local artists

----- Aaron 26.12.11 17:32

Cafe Mekka , Nevada City CA!!!!!!

----- Jameson Baltes 26.12.11 17:31

Coffee Emporium in Cincinnati, Ohio

----- Matt 26.12.11 16:50

Cartel Coffee in Scottsdale, Arizona is my favorite. Independent art shows and excellent baristas!

----- Jacqueline Woodward 26.12.11 16:47

My absolute favorite coffee spot would have to be The Albina Press in Portland, Oregon. They always have great coffee and really interesting artwork. It’s never too loud, either :)

----- Catherine Chandler 26.12.11 16:31

Sterling Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. Super nice people serving excellent coffee… that’s the perfect blend.

----- Danny Yoo 26.12.11 16:23

Heart Coffee, Portland, Or.

----- peter L 26.12.11 15:58

houndstooth coffee - Austin, Texas

----- Drew 26.12.11 15:27

Alterra on the Lake - old pump house for Milwaukee water turned coffee house extraordinaire with in house coffee roasts and in house bakery. Life does not get much better.

----- Justin K 26.12.11 14:51

Transcend Coffee, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

----- Andreas 26.12.11 14:44

Verve Coffee Roasters in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.

----- Patrick 26.12.11 14:15

Taylor St Baristas, Brighton, UK. oh yes…

----- Ian Bailey 26.12.11 14:05

MINK, Vancouver BC Canada

----- cindy 26.12.11 13:22

Best place I can think KNAVE a t 118 west, 57th street, NYC

----- Anonymous 26.12.11 12:55

Diesel Cafe in Somerville, MA

----- Adrian Chadwick 26.12.11 12:39

My favorite coffee spot is Java Break in Lawence, Kansas. That’s probably based on nostalgia because I spent most of my senior year there.

----- michael jaiser 26.12.11 12:38

bean there - 44 stanely ave - johannesburg - south africa

----- fiona 26.12.11 12:37

Grind on, Auckland, New Zealand, smells and tastes delicious !!! Us kiwis love our coffee.

----- Andy Jarvis 26.12.11 12:19

Astro Coffee, Detroit, MI.

----- Spencer Olinek 26.12.11 12:15

De Balie, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

----- Barry Keitai 26.12.11 12:11

intelligentsia, pasadena, ca

----- travis 26.12.11 12:05

My favorite coffee spot is Phoenix Coffee in the Warehouse District in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. They have casual, comfortable seating and live performances including poetry slams as well as knitting circle meetups!


----- Julie Smith 26.12.11 11:10

the best spot for me for a coffee is hands-down at my home in san francisco. it’s got to be the dark roast beans from graffeo in north beach and depending on the day, i’m drinking it in bed with the paper or, fog-willing, on the deck in the sun. grazie, otto!

----- CHARLI 26.12.11 10:10

Cielito querido café in Mexico City.

----- Estela 26.12.11 10:07

Sterling Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. Super nice people serving excellent coffee… that’s the perfect blend.

----- Danny Yoo 26.12.11 09:22

addicted to LizBÄT, Cologne/Germany.

----- Matthias 26.12.11 09:19

Cafe Petirosso in Seattle… sadly closing in a few days.

----- Ken Peavler 26.12.11 09:10

Big Bear Cafe, Washington, DC

----- Micah Beard 26.12.11 08:38

Ozo Coffee in Boulder Colorado

----- Jason Bachman 26.12.11 08:33

La Colombe Torrefaction, Lafayette Street, Manhattan NY

----- William J. Rockwell 26.12.11 08:03

Hands down it it would have to be le pain quotidien in NY.

----- cecilia sanchez 26.12.11 07:35

Flora & Muse in Houston, TX.

----- Letizia Lorenzana 26.12.11 07:30

Bittersweet, Brooklyn, N.Y.

----- Anthony Buccellato 26.12.11 06:04

Citizen Cake, San Francisco.
Amazing espresso blends.

----- Pawel Grodecki 26.12.11 05:53

it’s called ‘Kumbal’. A very small but nice little Coffeeshop and Milkbar, selling home-made cakes and sandwiches in the street Hermanova in Prague (7th district).

----- manuela 26.12.11 05:49

You’re in Cape Town, The incumbent design capital of the world in 2014. You find your way down to the newly revamped innovation and design district, “The fringe”, East city. You’re new here, you’re inspired and inquisitive, but being a tourist skimming the surface by attending design conferences won’t suffice. Suddenly a familiar arabica tone wafts by the nostril, you’re distracted and close in on “Field Office” for a cautiously selected, finely blended glass of latte.
Pulling up a seat you recognise it’s contemporary lines, every piece in here has “inspirational ergonomics”. you whip open your laptop browse your favourite inspiration blog where you notice “the little guy” on, which doesn’t go unnoticed by a creative behind you. You chat, discuss it’s innovative concepts of utilising induction, its timeless and classic styling, New Ideas get thrown around, you meet up at the creatives studio on the next block, where thanks to “the little guy” and “Field office” you are submerged by the subculture of design in the district and city.
True story.

----- james bisset 26.12.11 04:44

Zebra café in Brussels, Belgium :-)

----- Asmara Rabier 26.12.11 04:13

The best coffee ever is made by my friend Anders in Copenhagen.

----- bettina hedegaard 26.12.11 03:38

On a Giordano Robbiati Atomic Coffee maker in Milan, Italy in 1946. I have no idea how I can emulate this experience! x

----- Lisa 26.12.11 02:57

It’s probably nothing special, but I love Cafe Artigiano in Vancouver. Good service, nice place, and they warm up pastries and serve them on actual plates!

----- Sara 26.12.11 01:13

The Root Cafe, in Cleveland, Ohio, is easily my favorite coffee spot - the atmosphere is great, from the skyline mural to the beautiful floor, and the coffee is some of the best I’ve tried.

----- Josh 25.12.11 23:49

my favorite coffee spot is la mill in los angeles.

----- kim 25.12.11 22:54

Mozart’s in Austin. I’m surprised it hasn’t been listed yet. Now that I’m living abroad, I often reminisce about winter nights outside at this Austin lakefront cafe, with good company, coffee, with a slice of something special from their bakery as well!

----- Shane 25.12.11 21:49

the best cafe experiences i’ve had were in germany. inside the fleming hotel across from the munich train station, and the starbucks in the marianplatz plaza.

----- cat 25.12.11 21:39

my favorite place is Haven Coffee in Portland, OR!

----- Keir McCoy 25.12.11 21:00

Blue Bottle Coffe in SF, CA & LaStazione Café in Tijuana, B.C.

----- Kristin Díaz 25.12.11 20:57

LA Mill in Silverlake, Los Angeles…partially because of their unparalleled beans, but heavily influenced by their extensive wine list. Let’s be real: coffee may make the morning more bearable, but wine is what enables us to survive the holidays without divorcing our family. Cheers!

----- Sarah 25.12.11 20:49

While nothing beats sipping coffee on my grandmother’s patio in Germany, I do enjoy Common Grounds Coffee House in Lexington, KY :)

----- Vincent Purcell 25.12.11 20:46

Third Rail in the West Village, NYC. It’s just on the other side of the park - the best excuse to stroll.

----- Michael 25.12.11 20:31

Kean Coffee in Tustin, CA!!!! YUM!!

----- Anne 25.12.11 20:18

My local, D’Amico’s, on Court street in Brooklyn, is my fave. They are old timers, roast the coffee in a machine that looks like it is older than old, and have great sandwiches and pastries to boot.

----- Olive 25.12.11 19:13

cibi, melbourne. beautifully modest and bold.

----- Michael Ong 25.12.11 19:00

Bar Milazzo in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. For the coffee and nostalgia.

----- david 25.12.11 18:44

Bean Traders on 9th st in Durham NC. I loved it before I started working there and being a barista myself!

----- Sydney Carlson 25.12.11 18:29

Homemade coffee at home in rowland heights, CA

----- Joseph 25.12.11 18:19

Hopefully my kitchen if I win that! HAHA!

----- Jasper 25.12.11 17:48

Hardcore Organic, Sepastopol, CA

----- Jen 25.12.11 17:30

Happy Holidays everyone!

----- KGB 25.12.11 17:18

Oh boy, so hard to choose! Personally, I am quite a fan of Coava Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon! Excellent atmosphere and most excellent brew. They have coffee down to an art a science.

----- andie jael 25.12.11 16:30

I love Jobot at downtown Phoenix, AZ!

----- Jay B. 25.12.11 16:19

orto trading, surry hills australia! yum.

----- vanessa 25.12.11 16:04

Circa cafe in Parramatta, Sydney - Australia. Besides good coffee, food and people - introducing great coffee culture in a developing CBD love them for that!

----- James Truong 25.12.11 15:23

Vinaka Cafe in Carlsbad, CA- great for coffee, and everything else.

----- Lauren Oquita 25.12.11 14:56

My favorite place is my apartment every morning. I gradually wake up, almost a meditative state. Grinding the beans, packing/tapping the grounds, steaming the milk, sipping slowly as I become conscious and prepare to face the day.

----- academic one 25.12.11 14:42

My favorite coffee spot is in Seattle, and but I can’t remember the name of it. :( So I guess I’ll go with: My kitchen, oxford ms.

----- jay 25.12.11 14:32

Shoutout to the Starbucks in Miramar. Great joint and great people.

----- Gaetan 25.12.11 14:17

i’d love to pull shots on this machine.

Batdorf and Bronson coffee in it.

----- bill braun 25.12.11 14:02

Cafe La Tartine, Redwood City, CA - not the best or the trendiest or the fanciest, but always unfailiingly kind and cozy and generous.

----- Irena 25.12.11 13:49

Cafe Guiseppe in Albuquerque, NM!!!

----- Nick T. 25.12.11 13:00

The penny royal in Sydney, Australia

----- Hilary 25.12.11 12:55

cafe sabarsky in neue galerie NY!!! :D great coffee

----- Cecilia 25.12.11 12:54

Favorite coffee place is The Library in Long Beach, CA

----- Jennifer 25.12.11 12:36

coffee garden in salt lake city. a great spot for familiar faces and while enjoying a good brew

----- philip 25.12.11 12:16

I met a woman from Spain in Lower Manhattan in March of 1988. We went to her loft on Van Dam Street and talked into the night. She made the best coffee I’ve ever had. She left for Barcelona the next morning and I never saw her again. But that machine reminds me of her.

Best coffee… Van Dam Apartment, NYC March 10, 1988

----- Vladimir Nemirovsky 25.12.11 12:10

Cafe Aroma in Buffalo, NY. Especially nice when the weather outside is horrendous.

----- hy 25.12.11 12:10

Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley, I love my cubano with poached eggs and toast, yum!

----- Chutharat Sae Tong 25.12.11 12:10

Pierre Loti, İstanbul

----- Burçin 25.12.11 11:57

small world coffee in princeton, nj!

----- Jess 25.12.11 11:39

Elmwood Cafe on College Avenue in Berkeley, CA!

----- Lars 25.12.11 11:33

My fav is Coffee Inn @ Vilnius str. 17, Vilnius, Lithuania -> http://coffee-inn.lt/blog/lokatorius/vilniaus-g-17

----- Martynas 25.12.11 11:29

In Canada, Ottawa a place called Bridgehead. The coffee is awesome!!

----- Asenh Tsan 25.12.11 11:09

espresso NEAT in Darien, CT

----- Jason 25.12.11 10:47

Tryst/Adam’s Morgan/Washington DC

----- Zachary 25.12.11 10:01

Ringo - Berlin

----- Hon-Tan 25.12.11 09:38

HK, central

----- antonio.lai 25.12.11 09:37

Coffee Cartel in St. Louis, MO!

----- Andy Swafford 25.12.11 09:29

MACARON cafe in NYC. great little french cafe. delicious macaroons, coffee and food.

----- Jorge G 25.12.11 09:15

of all time and place: odeon, athens, greece
for science: istria, hyde park, chicago
for art: city bakery, nyc

----- alex 25.12.11 09:02

Spider House in Austin, TX. Partly because of the drinks, but mostly because of the setting.

----- Peio 25.12.11 08:59

Claire’s in San Diego on University.

----- Rich 25.12.11 08:48

brazilian coffee in sao paulo.

----- Denise 25.12.11 07:55

Blue Bottle
Waiting impatiently for the new store to open in 30 Rock, when Blue Bottle when?

This would gets its own shrine in my kitchen.

----- Peter 25.12.11 07:44

simon’s on mass ave in cambridge, MA!

----- siena 25.12.11 07:28

The Village in Utrecht, the Netherlands

----- Lauranne 25.12.11 07:16

Great coffee and the kindest baristas: Bluff City Coffee in Memphis, Tennessee.

----- M. R. Lexow 25.12.11 07:10

My favorite coffee spot is at home in my kitchen in Indianapolis, IN. They truly have the best coffee there.

----- Ben Clarkson 25.12.11 07:05

Simply Life, Hong Kong

----- WCstine 25.12.11 06:41

The architecture firm where I work in Culver City, CA, where I’ve learned to pull a shot of espresso (with fresh ground beans) and froth milk (morning, afternoon, and night). Still working on the latte art for visitors.

----- Sabrina 25.12.11 06:26

Building On Bond (BOB) in Brooklyn, NY!

----- Don 25.12.11 06:08

My favorite spot is La Brûlerie in Trois-Rivières QC, in the summer they have a gorgeous cool place behind the store with good music and nice chairs!


----- Jean Rheault 25.12.11 06:06

The Cafe at Foyles bookshop in London.

----- Alison 25.12.11 01:01

Wormhole in Wicker Park, Chicago. Love touches of retro-futuristic nerd nostalgia, especially the Delorean. The attention to detail also runs through the coffee itself.

----- Ali 25.12.11 00:39

Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles!

----- Wen 24.12.11 23:53

Good ole Starbucks! On every corner of pretty much every city.

----- Jamee 24.12.11 23:45

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters - Austin, TX. Great place to sit and read over looking the river.

----- Riley Spiller 24.12.11 23:05

Cocola @ San Jose, CA. yum yum!

----- T.Y. 24.12.11 22:30

Beanetics in Annandale, VA

----- Morgan Grimes 24.12.11 21:54

Recess coffee house in Syracuse! Literally takes place in a house.

----- Marshal 24.12.11 21:31

Influx Cafe, little Italy, San Diego, CA

----- pauloantonio 24.12.11 21:25

OZO Coffee, downtown Pearl St. in Boulder, CO.

----- Anders 24.12.11 20:58

Dark Horse - Toronto
(every chair in there is different!!!)

----- Brad 24.12.11 20:37

Mojo’s Coffee in Bay Village, OH

----- Juli 24.12.11 20:23

Solstice Cafe, Victoria, Canada

----- VinnyW 24.12.11 20:07


----- Stephan 24.12.11 20:03

Caffé Moderne, Wichita KS

----- Evan 24.12.11 20:01

It’s a tie:
Coffee Exchange, Providence RI (US)
Kafka on the Shore, Taipei Taiwan (Asia)

----- JON WANG 24.12.11 19:35

The Coffee Ethic - Springfield, MO
The Best coffee, and one of the coolest shops design wise!
Maybe y’all should do a post about their design, it’s all sustainable and reclaimed materials!

----- Cody 24.12.11 19:30


Great atmosphere, great staff, self-roasted beans = perfect cafe.

----- Jonathan Arena 24.12.11 19:21

Connoisseur Coffee Co, Redwood City, CA

----- Glenn 24.12.11 19:18

My favourite coffee was from c1 Espresso on High St in Christchurch, New Zealand, but it collapsed in earthquakes. Amazing, (STRONG) coffee and great kai.

----- Ash McD. 24.12.11 19:11

Broadway cafe in Kansas city is fantastic! A true success story! They ran Starbucks (who moved nexted door) out of business!
Would love to win the espresso maker and use their beans in it!

----- Michael Baxley 24.12.11 18:54

OST in NYC’s East Village! The staff is so friendly and they make the best soy lattes ever.

----- Allie 24.12.11 18:46


Great atmosphere, great staff, self-roasted beans = perfect cafe.

----- Jonathan Arena 24.12.11 18:44

Cafe Sontoros, Cameron Park, CA

----- CJ 24.12.11 18:06

My fav place to sip upon expresso is Peaches Cafe in Aspen Colorado! Much love and light!

----- Brown 24.12.11 18:03

Greyhouse in West Lafayette, IN

----- Tom Adler 24.12.11 18:02

Much love and light, coffee mmmm yes plz.

----- Daniel 24.12.11 18:00

I’m from new zealand land of a good coffee. i work coffee and live coffee. the best place to get a coffee and close to one of he best in the world is from lytt coffee co. in lyttelton nz. roasted in lytt for lytt just our little secret

----- jacob the gc 24.12.11 17:50

Big Bear Cafe… Washington DC

----- Sean 24.12.11 17:48

Alterra Coffee has been mentioned, but my favorite is the one in Wauwatosa, WI on 92nd and North Ave.

----- Anonymous 24.12.11 17:47

philz coffee, san jose Ca.

----- Nicholas Montemayor 24.12.11 17:33

Little Skips. Brooklyn.

----- John 24.12.11 17:30


Great atmosphere, great staff, self-roasted beans = perfect cafe.

----- Jonathan Arena 24.12.11 17:28

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Greenbelt in Makati, Philippines

----- BJ 24.12.11 17:20

Gotta go with the standard awesomeness of Blue Bottle Coffee in SF.

----- Emily 24.12.11 17:16

Gotta go with the standard awesomeness of Blue Bottle Coffee in SF.

----- Emily 24.12.11 17:16

Hmmnn, let’s see - Cafe Il Latte in Harlem, NY. It’s my special place to veg out and sip coffee and people watch until the owner gets annoyed at how long I’ve been there. lol

----- KD 24.12.11 16:46

Blue bottle San francisco

----- Kathy 24.12.11 16:42

Borjo Coffee in Norfolk, Virginia.

----- Jeff 24.12.11 16:29

Beans in the Belfry- Brunswick, Maryland!

----- Kelly Fowler 24.12.11 16:16

siteglass - san francisco

----- virginia 24.12.11 15:22

Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz!

----- Ana 24.12.11 15:18

coffee bar —- san francisco

----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:13

Prado Cafe on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, Canada. Best coffee in town my good people!

----- Ryan J 24.12.11 14:45

Ritual Roasters at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco – there is nothing finer than to enjoy a cuppa on a sunny Sunday morning and wander the gorgeous nursery. It’s a magical experience with some darned well roasted and brewed coffee.

----- Ryan L 24.12.11 14:40

Sappho Books in Glebe, Sydney. A brilliant bookshop combined with stunning coffee, great food and a lovely walled garden. A perfect combination.

----- Alex 24.12.11 14:32

Mars Cafe // Des Moines, IA

----- Shane O'Brien 24.12.11 14:21

Mulberry Street Coffee House, Hamilton, ON
Best place I can think of to enjoy brocolli & cheese muffins with a flat white.
Merry Christmas!

----- D.Rogers 24.12.11 14:18

Cup o’ Joe, Bexley, OH. Woot woot!

----- David 24.12.11 14:16

My favourite place coffee spot is this place called Filter in San Diego. They nailed me on their chai it was just delicious and the staff are really nice too! Dev and Ace are the cool cats of the place, so if you ever want some good chats hit them up. The place is a quiet so if you just want to relax it’s the place to be!

----- Khoa 24.12.11 14:00

caribou coffee, waukesha, wi

----- Bethany 24.12.11 13:54

Little Skips in Bushwick, BK! For the Jake & Taylor maple latte and a nutella/banana mini croq.

----- Madison Johnson 24.12.11 13:53

I know it may be a little far away. But as I have developed a love for velvety coffee I stubbled upon the one and only café Kokoh, Wahroonga. Living in a small town in Australia my little slice of heaven is here and easily satisfies my lust for coffee everyday day of the week.

----- Ashleigh 24.12.11 13:52

Little Skips, in Bushwick, BK! For the Jake & Taylor (maple latte) and a nutella/banana mini croq.

----- Madison Johnson 24.12.11 13:46

Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco, CA

----- Sonya 24.12.11 13:44

‘notes’ a great place in london

----- Holly Chung 24.12.11 13:36

Mahtay Cafe, St. Catharines, ON

----- becky 24.12.11 13:35

Remedy Cafe, Edmonton AB.

----- Michael 24.12.11 13:13

four barrel in san francisco!

----- adam warner 24.12.11 13:12

The cute little “House” in Kensington, Calgary.

----- Angela 24.12.11 13:07

Jibenna in SF is my favorite coffee shop!

----- greg randall 24.12.11 13:06

Shades of Brown in Tulsa, OK!
Ironically, my father and I were just talking about how we like our coffee this morning!

----- CARTER 24.12.11 13:05

The Yellow Cup Cafe in Toronto, Ontario

----- lorraine janes 24.12.11 12:56

my favorite place for a “gibraltar” is cafe Piccino in Dog Patch, San Francisco. Their desserts are not to be missed either

----- jack fischer 24.12.11 12:37

uh.. http://www.sweetleaflic.com/

sweet leaf is the best.

----- Charles Street 24.12.11 12:31

Doubleshot Coffee in Downtown Tulsa, OK

----- christi 24.12.11 12:30

Favorite coffee spot is Starbucks in Austin, TX

----- april b 24.12.11 12:28

Houndstooth in Austin, Texas. Best espresso in Texas!

----- David Shields 24.12.11 12:27

Incredible Machine!

----- Leslie Roberson 24.12.11 12:16

My little sister’s place. Newark, DE

----- J Alexander 24.12.11 12:12

It has to be Farmers Daughter in Canberra Australia; not only the best espresso but also a beautiful setting to spend a Saturday morning with friends.

----- Steve 24.12.11 11:44

Cafe Trieste in San Francisco, a classic for coffee and atmosphere.

----- R Bouman 24.12.11 11:44

Bull Run Coffee in Minneapolis, MN

----- Bryan 24.12.11 11:43

Coffee call in Baton Rouge, LA
nothing like cafe au lait and beignets!

----- liz 24.12.11 11:36

The fellas at A Touch of Earth located inside the North Market in Columbus, OH always make a great cup! And usually with pretty latte art to boot :)

----- Holly Sexton 24.12.11 11:31

Cultiva, Lincoln NE.

----- Ian McCarthy 24.12.11 11:21

Sightglass, San Francisco

----- Wesley 24.12.11 11:15

Verve Coffee in downtown Santa Cruz is definitely my spot of choice at the moment for tasty brew.

----- Ethan 24.12.11 11:13

transcend Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

----- Liam Kelly 24.12.11 10:34

It may be a chain, but Bonte in Philadelphia is fairly awesome. Moreso because of their belgian sugar waffles, but I still love them.

----- Jennifer 24.12.11 10:20

Good ol’ JJ Bean in Vancouver, BC!

----- Alia 24.12.11 10:03

My personal #1 is Cafe Kotti in Berlin, Germany. Hidden gem on 2nd floor with a perfect View of Kottbusser Tor, where the worlds of Hipsters and Junkies collide…

----- Karl 24.12.11 09:54

Aside from the novelty cafes in San Francisco, Red Rock Coffee Co. in Mountain View, CA is definitely a personal favorite that is close by. They use Four Barrell coffee beans and their coffee is always mixed consistently well. It’s a two floored building, with lots of sitting area that is great for relaxing or catching up with your friends over a cup of coffee and delicious pastries. They always have a calendar filled with music events as well. Definitely a neighborhood gem.

----- Steph 24.12.11 09:38

Intelligentsia in Silverlake, CA.

----- Alexander Yust 24.12.11 09:35

Gorilla Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

----- Andrew 24.12.11 09:30

My favourite coffee place is Prufrock Coffee on Leather Lane, London. The coffee is world-class quality and you get a lovely little piece of latte art in your cup :) The best thing is that when you look at the menu, you have two options: espresso or espresso with milk! What purists, what perfectionists… here’s their website: http://www.prufrockcoffee.com/

----- Mike Vanis 24.12.11 09:21

Renegade in Portland, OR.

----- Sheldon 24.12.11 09:18

I’m so torn! My favorite hometown spot is Cento, in San Francisco - but Cafe Olimpico in Montreal stole my heart on trip there this summer.

----- Mary 24.12.11 09:09

Starbucks in Garland TX everyday at 3…maybe not the best cup, but it’s just down the block from the office. I’d gladly setup this OTTO in my office and turn into the office happy man :)

----- Pat 24.12.11 09:02

Manic Coffee, Toronto.

----- Ian 24.12.11 09:01

Cafe Lux in Santa Monica, CA

----- Owen Hooker 24.12.11 08:59

Mudhouse, Charlottesville, VA, USA

----- Mark Quigg 24.12.11 08:54

Inman perk. - Inman park Atlanta Georgia

----- Phil 24.12.11 08:47

The Bean Scene in Vernon, B.C. turns thier beans into the finest brew around. The staff and clientele are really fun, and they have a sweet courtyard in the back for hangin’

----- KEVIN R. 24.12.11 08:41

Caffénation, Antwerp Belgium, it has been around quite some time now, and it’s just the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or an espresso, with different blends each week, I always have the choice to try something new which for me is very satisfying, although I did not yet see them using Otto :)

----- Tone 24.12.11 08:36

Zumes in Charlestown MA is pretty awesome!

----- russ 24.12.11 08:36

Cafe Intermezzo- Atlanta, GA

----- clayton 24.12.11 08:32

The Sentient Bean- Savannah, GA

----- betsy Bull 24.12.11 08:31

Inman Perk, Atlanta, GA

----- Richard 24.12.11 08:22

Stella’s in Denver, CO

----- AC 24.12.11 08:09

Habit in Victoria, BC, Canada. It was hard to choose tho, the island has brilliant coffee shops everywhere!

----- Lana W 24.12.11 08:00

Semolino’s in Hays,Kansas

----- connie busch 24.12.11 07:57

Cafe Lux, Santa Monica CA

----- Martin 24.12.11 07:49

Happy Coffee - Denver, CO!

----- Zoi 24.12.11 07:48

Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto Canada! I love the atmosphere just as much as I love the espresso!

----- Jessica 24.12.11 07:46

I’d be hanged if this went public. I’m a barista at Caffe Vita Seattle one of the largest independent roasters and cafes in Seattle, BUT when I want a good shot of espresso I prefer to go to Victrola roasters. They have different organic espressos rotating through and there is almost never a line. They are a smaller scale roaster and seem to be willing to take more chances and experiment with their coffee.

----- Andy 24.12.11 07:45

So many favorites but some got mentioned already so here is one that did not.

Commenwealth in BIrmingham, Michigan that serves Stumptown coffee with indoor/outdoor feel and a wall of expensive magazines to peruse

----- ushka shakhnis 24.12.11 07:32

Stumptown brought me back to drinking coffee cicra 1997, but I do not live in Portland anymore. My favorite coffee spot from 2011 was the Intelligensia near my hotel in Chicago. The Kenya vacuum drinks and pour-overs from around the world were amazing.

----- Shawn 24.12.11 07:05

Longman & Eagle! Chicago, Il.

----- susan 24.12.11 06:43

Coastal Roasters in Tiverton RI

----- Al Eklund 24.12.11 06:43

What a beautiful espresso maker! My favorite café is “Caffè Latte” in Hamburg. Excellent coffee and the nicest people ever.

----- Markus Reuter 24.12.11 06:34

My favorite spot is any sidewalk cafe in Pairs.

----- James F 24.12.11 06:30

Influx Cafe, little Italy, San Diego, CA

----- Elliott Martinez 24.12.11 06:27

Joes in grand central NYC

----- WolfieAwolfie 24.12.11 06:23

Open Hand Cafe, Banares, India. Friendly staff. Delicious press coffee. Beautiful crafts.

----- Ayat 24.12.11 06:20

Mad cap coffee, grand rapids, Michigan - great coffee and great people.

----- Garrett 24.12.11 06:14

My favourite coffee spot is my very own kitchen right here in Richmond, Virginia!

----- Darin Williams 24.12.11 06:01

My favourite spot is Espresso Lab Microroasters in Cape Town, South Africa. So good!

----- Brent Singer 24.12.11 05:54

La Va in Philadelphia.

----- leebrianc 24.12.11 05:46

Java Joes, Des Moines, Iowa - not the coffee dive it used to be, but still an eclectic hole in the wall with a friendly staff; it’s become stupidly popular with reporters in town to cover the Iowa Presidential Caucus.

----- greg 24.12.11 05:41

My favorite coffee shop is The Back Door in Sitka, Alaska. We went there a bunch of times on a trip to visit my husband’s cousin and they serve Raven’s Brew coffee which I LOVED (resurrection blend the best) and awesome baked goods! Still have the t-shirt - great place to relax in a small town and chat with locals and tourists alike. Love it!

----- Mellissa 24.12.11 05:39

Shipleys in Pasadena ….great vibes with the senoritas.

----- Van 24.12.11 05:28

Les Givral Houston tx. Cafe Su Da rocks there.

----- Stewart 24.12.11 05:23

I remember on a trip to Sevilla, Spain the most beautiful cafe, it has coffees from around the world, you could try several or a couple having breakfast or a snack. The coffee smells were not of this world!

----- vivian limonta 24.12.11 05:00

Flat White in London is pretty cool.

----- James 24.12.11 04:56

When I wake up, and I with a good cup of coffee sitting on the rooftop with a rising sun. The most beautiful city in Holland, Delft

----- Frank de Smidt 24.12.11 04:47

Sacred Coffee Soho London! Best Flat white ever, and amazing savoury muffin - the best breakfast!

----- Tom Good 24.12.11 04:44

In an empty classroom, after my class has left.

----- Roy Reid 24.12.11 04:43

My favorite coffee spot is Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC.

----- Joni 24.12.11 04:22

The Otto is such a beautiful stove-top machine! Not just an espresso maker, but also a work of art. My favourite coffee spot is Habit Coffee ( http://habitcoffee.com/ ) at 808 Yates street in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They make a truly outstanding latte, have a great interior and atmosphere, and they run the whole business carbon neutral to boot!

----- Grae 24.12.11 04:15

Joe’s Coffee @ Columbia University

----- Gonzalo Obelleiro 24.12.11 04:08

Jo’s in Austin, TX

----- Marcie V. 24.12.11 04:00

B@1, Covent Garden, London

----- Janak Shah 24.12.11 03:43

Don’t tell Mama, Hamburg

----- ¥z 24.12.11 03:29

My coffee table and chair by the window in the morning.
I make coffee with an old Bialetti stovetop espresso maker.
If there is sun out it comes right onto my chair.
If there’s no sun the coffee keeps me warm.

Melbourne, Australia

----- James 24.12.11 03:28

Market Lane Coffee in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.

----- Steph C 24.12.11 03:18

cafe regular, brooklyn.

----- natalie 24.12.11 02:54

Four Barrel, San Francisco!

----- hoister 24.12.11 02:25

Blue Bottle Coffee at the SFMOMA Roof Top Sculpture garden

----- Edgar 24.12.11 02:01

Penny University in Shoreditch, London

----- Eric 24.12.11 01:55

cafe vita, seattle, WA

----- Jon Gaw 24.12.11 01:20

Cafe Reverie, San Francisco, CA. Great coffee and great food.

----- Rande Kamolz 24.12.11 00:52

Mandarin coffee house in Haifa Israel

----- Yariv 24.12.11 00:37

In my back garden escaping from the hussle and bustle whilst relaxing with something to read and a good coffee.

----- Paul Edwards 24.12.11 00:28

Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia. I like their house blend, angel wings, made on their 8 group head machine!

----- Steve Abbott 24.12.11 00:26

Seven Seeds in Melbourne, Australia, if a beautiful place with coffee roasted in the same building. A truly Melbourne experience, tucked down a lane, clean minimalist fit out and only the best equipment operated by some top baristas. Put it, and many of our other great cafes on your list when you visit. Cheers.

----- Georgie 24.12.11 00:25

Our fav cafe is Dr. Insomnia’s in Novato, CA, but our son renamed it the Red Cafe. They know his name and order right when we walk in - not too hot hot chocolate with whip cream and a chocolate smiley face on top.

----- Ryan L. 24.12.11 00:22

Seven Seeds, Melbourne

----- Georgie 24.12.11 00:19

cafe lux at the brentwood country mart has the most amazing latte. rich and creamy.
intelligentsia in old town pasadena is a great place to catch up on some reading.
great giveaway!

----- janete 24.12.11 00:17

Stardust Lounge in Winter Park, FL. Coffee + oldschool library/video rental + art, live entertainment, bands = Awesome!

----- ShaneNoir 24.12.11 00:05

Not just good coffee, but immortal coffee, is coffee that is brewed with strength and courage. Many places brew good coffee. Coffee with grace that is also true is found at cafecito organico in Los Angeles. When you are left with nothing but the espresso in your cup than you understand the meaning of cafe o muerte, and all else fades to nothing.

----- Devin 24.12.11 00:00

My fav spot is Kaffee Mitte in Berlin. Great place, awesome coffee.

----- Sven 24.12.11 00:00

Philz’s iced mint mojito coffee, San Francisco

----- julie 23.12.11 23:51

Wow, this is a piece of art…I should say, a functional and practical piece of art! I would love to have this gorgeous on my counter top! :) My favorite coffee spot is called Cafe Spot (an Asian cafe) in Alhambra, California. They serve wonderful coffee and street food from Hong Kong. A wonderful place to hang out.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- amy @ uTryIt 23.12.11 23:46

Being from Melbourne, Australia I’m a. It of a coffee snob! Love my local place - The Premises who use locally roasted small batch beans which are also responsibly sourced! Win Win Win!

----- Josh Morison 23.12.11 23:38

Ideal Coffee in Kensington, Toronto ON. Lovely brew.

----- Charina 23.12.11 23:21

Tribeca in Pretoria, SA. It’s a little slice of heaven! Their Barista makes a killer cafe latte.

----- Rob and Megs 23.12.11 23:00

Kickstand Chicago, Illinois (get the cortado!)
Village Grinder Omaha, Nebraska

----- Andrew 23.12.11 22:53

think coffee, new york city

----- Jake 23.12.11 22:34

Coffee gallery in haleiwa Hawaii

----- Cacia 23.12.11 22:32

I like both MISS and MR COFFEE that are located in los angeles, california :)

----- Rocio 23.12.11 22:32

Udder Place! A delicious local coffee place here in Portland, ME. Makes the best lattes around.

----- Jessica 23.12.11 22:14

The Grind Coffee Bar in Redwood City CA. Verve and Tony’s coffees, and a great staff.

----- Scott S 23.12.11 22:11

The Free Bird Cafe in South Lake Tahoe,CA provides our mountain town with caffeine as well as yummy vegan treats. It’s such a cozy place. My espresso maker recently broke & mornings haven’t been the same since. Would love to start my new year out with this sleek stainless steel lil guy!

----- Zenimue 23.12.11 21:58

The Starbucks at Bloor and Yonge in Toronto, Canada. A chain franchise, I know, but the cafe is soooooo comfy!

----- Maxine Wong 23.12.11 21:54

Flat White, Soho London……best coffee in London, with an antipodean feel.

----- Andrew Long 23.12.11 21:27

Flat White, Soho London……best coffee in London, with an antipodean feel.

----- Andrew Long 23.12.11 21:27

Udder Place in Portland, ME. Really hope the owner isn’t able to sell the property

----- Josiah 23.12.11 21:26

Racy’s - Eau Claire, WI

----- Matt 23.12.11 21:05

Peoples Coffee, Garrett Street, Wellington, New Zealand. Tucked away down a little side street. Best coffee I’ve had anywhere in the world. The cafe is across the road from a park and staff will bring you out your coffee while you lie in the sun.

----- Nick 23.12.11 20:56


----- Randi Lynne 23.12.11 20:53

The wormhole in Chicago. I always get moca puffs, which is espresso over coco puffs, so damn good.

----- Joe B 23.12.11 20:52

Pete’s Coffee & Tea in Pasadena, CA. They make superb mocha lattes!

----- Clara 23.12.11 20:45

Mission Bay Cafe in Auckland, New Zealand for it’s beach side location and of course the coffee is great.The Otto Espresso with induction hob looks like a to be a winner also.

----- Selwyn 23.12.11 20:24

Olympia coffee roasters, Olympia, WA.

----- Liza 23.12.11 20:22

1369 in Cambridge Ma! Phenomenal!

----- Floyd 23.12.11 20:17

Coffee @ Collins in Melbourne. Actually, all coffees in Collins/Little Collins area are nothing short of AWESOME.

----- Jane 23.12.11 20:17

Easy: Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California

----- theo 23.12.11 20:10

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer Charleston, SC - great atmosphere, lovely selection of coffees…

----- SteveB 23.12.11 19:55

Intelligentsia in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Everyone behind the counter is an artist with a Marzocco.

----- Michael Gaster 23.12.11 19:48

PJ’s on Oak Street, New Orleans, LA USA

----- Anissa 23.12.11 19:44

my neighbourhood Bridgehead in Ottawa, where double machiatos go to heaven.

----- momo 23.12.11 19:39

intelligentsia in Chicago makes the best cup of coffee, but for atmosphere I like Kickstand (also in Chicago).

----- Adrian 23.12.11 19:37

Calico Coffee house in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, by far the best small coffee house in town, great service and snacks and real coffee not generic tim hortons.

----- Pat Armstrong 23.12.11 19:36

The cafeteria at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Good coffee with a beautiful view.

----- Joyce 23.12.11 19:35

Hands down it’s Cafe Nola in downtown Frederick, MD. I always think it says “plon” when looking at the name from the inside of the window.

----- Brian Belida 23.12.11 19:23

Intelligentsia in Chicago!

----- Manny Fernandez 23.12.11 19:13

Tusk and Cup, Ridefield, CT

----- Scott Brown 23.12.11 19:03

joe the art of coffee, grand central station, nyc

----- bryan 23.12.11 19:01

I have many favorite coffee shops, but the most influential would have to be the Whire House restaurant in Llandudno, Wales. It was the place where I first had French Press coffee, in that life-changing moment, my relationship to coffee changed forever!

----- Clayton Groom 23.12.11 18:59

WTF Coffee Lab in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

----- Sean C Moser 23.12.11 18:49

Peace Coffee in Minneapolis, MN is my favorite coffee spot in the world. Unlimited refills of the best coffee I’ve ever had, plenty of sunshine through their big windows and a hum that’s perfect for getting work done. Gotta have the right hum, know what I mean? Plus their coffee is delivered by bicycle and solar powered.
I’ve since moved away but I will totally mail order some of their beans to test out this badboy.

----- Chris Sanger 23.12.11 18:47

Another vote for Intelligentsia - mine is in Silverlake, Los Angeles - best espresso and served in great ceramic by NotNeutral.

----- Robert 23.12.11 18:45

Now know as Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco, my favorite cafe was known as Owl and Monkey in my day.

----- Adrianne 23.12.11 18:45

Intelligentsia on Silver Lake Los Angeles

----- Bryan Yu 23.12.11 18:44

Intelligentsia on Silver Lake Los Angeles

----- Bryan Yu 23.12.11 18:44

Omonia Cafe Lounge in Astoria, Queens NY!

----- Dani 23.12.11 18:44

Martha’s, Church Street, San Francisco. Cheers!

----- Don 23.12.11 18:44

Muddy Waters Coffee House, Santa Barbara California

----- H. Hill 23.12.11 18:28

urban grind, san diego

----- Lauren 23.12.11 18:26

Kaffihúsið in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

----- Bartal Djurhuus 23.12.11 18:26

Palermo in Ventura, ca

----- Diana 23.12.11 18:19

A favorite of mine is the Victrola on Pike in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Bone dry cappuccinos and a lovely atmosphere.

----- Scott Hanson 23.12.11 18:18

Palermo in Ventura California

----- Diana 23.12.11 18:15

My favorite coffee place is the Alterra right on the lake in Milwaukee, WI.

----- Mugsie 23.12.11 18:09

coffee rush in chandler az.

----- tony n. 23.12.11 18:08

satellite coffee in Albuquerque

----- rey 23.12.11 18:04

COFFEE RUSH in Chandler AZ.

----- tony n. 23.12.11 17:59

bean town
san marino, CA!

----- steven 23.12.11 17:59

I’d have to say Roasterie in Kansas City - my father and I head there every morning after running; which is almost as good as doing the same with an ancient moka pot in the middle of Tuscany.

----- Cody 23.12.11 17:58

There are few coffee shops in my area. I will go with Barnie’s (even though they are slowly disappearing). Tea is a different story though!

----- Lara 23.12.11 17:53

Portola Coffee Labs in Costa Mesa, CA.

----- Arthur Kosasih 23.12.11 17:48

La Crema in Anacortes, WA. Beautiful & local!

----- J Pleet 23.12.11 17:43

Coal Creek Coffee in downtown Laramie WY

----- Ethan L 23.12.11 17:42

Temple Coffee in Sacramento because I was there will old friends and new drinks.

----- Paul M. 23.12.11 17:40

Arts Square Cafe in downtown Toronto. Great gallery space, exotic music from all over the world, and welcoming staffs! + great location for tourists too. Right in front of Art Gallery of Ontario :)

----- Soopark 23.12.11 17:30

Arabica, Portland, Maine.

----- Bridget McCormick 23.12.11 17:27

Kawa Espresso Bar, Calgary

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 23.12.11 17:24

I love Zizzo’s Coffee in Goleta CA.

----- Melonie 23.12.11 17:20

The Broadway Cafe in Kansas City is easily the best espresso in the midwest (they do their own roasting too). They are a forty minute drive from me but more than worth it every time I can make it over there.

----- Dane Davenport 23.12.11 17:18

Kaldi’s Coffee (Cresent Location)
St. Louis MO

----- Matthew Piva 23.12.11 17:14

Kaldi’s Coffee (Cresent Location), St. Louis MO

----- Matthew Piva 23.12.11 17:11

Right now it is Coffee Bandits in Merced CA - a local funky little business with organic coffee started by graduates of the brand new UC campus here - showing the community exactly what the benefits of a UC are - bright young people joining the community for an education and staying to make it better! (my other favorite coffee spot - to sound all snooty and such - a train station outside Rome - the best espresso I ever had).

----- Christopher Volkerts 23.12.11 17:09

Caffe Artigiano, Vancouver, BC.

----- Geung Lee 23.12.11 17:02

My house called the “Refugee Camp” (where I live out in the sticks in Central Alberta Canada).
We make espresso on the camp stove every morning and it’s better than any coffee house ANYWHERE.
Because we are 2 hours from any place to get coffee, so it is better by default.

----- keith ahlstrom 23.12.11 17:02

I love drinking Drew’s Brews espresso from behind the bar at Sweet Sallie’s Bakery & Cafe in Cookeville, TN.

----- Liz 23.12.11 16:58

City Feed in Jamaica Plain, MA. USA. All fair trade!

----- Ann 23.12.11 16:52

Caffe L’affare Wellington,New Zealand

----- Mark 23.12.11 16:50

For me, it’s Glazers, a little coffee shop near the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa (http://www.glazerscoffee.com/sites/courses/layout9.asp?id=730&page=40732) because of the special memories I’ve made there. As a side note, would it be completely embarrassing to admit that, as cool as the coffee press is, I am more interested in the induction burner?

----- Lisa 23.12.11 16:49

ryan bros in san diego

----- kelly wood 23.12.11 16:46

Gimme! in Ithaca

----- Natalie G 23.12.11 16:43

Victrola Seattle,WA

----- Joe B 23.12.11 16:43


----- Laura 23.12.11 16:41

The best roasters in this little gem in the red rocks os Sedona!

----- Red Rock Coffee Shop in Sedona, Arizona 23.12.11 16:40

Peet’s in Pleasant Hill, California. Great crew, terrific java.

----- eab 23.12.11 16:38

Luxxe Cafe in Santa Monica, CA

----- Amy Shen 23.12.11 16:35

Prufrock coffee in Shoreditch, London.

Great staff and great coffee. If you are lucky you may even catch Gwyilym Davies, former World Barista Champion.


----- Jacob Pover 23.12.11 16:30

The best coffee ever drinken: Caffè Burello, Turin, Italy. Served with a glass of water apart. Espresso. Cream. Vanilla and caramel flavoured.
Taste comes from the coffee machine and the water used.

----- FEDERICA 23.12.11 16:30

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans. Mmm, beignets and chicory!

----- Jesse P 23.12.11 16:29

Just US Cafe, Halifax

----- Eilish Hart 23.12.11 16:28

Espresso Royal - newbury st boston.

----- pete 23.12.11 16:28

The Blue Bottle on the rooftop of SF MOMA. Delicious coffee and great art all in one cup. Stuff on the walls ain’t bad either!

----- Minta A 23.12.11 16:27

I really like Coffee Talk in Honolulu.

----- Matthew B 23.12.11 16:24

monica’s in san diego, ca

----- daniel 23.12.11 16:22

Blue Max Coffee in Forest Park, Illinois. They roast their own coffee and have the most marvelous food. It’s in an old house with nice hardwood floors and is a great place.

----- Christine Edison 23.12.11 16:20

Broadway Coffee House with Stumptown Coffee! Salem Oregon here is where One Flew East, One Flew West, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

----- konnie 23.12.11 16:20

Simon’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

----- Kevin M. 23.12.11 16:10

Marlay’s coffee in Daytona, FL!

----- Angela Nguyen 23.12.11 16:08

The Walla Walla Roastery. Located in… you’ve guessed it, Walla Walla, Washington!

----- Stacy B. 23.12.11 16:05

Portola Coffee Lab/Costa Mesa, California

----- Lori Werstein 23.12.11 16:04

Just Us! in Halifax, NS

----- Marcel Tarnogorski 23.12.11 16:00

Best Coffee place is definitely my parents’ house: The hiss and bubble of their 50s era Atomic, breakfast frying, salad chopping, fresh orange juice. The sound of the milk-frother squealing was my alarm clock, back in the day when a coffee and a cigarette constituted breakfast to the exhausted artists I call ma and pa.

That, or Santuccis in Carnegie, Melbourne, Australia, preferably paired with one of their baked goods.

----- Tamuz 23.12.11 15:52

The best roasters in this little gem in the red rocks os Sedona!

----- Red Rock Coffee Shop in Sedona, Arizona 23.12.11 15:47

My favorite coffee spot is Online Coffee in Seattle in the Capitol Hill area. Their coffee is like velvet and cheaper than in most other cafes.

----- Rachel 23.12.11 15:46

Coffee House

----- Joonas 23.12.11 15:28

Swede Hollow: 725 7th St E Saint Paul, MN 55106-5044

----- Nick 23.12.11 15:26

Cafe 260 on Richmond Street in Toronto, they’re super friendly and lots of personalized options :)

----- Jane 23.12.11 15:19

Hmm, it’s so hard to choose just one! Northside Social in Arlington, VA is at the top of my list. They also have fantastic scones and other baked treats AND a wine bar at night.

----- Rachael King 23.12.11 15:17

For me, there’s no other place in the world to buy fresh coffee (in beans that is, ground at home!) And one of the most special ones is De Wijs, trading coffee since 1792 (!) http://www.wijs-zonen.nl/

----- Jeroen 23.12.11 15:11

Steynberg Gallery in San Luis Obispo, CA. Best place to get espresso.

----- Kegan Flanderka 23.12.11 15:11

Coffee on Division! Portland oregon

----- Nick Robles 23.12.11 15:10

Bell Expresso in old town Cottonwood Arizona. It was a small town local coffee place with friendly folks and local art.

----- Christina 23.12.11 15:08

Rustica in Minneapolis, MN

----- Sarah 23.12.11 15:05

Current favorite spot in WyNwood, MIami called ” PAnther COffee” where they roast the coffee beans on the premises

----- ushka i shakhnis 23.12.11 14:58

My favorite is lab coffee in ann arbor Michigan

----- Alex 23.12.11 14:55

I live in Seattle, therefore I cannot pick just one. Espresso Vivace, Bauhaus and Uptown.

----- Kelly 23.12.11 14:51

Starbucks, Mountain View

----- Debbie 23.12.11 14:49

Cafe Cuong, Philadelphia, PA. The good old Vietnamese ice coffee (even on winter days)

----- trinh 23.12.11 14:47

Black Cat Cafe, Irvington NY

----- Noah 23.12.11 14:43

Used to be a place called “Greenavi” on Queen St. West, in Toronto =)

----- Karan 23.12.11 14:42

Phil’z Coffee in San Francisco would have to be my favorite!

----- Cody Brown 23.12.11 14:41

baked, Red Hook Brooklyn!

----- James Harmon 23.12.11 14:39

Uptown Espresso in Seattle, Wa

----- Taryn Curry 23.12.11 14:35

My favorite coffee spot is Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena. It’s one of those amazing and only-the-locals-know-it places! Really great atmosphere and coffee!

----- Carolyn T. 23.12.11 14:32

Love the expresso maker! My favorite coffee shop is…ahem! my mom’s kitchen, nobody can make south Indian filter coffee like her! My mom’s kitchen is anyday my favoritest coffee shop!

----- Ambika 23.12.11 14:31

Hartford Coffee Company in Saint Louis, Missouri

----- Cody Nutt 23.12.11 14:29

Variety in Brooklyn NY has a consistently tasty and affordable french press. Great for a grab and go or a full day’s camp. I’d really like to test this machine out and put it in an app I developed that’s been featured on NOTCOT before: Spro @ sproapp.com.

----- Matt Fry 23.12.11 14:28

The Governors Cup, Salem Oregon. AMAZING Chai. Ask for the Big Train Chai and use Heavy cream or half and half. OMG

----- JABrown 23.12.11 14:26

Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills, Sydney - very sadly on the other side of the planet from where I am right now.

----- cameron tonkinwise 23.12.11 14:23

Cole Coffee—Oakland!!!

----- Yoshio 23.12.11 14:19

Water Street Coffee Joint, Kalamazoo MI

----- Valerie 23.12.11 14:17

Melbourne Australia’s SENSORY LAB, Takes all the pain from jet lag away in one trip.

----- Vinnie Fiorello 23.12.11 14:17

I have too many places to list, have a bit of a coffee addiction but currently Nelson the Seagull http://www.nelsontheseagull.com/#!
Vancouver,BC just outside of historic gastown. Lovely lovely place.

----- Lish 23.12.11 14:16

zanzibar. des moines, Iowa.

----- Aaron Mortenson 23.12.11 14:16

My Favorite coffee shop has got to be Caffe Pergolesi in Santa Cruz California. Although Im more than 1300 miles away, and haven’t been there in years I still remember my first Hazelnut Latte with real whipped cream on top H E A V E N

----- stephen hoskins 23.12.11 14:14

Le Satellite: campus pub/cafe at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne… one of the best places in Switzerland.

----- Matt Blackburn 23.12.11 14:13

Caffé La Terrazza in Florence, Italy. On the rooftop of La Rinascente department store (Piazza della Repubblica 2). Good coffee (natch) and the best view of the Duomo in the city.

----- Doug Van Gundy 23.12.11 14:10

Café Iruña, in Bilbao, Spain. Lovely XIX century classic cafetería and great spresso

----- Iñigo Martinez 23.12.11 14:07

My favorite spot is in Sapa, in the mountains of Vietnam. Nothing is better than sipping on a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee on a cold early morning whilst watching what seems to be an almost unbelievable amount of shooting stars in the sky.

----- Dian Saxon 23.12.11 14:03

I have been rather excited about coffee again now that Blue Bottle opened in Brooklyn, NY. I no longer have to wait for my SF trips to indulge in my coffee.

----- Kat 23.12.11 14:03

Milstead & Co. in Fremont…Seattle, WA

----- Derek G. 23.12.11 14:01

Sightglass, SF

----- Mike Xing 23.12.11 14:00

My favorite coffee spot is red cup in okc! they have the best coffee and always have unique customers. There is always something interesting going on at red cup.

----- kristin 23.12.11 13:59

My favorite place used to be my grandfather’s house in Fredericksburg, Tx. This is where my love for coffee began as I watched my grandfather grind the beans with grinding stones and brew the coffee on a stove top percolator. The memory of enjoying time with my grandfather and my grandfather’s coffee under an old pecan tree watching the sunrise over the Texas hill country is a great feeling I’ll never forget.

Now that I’m older, I still prefer using my stove top Moka. I have a Moka at home and another at the studio for longer evenings with an electric espresso machine to complete my macchiato.

As for a cafe? I frequent Cafe Brasil in Houston, Tx. The environment is as great as the coffee.

----- Mark Ojeda 23.12.11 13:57

Woodlawn, Portland OR.

----- benjamin 23.12.11 13:57

travel mug at the edge of Grand Canyon on a winter morning! Arizona.

----- Carla 23.12.11 13:55

Ugly Mugs; Nashville, TN.

----- Derrick Dickens 23.12.11 13:54

My favourite coffee spot is Prado in Vancouver (Canada) on Commercial Drive. It’s in the bottom of a beautiful old hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows,soaring ceiling, minimal, white. Everyone in it is beautiful. To-die-for butter-rich raspberry crumble bars. Everyone you know comes by and chats while you’re “trying to work”.

----- Meaghan 23.12.11 13:53

My favorite coffee spot is the streets of New York City. I love wondering around with a cup of Joe and exploring what the teeming with life streets and family owned shops of lower East Side have to offer.

----- Ralitsa 23.12.11 13:53

Trident Booksellers Cafe in Boston, MA

----- Natalie 23.12.11 13:49

Blue Bottle - Ferry Building, San Francisco. The staff are great and know what they’re doing.

----- Brian 23.12.11 13:44

Shot Tower Coffee in Philadelphia, PA

----- Jacob Wells 23.12.11 13:44

Coffee Connection Culver City

----- Jeremy 23.12.11 13:43

philz in sf

----- Michelle K. 23.12.11 13:42

Hot Mamas in Austin, TX! Great spot on the east side to take a break and unwind

----- Daniel 23.12.11 13:41

Sunrise Coffee - Salt Lake City, UT (West Side…) and for my fair trade beans to brew at home… The BeanWhole

----- Vinny Mannello 23.12.11 13:34

I drink my coffee at Bacquié , it’s in Toulouse, in france, nice shop, great coffee and a fair price tag for students

----- jb Roublin 23.12.11 13:28

Winnings coffee in Albuquerque NM, love to sit and chat while watching the coffee roast.

----- LucasBurnley 23.12.11 13:24

carabu coffe! Aurora, CO

----- Alyssa 23.12.11 13:19

Astro Coffee in Detroit, MI!

----- Michelle Gerard 23.12.11 13:17

Jaspers Coffee in Melbourne, fantastic service and a huge variety of fair trade coffee suppliers from all over the world, I can already smell it :)
In fact…..i’m off for a coffee!

----- Laszlo Boejte 23.12.11 13:15

Evans Brothers Coffee - Sandpoint Idaho.

----- Mike Peck 23.12.11 13:14

Old City Java in Knoxville Tennessee. Local milk, local coffee, delicious!

----- Robert Butler 23.12.11 13:14

Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor, Michigan

----- Laura 23.12.11 13:13

One of my favourite coffee spots in Mexico city is called “Bizarro café” and its in the “barrio {neighbourhood} de Coyoacan”. While its nice and secluded, it rocks {literally} with attitude. The decoration is nice and rustic, the bar is made of old, strong wood and one could think it fits better in a cantina, but it just gives more attitude to the place.

Classic rock, heavy metal and glam are continuously playing at a nice and decent volume, loud enough to slightly bang your head and low enough to chat and enjoy your coffee. It really is a cool place to hang out, specially on a rainy afternoon.

(It goes without saying that I’m a coffee lover and this giveaway would make my Christmas suck a little less. I’m an art director and because of work, I will not be able to fly out to see my family during the holidays. I could really use a nice cup of coffe at the office. Thanks!)

----- Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras 23.12.11 13:13

This machine looks beautiful! Hard to pick my favourite coffee place in London, but I think Nude Espresso is up there.

----- katie 23.12.11 13:09

Even though I live in Seattle now and this is probably blasphemy, my fave coffee spot is Sit & Wonder in brooklyn, ny.

----- ashley 23.12.11 13:08

Southwest Cafe in Parma, Ohio. Been going there for years and years…

----- Matt S 23.12.11 13:08

Ritual @ Flora Grubb nursery in SF!

----- christian 23.12.11 13:06

flying m
boise, idaho

----- matthew harrison smith 23.12.11 13:04

Wired Puppy, Newbury Street, Boston.

----- adam 23.12.11 13:04

Julius Meinl - Chicago

----- Steve 23.12.11 13:00

the greenline in philly

----- Andy 23.12.11 12:57

My favorite coffee spot would be behind the espresso machine pulling the perfect shot for those who need their caffeine fix. Working for Seattle’s Best in Manila is one of the best experience I’ve had.

----- Calvin 23.12.11 12:56

Let me be tge first to represent South Africa! Bean Green in Davenport Road. They import the beans and roast them on site. Small coffee shop with great owners who run it with warmth and humor.

----- Simon Trollip 23.12.11 12:56

Peregrine Espresso in Washington DC!

----- Shannon Light 23.12.11 12:56

71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar / Gramercy, NY.NY - Cute sub ground level coffee shop with whimsy and charm.

----- Min Kim 23.12.11 12:49

small local place in Warsaw, Poland called out of africa - they burn cofe on their own and serve great strong mini mini expresso.

----- Agnieszka 23.12.11 12:49

I spent six months working in Portland, Oregon, last year and loved to grab a coffee at Powell’s City of Books. The smell of coffee and books, both new and ancient is more intoxicating than a sniffer of Scotch. Well…almost. ^_^

----- Tom 23.12.11 12:42

Six d.o.g.s., Athens, GR.

----- neza 23.12.11 12:39

Four Barrel on Valencia St in San Francisco. Matt at the slow bar will take the time to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about making the perfect cup of coffee.

----- Mike Sparandara 23.12.11 12:38

Mercury Organic Espresso Bar
915 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

----- Todor 23.12.11 12:34

Once Over Coffee Bar Austin, TX

----- Jared 23.12.11 12:31

Cafe Laumer, Frankfurt a. M.

----- alican 23.12.11 12:30

Philz in San Francisco of course!

----- Jericho Diaz 23.12.11 12:29

Cafe Pogacha in Bellevue, WA

----- Doug 23.12.11 12:29

Zanzibar in Des Moines, Iowa!


----- Andrew 23.12.11 12:26

Venice Grind in Venice, CA!

----- Wooster 23.12.11 12:26

Oh man this looks BADASS. My favorite Seattle coffee spot is Lighthouse coffee in Fremont. They roast in house, and pull an amazing, caramelly rich shot. LOVE.

----- Kiki Kane 23.12.11 12:25

Trident Cafe in Boston, MA!

----- Greg Hines 23.12.11 12:21

O Cafe on 12th st and 6th ave in NYC is a Brazilian coffee shop and I love love love their French drip. They support fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

----- Nicole 23.12.11 12:21

I live in Torun, Poland - the city of Copernicus and my personal favorite spot to take a perfect espresso is Kona Coast Cafe.

----- Przemek 23.12.11 12:21

Peets Coffee, Coolidge Corner, Brookline MA

----- Dan 23.12.11 12:21

Stumptown, Capital Hill, Seattle, WA: Great Beans, expert baristas and a solid selection of 33 1/3’s that keeps everyone’s caffeine buzz humming.

----- Allen 23.12.11 12:21

Frankly, I enjoy Peets in Harvard Square. Great views, great people watching, friendly staff. Darwins is also very good, just down the street; 1369 is great in the other direction. There was also a stand in the Science Center, where I had my first espresso… that first time, in spring of 1994, so naive, I asked for 6 shots at once…

----- BenK 23.12.11 12:14

I live in Homer Alaska, the end of the highway. My wife and I love a little place called K-bay Caffe. They offer award winning, locally roasted beans that are organic and fair trade. To my mind, there’s nothing like sipping coffee within view of a glacier.

----- Kennan Archer 23.12.11 12:14

Sub Rosa in Oakland…teeny tiny store that supports local roasters and artists. Love it…and LOVE this OTTO Espresso machine…it’s stunning!

----- Yenn 23.12.11 12:09

This is stunning! My favorite cafe is little t american baker PDX,OR: http://www.littletbaker.com/. My favorite independent coffee roaster is Clive Coffee PDX, OR.

----- Noelle 23.12.11 12:06

Stumptown in Seattle, Washington

----- Sean 23.12.11 12:02

Cafe Vittoria in Boston’s North End hands down. The place is filled with coffee memorabilia that’s over a hundred years old including original lever operated and steam powered espresso machines. I can sit in there all day and just admire the old equipment, posters, and photos.

----- Petros Stambolis 23.12.11 12:02

My Kitchen, Arlington, TX.

----- Wyley 23.12.11 11:59

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada… like Seattle we love love love our coffee. Seriously, we have Starbucks on opposing sides of the same street and both are always packed! Next to both Starbucks are local ma & pa coffee houses… also busy. Coffee shops are open later than bars!!!

Personally I love the small non-corporate coffee cafés… my personal favourite is Café Fantastico! not only do they make the best Americano and Lattes… they roast there own beans! Everything is fairtrade and they charge you extra if you take a to-go cup - the proceeds go to a local charity.

Sadly, since having kids and a mortgage I can’t enjoy some of the simpler things in life… like my Fantastico fix. I was just saying to my wife we need to win, or inherit a quality espresso machine. I can’t drink drip and I refuse to drink tea. Due to the lack of caffeine in my system I now move slowly and have a tendency of falling asleep during mid……ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

----- Paul 23.12.11 11:59

I love having coffee at Daisy’s Cafe in Brooklyn back when I used to live in NYC. I miss it!

----- Amber 23.12.11 11:57

The Blue Stove, Brooklyn, NY.
Great coffee and pies.

----- Stav 23.12.11 11:57

Coava in Portland, OR!!!

----- Ethel 23.12.11 11:35

Red Frog in Longmont CO

----- Taylor 23.12.11 11:28

OOooh, I loved the Sleepless Goat in Kingston! Co-op, organic, vegan, fair-trade, part art studio and droolworthy desserts… all around awesomeness to be there sipping coffee late at night playing one of the free boardgames they offer!

----- Ayla 23.12.11 11:22

Phoenix Coffee on Lee Road in Cleveland. It’s not fancy, for sure, but the coffee is both ethically sourced and freaking brilliantly delicious. The staff is young, odd, and dedicated. A great, non-snobby, neighborhood spot.

----- Josephine 23.12.11 11:01

My own kitchen in Fayetteville

----- Thu 23.12.11 10:55

Aroma in Toronto. Drinking a coffee right now!

----- Lily 23.12.11 10:26

1369 coffee house, Boston,MA.

----- Carrie 23.12.11 10:26

Astro Coffee in Corktown, Detroit

----- Kristen 23.12.11 09:57

My favorite coffee spot is Local cafe on Sullivan St. in New York City!

----- Jeremy 23.12.11 09:54

The Albina Press, Portland. Great staff. Great coffee. Great regulars arguing.

----- jake dockter 23.12.11 09:49

Alterra Coffee. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI.

----- Anthony 23.12.11 09:44

the black drop in bellingham wa

----- Molly 23.12.11 09:17

Lungocino, Amsterdam

----- Mirjam Mathilde 23.12.11 08:57

Water Avenue Coffee Company. Portland, Oregon. Their oak barrel aged coffee is like Jesus.

----- Lucius Woodhouse 23.12.11 08:56

Backspace, Portland OR!

----- Monica 23.12.11 08:49

cafe grumpy, new york

----- jenna 23.12.11 08:44

Coffee, Chocolate and Tea: in Glasgow, Scotland!

----- Martin 23.12.11 08:41

Kaldi’s coffee in St. Louis, MO!

----- Scott Kerens 23.12.11 08:41

My favorite place for coffee is my own kitchen in Riverside, CA.

----- Domi 23.12.11 08:34

Ristretto Roasters in Portland OR of course. Nicest (and cutest) staff there. I used to work nextdoor to one of the locations and they would give me free treats all the time.

----- Alexander 23.12.11 08:16

Primavera in Birmingham, AL

----- Ian S. 23.12.11 08:13

Izzys in Asheville

----- Liz 23.12.11 08:07

My favourite coffee spot is sitting on Buchanan Street in Glasgow with Ben, watching the people going by and us making up fake conversations between them :P

----- Craig 23.12.11 07:51

The Daily Grind. Elkhart, Indiana.

----- James 23.12.11 07:46

Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ. yessssss

----- Jason 23.12.11 07:42

MUDDY WATERS, Burlington, VT.

----- Matt 23.12.11 07:29

Radina’s Coffee, Manhattan, KS

----- Abbie 23.12.11 07:26

For the best coffee, Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ (I know, I know, who would have thought?!) For the view, the rooftop cafes in Cihangir, Istanbul, overlooking the Bhosphorus and the old city.

----- blue 23.12.11 07:24

any Doutor coffee shop in Japan(although I only know the ones in Tokyo.) They serve their coffee hot.
there was a cafe in the back streets of Harajuku, Tokyo that served a frothy cafe creme. yumm.

----- tane 23.12.11 06:57

Tazza Mia Cincinnati, Ohio

----- 5chw4r7z 23.12.11 06:55

Best Coffee in Ottawa, Canada means making it yourself but we have some killer-good local roasters. My favourite is the Bytown Beanery.

----- Eric G 23.12.11 06:11

Coastal Roasters Tiverton, RI Wonderful water views

----- Al Eklund 23.12.11 06:06

for me, it’s good old dunkin donuts

----- Chris Wilkinson 23.12.11 06:03

Coava Coffee, Portland, Oregon.

Only the finest, micro roasted.

----- Dylan 23.12.11 05:34

favorite cup coffee; Cuban style @ Martino’s Somerville, NJ

----- noel drumbor 23.12.11 04:28

Travonna, Columbus

----- James 23.12.11 04:28

Mad Cap Coffee, Grand Rapids, Michigan

----- Trevor 23.12.11 04:14

My favourite coffee spot is in my house (in the UK) because I can drink hot chocolate without feeling like a kid.

----- Ben 23.12.11 04:14

Its the place where i find i need the most coffee, Starbucks, National University of Singapore, UTown.

----- Kai 23.12.11 03:50

sant’eustachio, rome.

----- tina 23.12.11 01:27

The best coffee I’ve ever had will have to be the café in the Manchester Craft & Design Centre; whilst it’s not the best coffee I have had, I base this judgement solely on the atmosphere and location. Housed in the centre of a converted warehouse, surrounded by jewelery artisans, freelance photography studios and the occational exbibit - tucked away in the Northen Quarter. Nice place to recline, have a coffee and relax - maybe even get some inspiration. Good, honest coffee.

----- Tain 23.12.11 01:19

Thomas Haas, Vancouver

----- Iris 23.12.11 00:49

Kaffe 1668, New York City

----- thais lima 23.12.11 00:41

Island Naturals in Hilo, Hawaii. Always delicious organic local coffee—that’s right! And always wonderful encounters with employees and other patrons. Mmm!

----- Gina F 23.12.11 00:00

My favorite coffee spot is Barefoot Coffee in San Jose!

----- Jacquelynn 22.12.11 23:28

‘Bean Around The World’ at the base of Seymour Mountain. A great place to go after skiing or snowboarding. Great ‘butter chicken wraps’

----- Greg G 22.12.11 23:20

there is a nice place to have a coffee in Riga, Latvia named Miit http://www.spottedbylocals.com/riga/miit/

----- martins 22.12.11 23:16

My favorite coffee spot is Agia Sophia in Colorado Springs, CO. It also doubles as a bookstore - perfect!

----- Elora 22.12.11 22:53

Caffe Artigiano - Vancouver, BC. Love their latte art.

----- Jocelyn 22.12.11 22:40

Gimme Coffee! in Ithaca, NY is by far the greatest spot for a regular coffee, a latte, or something even fancier. It’s locally-owned and has great ethics, plus an excellent music selection. And during the high-time of collegiate life, I live there.

----- Kacey D. 22.12.11 22:17

my favorite coffee place is a little coffee shop named Zumbar located in San Diego, CA. I made a wrong turn while trying to find a Starbucks before my day trip to SD Zoo, and ended up got some awesome coffee from this place!!

----- annie 22.12.11 22:02

Gimme Coffee, Ithaca NY. Nothing gets you going like the Leftist!

----- Molly C 22.12.11 22:01

Gimme Coffee, Ithaca NY! Nothing wakes you up like Leftist

----- Molly C 22.12.11 21:59

85C Bakery Cafe in Irvine, CA for sea salt whip

----- Finn 22.12.11 21:18

Darwins Ltd on Mt Auburn St in Cambridge, MA.

----- Christina C 22.12.11 21:14

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

----- Narin S 22.12.11 21:01

fav coffee is blue mountain coffee from Jamaica!

----- amanda 22.12.11 20:22

Intelligentsia in Venice California!

----- Madeline 22.12.11 20:19

Ozzie’s, Park Slope, NYC

----- Kenny 22.12.11 20:19

Likha Diwa in Diliman, Quezon City. It’s a little hippie vegetarian that serves a mean barako cofee, as well as a pretty decent cup of orange chocolate.

----- OJ Desuasido 22.12.11 20:18

“Relax! It’s just Coffee” in Mansfield, Ohio!
It’s such an awesome home-grown place in a growing arts districs
in the heart of Ohio. They support the arts in the area, and in return they (the dance studio, the art studio, theatres) support the coffee shop.

----- Sarah Robertson 22.12.11 20:00

Supreme Donuts in Seekonk, MA

----- Marc D 22.12.11 19:59

Midnight Oil in Searcy, Ar.

----- Andy Frye 22.12.11 19:54

Taza, chicago,IL

----- Jeff 22.12.11 19:49

common Grounds in Waco, TX is my favorite local place, and I get Cowboy Cup. It is 6 shots of espresso and sweetened condensed milk, it’s will give you a heck of a ride.

----- Matt Menefee 22.12.11 19:49

Elysian Coffee in Vancouver, BC… great pastries too!

----- Maple 22.12.11 19:47

It’s gotta be Dub Pies in Brooklyn NY - They make a killer FLAT WHITE which i New Zealand’s cappuccino like potion - less of a head of foam - micro bubbles integrated with the espresso and with a pretty leaf on top. So yum. Please give me this gorgeous machine!

----- Tonky 22.12.11 19:42

Myriade in Montreal, Quebec

----- Fahe 22.12.11 19:34

Blue Bottle at the Berkeley Farmers Market. The best cup I have had in a long time!

----- Nancy 22.12.11 18:40

Crema in Nashville, TN

----- James 22.12.11 18:28

There’s a Bread Society near my workplace that has a good caramel macchiato, which I like. It’s in Xinjhuang, Taipei County, Taiwan.

----- range 22.12.11 18:17

intermezzo in atlanta

----- jacob 22.12.11 18:08

The South may not get worthy props for coffee and coffee culture, but you should come by The Morning Times in downtown Raleigh, NC and get a 120F cortado. Brian the barista will hook you up and you can sit outside enjoying the people watching with a locally-roasted caffeine buzz!

----- Logan S. 22.12.11 18:00

Oh, the beautiful oily, crema topped americanos at Stumptown in Portland.

----- Ryan 22.12.11 17:59

gorilla coffee brooklyn, ny

----- Brian 22.12.11 17:57

Lula cafe, Chicago.

----- Daniel 22.12.11 17:57

Students can’t afford espresso machines but they can enjoy quality espresso! I worked at a high end coffee shop in high school and have missed real espresso ever since i left!

Help a coffee snob out!!

----- shane 22.12.11 17:51

Mudhouse or Para Coffee in Charlottesville, VA (depending on what part of town I’m in).

----- Jeremy 22.12.11 17:49

I love Guy & Gallard in NYC, and Hava Java in St. John’s NL. Cheers!

----- Sheila 22.12.11 17:44

modern coffee in downtown Oakland, ca. Serving 4 barrel and sight glass!

----- joel 22.12.11 17:33

Vivace in Seattle hands down.

----- Tom 22.12.11 17:31

Intelligentsia in Venice Beach…or Stumptown at the Ace Hotel New York

----- leigh 22.12.11 17:27

Rocanini - Richmond BC :)

----- April T 22.12.11 17:09

It’d gotta be Intelligentsia near Millennium park in Chicago but since I am on the west coast now the one in Abbott Kinney is a good substitute.

----- Brandon 22.12.11 16:49

Favorite coffee spot:
Root Cafe, Lakewood, Ohio, USA. Vegan-friendly and has a middle-of-the-village feeling. Live music, books, ipads, laptops, foreign languages and gentle persons congregate in this splendid coffee spot. On the shores of Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland.

Otto-Espresso-Me-Up. Wow. This is one hot, sexy, caffeine-driven machine. You had me with the images of the coffee-laden drip falling from the velvet smooth and sleek metal mesh. The shiny surface evoking a smooth cup of strong and dark pleasure. I will drink the exlir made from this exquisite machine. And I will forever be pleased for every sip of the delicious brew.

----- Christine Mauersberger 22.12.11 16:15

Cafe Calabra in San Diego is my favorite. They roast their own beans and wholesales it. They also stone oven napeolean pizzas.

----- Melody Nguyen 22.12.11 16:13

I just had a great cup of coffee at a cafe in tiny, rural Bellefonte, PA. So peaceful.

----- Sam 22.12.11 16:10

Wendel’s Books in Fort Langley, British Columbia. Wonderful Cinnamon buns!

----- TimD 22.12.11 16:02

Wow, this one really blows my mind. This would be a perfect gift for my coffee-crazed husband, and I myself am loving to learn espresso after years of milk-padded drinks. My favorite coffee spot is probably the Y Cafe in Jerusalem. It is the tiniest, cosiest, friendliest place I know, and everything they make is delicious.

----- Olga 22.12.11 16:01


----- Levi Montez 22.12.11 16:00

Rustica in Minneapolis

----- Justin 22.12.11 15:50

Houndstooth Coffee in Austin, TX

----- Payton 22.12.11 15:43

Coffee & Crema, Greenville, SC.

----- Andy Martin 22.12.11 15:43

Baked and Wired in DC.

----- Sabah 22.12.11 15:32

My favorite spot for coffee is definitely Origin coffee in Rocklin, CA. Yummy lattés. PLUS all their workers are volunteer, and they profits go toward rescuing victim of sex trafficking. Double win!

----- Marlo 22.12.11 15:26

The Morning Times, Raleigh, NC

----- Jennifer Bonchak 22.12.11 15:25

coffee emporium in OTR, Cincinnati, Ohio
always an interesting crowd and great coffee roasted in-house

----- Adam 22.12.11 15:21

The Orange Couch in New Orleans, LA [in the great Faubourg Marigny neighborhood!]

----- TONI 22.12.11 15:20

stump town coffee, portland oregon. the best!

----- andrew h 22.12.11 15:15

i love quills coffee in louisville, ky. they have a fantastic library on site and fun design! http://www.quillscoffee.com/

----- sarah 22.12.11 15:11

The Wandering Goat - Eugene, OR

----- Katie 22.12.11 15:10

Emy J’s in Stevens Point, Wisconsin - eclectic, cozy, and organic!

----- Julie 22.12.11 15:01

It used to be Murky Coffee in Arlington, VA.. but I think it’s closed since I’ve moved back to CA. Now it’s Portola Coffee in Costa Mesa (at the new SOCO collection).

----- Tran Nguyen 22.12.11 14:58

Wauw - with this beauty the best coffee spot will be my little cold flat in Copenhagen

----- Marc 22.12.11 14:54

Am I allowed to say that my favourite coffee spot is at the bf’s parents? Because they make a mean cup of coffee.

----- Robyn 22.12.11 14:51

Oslo Coffee here in Brooklyn, NY!

----- kenny 22.12.11 14:44

For me, nothing beats watching the sunset with a great cup of coffee at Cafe 1134 in Coronado, CA

----- Steve 22.12.11 14:39

Coffee spot in Delft, Netherlands. They have winter garden which is fool of old and huge plants, with two parrots which time after time comes out from the cage. All the atmosphere is like at home with two smiling old ladies who brings you super nice coffee =]

----- Monika 22.12.11 14:37

Detour Coffee Roaster’s Cafe, Dundas ON. Best beans in the area.

----- jamie 22.12.11 14:34

My favorite coffee spot is Drip in Madison, NJ — friendly, but in the nice real way and not at all over-sweet!

They also make actually-good coffee!

----- Chris S. 22.12.11 14:32

Cafe du Monde in Nola

----- lace 22.12.11 14:24

Kaldis Coffee @ Clayton and Demun, St. Louis Missouri. Top 1% of all coffee beans in the world?!?! YES PLZ!!! Highlander Grog: because there can be only one.

----- Adam and Niki 22.12.11 14:22

Uptown Espresso in Kutztown, PA. Living in New York, I have coffee shops on every corner but I still miss Uptown Espresso on Main Street in the small college town where I went to school. Makes me all nostalgic.

----- Jarrett Fuller 22.12.11 14:15

Zeke’s Coffee In Baltimore. Get there!!

----- The Slapster 22.12.11 14:13

The best places in ottawa is actually a chain, called bridgehead. Everything organic and fair trade, super friendly staff and soups to die for!

----- Kim Dallaire 22.12.11 14:13

That’s a gorgeously design machine! My favorite coffee shop is Transcend, in Edmonton, AB.

----- Ed 22.12.11 14:11

Bauhaus in Seattle.

----- j edwards 22.12.11 14:08

Blue bottle coffee in san francisco!! Xoxo

----- Stephanie inagaki 22.12.11 14:07

Bourgeois Pig, Hollywood, CA.
Up on Franklin directly across from the Scientology Celebrity Center and a few doors down from the Upright Citizens Brigade homebase theater. Doesn’t get better than this.

----- Christian S. 22.12.11 14:06

gorgeous machine!

My favorite is Mudhouse Coffee in Charlottesville, VA!

----- Dan 22.12.11 14:03

Goodbye Blue Monday in Northfield, MN was my college coffee shop. I’m always excited to visit it when I’m in town.

----- Sarah 22.12.11 14:02

Cup A Joe in Raleigh, NC! So many good coffee spots in this city…

----- Miller Taylor 22.12.11 13:58

The Red E Cafe (http://theredecafe.com/) in beautful Portland, Oregon.

----- Pamela Mullins 22.12.11 13:57

Dada Club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

----- Helen 22.12.11 13:51

Vivace in Seattle. BEST FOAM IN THE US! Hands down! Try a Nico, it’s a weekly indulgence of mine.

----- Brandon O 22.12.11 13:47

Coffee and Crema, Greenville, SC

----- Ben Szobody 22.12.11 13:46

oh wow that is a beautiful machine. my favorite coffee spot is cole coffee in oakland. sitting outside on a nice day with a freshly made americano is a dream.

----- grace 22.12.11 13:45

Farley’s Coffee, San Frrancisco, CA. 1 cup size, 1 milk option, 1 damn fine cup of coffee

----- Cassandra L. 22.12.11 13:43

rbc nyc
on worth street_out of this world machine in masters’ hands http://www.rbcnyc.com/
almost makes jury duty bearable

----- daniel moyer 22.12.11 13:40

Mishka’s Cafe in Davis or Cafe Fanny in Berkeley, CA :D Great tiny spaces with an upscale homey atmosphere.

----- Laura K. 22.12.11 13:39

Blue Bottle siphon coffee, Mint Plaza in San Francisco or Intellegentsia in Chicago, in the Monadnock Building

----- Susanna 22.12.11 13:39

My favourite location for coffee is Maunsel Lock tearooms, North Newton, Somerset, england.

----- steve 22.12.11 13:38

Cognoscenti coffee in atwater village, california

----- charlie 22.12.11 13:33

Picking just one favorite coffee spot is almost impossible! I would have to say Broadacre Coffee in Sacramento, CA or Sight Glass in San Francisco!

----- Jany Stehman 22.12.11 13:33

Ooooh! That is lovely…I’m drooling!

Mercury Bar on Michigan Ave in Detroit…unfortunately, I think it’s since closed. Does that count? If not, I’ll offer Espresso Royale on State Street in Ann Arbor because I’m sure that it is still there.

----- brian buchalski 22.12.11 13:32

Julius Meinl in Chicago, IL.

----- Rochelle 22.12.11 13:32

Groundworks in Venice, CA.

Great local shop and better people!

----- nike chapman 22.12.11 13:31

Who’s On First? in Ocean City, NJ or La Colombe cafe in Philadelphia, PA

----- Robert W. 22.12.11 13:30

Jubala Village Coffee, Raleigh, NC

----- Jonathan Bonchak 22.12.11 13:30

My favorite coffee spot is Panther coffee in Miami, FL

----- alexandra v 22.12.11 13:27

Paper of Plastik in Los Angeles is my favorite spot to work out of. Plus, the coffee is amazing.

----- Kim 22.12.11 13:27

Paper of Plastik in Los Angeles is my favorite spot to work out of. Plus, the coffee is amazing.

----- Kim 22.12.11 13:27

cafe grumpy brooklyn, ny

cheers -

----- Peter D 22.12.11 13:26

Alterra on the Lake in Milwaukee - great atmosphere inside, great views outside!

----- Erica 22.12.11 13:26

Donkey Coffee in Athens, Ohio… a longstanding favorite of mine. A gem of a place in southern Ohio with lots of charm. Not to mention I’ve written probably 300 pages of work there;)

----- Kaitlin Ann Duffy 22.12.11 13:24

By far my favorite coffee spot is the CC’s on Esplanade in New Orleans. My fondest memories as a child were climbing the roots of the huge live oaks beside the patio. I loved their cafe au lait and chocolate covered cherries! Now I’m in architecture school at Tulane and still make regular trips to CC’s, although having my own espresso maker would be really convenient for those all nighters in the studio!

----- Emily Hayden 22.12.11 13:24

wake the dead in san marcos texas

----- michael higdon 22.12.11 13:18

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