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Holiday Giveaway #30: Ignoble Bags- 12.24.11

ignoble0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Here it is ~ our FINAL NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway of 2011 ~ #30! And this one is from super local Los Angeles based Ignoble Bags ~ who is giving away their limited edition (only 325 of each made, and now out of stock!) Alternate Future Collection duo of bags: the Stilwin Seedpod Backpack, a sleek, compact daypack, and the Wonderly Canister Rucksack, a full featured, high capacity travel bag. “IGNOBLE Alternate Future bags emphasize unique, shape-driven design, clean aesthetics, and unobtrusive, function-centric features. Each Alternate Future release is conceived as an exploration of the characteristics that define a backpack. The results are a demonstration of how adjusting a small number of variables yields seemingly infinite possibilities.”

Fun facts ~ i love that Ignoble Bags only does black bags. They are self described as “a men’s brand focused on style-conscious, thoughtfully designed black backpacks.” Founded in 2009 by two brothers in LA “with shared passions for black fabric and intelligent design” ~ and all of their bags are “made in the U.S.A., hand assembled in small runs by a military-grade soft goods production facility.” And they feel amazing, great little details (like leather zipper pulls!), perfectly placed pockets, and a ruggedly sleek look that works from crazy travel adventures to urban errand running…

For a chance to win the Alternate Future Collection from Ignoble Bags, leave a comment with how you imagine your alternate future before midnight PST on Dec 29th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!

CONGRATS to our winner Greg in Burnaby, BC, Canada!








308 Notes

Alternately I would be testing out survival cooking recipes and becoming a wilderness gourmet chef.

----- Erin E 29.12.11 23:39

My alternate future… I would be 300 years old with a human looking cyborg enhanced body living in my portable undersea dome sipping some 250 year old scotch over my 5th cloned tongue with super tasting ability built into the DNA.

----- Mikell Johnson 29.12.11 20:15

Major magazine publisher and diva extraordinaire.

----- Andrea 29.12.11 19:30

whoah. My alternate world revolves around daddy’s taking care of kids while I jetset around the country looking for optimal places to then bring the kids and pack up the hubby. Also, these bags are perfect bug-out bags for that ready to escape zombies run to that special place in the woods. n

----- Rachel S 29.12.11 17:50

black as elegant

----- Riel design 29.12.11 17:03

The future will be ochres, neutrals, and grays. But Black will always have a place.

----- jack 29.12.11 14:53

I can’t believe how simple and clean this design is. It is a perfect solution and love that they only come in black

----- Paulie 29.12.11 13:39

In my alternate future black & white will be the new color carefully crafted with a hint of peace & love.

----- Me'A 29.12.11 13:37

My alternate future would involve me traveling the world, living the life of a nomad. This bag would come in very useful for it.

----- Jes 29.12.11 13:27

The future will be black and white.

----- Ben M. 29.12.11 11:36

Tooling around New Zealand with these backpacks and a pop-top campervan

----- yuenMe 29.12.11 09:35

In an alternate future, there would be more scotch for all, monthly NOTCOT giveaways, and of course, world peace.

----- MattP 29.12.11 09:33

I imagine I would be a Trekker-Guide, driving around New Zealand in my pop-top campervan… with these backpacks!

----- YuenMe 29.12.11 09:32

alternate future? radioactivity, is in the air for you and me.

----- Irene 29.12.11 04:33

I would be myself but only more consciously aware about things around me at an earlier age.

----- Gary 29.12.11 02:45

I’ll be sitting on a moonrock

----- Diane 29.12.11 01:10

My alternate future is just the future. Every moment now is a chance to alter my future.

----- Ted 29.12.11 01:07

In my alternate future, I would be a ninja turtle!

----- OscarMartinez 28.12.11 20:42

i’d be able to afford all the things that my personal taste desires but can’t cash yet.

----- ushka shakhnis 28.12.11 20:22

Deciding that I should follow my other dream of becoming a neurologist, I discover secrets about the brain that allow humans to redefine their place in reality.

----- Cill 28.12.11 18:14

In my alternate future, I’m saving planet Earth from the mutated carrots.

----- Lora 28.12.11 16:20

In my alternate future, I’ll be tending to my farm on Mars.

----- Emily 28.12.11 16:15

In my alternate future, I’m “Miss Galatica”.

----- Lauren 28.12.11 16:13

In my alternate universe, I will be saving the world from vicious aliens.

----- Christina 28.12.11 16:10

In my alternate future, I will be on the verge of taking over the universe (only to find that I’ve all ready taken over our universe).

----- Laura 28.12.11 16:08

In my alternate future, I would be a successful photographer- making billions of euros each day.

----- Amanda 28.12.11 16:06

In my alternate future we’d be much further along in scientific discovery and space exploration. Traveling to and colonizing other planets would be routine.

----- Dan 28.12.11 14:37

A Vagabond roaming the countryside.

----- Gino V 28.12.11 12:37

In my alternate future, everything I did would be with direct action, no wasted movements and with great efficiency. My lifestyle would be sporty, wholesome, sustainable, and enduring. From basketball to yoga, the kitchen table to the night club, I would be able to mix it up as I pleased, while making and keeping connections with all kinds of diverse people, from whom I would be inspired to collaborate, design and create.

----- W.N.Lang 28.12.11 12:16

Alternative future? I see a return to simple values. Less stuff less junk. Simple and to the point.

----- Mathew John 28.12.11 12:10

All i can say is Bozo Texino! I would be a hobo!

----- Michael W 28.12.11 10:50

A world where everyone is inspired to explore the city.

----- Devin S 28.12.11 10:24

A world where everyone is inspired to explore the city.

----- Devin S 28.12.11 10:23

In my alternative future, I am able to cultivate the most superior mustache.

----- Cameron 28.12.11 10:17

In my alternative future, when I win this bag, it is full of money.

----- kbert 28.12.11 10:04

The sailboat / cruise is just around the corner - this cool bag would augment the on-shore side trips… In any case, Happy Holidays :)

----- Bad 28.12.11 09:15

In my alternate future. I have unlimited resources and am able to provide anything for my friends and family and do what ever I want freely.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 28.12.11 08:20

An alternate future should be one where the earth is loved and taken for and the free and clean resources for energy are utilized to their fullest extent.

----- Dylan B 28.12.11 07:48

A world where bottle caps will be the new currency :)

----- Greg G 28.12.11 05:30

The moon is the earth and the earth is the moon.

----- Chris F 28.12.11 05:11

in my alternate future, machine is grows from the earth. and we invent something called plant. yes.
and i a tad more taller. no im not short in our real future. …well, just a bit :P

----- erick hilmansyah 28.12.11 03:03

I would be gardener living in very small cabin taking care of small garden where is no winter and no politics. Simple living and enjoying nature.

----- kalvis 28.12.11 00:41

While everyone else explores the cosmos, my future self will be homeless. I need this bag to carry the few artifacts and the general sadness of my alternative life.

----- Dig 27.12.11 22:44

In my alternate future I would be a bird. Flying to the tops of trees and gliding down through the heavens. Flying so high to stall and spin back to the earth with tears rushing across my cheeks only to pull up blind and feel the rush of the world coming to meet me. Safe, as I land.

----- Daimian 27.12.11 21:28

In my alternate future, I’d be acquiring mysterious sums of money so as to spend every month in a different country in the world.

----- Elora 27.12.11 20:51

In my alternate future, I would be a menswear designer. I’ve always loved the details, textiles, cuts, etc. of men’s clothing so much more than women’s fashion.

----- Nina 27.12.11 19:38

In my alternate future, I’d be the Marco Polo of Keplar 22-b; charting maps and writing travel guides.

----- Sheryl 27.12.11 18:31

Wearing a goatee - it’s an evil alternate future.

----- Chris 27.12.11 18:18

I’m a master woodworker in a medieval castle town in my alternate future. :)

----- Monica 27.12.11 18:04

underwater, Waterworld style. i want to wear a mesh top made of six-pack holders and braid my mullet.

----- alex 27.12.11 17:53


----- kelly wood 27.12.11 17:29

I would have been WAY more well traveled and have a job that would let me do as much traveling as possible.

----- Nick Robles 27.12.11 17:24

In my alternate/imaginary future, i chase endless summer and surf around the world

----- Natalia 27.12.11 15:40

I would be a garbage man making more money than Bill Gates

----- Ryan 27.12.11 15:02

a mirror of my current existence…everything backwards

----- eliot 27.12.11 13:59

My alternate future is one ruled by robots and we are all subject to their will in creating cogs and spinners for their evil designs. Scary, right? Peace guys!

----- Jonathan 27.12.11 12:47

In my alternate future, I wouldn’t any problem.

----- Gianluca 27.12.11 12:29

In my alternate future I am a wanderer. Living for a month at a time in a different city and different country.

----- Stephanie 27.12.11 11:39

I really hope there’s time travel or at least teleportation, but I’m not getting my hopes up

----- Erastos 27.12.11 11:20

My alternate future, I see myself winning the lotto and traveling around the globe.

----- Sid Law 27.12.11 11:15

In an alt future I would have gotten more sleep

----- Austin 27.12.11 10:16

I imagine my alternate future to be living in a judgment-free society with technology advancements running a muck.

----- Shaun 27.12.11 09:43

I have a backpack that’s lasted me 12 years and it’s still ok, but it just doesn’t look nearly as good as this one - kick ass!!! Awesome work.

----- Stephen 27.12.11 09:35

In my alternate future, I’d be able to travel to every country in the world without any fear. It’s always been a dream of mine — something on my bucket list — to visit every country, but current situations have made me re-think my route. When I graduate in June, I’ll be starting that trip, no matter what. I hope that as the years pass, I’ll someday be able to complete the journey and that this alternative future would be able to turn into a reality.

----- Joanne 27.12.11 09:18

In my alternate future, I’ll be rocking that rucksack

----- Ken 27.12.11 08:39

My alternate future consists of fame and fortune on the soccer pitch!

----- Tyler 27.12.11 08:26

In my alternate future, I’m a heck of a lot more organized and stylish. Also, I never end up dating my freshman college girlfriend…yeesh!

----- Alex 27.12.11 08:22

I started lifting weights and taking human growth hormone. I became big and buff and I was a body building star. Big time.

----- Adam Edwards 27.12.11 07:45

Alternate future: i would handsome super smart and successful..not like i am now….hmm………

----- corgimas 27.12.11 06:24

In my alternate future, I would travel around the world, and spend time living in all different types of places

----- Chris Wilkinson 27.12.11 05:58

My alternate future would be a secluded one, away from the news.

----- osterhausb 27.12.11 05:02

Blissfully simple.

----- RobMc 27.12.11 03:36

In my alternate future, I’m travelling to other planets in the galaxy.

----- Risca 27.12.11 03:10

In my alternate future, I took that trip to Europe after High School and i never stopped traveling.

----- ben 27.12.11 00:45

In my alternate future, we finnaly have flying personal vehicles. Not for long distances, like a bike, only you fly. It’s also gonna be very eco this thing… you don’t want to further smog the cities.

----- Iva 27.12.11 00:17

I imagine my alternate future to be the life that Miranda Kerr has :)

----- Jessica 27.12.11 00:09

I hope im Mayan. Muhahaha…

----- Ben Poole 26.12.11 23:33

my alternate future involves a lifestyle of not needing to work for money, but volunteer to do things that are needed to be done, and have no worries of material matters.

----- Jessie 26.12.11 22:11

I’d be able to teleport to my alternative universe job as a Disney Imagineer or a Lego Engineer!

----- B Louie 26.12.11 22:01

In my alternate future, I’m pretty sure I’d be a physicist who becomes lost in time following a time travel experiment, temporarily taking the places of other people to “put right what once went wrong”.

----- Cole 26.12.11 21:01

In my alternate future, I’d be working as a foreign correspondent, living out of a bag, reporting from rural china.

----- Martin 26.12.11 20:08

Alternate future, huh? Okay, check this out. I’d be a cyborg. Why? Cause I’m human now, but I mean the future is about robots. AM I RIGHT? OR AM I RIGHT?

----- Robert Fielder 26.12.11 19:55

Maybe weaving baskets in a forest…!

----- Michelle 26.12.11 19:29

In my alternate future I would have a standard nine to five, stuck in a cubicle working my way up the corporate ladder. House in the burbs with a lawn, mid-sized sedan, Stepford wife and 2.5 kids. Man… the future could have been a scary place.

----- Kegan 26.12.11 19:12

My alternate future involves a lot of travelling, teaching workshops, and making a difference in peoples lives. Hopefully that is my real future, too!

----- Catherine Chandler 26.12.11 16:34

In my alternate future, I travel the world for a living…

----- wolfie 26.12.11 16:28

In my alternate future, I travel the world for a living…

----- wolfie 26.12.11 16:27

One man, armed with an Ignoble bag of essential tools, hopping through time and space for all of time. He lives out alternate lives for brief moments before slipping into another future, saving the worlds one dimension at a time. He lacks only the bag before setting off on this greatest adventure…

----- patd 26.12.11 16:12

In my alternate future I am an action movie star, jetsetting around the world attending premieres.

----- Vu 26.12.11 13:37

In my alternate future, id be a dolphin!

----- cindy 26.12.11 13:21

In my alternate future I am still living in South Dakota and teaching math. Let’s see in that reality I’ll be overwhelmed by writing college recommendation letters for my students. (If I’m dreaming, I might as well dream.)

----- Sarah 26.12.11 12:41

In my alternate future, I’m in a rock band.

----- Spencer 26.12.11 12:18

In my alternate future i would go back in time…….catch a lovely dinonsaur with my ignoble bag……come back to the present…….open up my ignoble bag and present the dino to my little one. In case i caught the wrong one, i zipped up my ignoble bag and do it all over.

----- keitai 26.12.11 12:04

In my alternate future I am Czar of the Martian Empire where we only eat jell-o all day long and have fuzzy nerfs for pets. It would also be law that you be having as much alcohol induced fun as I am having right now.

----- Matt 26.12.11 11:45

My alternate future is definitely living as an art student rather than becoming a medical student

----- Victor 26.12.11 11:36

Alternate future… travelling in space, finding different planets to build cities and designing the architecture/ city structure!

----- Amala Anne 26.12.11 11:12

My alternate future? Hmmm … I’d have finished college earlier and not allowed a couple of bad boyfriends to steer me off my chosen track … had my children later, and, while not rich, would have been at least well off and happier. :)


----- Julie Smith 26.12.11 11:03

I work for the Central Nexus agency that aims to serve as a convenient hub for all viable time space possibilities. Offering everything from total storage, safe and clean networking environments, and a vast array of starter world kits, fun for the whole family!

----- Jim 26.12.11 10:52

In my alternate future, I learned from my mistakes.

----- Alexandra 26.12.11 10:32

in the alternate future we will care about our home planet and fellow inhabitants while we zoom around in our zero emission hydrogen personal flight vehicles carrying some dope bags from ignoble for that last minute trip to Orion Belt

----- ushka shakhnis 26.12.11 10:21

In the alternate future bags will be spaceproof as we will be traveling through space on a yearly basis. Mars and Venus will be seen as new continents to which you can go for business and pleasure. Because of the different environmental requirements on the different planets, bags (and all other accesories, clothes and appliances) will be changing their material properties depending on the planet they will be used on. When the person arrives at Mars for example, the bag would shut itself hermetically to prevent dust entering the bag. On Venus the bag will have to find a way to keep the immense heat out. Most probably this will be done with the help of nanotechnology and social media. The first to actually alter the material properties, the second is used as a reference for the bag such that it knows what the people want on which planet. If for example someone tweets “Oh noes, all of my chocolate melted in my bag” (22 minutes ago at Crater Mead, Venus) the bag would know that it would have to provide sufficient isolation to keep chocolate from melting at that specific location.

----- Bart 26.12.11 10:03

I wouldn’t have to have my designs manufactured overseas anymore. I would love for my designs to have that special feel that only an old school bag has.

----- D Scott Ruiz 26.12.11 09:37

Me, a few femme bots and a bottle of JW.

----- randy 26.12.11 08:27

The world is only black and white except women’s lipstick, everyone wears sunglasses, and I never have to shave.

----- Rav 26.12.11 08:18

My alternative future continues what has been happening in my alternative past…

The design efforts of my architecture firm have begun to affect the world in their intended ways.
Humanity has taken its responsibilities seriously and the world is a better place.
Environmentally, politically, socially, and culturally we are rich.
This wealth is not from us and we are thankful.
The FUTURE is looking up.

----- Seth 26.12.11 08:14

So many reasons why these bags should be mine. Favorite color is black first of all, secondly, Im retired and the bags will be used for my travels. Third, they are lite, and Im a senior so that helps. Did I say my favorite color is black?

----- Igor Pismensky 26.12.11 08:13

In my alternate future, I would be working on Wes Anderson’s next set design, and I wouldn’t have asthma.

----- Amy 26.12.11 07:08

in my alternate future, i am neither married nor a mother. i am single and free, roaming the world and seeking new adventures. and i am lonely. so lucky my husband found me when he did!

----- sarah 26.12.11 06:11

I am living my imaginary future now!

----- Selena 26.12.11 06:06

My alternate future is me as an actual postmaster creating new and interesting postmarks my office would use on a regular basis.

----- Postmaster Keith 26.12.11 05:55

My alternate future would be either a career in looking GOOOOOOOD… or the complete detachment of all material items, goign on an exploration through the natural world where people control their own lives, benefitting from the personal development, perhaps spiritually rather than financially. watching our sun rise and set over the mountains of somewhere far and adventure through the forests and valleys before it changes forever :)

Merry Christmas people of World.

greetings from SCOTLAND

----- Jason Alexander Park 26.12.11 05:05

My alternate future: cold, raw, hard but peaceful.

----- Przemek 26.12.11 04:47

I imagine my ‘alternate future’ to be me actually living/working on a boat or IN the sea. I would love that future.

----- Dav 26.12.11 01:45

I’ll be a astronaut!

----- Thu 26.12.11 01:45

My best friend would be Dwight Schrute

----- Sara 26.12.11 01:16

My alternative future will be movie director who makes movies that inspire and transform people’s lives. But as of now my future is becoming an Army Chaplain for our soldiers in the battle fields.

----- SunDo 26.12.11 00:17

My alternate future would be staying in Montana when I go for a vacation late next year. Build intricate, beautiful things until I get truly bored, or properly master the art.

----- Josh 25.12.11 23:46

In my alternate reality, I would be doing the same thing I do now, traveling to 3rd world countries designing for people who would benefit the most from it.

----- Young 25.12.11 23:30

my alternate future would still have me living in silver lake with my hubby and kid, but in a boho house with lots of time and money for space adventures.

----- kim 25.12.11 22:49

Maybe I’d have more luck.

----- Lara 25.12.11 22:46

I’d like an alternate future in which I was a tall, beautiful, and popular famous philanthropist. So I’d have to be rich, too.

----- Kay 25.12.11 22:38

alternate future: instead of the world being like the jetsons, it’ll be more like the flintstones. leg-powered cars for everyone!

----- mooni 25.12.11 22:14

In my alternate future I inherit a candy company and I have a British accent.

----- N8who 25.12.11 21:59

In one of my alternate futures I’d be graduating medical school in 2013.

----- Domi 25.12.11 21:31

In my alternate future, I would be going to get my masters in industrial design instead of my masters in business (I’m a product designer now and will be starting bschool next fall).

----- Jon Gaw 25.12.11 21:13

id be a muppet

----- jacob 25.12.11 21:02

id be a muppet

----- jacob 25.12.11 21:02

Be able to teleport for travel. :)

----- christi 25.12.11 20:37

In my alternate future I’d be a penguin

----- Carmen 25.12.11 19:49

My alternate future begins with the Wonderly Canister Rucksack and leads up a winding path to accidental heroicism.

----- Ryan L. 25.12.11 19:40

I always imagine what my life would be like if my parents did not immigrate to the US. I can only conclude that my alternate self would be skinner, louder, trilingual and married by now. Continuing on that vein, there is a high probability that my alternate future self would be an alcoholic divorcee.
Of course, I also have always wondered about an alternate future where it was the East that colonized the West during the Age of Exploration. In general, it probably would be a greener, and less sterile, world.
Merry Christmas 2011!

----- Lisa 25.12.11 19:19

I’d give it to my Dad so he knows I still want to go camping with him.

----- Sydney Carlson 25.12.11 18:35

In my alternative future there would be famous people’s heads in watered jars =D.

----- Joseph 25.12.11 18:22

My alternate future starts a LOT sooner than my current future ; )

----- Dani 25.12.11 17:44

My alternate future I’ll be president.

----- Jasper 25.12.11 17:44

I imagine alternate futures by lying in bed, thinking about how things could’ve gone differently if I had done this or that.

----- Jon 25.12.11 17:00

Will have love and continue to give love!

----- C. Rae 25.12.11 16:27

I would be caliph instead of the caliph

----- Bojan 25.12.11 16:26

In my alternate future, I’ll have the ability to teleport and visit all the places I want to go to. Oh and also be a bit taller!

----- Jay B. 25.12.11 16:18

In my alternate future I could teleport around the world

----- Kaeo 25.12.11 16:11

In my alternate future I would be travelling the world with all I need in one of these slick black packs!

----- Patrick 25.12.11 15:41

In my alternate future, I *don’t* win this contest!

Cause it’s the alternate future… implying that in the real future I… nevermind.

----- M Tucker 25.12.11 15:30

I’d be an academic, for sure. Unless I was involved in finance.

----- Allison 25.12.11 15:25

Jetpacks. Definitely jetpacks. And automatic transporters.

----- Gaetan 25.12.11 14:15

I’d have been an artist. It may still happen, who knows…

----- irena 25.12.11 13:46

Every body admits that humen’s life seems to be not cheap, nevertheless we need money for different things and not every one gets enough money. So to get fast personal loans or car loan would be a proper way out.

----- TriciaLANCASTER 25.12.11 13:45

In my alternate future, I’d be a wandering vagabond living off the land (both urban and rural).

----- Erik 25.12.11 13:32

Alternate future = I would become Ice Cube. Well maybe before he did Are We There Yet?

----- Miles 25.12.11 13:12

In my alternate future I can time travel and spend one more christmas with my late father.

----- philip 25.12.11 12:14

Walking on the ceiling.

----- Nick 25.12.11 12:05

Duffle bag boy.

----- Chris 25.12.11 11:47

I’ve always imagined flying cars and toilets that drug test employees, lol.No

----- Chris Rands 25.12.11 11:41

I imagine my alternate future to be one of complete absurdity since my present life is rather quiet.

----- Sean Russell 25.12.11 11:39

In my alternate future I’d be a nomad.

----- Denise 25.12.11 11:13

I would be an astronaut.

----- tane 25.12.11 11:06

My alternate future is having clear of asthma and peptic ulcer.Then again, the alternative version of me goes back in time, sleeps in a fresh-painted room inhaling the paint fumes and drinks Coca-cola like water, ingesting more than a liter a day.

Also, in the alternate future, I’d win some Notcot giveaway but by the power of randomness times three, as they will it and so shall it be…

----- NY 25.12.11 10:40

In my alternate future, I’d be black magician with the black mysterious travel bag on my shoulders.

----- giedre 25.12.11 10:32

packing it up with essentials for a list minute trip to visit my friend doug ;)

----- Davids 25.12.11 10:23

Just in time for more tattoos, and a move to a big city.

----- Tain 25.12.11 09:54

my alternate self would be a dapper gentleman thief, selling hearts and jewels

----- steven 25.12.11 09:46

Having written and published New York Times bestseller.

----- Arthur Kosasih 25.12.11 09:41

my alternate future should be better then my future now.

----- Hon-Tan 25.12.11 09:36

In my alternate future, I will be a cure for corruption.

----- James 25.12.11 09:32

In my alternate future I’m a materials engineer/designer/inventor who figures out how to store energy. Mostly because I want to ride an electric motorcycle to work. In a tron suit.

----- liam kelly 25.12.11 09:02

My alternate future would be similar to Ridley Scott’s Promotheus landing on a planet!

----- mastersson 25.12.11 08:47

In an alternate future I would be an outgoing personable millionaire philanthropist. I would travel the world with the mission of making a difference. And because it’s the future, I would do it with laser guns.

----- Rich 25.12.11 08:42

In an alternate future, I’d like there to be no religion. I imagine people would not have killed and tortured using religion as a petty tool to oppress each other (now we’re getting into the imaginations of an alternate past, for an alternate future is not possible without it…) Then, if I were to take it further, in this alternate future people would have, of course, found something else to ruin peace and community, like the shape of noses or who likes what color, etc. So in the alternate past of this future, I suppose there would have to have been wars fought, environment ruined, etc for some other stupid reason. So, I guess, what I am trying to say is, I lack imagination enough to overcome the nature of (wo+)mankind that would really provide us with a different, alternate future (and past).

----- blue 25.12.11 08:13

Democracy is exposed for the ideological coverup that is it and the world returns to a state of chaos. Gonna need something to carry all my survival gear in.

----- Sean 25.12.11 08:07

my alternate future includes me being a successful actress/singer/wife/mother :)

----- april b 25.12.11 08:01

In my alternate future I would have already had a hoverboard by now.

----- Alexander 25.12.11 07:43

In my alternate future, I would be independently wealthy and would travel the world with these bags.

----- James 25.12.11 07:35

I’d be a kung fu master!

----- Sarah 25.12.11 07:27

in my alternate future, i’d be a teacher in a small rural hippie town in the pacific northwest. my husband would be a carpenter and we would have built our house and us and our four kids would live in a cabin on an island and we’d have kayaks and a huge vegetable garden and i’d sew all of our clothes.

----- siena 25.12.11 07:24

In my alternate future, life would be perrrfectttt !!!

----- Kai 25.12.11 06:40

A stoner hipper on the beach of Brazil. Or perhaps Hawaii. Or maybe I’d be an airline pilot. Oh, those are mutually exclusive aren’t they?

----- James 25.12.11 06:39

I’ve got a flying car, and I hunt rogue androids in my alternative future.

----- Daniel 25.12.11 06:13

in my alternate future i would be able to travel through time

----- Mirjam 25.12.11 06:12

In an alternate future I am living in a space station orbiting Mars.

----- Don 25.12.11 06:01

Ice cave, fur onesie, large Scandinavian men, and a chef 24/7.

----- Anthony 25.12.11 05:30

My alternative future will be pollution free.

----- Calvin 25.12.11 05:17

Be a superhero.

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 25.12.11 05:02

An explorer walking along abandoned railway tracks illuminated by the aurora borealis…

----- Kulvinder Chaggar 25.12.11 02:49

I’ve already started one alternative future, where me and the wife have sold everything and headed off for a new life on the other side of the world.

But according to string theory and quantum physics, we have infinite alternative futures; So, in another I’d get all the world and religious leaders in a room, bang a few heads together and get them to agree to all just be friends. Then I’d retire to a pleasant corner of the world (of which there would be a lot more) and enjoy a carefree meander into old age.

----- Paul M 25.12.11 02:13

I’d imagine my alternate future would be letterspacing alien typography, kerning in space.

----- Rafiz Raman 25.12.11 01:56

In my alternative future i can speak all languages, even the Kiswahili, Maya and Khoisan!!!

----- Agnes 25.12.11 01:53

A crazed out vinyl collector by the name of Bob Spencer who is an advisory to all the people that are afraid to clean their teeth early in the morning due to over sensitive gag reflexes. Spending days at his private Jap garden raking those gray little stones you see in landscape architecture mags and occasionally playing a stand up bass like that:


----- Valdis 25.12.11 00:58

a job that includes traveling the world

----- Winnie 25.12.11 00:56

I would be a mail person and live in a warmer climate.

----- alison 25.12.11 00:56

in my alternate future, i’d be wishing i was a better version of myself in an alternate future who was wishing she was a better version of herself in an alternate future…

----- janete 25.12.11 00:51

In my alternate future, no women can’t resist me.

----- Castor Cruz 25.12.11 00:51

the alternate future consists of job placement after education.

----- benjamin 25.12.11 00:47

In my alternate future I would be an alien .

----- Stefoan 25.12.11 00:45

My alternate future has me as an airship pilot between the pacific islands

----- Phil 25.12.11 00:44

In my alternate future we would all have hover boards.

----- Owen Hooker 25.12.11 00:43

In my alternate life, I would be an artist, creative and successful.

----- Iris 25.12.11 00:36

love it
‎**.°★。˛ °.★ *★* *˛.
˛ °_██_*。*…/ \ .˛* .˛.*.★* *★ 。*
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ’ •.˛*./______/~\ *. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .
¯˜”*°•♥•°*”˜¯`´¯˜”*°•♥•°*”˜¯` ´¯˜”*°´¯˜”*°•♥•°*”˜¯`´¯˜”*° ♥…

----- gaia grossi 25.12.11 00:36

In my alternate future I will NOT fall asleep after eating large quantities of the Family Christmas Turducken.

----- TimD 25.12.11 00:26

astronaut/ninja. which sounds cool, but really ninja status is more attainable with less gravity. backflip? no problem.

----- liz 25.12.11 00:17

In my alternate future I would be a farmer on Mars

----- Paul Edwards 25.12.11 00:13

My alternate future has a lot more style in it. Ryan Gosling’s shades, George Clooney’s suits, and a bag to make my getaway.

----- Blake H 25.12.11 00:11

I imagine my alternate future being me not winning this giveaway for deciding not to give it a go and type out this comment.

----- Jamee 25.12.11 00:01

My alternate future will see me born as a male of another race in another country…Happy Christmas everyone!

----- Jo 24.12.11 23:54

In my alternate future, I will remain the same, except more successful

----- Wen 24.12.11 23:52

My alternate future would be piloting a space ship shaped like Rosie O’Donnell in sweat pants.

----- Nick 24.12.11 23:49

My alternate future shows me making star maps.

----- aldo 24.12.11 23:22

In my alternate future, I would be a telepathic gypsy prince.

----- Michael 24.12.11 23:17

I imagine my alternate future to be a jar of Onion Chutney with Red Wine—Strong, spicy, intriguing, and good on everything! :)

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- amy @ uTryIt 24.12.11 22:54

In my alternate future, I grew up in the South.

----- Ben 24.12.11 22:54

In my alternate future, my birthday would be moved from the Dec 25th to any other day of the year. I hate my birthday.

----- Clara 24.12.11 22:53

In a tree with thee :)

----- Nicole 24.12.11 22:51

in my alternate future, there will be no starvation/poverty and no money problems/worries.. we will be all living in a better world!

----- rocio 24.12.11 22:50

In my alternate future i would be a wild creature of small stature that eats everything it sees and regains energy after a long meal by “charging” languidly in the sun!

----- NatLoh 24.12.11 22:32

People hibernate in the winter to eliminate sleep deprivation.

----- Tray 24.12.11 22:24

Alternate future me is making mad money on some interesting crafts.

----- jennifer 24.12.11 22:23

i imagine an alternate future that rewards competence and creativity over conniving and corruption. i imagine an alternate future where our we care for each other with as much passion as we care for ourselves. where life is more than just another evening of television, trip to the mall, or concern over facebook. i imagine a world where we give more of a shit about each other than we do with how comfortable we are. i imagine a future in which we understand what a a hard day’s work means, and how to value it, and that it is not to be undervalued or overvalued. a place where we appreciate beauty and kindness and empathy, and scorn incompetence and laziness and undeserved greed and neither placate nor appease those that practice them.

and why does it have to be an alternate future? why can’t it be ours?

----- brian 24.12.11 22:18

gonna be an outgoing stud instead of an introverted…stud

----- eug 24.12.11 22:06

In an alternate future, I would have never left Germany and would have stayed there until university. It would have been strange, as I would have probably followed the same path towards a Phd in pure mathematics, but in another language and earlier than now.

----- range 24.12.11 22:04

*drooool* these bags are so awesome

I daydream my alternative future quite often, I would take off one day, leave everything behind and go vagabond, enjoying the carefree lifestyle of wandering the world and experiencing new places and new things. Maybe join some gypsies, or people who live off the land. Would be awesome. :)

----- Jane 24.12.11 21:59

F1 World Champ

----- Morgan 24.12.11 21:59

In my alternate future, I would want to be a male

----- Kristen 24.12.11 21:57

I’d be a reverse trustafarian living on the wealth of my children.

----- Anders 24.12.11 21:44

In my alternate future, I develop superpowers.

----- Rachel Bain 24.12.11 21:36

As a taco.

----- Yoshio 24.12.11 21:33


----- Marshal 24.12.11 21:24

In an alternate future, I’d be sailing the world with my dog and just the necessitates.

----- Jason Lee 24.12.11 21:20

Lying on a bed in the water in Bora Bora.

----- Sung 24.12.11 21:16

In my alternate future, renewable energy is considered paramount, and humanity abolishes needless boundaries.

----- Angus Macmillan 24.12.11 21:14

how can it be alternate if it hasnt happened? maybe it will happen and then just be the regular future.
I suppose one of the most likely futures to remain alternate and not actual would be me with this bag.

----- dylan 24.12.11 21:07

In my alternate future, I’d be a professional football player.

----- Wyley 24.12.11 21:03

In my alternate future, I’d be a journalist, working for Radiolab or This American Life or Storycorps… hittin’ the road, collecting stories.

----- Cameron 24.12.11 21:02

in another future i’d be royalty

----- kye 24.12.11 21:00

In my alternate future, I’d be a little bit taller. I’d be a baller, and I’d have a girl who looked good. I’d call her.

----- Brian 24.12.11 20:58

In an alternative universe I’m really, really good at winning internet prize drawings.

----- Tia 24.12.11 20:52

I would be a futuristic muse and problem solver. There is a problem and I would swoop in super ninja high tech and help people solve their problems on their own by challenging them and inspiring them to think outside of the box. Accept I would have crazy science fiction tools like projection touch screen interfaces and a bionic eye to track peoples facial movements to source out the bad dudes. Etc etc…

----- Lish 24.12.11 20:40

In my alt future, I’d be a brew master in my own micro brewery.

----- Andy 24.12.11 20:38

In my alternate future, I would be a famous fashion photographer.

----- Teresa 24.12.11 20:37

My alternate future: I would rescue whales from theme parks Free Willy style. You know, like hop on each of their backs and help them soar over the walls to freedom. They would land of course in my specially design water tank truck (that runs on corn oil) that would then swiftly drive them to the nearest ocean. I would cry tears of joy as I watched each swim off into the distance with one final puff from their blow holes. “Pffffffffpppt”

----- Brad 24.12.11 20:31

I imagine my alternate future where dinosaurs and flying cars coexist. As if the Flintstones and Jetsons mixed together.

----- Johnny 24.12.11 20:29

My alternate future would be me being able to step in and out of the world of books.

----- lace 24.12.11 20:28

In my alternate future I would be able to revive my grandma.

----- J Alexander 24.12.11 20:27

My alternate future would include Joe.

----- Sharon 24.12.11 20:05

In my alternative future We all live in tree houses. Really cool tree houses.

----- Vinny W 24.12.11 20:04

Mountain Guide

----- Blake 24.12.11 19:51

my alternate future would be living as a finch in an bustling urban city

----- Debbie 24.12.11 19:41

In my alternate future, the course of history follows an asia-centric progression and the US is just beginning to become a world power in the 21st century. I’ve just emigrated from China and am looking to make my fortune in this new burgeoning country. immigrant story redux

----- JON WANG 24.12.11 19:24

I would be a Steampunk Marquis De Sade. Now that is a cool alt universe with some cool visuals.

----- TC 24.12.11 19:21

My alternate future would be living in a world where everything is artistic designed.

----- Jason 24.12.11 18:40

Being born in a tree and being made from plant. trying to understand the world.

----- Garry Hannah 24.12.11 18:31

In my alternate future, I would be a food channel hostess traveling the world.

----- Lily 24.12.11 18:29

Loved the wallet and money! It’s great to make for gifts and fund raiser items for my daughters grade school. Thank you so much for offering the patterns free. Please keep them coming.

----- aluma wallet 24.12.11 18:09

In an alternate future I would do more but feel like I’m working less.

----- Bilal 24.12.11 18:02

My alternate future: I would be a travel channel host, using these bags everywhere I go.

----- Tom Adler 24.12.11 17:59

i imagine myself jet-setting across country with the help of this dope bag !!!

----- noel drumbor 24.12.11 17:53

I imagine that more things would be able to fly, even everyday appliances.

----- Alex 24.12.11 17:43

because I’m a straight gangster in my alternate future i would be a stealth ninja gangster assassin what more can i say apart from keep it thuggin

----- jacob the gc 24.12.11 17:43

My alternate future would be in space with An der schönen blauen Donau.

----- John 24.12.11 17:27

My alternate future belongs to Planet Express living amongst humans, robots, mutants, extraterrestrials, and the cross-bred. Our current problems have been amplified created by the jaded views of the 21st century. Other than delivering various items throughout the universe, my time is spent excavating the lost ruins and worlds that have been lost for centuries.

----- Nicholas Montemayor 24.12.11 17:26

My alternate future: I would have enough free time to learn different things each and every year…how to play the guitar…learn how to code…create and make my own backpacks/rucksacks…and still have time to be a doctor.

----- BJ 24.12.11 17:18

I would be a roadie in some alternate future traveling with fun/interesting bands all over the world.

----- Stacy B. 24.12.11 17:10

In my alternate life, I’d live out my dream to be Indiana Jones, exploring and discovering all over the globe!

----- Emily 24.12.11 17:08

My alternate future will involve lots of zeppelins. Parallel universes are always filled with zeppelins, so I feel like alternate futures should be similar, just with even NICER zeppelins.

And these bags would be perfect to take on my round-the-world zeppelin trip!

----- Jeremy 24.12.11 16:55

My alternate future: Flying Cars

----- John L 24.12.11 16:43

I will live and die in a remote Polynesian Island with no Internet and will love it.

----- Keno Leon 24.12.11 16:37

In my alternate future, I would take over for Hugh Heffner.

----- Russ McIntosh 24.12.11 16:34

i want!

----- Don 24.12.11 16:29

My alternate life starts on New Years eve. Most people’s resolutions are to lose weight and go to the gym. My alternate resolution would be improved by this bag because I resolve to eat more. That’s right, eat MORE. Cookies, fruit, leftovers, foie gras! I could have seemingly endless supplies for munching on the go at all times. I’d even have enough to share with my friends and coworkers! I’d be rotund and jolly for the upcoming year if only i could carry more munchies!

----- Drew 24.12.11 16:28

In my alternate future, I’ll be packing my Ignoble bags for a trip of a lifetime wondering about an alternate future where I had to make do with other bags.

----- Kah 24.12.11 16:18

In my alternate future, I would be a tree :)

----- Ian S. 24.12.11 16:00

I imagine a future where no one has to work unless they want to. Everything repetitive or mundane has been automated. I can compartmentalize my consciousness with the aid of my 3.2 exabyte/second cerebral prosthesis. Part of my consciousness spends each day in virtual worlds designed by other humans or artificial intelligences. My physical self spends the days and nights world building and universe expanding. Swarms of nanomachines reach out and reshape the surface of my planet. I am close to solving all the mysteries of the universe.

----- Grant Parrinello 24.12.11 15:58

Everyday, with almost every decision I make, I think back at the end of the day and feel it’s like an alternate future. I try to live every day as an adventure. So I can’t even hope to presume what tomorrow will bring.
Have fun everyone.

----- Darin S. 24.12.11 15:55

My ALTERNATE future is me wandering around NOT wearing one of these bags across my shoulders.

----- James 24.12.11 15:41

In an alternate future I did not win this giveaway.

----- rey 24.12.11 15:40

Be rich and famous like Bono.

----- Jin 24.12.11 15:38

all green traffic lights for me. that’s alternate enough to me.

----- tony n. 24.12.11 15:32

In my alternate future, every city has beaches with fine white sand and clear blue water!

----- Asenh Tsan 24.12.11 15:22

Alternate futuristically speaking, I would be able to afford an apartment large enough that I could get a dog. Also, I can control people’s minds.


----- Chico 24.12.11 15:21

I’m a time-travelling space ninja concerned with defending justice & harmony in the Universe; my chi is strong, my jujitsu skills are badass but I still haven’t mastered the art of ‘travelling light’- an Ignoble bag sure would help though!

----- JacarandaChick 24.12.11 15:13

teleportation: it will happen!

----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:12

In my alternate future, I have no student debt.

----- Natalie G 24.12.11 15:07

In my alternate future, I have conquered the great race of… dryer lint.

close enough

----- Levi Montez 24.12.11 15:03

I’d be very beardly.

----- Andy Frye 24.12.11 14:55

In my alternate future…. notcot doesn’t exist. :O

----- Tom G 24.12.11 14:54

In my alternate future, everything is unarguably and infinitely beautiful.

----- sonia 24.12.11 14:53

I’d be more focused.

----- MARGUS 24.12.11 14:53

In my alternate future I am traveling around the world with my new bag.

----- karen 24.12.11 14:51

Teleportation, teleportation, teleportation, and maybe a time machine

----- TJ 24.12.11 14:47

In an alternate reality I would have a very useful tail… as would most other people.

----- Ryan J 24.12.11 14:43

One word … plastics!

----- Sean 24.12.11 14:28

In my alternate future, I develop a revolutionary augmented reality interface system and am responsible for making HUD glasses cool. Traditional personal computers are all but done away with and information becomes spatial and intuitive in nature. As a side-effect, the asymmetrical nature of surveillance states is eroded, with the right to use one’s sensors, in addition to one’s eyes, becomes inalienable. The idea of muggings or police abuse become relics, as doing anything in front of anybody else becomes a matter of record. Of course, in this future, material objects are easily scanned in the course of visual examination, and can then be replicated on a home 3D printer whether or not the original CAD files have been provided. In other words, things continue to evolve and progress in the same exponential way that they are, with paradigm shifting technologies coming one after another. In my alternate future, I get to be a catalyst for one of those paradigm shifts.

----- Noah Zerkin 24.12.11 14:27


----- Shane O'Brien 24.12.11 14:19

In my alternate future I’d be slightly taller

----- Michael P 24.12.11 14:15

In my alternate future, I am looking for an alternate past.

----- Geung Lee 24.12.11 14:15

Wow what a clean looking bag. Is it lightweight? My alternate future will be one where I don’t go over the weight limit on a checked piece of luggage.

----- Geoffrey 24.12.11 14:14

In my alternate future I would be a space cowboy fighting a race of super zombies, caring all my things in toe in my awesome new bags.

Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Cristmas!

----- Matthias 24.12.11 14:14

I imagine having red hair, and a blimp flying around the city…oh wait, that’s Fringe

----- Da Winner 24.12.11 14:11

I fell into a deep well last night only to climb out the other side and find myself exactly as I had left.

----- Allen 24.12.11 14:09

In my alternate world my stuff floats and cool backpacks are only cool because they are retro and match my vintage Jordan’s, that also now float.

----- Will R 24.12.11 14:05

The bag fits perfectly my time travel setup!

----- Peter 24.12.11 14:03

hmmm I’d be a samurai in my alternate future.

----- Bethany 24.12.11 14:01

I just untethered from my previous life. Sold many of my belongings including my condo. The deal was inked on Christmas Eve, Eve. I’ll be stepping into the bright unknown. My alternate future starts today. I’m imagining gorgeous new places, interesting faces, and adventures of the creative kind. With this step I turn my back on the left brain. My alternate future will be guided purely by right brain instinct!

----- Daniel 24.12.11 13:59

I’d be well-read, rich & fit.

----- Evan 24.12.11 13:58

In my alternate future I am a time traveller. So really, it’s my alternate past, present and future. It’s pretty cool changing the flow of time, and generally being awesome.

----- Agnes 24.12.11 13:54

In my alternate future I am a time traveller. So really, it’s my alternate past, present and future. It’s pretty cool changing the flow of time, and generally being awesome.

----- Agnes 24.12.11 13:53

I imagine that in my alternate future I will not win these but will somehow become the King of England ;)

----- Robert W. 24.12.11 13:50

In another future I’m getting all the notcot giveaways

----- Yariv 24.12.11 13:45

In my alternate/imaginary future, I’m elected by popular acclaim to Emperor of Earth. ^_~

----- Tom 24.12.11 13:45

In my alternate future, I’d be a tour guide on a space tourism trip!

----- Dan Gilmore 24.12.11 13:45

Just in time for my trip around the world .

----- davidL 24.12.11 13:38

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