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Holiday Giveaway #29: Kidrobot- 12.23.11

kr0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Ok foodies ~ this is one huge pile of food turned toys being given away by Kidrobot for our penultimate holiday giveaway! This insane set of YUMMYness contains 24” Yummy Pizza Plush, a 9” Yummy Pink Edition Cupcake Plush, a 13” Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Plush, a 12” Yummy Brown Edition Donut Plush, five Yummy Dessert Keychains, and five Yummy Donut Enamel Zipper Pulls… it could instantly transform your play room, living room, kitchen, office, etc into quite the plushy/toy filled playground of sweets!

For a chance to win a YUMMY Set containing 24” Yummy Pizza Plush, a 9” Yummy Pink Edition Cupcake Plush, a 13” Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Plush, a 12” Yummy Brown Edition Donut Plush, five Yummy Dessert Keychains, and five Yummy Donut Enamel Zipper Pulls from Kidrobot, leave a comment with your favorite sweet indulgence before midnight PST on Dec 28th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! You’ve got to see the pics on the next page for a sense of scale ~ the plushies are definitely bigger than i expected… and a coupon is waiting for you there as well!

CONGRATS to our winner Lea in Courtland, CA!


263 Notes

favorite indulgence? anything with dark chocolate. or peanut butter. or chocolate and peanut butter.

----- kathryn dart 28.12.11 16:14

pepermint marshmallows

----- Emily 28.12.11 15:58

molten chocolate lava cake :D

----- Lauren 28.12.11 15:54

gingerbread cookies

----- Lora 28.12.11 15:52

mint chocolate ice cream!

----- Amanda 28.12.11 15:50

soft chocolate cookies

----- Christina 28.12.11 15:48

Red velvet anything =)

----- Laura 28.12.11 15:47

Caramels for sure! nom nom nom.

----- Chrisan 28.12.11 15:44

Ferrero Rocher

----- Miguel 28.12.11 15:41

My favorite is Tim’s Potato Chips. So additive.

----- Chris 28.12.11 13:50

Nutella dipped bacon strips.

----- Gino V 28.12.11 12:38

Coca-cola gummiesssssss

----- Cynthia 28.12.11 10:03

candy bar


----- Mommydoll13 28.12.11 09:47

Red Velvet Cheesecake!

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 28.12.11 08:21

peanut butter / caramel / chocolate covered popcorn. Yum!

----- Linda 28.12.11 06:43

I am unable to resist pizelle. I sometimes make batches of 200-300, and I can eat 10-20 in a sitting

----- Greg G 28.12.11 05:18

My favorite indulgence is Haagan Daz’s Biscuit and Caramel icecream. I also love Everything But The… by Ben & Gerry.

----- Karen Ang 27.12.11 21:48

My favorite sweet indulgence is “cappucino freddo.” It is a cold cappuccino with lots of sugar. The only place I can find it is in a tiny café in Castellamare di Stabia, south of Naples.

----- Nina 27.12.11 19:32

I love frozen blackberries with some whipped cream (from a can). :-)

----- Cindy G. A. 27.12.11 13:39

My favorite sweet is the cookie cake that my family has made for every birthday, holiday, since I can remember. It has 2 ingredients… cookies and whipped cream. Need I say more? mmmmm…

----- Alexandra 27.12.11 12:36

dark, molasses-y, buttery pecan pie!! I also love Momofuku Milk Bar blueberries and cream cookie (you can really taste all the separate ingredients… starring.. butter!), marshmallow and cornflake cookie (perfect mix of soft, crisp, salty and sweet!) and the mille crepe cake at Lady M on the UES.

----- Sarah 27.12.11 12:19

My favorite sweet indulgence is marzipan! Between macarons, dipped in dark chocolate, molded into shapes… anything!

----- Fiona 27.12.11 12:07

Oh so many to choose from but the staple has got to be caramel cheesecake

----- Erastos 27.12.11 11:21

Bread Pudding from Famous Daves!

----- Shaun 27.12.11 09:46

I love kettlekorn pop corn. It is the best.

----- Tyler 27.12.11 08:23

Pumpkin pie. No question. One thanksgiving I fake cried my way into guilting my dad to give me the last piece. That pie is serious stuff in our house.

----- Brittany 27.12.11 08:16

I love doughnuts. mmmmmm.

----- Lea 27.12.11 08:08

Warm and sticky cinnamon buns

----- Dan 27.12.11 08:00

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. It needs nothing on top.

----- Adam Edwards 27.12.11 07:50

My favourite is each year, the christmas cookies of my mother, great taste, and they smell soooo good, we hang them on the tree, and it is a constant sense of familiar holidays :)

----- Anna Brozik 27.12.11 07:21

NY cheesecake!

----- Lilla 27.12.11 06:55


----- hanna 27.12.11 06:41

Chocolates & Macarons!

----- Risca 27.12.11 03:13

my favorite sweet indulgence is Ben n Jerry Cookie Dough Ice Cream … is that considered sweet enough?! :) haha

----- Jessica 27.12.11 00:07


----- William Cabral 26.12.11 22:21

trader joe’s has dark chocolate truffles sold in a slightly trapezoid shaped box. They are so rich and smooth and velvety with the slightest sugary crunch. Just don’t read the nutrition facts, especially when you finish the box off way too quickly…

----- Jessie 26.12.11 22:14

Ice cream or tapioca pudding! Nom nom nom…

----- B Louie 26.12.11 21:57


----- Avery 26.12.11 21:11

kue lapis

----- darrell 26.12.11 21:09

Snorting lines of Pixie Sticks off my desk.

----- cole 26.12.11 21:03


----- Amanda 26.12.11 21:02

My favorite sweet indulgence would probably have to be Tiramisu. Either that, or Sopaipillas. They’re like little Jacuzzis of honey!

----- Stephanie Johnson 26.12.11 19:57


----- britty sprinkles 26.12.11 17:21

You have inspired me to learn to sew!!! I love the pizza because my son works at Pizza Hut and now he and his manager/now fiance are expecting a lil bambino so this pizza plush would be the absolute perfect first gift for them and their baby!

----- Kellie Oxie 26.12.11 16:31

I love anything ice cream related—especially ice cream sandwiches! beecasagrand at gmail dot com

----- Bee Casagrand 26.12.11 15:43

Strawcolate Shakes!

----- Kevin 26.12.11 15:05

My favorite sweet indulgence would be a float with coke from any ice cream company

----- Marco Purroy 26.12.11 12:52

Ha that’s what we call “Drop” or liquorice.

----- Barry Keitai 26.12.11 12:16

when I’m up late and craving something sweet, I melt a klondike bar on top of a big slice of hot apple pie, cover with whipped cream and eat :D

----- Brandon 26.12.11 11:57

My favorite sweet indulgence would be … hmmm .. probably rootbeer floats - I make at least one a week for myself! Thanks for the chance to win these totally cute items! I’m bookmarking the site for my college daughter who LOVES these types of things!


----- Julie Smith 26.12.11 11:06

i love cream puffs and can kill an entire tray of em

----- amir 26.12.11 10:48

one favorite sweet…so hard to answer…it could be pumpkin pie or sugar cookies, it could be almond m&ms or Sees’ Scotchmellows. I think the correct answer is anything I can get my hands on.

----- Chris Clinton 26.12.11 10:43

I like the Ice Cream Sandwich so cute.

----- Barb K. 26.12.11 09:46

McRib from McDs

----- randy 26.12.11 08:31

I like fudge.

----- Anadelia 26.12.11 08:23

My favorite indulgence has to be a Napoleon. Crispy, creamy sweet goodness!

----- Letizia Lorenzana 26.12.11 07:40

Coconut milk eggnog.

----- Selena 26.12.11 05:57

Where I come from bananas grow in abundance, and nothing beats fried banana fritters (we call them “goreng pisang”) made fresh with crispy thin batter. Banana done tempura-style, if you will.

----- Liang 26.12.11 04:37

Blueberry scones, muffins, anything =)

----- Sara 26.12.11 01:15


----- NY 25.12.11 23:30

my favorite sweet indulgence is ciao bella ice cream, especially any of their sorbets!

----- kim 25.12.11 22:42

Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips

----- Domi 25.12.11 21:29

my favorite indulgence would have to be tiramisu!

----- Keir McCoy 25.12.11 20:56

dessert disguised as breakfast: chocolate filled croissants! french toast!

----- Bethany 25.12.11 20:28

my favorite sweets? i have a thing for mint chocolate flavored things, perfect for the season too!

----- paulie 25.12.11 20:27

Lindt truffles

----- Carmen 25.12.11 19:47

My favorite sweet indulgence is my boyfriend. He’s a ginger and I call him carrot cake.

----- Erica 25.12.11 19:05

Peanut butter and jelly pizza! try it! sooooo good!

----- Joseph 25.12.11 18:20

My favorite is Victory, nothing is sweeter than the taste of victory. ;)

----- Jasper 25.12.11 17:46

I have a slight obsession with desserts in general but I have to say I loveeee chocolate!! It just makes everything (okay not everything) most things taste better!

----- Sharon 25.12.11 16:40

I can seriously survive on crepes alone. Sweet or savory crepes, nutella banana and everything in between, I love it!

----- Jay B. 25.12.11 16:18

Does bubble tea count…

----- Tiffany 25.12.11 15:40

Anything chocolate-ly is good for me. I have a major sweet tooth, so I’m not picky.

----- Emily 25.12.11 15:30

Pizookie at BJ’s

----- Paulina 25.12.11 15:07

Litterally everything that contains a massive dose of sugar in it.

----- Simon 25.12.11 14:45

wow. literally anything and everything with chocolate. but i guess a really awesome sweet indulgence would be belgian waffles with scoops of green tea and strawberry ice cream with fruits on top and some chocolate syrup!!

----- Cecilia 25.12.11 12:56

cookies from the ronnybrook bar in chelsea market!

----- Jess 25.12.11 11:41


----- Burçin 25.12.11 11:41

Dippin Dots!

----- roy 25.12.11 10:58

I love BUCKEYES (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate). They are huge in Ohio and my all time favorite sweet.

----- Jenna T 25.12.11 10:57

Panna cotta. From Rome.

----- Arthur Kosasih 25.12.11 09:38

Chocolate fudge swirl ice cream! =D

----- Andrea 25.12.11 09:36

bacon + peanut butter + chocolate ice cream

----- Rich 25.12.11 08:45

Nothing beats traditional Molten Lava Cake top with Vanilla Ice Cream and the Devil’s Chocolate Cake. Nothing ever beats Chocolate. :)

----- Melissa 25.12.11 07:51

crepes au sucre et au beurre!

----- siena 25.12.11 07:27

chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. yum.

----- melanie 25.12.11 06:47


----- Don 25.12.11 06:05

Anything spiced with carrots, raisins, or apples. Followed by a second serving usually stolen in the middle of the night.

----- Anthony 25.12.11 05:26

spaghetti noodles with brown sugar and parmesan cheese!

----- LucasStraetmans 25.12.11 01:41

Homemade cookies from grandmas house.

----- Alison 25.12.11 00:58

Banana cream pie! Delish!

----- Morgan 24.12.11 22:53

oddly enough my moms fruitcake.

----- Devin 24.12.11 22:51

DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!! can’t have sweet without salty.

----- Tracey 24.12.11 22:14

Beignets with jelly, or nutella

----- Morgan 24.12.11 21:56

Love boston cream donuts!

----- Selina Wong 24.12.11 21:45

Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice-Cream! There isn’t much better :)

----- Carly 24.12.11 21:25

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! I love the many different flavors in one snack its kinda like channel surfing.

----- Lauren Marie 24.12.11 20:55

Chocolate. Anything chocolate.

----- Juli 24.12.11 20:20


----- Brad 24.12.11 20:18

Tiramisu mmmm

----- Lily 24.12.11 18:23

frozen bananas blended with honey & milk

----- Joel 24.12.11 17:55

Oh man, Heidi Kenney is my goddess. Her stuff is genius.

My indulgence is old-fashioned donut ice cream sandwiches!

----- Emily 24.12.11 17:13

Oh man, Heidi Kenney is my goddess. Her stuff is genius.

My indulgence is old-fashioned donut ice cream sandwiches!

----- Emily 24.12.11 17:12

Cake and rum in a ball form - I love that this is legal and encouraged this time of year. How could anyone resist these sweet yummies?

----- Jen Sappington 24.12.11 16:53

Chocolate and Blood Orange Gelato…

----- Jeremy 24.12.11 16:41

Chocolate and Blood Orange Gelato…

----- Jeremy 24.12.11 16:41

Like some one else posted bacon covered with chocolate. Sooooo good

----- Kathy 24.12.11 16:39

Yum! Those chocolate truffle brandy filled figs from Trader Joes! Rabitos Royale!

----- Ana 24.12.11 15:22


----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:13

salt water taffy. like a 5lb bag.

----- sonia 24.12.11 14:55

Bumblebrry pie!

----- Ryan J 24.12.11 14:44

Chocolate covered Bacon!

----- Shane O'Brien 24.12.11 14:13

These are super dope. I want to cover my couch with them. Hm, favorite sweet indulgence is probably olallieberry pie. Unfortunately, olallieberries and the pies made with them are only available for a very short time every year. Fortunately, chocolate malts with extra malt are available all year round.

----- Christian S. 24.12.11 14:00


----- Madison 24.12.11 13:51

Hot glazed donuts. They’re so good and melt in your mouth — mmm.

----- Agnes 24.12.11 13:17

Oh my goodness, these are adorable! Got to say my favorite sweet has got to be the box of lemon cookies my friend makes every christmas. I’m snacking on them right now! Mmm.

----- Agnes 24.12.11 13:16

eggnog. The elixir of life.

----- clementine 24.12.11 13:12

so cute! my favorite sweet indulgence is See’s chocolates. :)

----- sara 24.12.11 12:59

Classic Snickerdoodles. Also Butterscotch blondies.

----- Charles Street 24.12.11 12:33

Mint carob chip Rice Dream.

----- Keith 24.12.11 12:31

Ice cream has to be one the greatest sweet treat ever invented.

----- christi 24.12.11 12:31

Marshmallows set ablaze for a very short time over a real wood fire, preferably outside.

----- BeckyC 24.12.11 12:27

My favorite sweet indulgence is Homemade Peach Cobbler !

----- april b 24.12.11 12:27

I just finished some black cake. Yum!

----- J Alexander 24.12.11 12:03

Almond joy.

----- Allen 24.12.11 11:52

My favorite of all time is strawberry Cheesecake!

----- Chris Rands 24.12.11 11:45

pistachio ice cream

----- liz 24.12.11 11:34


----- Marc D 24.12.11 11:29


----- Anthea 24.12.11 11:17

my favorite sweet indulgence is my own home-made chocolate syrup.

i indulge by drizzling it all over EVERYTHING.

----- andy martin 24.12.11 11:17

Hot chocolate with a slice of french silk pie!

----- Alex Tsai 24.12.11 11:15

Red Vines. Always Red Vines.

----- Wesley 24.12.11 11:14

cheese, crackers, a little jam. What more could you want?

----- RyanH 24.12.11 11:04

I’ve got a major sweet tooth so it’s hard to pin one down, but right now, I’d definitely take (another) sour cream glazed donut from Tim Hortons!

----- kristin 24.12.11 10:58

My family’s apple streudel! The butteriest, caramelized, crunchy, chewy, most awesome food I’ve ever consumed.

----- Karie 24.12.11 10:48


----- Derrick Dickens 24.12.11 10:47

I have a lot of sweet indulgences that all rank fairly high, the ones that are more frowned upon are better, like the sugar packets at a restaurant that you’re supposed to put in the coffee, I eat them straight. I also love pouring honey on tacos to sweeten up the savory. My favorite may be pouring maraschino cherry syrup into sprite or ginger ale.

----- Jennifer 24.12.11 10:23

caramel chocolate pretzel bark

----- Mirjam 24.12.11 10:21

Most definitely a nice cup of hot cocoa, especially during the Winter!

----- Steph 24.12.11 09:33

anything baked during Christmas week! the smells alone are making me rub my love handles in anticipation…

----- MOON P 24.12.11 09:13

moon cakes from Nakamuraya, the nuts version, is my choice. I buy them in bulk and keep in the freezer. I do not, can not share them.

----- tane 24.12.11 08:52

krispy kremes and diet coke.

----- Jamie Portch 24.12.11 08:41


----- russ 24.12.11 08:37

Homemade fudge!

----- Mark Jenkins 24.12.11 08:32

Cookies and cream brownies!!!

----- Brea 24.12.11 08:31

j.co donuts from asia!

----- jacob 24.12.11 08:27

smore’s cupcakes. yum yum.

----- tali 24.12.11 07:58

French fries dipped in a milkshake is a rare treat for me! But really there isn’t any sweet that I don’t like…

----- Jen D 24.12.11 07:38

i appreciate nutella on anything!

----- Christina 24.12.11 07:27

plain yogurt & marscapone..couple big dollops of honey….fresh sliced peaches

----- Kimmi 24.12.11 07:14


----- Wolfie 24.12.11 06:21

i think it would be (dark) chocolate with sea salt.. oh! this is such a great invention!
its not *too* sweet, but it is so good!

----- shiRA 24.12.11 06:18

Chocolate spread on Rich Tea biscuits, with the occasional sprinkling of 100’s & 1000’s for a splash of colour!

----- James 24.12.11 05:00

Home-made Brownies! Especially my Oreo Cheesecake Brownies :)

----- Ashley 24.12.11 04:37

hmmm… ekler :D

----- igor 24.12.11 04:33

My favorite sweet indulgence is toasted almost dacquoise.

----- Jon 24.12.11 04:29

My favorite is Pretzels with chocolate

----- Yariv 24.12.11 04:06

Fresh fruit and muesli on greek yogurt with honey!!

----- WCstine 24.12.11 02:51

Fresh fruits and muesli on greek yogurt with honey!

----- WCstine 24.12.11 02:48

snickerdoodle cookies!

----- Edgar 24.12.11 01:59

Azuki Taiyakis from Sweet Breams!

----- hoister 24.12.11 01:42

fried chicken mmm

----- Winnie Lam 24.12.11 01:19

a slice of black forest cake!

----- Becky 24.12.11 01:16

Good and simple, jelly babies.

----- Tain 24.12.11 00:12

These are soooo adorable! Would love to win them. My favorite sweet indulgence is definitely dark chocolate! :)

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- amy @ uTryIt 23.12.11 23:41

lemon bars! yumyumyum!

----- hallie 23.12.11 23:34

churros and chocolate in Madrid!

----- FHopkins 23.12.11 22:57

Gummy Bears.

----- Roy 23.12.11 22:47

!! :)))))

----- Rocio 23.12.11 22:35

Earth Cafe raw vegan cheesecake! I’m usually craving the Rockin’ Raspberry, Strawberry Fields Forever & Cali Style Lemon flavors.

----- Zenimue 23.12.11 22:07

Mango pudding! :3

----- Maxine Wong 23.12.11 22:02

I love cookies and custards like creme caramel or creme brulee. I hate using anything with a flame but I’m willing to put up with a blowtorch to get the crispy sugar top for a creme brulee.

----- Anne 23.12.11 21:41

Oreo cheesecake. Yum!

----- Mae 23.12.11 21:15

Cookies, any kind really…

----- Randi Lynne 23.12.11 20:56

I love the poor people homemade sweet: eeg yolk with sugar!!! YUMMMMMY

----- Agnes 23.12.11 20:53

mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich

----- noel drumbor 23.12.11 20:48

Oh. My. God. I worship Kid Robot. Healthy right? Speaking of which, my sweet indulgence is truffles, specifically of the rum or champagne variety. Classy and tasty yumm.

----- Brandon 23.12.11 20:45

Frozen Gummy Bears!

----- Richie Brown 23.12.11 20:44

My favorite is The Dessert Truck’s chocolate bread pudding! It’s a great treat whenever I’m around Astor place and stumble upon the truck!

----- Klarika 23.12.11 20:37


----- Danny 23.12.11 20:07

I love strawberry shortcake!

----- Sarah 23.12.11 20:07

I have a huge sweet tooth, so it’s extremely tough to pick just one thing! But at the moment I’m completely craving a Terry’s chocolate orange. Mmmmm…

----- Nina 23.12.11 19:57

Banana Sundae !

----- Keno Leon 23.12.11 19:50

Pot of Gold chocolates, Turtles and After Eights. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

----- Joyce 23.12.11 19:45

Ice cream! Simple, most delicious choice for sure.

----- Victor 23.12.11 19:06

Creme Brulee!

----- Michelle 23.12.11 19:03

Three color coconut candy

----- Nick 23.12.11 18:43

My favorite is grilled pineapple covered in NUTELLA! Soooo delish.

----- Dani 23.12.11 18:42

Peanut M&Ms by the handful.

----- Brett K. 23.12.11 18:39


----- Diana 23.12.11 18:17

Green Tea Ice Cream

----- Sam Li 23.12.11 18:15

I love frozen custard, but really I love most sweets.

----- Mugsie 23.12.11 18:12

from the good old childhood hands down Kinder eggs.

----- tony n. 23.12.11 18:05

Favorite sweets ~ fruit tarts, chocolate dipped strawberries, caramel apples, smores, maple donuts, pumpkin cheesecake, homemade rice kripsies!

----- Jenny C 23.12.11 18:00

It has to be hot brownie, ice cream and fudge sauce. *mouths waters*


*runs to kitchen*

----- Grace Organ 23.12.11 17:54

definitely chilled fruit and whipped cream is my favorite dessert

----- Edouard U 23.12.11 17:53

Ice cream!

Soft serve, with or without toppings, traditional flavors or something like taro or red bean. I will take it any way. I also accept frozen yogurt.

----- Lara 23.12.11 17:45

If I lived in LA I would definitely be a regular customer at Mikawaya in J-town for their mochi and ice cream mochi.

Since I’m not there, dried mango is my guilty pleasure.

----- Rosanna 23.12.11 17:38

Not a big fan of desserts but when there’s a fruitcake, I dig it!

----- Asenh Tsan 23.12.11 17:22

Peppermint and white chocolate meringue!! Mmmmmmmmm..

----- nat 23.12.11 17:21

strawberry shortcake popsicles and choco tacos

----- steven 23.12.11 17:08

lemon ricotta cookies!

----- OLIVIA 23.12.11 16:59

wooohooo comment.

----- Laura 23.12.11 16:38

say cheeeesecake!

----- Anna Banana 23.12.11 16:28

Sicilian cannoli: roll filled with ricotta and chocolate drops or candies, all covered with icing sugar…

----- FEDERICA 23.12.11 16:23

i’m liking whoopee pies these days!

----- daniel 23.12.11 16:22

Mississippi Mud Pie… that is my total indulgence - that and grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and tomato sauce.

----- Alexis 23.12.11 16:20

I’m a big fan of the old 1930’s “sour milk cake”, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfect for this time of year.

----- Clay 23.12.11 16:09

Sekerpare. This is a traditional semolina dessert lightly soaked in syrup. My parents tell me I was addicted to it when we were still living in the eastern part of Turkey, close to the border with Iraq. Apparently, every Saturday, after the park, I would insist on stopping by the local pastane (bakery) to have some, except I could not pronounce the name, so I would ask for “sekerfare.” Seker means sugar and pare, piece, so “a piece of sugar.” My mispronunciation made it “a piece of mouse”!!!

----- blue 23.12.11 16:08

cannoli, please!

----- sarah 23.12.11 16:08

Chocolate chip cookie dough pie, it is the ruiner of weight counters

----- Jim 23.12.11 15:57


----- L Mc Farland 23.12.11 15:39

A snickers cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

----- Garry Hannah 23.12.11 15:32

Blueberry delight (crumbly crust, cream cheese filling, blueberry topping) yes!!!!!’n

----- Aaron 23.12.11 15:15


----- Joonas 23.12.11 15:10

Chocolate covered almonds

----- Nick Robles 23.12.11 15:09

most recently, ben & jerry’s late night snack. sweet and salty deliciousness.

----- alexander 23.12.11 15:07

Definitely a toss-up between good homemade flan and chocolate tofu mint pie. Can I just mash them together in a blender, or perhaps make a sandwich with two pies stacked on top of one another with flan in the middle? Mmm…

----- Meira 23.12.11 14:55

Benjamin and Jerald

----- rey 23.12.11 14:55

dark chocolate

----- Debbie 23.12.11 14:51

I would say my new favorite is Biscoff! The best thing ever!

----- Kenny 23.12.11 14:50

Apple Pie Icecream!

----- Jane 23.12.11 14:34

Ferreo Rocher :)

----- Didi 23.12.11 14:20

Vanilla Ice Cream

----- Yoshio 23.12.11 14:20

Coconut and lavender lace cookies … dear heavens these are tasty.

----- Lish 23.12.11 14:20

Salt water taffy! It comes in so many different flavors and each piece lasts a while. Love!

----- Tamara 23.12.11 14:17

Being a cookie fiend I have to go with a local LA favorite- Diddy Riese!

----- Ryan C. 23.12.11 14:14

Love a really good banana cream pie.

----- Derek G. 23.12.11 14:05

Tiramisu! Did u knew it that it is made from ladies fingers? =]

----- Monika 23.12.11 14:03

My favorite sweet indulgence is hot chocolate from cuppies and joe!

----- kristin 23.12.11 14:00

I like eating my cereal with 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream….its sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

----- Solmaz 23.12.11 14:00

ICE CREAM, preferably the kind drenched in caramel, with toffee and peanut butter.

----- Tiffany 23.12.11 13:53

Frangelli’s Donuts and Santucci’s Square Pizza in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. THE BEST!

----- Jacob Wells 23.12.11 13:48

My favorite sweet indulgence is a waffle cone full of ice cream from a local ice cream stand!

----- Natalie 23.12.11 13:48

My favorite sweet is sugary marmalade candy shaped and flavored like different pieces of fruit!

----- Elora 23.12.11 13:42

I want to have the most comfortable food fight ever!

----- Ty 23.12.11 13:33

Alfajores. Okay, maybe just spoonfuls of dulce de leche…

----- Janice 23.12.11 13:33

I love mud pie!

----- Iris 23.12.11 13:32

I love sai mai lo. A Chinese tapioca pudding dessert. Delicious when cold or warm! And extra delicious with sliced manga or taro.

----- kimberly 23.12.11 13:32

Just plain Brownies.

----- Wyley 23.12.11 13:32

Everything. Om nom nom.

Nah, probably homemade cinnamon buns.

----- Rachel 23.12.11 13:20


----- Becky 23.12.11 13:18

I like chocolate

----- Brian 23.12.11 13:17

Cherry cheesecake!

----- Leslie 23.12.11 13:17


----- Carmen 23.12.11 13:15

Torta de tres leches. The official dessert of Mexico (and if it isn’t, it should be!)

----- james 23.12.11 13:14

It’s all about the bananas foster… Mouths just watering thinking about that flambé goodness

----- Brett 23.12.11 13:11

Almond croissant!

----- Will r 23.12.11 13:08

chocolate bomb cake from c’est si bon! or Vosges’ Mo’s Bacon Bar (dark)

----- Tran Nguyen 23.12.11 12:53

A big Log in sugar cream for christmas! YUMMMM!!!!!!

----- Valerie Theberge 23.12.11 12:46

I have two lovely girls 2.5 and 5.5..super picky about their sweets. One is a dark/milk chocolate lover the other one is a bubble gum and candy kinda girl. Me, give me everything that is baked. My fav would be a Russian Napoleon cake with custard cream. Drooooooooool. Especially when it comes in a foot by foot slab..o..m..g..

----- vika 23.12.11 12:44

Nutella-fluff sandwiches!

----- Ian S. 23.12.11 12:25


----- Eric 23.12.11 12:19

At this time of year it would be a warm cinnamon roll with a cup of tea.

----- Vu 23.12.11 12:16

Creme Brulee! Or my homemade chocolate peanut butter bacon cupcakes. Yum!

----- Heather Clark 23.12.11 12:04

Soft buttery caramels covered in chocolate and dusted with fleur de sel! Yummy! :)

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 23.12.11 12:03

I have three nieces and nephews would die for these. My favorite indulgence and treat is to make cookies with them and eat the cookie dough!

----- Noelle 23.12.11 12:01

I adore Dark Chocolate cupcakes with Buttercream frosting & sprinkles…it’s like a mini cake (or two, or three!) all to myself!

----- Amber 23.12.11 12:00

Rum babas!

----- Robert W. 23.12.11 12:00

homemade french macaron’s me and the wife make a mean macaron!!!

----- Levi Montez 23.12.11 11:59

I love most puddings and just about anything sweet so it’s very difficult for me to pick a favourite ! I do have a particular soft spot for cheesecake though, especially with a red berry compote or something similar.

Picking favourites is so hard

----- Hazel 23.12.11 11:55

Anything that’s jelly/gum-like like japanese mochi =D

----- Ly 23.12.11 11:54

Deep fried ice cream sandwiches! Yum!

----- J C 23.12.11 11:54

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