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Holiday Giveaway #7: Uncommon Goods- 12.01.11

uncommon0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Giveaway #7 is from our friends at Uncommon Goods ~ who have literally something unexpectedly delightful for everyone on your list! You can even see my gift guide of randomness on their site!) And they are giving away a fun bundle of goodies for your phone , iphone/ipad/kindle ~ and even some evolutionary erasers! Whether the winner shares with friends or keeps all the goods to themselves ~ is up to them!

For a chance to win a Phonekerchief, an iPhone Alarm Dock, a Literary iPhone Case (of your choice), The Origin of Species Case (for your iPad or Kindle), and a pair of Evolution Erasers, leave a comment with what is uncommon about YOU before midnight PST on Dec 6th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! Take a peek at all the products included ~ and some videos of them in action even ~ on the next page!

CONGRATS to Jasper in Vienna, VA!


uncommon2.jpg Phonekerchief - a notcot favorite since first discovering it at ICFF!

uncommon3.jpg iPhone Alarm Dock - you can literally dock your iphone into this wooden alarm clock!

uncommon4.jpg Literary iPhone Case!

uncommon5.jpg - whether for the iPad of Kindle ~ the Origin of Species is the perfect hiding place…


uncommon7.jpg And continuing with the evolution theme - Phonekerchief, an iPhone Alarm Dock, a Literary iPhone Case (of your choice), The Origin of Species Case (for your iPad or Kindle), and a Uncommon Goods, leave a comment with what is uncommon about YOU before midnight PST on Dec 6th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


434 Notes

I get no pleausure from silly cat videos.

----- Josh 06.12.11 19:42

I’m uncommon because I’m full asian with blue eyes

----- Brian 06.12.11 19:33

I have some pretty silly coloured hair most of the time, but the most uncommon thing about me is not just the silly hair…I’m silly haired and tattoo-less. :)

----- Beth 06.12.11 17:46

I am uncommon in that I wove an American flag yesterday.

----- Andrea Manrique 06.12.11 16:17

I’m uncommon because I’d give all of these things away as presents to my loved ones.

----- EAB 06.12.11 14:44

I am kind of uncommon because I applied to a design job at Uncommon Goods before. I didn’t get it though. Perhaps I was too common?!

----- Bryce 06.12.11 14:43

im uncommon cause everyday in my house is halloween.
it is christmas but we still have spooky bats and jackal lanterns out.. and that is how it is going to stay ;)

my little girl asked me Mommy why is our house always so spooky.. And my answer is that is how mommy and daddy like it =)


----- Mommydoll13 06.12.11 14:40

You have a little rodent sitting at the corner of your office, nibbling on a piece of holiday cookie? I can take care of that for you, just stand back. Uncommon, nah, I doubt it. Fun, though.

----- blue 06.12.11 13:25

I’m from California but prefer to live on the East coast.

----- Margaret A 06.12.11 13:16

i believe in the kindness of people even though the news would have me believe otherwise.

----- guy l'orange 06.12.11 12:37

I like big guns and classical music. Or is that a common thing?

----- Arthur Kosasih 06.12.11 12:27

I am a young male who is battling for equality. Particularly in the realm of gender equality. In the United States today, as you all may be aware, there is a dichotomy at play with privilege being granted to maleness. Unfair, is an understatement. It is hard to find other males who understand these privileges and denounce their place atop this hierarchy.

----- Nate 06.12.11 10:24

I’m 32 and on my third professional career.

----- Hayden 06.12.11 10:21

I don’t have a smart phone.

----- Ralitsa 06.12.11 09:42

I’m uncommonly tall, like super uncommonly tall.

----- Daniel 06.12.11 09:07

my big nose. thanks dad!

----- jacklyn 06.12.11 07:51

I make art….crochet and soft human anatomy http://shanellpapp.com/textile-fiber/textiles/
This work was inspired by the book Frankenstein.

----- shanell 06.12.11 07:44

My middle fingers are double jointed.

----- Allen Morris 06.12.11 07:35

I have a sixth toenail - my pinkie nail is divided into two, one of which grows off in a wicked angle.

----- Christine 06.12.11 05:54

I’m not uncommon. It’d be foolish to think I am. Still… I’d love to participate on the giveaway :) I love Notcot btw… only website I check at least 3 times a day everyday. Keeps me up to date with trends and gadgets, design, food, architecture… all the things I love! plus it makes for brilliant dinner conversation

----- karina 06.12.11 05:39

I am uncommon because I am friends with trees.

----- mary celeste 06.12.11 05:19

i had 3 instead 2… :)

----- paop 06.12.11 03:33

I read the notcot. =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 06.12.11 02:52

An uncommon thing about me is that by the time I was 14 years old, I had a white hair for every year that I’d lived. Not too pleasant. :(

----- Tatiana 06.12.11 02:50

My MASSIVE tonsils…a constant source of ridicule, but i’ve never been ill in my life, so i guess i owe it to the beach balls!

----- Sam Foster 06.12.11 01:07

What is uncommon about me…how about having my first kidney stones at age ten or the fact that I’ve been married for over twenty years and am still married…

----- chris 05.12.11 21:42

I can wiggle my ears

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

----- Louis 05.12.11 21:12

I have 13 toes and 7 fingers. That still comes to 20 toes and finders.

----- Chris Pritchard 05.12.11 21:11

I am uncommon because I want to become an opera singer and an architect. BOTH.

----- Josh Langager 05.12.11 20:55

Nothing is. That’s why I need these products.


----- Shannon 05.12.11 20:34

It would be the highlight of my winter to win any giveaway so the most uncommon thing about me is the lack of shame in my participation of every giveaway this winter.

----- JAVI 05.12.11 20:19

I have hyper extended elbows!

----- Selina Wong 05.12.11 20:17

what is uncommon about me is people describe my scent as a mix of butterscotch lifesavers and pencil shavings.

----- Michael 05.12.11 19:58

I LOVE EVERYBODY! That is pretty damn uncommon, it seems!

----- Kimb'ly 05.12.11 19:47

the only food i cant eat is bananas

----- dain 05.12.11 19:43

I am uncommon because I totalled a new car during a test drive.

----- Tom V 05.12.11 19:42

.backwards sentences my write I because uncommon am I

----- Edward 05.12.11 18:47

I am the last child (so far) in my family to be born outside of the continental US in 100+ years and I speak four languages.

----- Gregory 05.12.11 17:28

I have no thyroid…the result of a total thyroidectomy for hyperthyroidism.

----- Jacob Jones 05.12.11 17:08


----- Jane 05.12.11 17:04

I’m technically as tall as a medieval giant.

----- Cheer nelson 05.12.11 16:42

I am uncommon because I have daytime flashbacks of things that never happened to me!

----- Clay 05.12.11 16:22

The most uncommon thing about me is that I accept that I’m quite average. I know that I’m uniquely different— just like everyone else.

----- Molly 05.12.11 16:20

I enjoy the smell of Korean BBQ on my date.

----- Ryan 05.12.11 15:59

I enjoy the smell of Korean BBQ on my date

----- RYAN 05.12.11 15:57

What is uncommon about me is that I have a non addictive personality (in every way)

----- Brian 05.12.11 15:06

i blew out my left ear drum and now my head tilts to the left slightly.

----- brian casler 05.12.11 14:51

I dont know why I do it, but I smoke cigarettes in the shower (its really tricky).

----- Jean 05.12.11 13:35

Me! I am a *gasp* natural blonde!

----- Chelsea 05.12.11 12:30

I went to science and space camp as a kid, wanted to be a surgeon in my teens and now I am a full time graphic designer in my twenties. I guess “I like change!”

----- Abbie 05.12.11 12:22

I went to science and space camp as a kid, wanted to be a surgeon in my teens and now I am a full time graphic designer in my twenties. I guess “I like change!”

----- Abbie 05.12.11 12:16

I’m 52 and I knit myself a bright green mohawk hat that I wear with my black leather motorcycle Jacket in the winter.

----- Mark 05.12.11 12:03

I’m always reading at least two books at once and right now it’s Louisa Thomas’s WWI family memoir, Conscience, and Issue #17 of Deadpool.

----- Allie 05.12.11 11:54

I’m a hobbit and my feet are neither large nor hairy.

----- Fraser Marshall 05.12.11 11:32

I yelp every time my phone makes noise, I just can’t get used to it..after three years..

----- Karin 05.12.11 11:20

Uncommon about me: I’m the only ME! At least in this universe….

----- Jenny 05.12.11 11:16

I’m uncommon in that I work in a jail, and I love my job. …seriously.

----- Jenn 05.12.11 11:13

3 most disliked foods: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Bananas… is that uncommon?

----- BEN 05.12.11 10:19

I used to leave carrots and milk for Santa instead of cookies…

----- Maria 05.12.11 10:09

I am a white guy who can speak Mongolian!

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.11 09:51

I frequently befriend objects. Often times, they’re all the companionship I need.

----- Ted 05.12.11 09:45

I really still believe I will change the world one day. I guess that’s a bit uncommon, ha?

----- Stav 05.12.11 09:40

I’m 5’ 2” and I’m awesome at basketball. YEAH, REALLY.

----- Laura 05.12.11 09:21

I an uncommon because I can write English with my left hand and Spanish with my right, at the same time!

----- Roy 05.12.11 08:50

Don’t like hot and sweet foods…

----- Josh 05.12.11 08:38

I am a Filipino living in Canada.. doing a double major in Spanish and Chinese!

----- Alexandra 05.12.11 07:27

I haven’t had my first kiss yet, and I’m already in college!

----- Erica Calo 05.12.11 07:23

I’m a 20 year old trapped in a thirty-something year olds body.

----- Morgan 05.12.11 06:49

I’m 27 with a teddy bear named Sir Wellington.

----- Jasper 05.12.11 06:35

Oops. I’m pretty common. But I’d still like to win.

----- Josh 05.12.11 06:26

I am uncommon because two of my favorite things are 4 inch heels and American muscle cars.

----- Bailey 05.12.11 06:21

I suppose one uncommon thing is that my phone is ALWAYS on vibrate or silent, ever since college when I was paranoid about my phone going off in class. Now I’m a tutor and I’d love to have that phonekerchief to wrap my students’ phones in…

----- Jeremy 05.12.11 06:15

My nose has been broken five times, and is now truly uncommon.

----- Bill 05.12.11 05:37

i am kind of uncommon because i can touch my nose with tongue… ok it is not so uncommon thing… maybe most uncommon thing is that i cannot have shoulder bag because straps alwyas slips from my shoulders, they are very downhill…

----- Dagne 05.12.11 05:07

I have no money but if I have I spend it nor for clothes or food but for fabrics to make some design)

----- Tanya 05.12.11 03:59

I get super tired after drinking any energy drink. Most of the time it helps me sleep when I need to stay awake.

----- Martin 04.12.11 23:53

I’m uncommon because I work at a cafe called Uncommon Grounds.

----- Megan 04.12.11 23:08

I’m uncommon because on a trip a take pictures of the signs, not about myself.

----- viktoria papp 04.12.11 21:48

I’m uncommon because I speak 4 languages. Reading all of these has made me see how similar everyone really is.

----- Kate 04.12.11 20:40

I am uncommon because my parents and I are all born in October

----- QIN RUI LI 04.12.11 20:11

I am uncommon because I am always cheerful, even when angry.

----- amanda 04.12.11 19:56

I brush my teeth in the shower. I’m pretty sure that’s uncommon!

----- Wehaf 04.12.11 19:44

I’m finishing up my degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and then going to dental school and joining the Navy. “Noone is more youer than you” -Dr. Seuss

----- Nicole 04.12.11 19:04

when i eat french fries i evenly apply ketchup across each fries.

----- eddie 04.12.11 18:44

I am uncommon because I make it a point never to text or play with my phone when I’m having a conversation with someone!

----- Stephanie 04.12.11 18:39

Something uncommon about me… hmmm. Well I did have shark teeth when I was younger. All of my teeth were growing over my front two; had to have 2 surgeries to correct it. They drilled a pathway into my jawbone.

----- Leslie 04.12.11 18:39

Something uncommon about me… hmmm. Well I did have shark teeth when I was younger. All of my teeth were growing over my front two; had to have 2 surgeries to correct it. They drilled a pathway into my jawbone.

----- Leslie 04.12.11 18:39


----- sindy murray 04.12.11 17:34

I AM FROM LITHUANIA! come ooon, we are just 3 millions.

----- Monika 04.12.11 16:24

I only eat foods that are white trash………corndogs, mac n cheese, sloppy joes, hamburgers, wings, and hamburger helper.

----- Jeremy Pittsford 04.12.11 16:08

I am uncommon in that I like Common Crackers.

----- Catherine 04.12.11 15:43

I find motor tics such as blinking to be extremely sexy.

----- Amy M 04.12.11 15:29

Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open.

----- Maureen 04.12.11 15:26

Well there’s only one of me so I guess that makes me pretty uncommon

----- Emily Clark 04.12.11 15:13

I live in ND, population 700,000 and love it. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

----- Alison 04.12.11 15:11

My constant smile!

----- Caitlin 04.12.11 14:50

I think of others before myself!

----- Yuri Martins 04.12.11 14:44

I had to stop drinking caffeine about 2 years ago. It makes for some loooong work days.

----- Geoff 04.12.11 14:40

Define common.

----- Orestes 04.12.11 13:47

I have grapheme-colour synaesthesia! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia)
So all the literary items in this give-away are rather perfect, as text and colour are always inter-related in my life.

----- Joy 04.12.11 13:15

I don’d drink coffee but enjoy the flavor (ie. coffee ice cream)

----- jon 04.12.11 12:10

I’m uncommon because I don’t like to grab things that are warm. Like a pen, if someone used it and gave it to me and it’s warm, I let it rest on the desk until it’s cold again. :)

----- Yolanda Hernandez 04.12.11 12:08

I’m uncommon because I refuse to walk north on the right side of the street

----- Jeremy 04.12.11 11:36

I AM the socially awkward penguin…

----- Momoko 04.12.11 11:21

I still use a “Dumb phone”. Call and text, that’s all it can do, and I like it that way!

----- Sarah 04.12.11 10:55

i am uncommonly anxious. about everything. it’s very stressful.

----- brian 04.12.11 10:25

I have a Christmas tree tattoo on the inside of my lip.

----- Jess 04.12.11 10:25

My dog thinks I’m normal.

----- Lea 04.12.11 10:16

I always party like it’s 1999—hold up it… oh wait no.

(Big Willie Style is still album numero uno in my heart! How common is that any more?)

----- TQ 04.12.11 10:07

Im actually from the future

----- Matt 04.12.11 09:49

I am a monkey raised like a Trini who grew up watching Sesame Street. (a friend said this to me on Friday!).

----- Tash 04.12.11 08:53

I love shoveling snow.

----- Leslie 04.12.11 07:51

I dont have a tv.

----- Seth 04.12.11 07:43

I’m uncommon insofar as I am made up of varying social characteristics that are emblematic of my experiences throughout my life course that, while I share them with many others, the specific amalgamation of experiences uniquely makes up me.

----- Paul M. 04.12.11 07:38

I am uncommon because I never ever hugged my mother.

----- Gianluca 04.12.11 07:33

I am uncommon because I love drab, rainy days!

----- Ronan 04.12.11 07:33

A half Chinese teacher in rural Mississippi is pretty uncommon here!

----- Kathryn 04.12.11 07:28

I have extra cartilage in my ears - makes me look elfish!

----- lindsey 04.12.11 07:03

I can lick my elbow…that really impressed my class of third graders last year : )

----- LY 04.12.11 06:53

I’m uncommon because I can write in cursive… backwards.

----- Ali 04.12.11 05:34

What is uncommon about me is that I can whistle with near-perfect pitch.

----- Jon 04.12.11 04:55

I am uncommon because I am pretty good at Dance Dance Revolution.

----- Josiah 04.12.11 02:42

I’m indivudal just like everybody else

----- John Norman 04.12.11 02:32

I am uncommon because my name is spelled JAZZmin (i think its pretty & unique) and it has nothing to do with naming me after the like of jazz music.

----- Jazzmin 04.12.11 02:14

I’m a left-handed Female…we’re pretty rare

----- Ariella 03.12.11 23:02

Uncommon? Yep, it’s pretty unusual to find someone as clumsy as I am that still has friends - I’m sorry about the salsa on the comforter… and the wine on your backup comforter. Within five minutes of each other. Oh, and that beer… on your couch. and the second beer. On your carpet. Really, I am sorry!

----- Mary 03.12.11 22:43

Uncommon? Yep, it’s pretty unusual to find someone as clumsy as I am that still has friends - I’m sorry about the salsa on the comforter… and the wine on your backup comforter. Within five minutes of each other. Oh, and that beer… on your couch. and the second beer. On your carpet. Really, I am sorry!

----- Mary 03.12.11 22:43

I’m uncommon because I speak Swahili

----- Sedona 03.12.11 22:25

I am uncommon because I am six foot six and could not give a rats ass about basketball!

----- Victor 03.12.11 22:07

I’m a bit double jointed!

----- Tris 03.12.11 21:26

My eyes are blue but have a ring of orange around the pupil, not that common unless you’re a cat.

----- Jim B 03.12.11 21:17

ticklish eyelashes and a squirrel hatred.

----- Adilah Guiseppi 03.12.11 20:26

I am uncommon because I’ve been a vegetarian since birth.

----- Winifred 03.12.11 20:09

I am I.

----- Andy 03.12.11 18:28

Most uncommon thing about me? I have a hole in my head that as a kid my mother told me it was a fairy bite. As an adult she came clean and admitted that it’s actually just a hole in my head.

If I win, I will send a photo.

----- Jenna 03.12.11 15:58

I go the cineplex at least once a week :D

----- Kylene 03.12.11 15:21

I can talk to anyone about anything. I have infinite interest in things! I just love learning about everything! Everything has its story.

----- Emily 03.12.11 14:49

I don’t have any tattoos or piercings… (that’s pretty uncommon in my circles).

----- Luke 03.12.11 14:21

I’m uncommon because I love to analyze every single thing.

----- Iris 03.12.11 13:47

Uncommon?… I have two different eye color! One’s green and one’s brown BUT I’m Filipino (0.o)”

----- Jason 03.12.11 13:27

I was discharged from the military and barred from re-enlistment for my tattoos

----- Tony F 03.12.11 13:18

For someone dark and dry, I’m actually quite an optimist! :)

----- black_cloud 03.12.11 12:28

I apparently am a walking encyclopedia of random information. Both myself and others are constantly surprised by it.

----- Catherine Chandler 03.12.11 12:23

I am uncommon because I try everything at least once. I am a true stickler about living my life that way.

----- Tommy Lei 03.12.11 12:16

I’ve been unemployed for the last six years now. :-)

----- James 03.12.11 11:26

I am uncommonly averse to certain food combinations (i.e. don’t mix mint with any other flavor, don’t eat meat and drink milk at the same time, no sweet and sour, etc.).

----- Laylah 03.12.11 11:02

According to my boyfriend, it’s uncommon for me to listen to him.

----- AJ 03.12.11 10:22

cause i come from an other world

----- Julie 03.12.11 09:59

I’ve won an international math, design and basketball competitions. And I do not wear glasses. Does that make me uncommon enough?

----- Antoana 03.12.11 09:54

I can eat an entire halal chicken over rice at 53rd !

----- Ji Hye 03.12.11 09:23

I have super human strength as compared to small children. Oh, and an orange dot on my eye.

----- Doug 03.12.11 09:19

According to my boyfriend, me listening to him is not very common

----- AJ 03.12.11 09:16

Truthfully, We Are All Uncommon. We Are All Unique. So I Am Commonly Uncommon!

----- Anthony 03.12.11 09:16

I’m a technology professional, without a Facebook page.

----- Dan 03.12.11 08:56

There are so many of us here and no matter how much we can relate to each other we always seem to look for what is different in others.

----- Jane 03.12.11 08:37

I’m an uncommonly good English teacher. For sure.

----- Chris Jennings 03.12.11 08:36

I am a god, that is very uncommon to you mortals.

----- Russ McIntosh 03.12.11 08:30

I like building complex geometry out of yarn! :)

----- Ian S. 03.12.11 08:14

the most uncommon thing about me is that I am common, n i’m ok with that

----- Jo Ng 03.12.11 07:53

i’m uncommon never saw black & white as a kid, just always the grey (lots of lying).

----- Mel 03.12.11 07:40

I’m uncommon because I can fit my entire fist in my mouth…. Definitely an end-of-the-night party trick.

----- Marissa 03.12.11 05:07

My most uncommon thing is the fact that I have moved 30 times in 31 years.

----- AJ 03.12.11 04:44

I only require three hours of sleep per day … no seriously.

----- Matthew Bayliff 03.12.11 04:41

I have locked my keys…in my bike,..and had to “break into” my bike to get them out…

----- Cobus 03.12.11 03:41

I spent many years training to shoot archery in the Olympics!

----- Tyler Benner 03.12.11 02:52

Some times I find myself humming Chantilly Lace by Chubby Checker.

----- Ryan 03.12.11 01:18

The most uncommon thing about me is my schizophrenia!!!

Yea, what he said.

----- CRA 02.12.11 22:02

I am uncommon - I built Tony Stark’s suits and crashed Bruce Wayne’s car.

----- brian 02.12.11 21:52

A childhood accident makes it so that my smile only dimples on one side.

----- JON WANG 02.12.11 21:49

I can make my tongue into the shape of a three-leaf clover, which is a fairly uncommon shape for a tongue.

----- Nick H 02.12.11 21:32

my face is so flat and my nose is soft that i can wipe my face like a windshield wiper!

----- Christina P. 02.12.11 21:15

I picture my insane math teacher as Willy Wonka throughout the class period.

----- Kristen 02.12.11 21:08

My left pinky is significantly shorter than my right one.

----- Janna 02.12.11 21:01

My splendid ability to assist everyone with electronics issues,

----- Collin Banko 02.12.11 20:53

I’m uncommon because I hate condiments, on things that goes great with them.

----- Karina 02.12.11 20:48

I have Chris Colfer’s portrait tattooed on my hip

----- perfectself 02.12.11 20:36

i enjoy eating the pith from inside an orange peel

----- kelly 02.12.11 20:24

My left big toe is longer that my right big toe…hmmm.

----- Yoshio 02.12.11 20:05

I tried sneezing with my eyes open, as a joke, and it worked! It looked ugly apparently, and I think some people will forever remember me for that stunt :)

----- Ellen Bautista 02.12.11 20:01

I like peanut butter and cheddar, together

----- Will 02.12.11 19:52

not a box.

----- carol 02.12.11 18:29

Hmm, I’m uncommon since I used to live beside a river and rice paddy fields. The city is great, but I miss it so much!

----- Jay B. 02.12.11 18:15

My first name is nike. and i’m absolutly rubbish at sports.

----- nike chapman 02.12.11 18:11

after spending 3 nights and days at the CAD lab at school designing my final project in architecture school, I have become the go-to-guy for everything by everyone, even when its 10min till the deadline and I still haven’t finished my project I get around to helping my fellow classmates with whatever problem they have.

----- Mehrdad 02.12.11 17:39

I’ve never had the chicken pox.

----- Dustin 02.12.11 17:24

I have a strange piece of metal in my ear. I call it Frank.

----- James 02.12.11 17:24

I am uncommon because I have not found anything I can’t complete.

----- Alex Bryan 02.12.11 17:12

My uncommon trait is that I still shoot film photography with a rangefinder camera. And not that I’m hating, but I’m not talking about the Lomo stuff either.

----- Alex 02.12.11 17:09

I want it all! I am a greedy bastard and want it all to myself.

----- jake dockter 02.12.11 16:58

Je suis particulier car je parle français ;)

----- J-F 02.12.11 16:46

I think before speaking.

----- Sarah 02.12.11 16:37

I am double jointed

----- Drew Quintana 02.12.11 16:31

I am uncommon because I spent 20 consecutive years (from age 5 to 25) studying in Catholic schools for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate school.

----- Nina 02.12.11 16:17

I’m a Korean adopted by American New Yorkers…raised in Germany then Alabama…who now lives in Florida with her southern husband, burmese cat & German shephard…history does repeat itself…somehow!

----- Kim Spencer 02.12.11 16:15

I only have one eye!

----- Megan 02.12.11 16:03

I am uncommon because I liked the three new Star Wars movie, yet not uncommon enough to like the new Indiana Jones film.

----- Joyce 02.12.11 15:36

I’m uncommonly smart. The one thing I don’t know is what to do with my smarts.

----- Lynnea E 02.12.11 15:12

What’s uncommon about me….I’m asian but I don’t eat rice.

----- Rebecca 02.12.11 15:08

my bottom fourth incisor never grew in.

----- janete 02.12.11 15:01

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

----- A.V. 02.12.11 15:00

I sing in my mind all day long. Even in tests, even in hospitals, even when i’m talking to people. I ALWAYS have a non-stop music in my head. I actually told my doctor about this…

----- Mauricio Tiberio 02.12.11 14:51

I read things backwards.

----- Thu 02.12.11 14:22

I’m uncommon because I won’t take any kind of pills. No pain killers for headaches yada yada

----- Jane 02.12.11 14:20

I’m uncommon because I hate chocolate!

----- Robert 02.12.11 14:20

Well nothing is that uncommon on this global a stage, but I’d have to go with: Remarkably handsome Greek-American who loves to bake.

----- Erastos 02.12.11 14:12

I’m left handed, but play the guitar and use scissors like a right handed person.

----- Denise 02.12.11 14:07

I’m uncommon because I decided to try to give myself a tattoo when I was 17 with indian ink and a needle…and it totally worked. I don’t know why I expected it not to, but there it still is today, a partially finished bird on my left hip, hahaha. It was sort of out of character for me then, I was never all THAT rebellious. Just another story to tell…on top of that I also had a pet chameleon my parents never found out about.

----- Kendra 02.12.11 14:01

My patience seems to be an increasingly uncommon trait.

----- Cameron 02.12.11 13:37

My uncommon trait is that I have a birthmark on left elbow the size of George Washington’s face from the $1 bill.

----- Tyler 02.12.11 13:35

I am uncommon because I am 6 feet tall - and a woman!

----- Giant Sis 02.12.11 13:27

i have a set of freckles at the top of my right arm in the shape of a flower on a tall stem. i like it :)

----- anna 02.12.11 13:16

I believe art and creativity are essential for a society to thrive, I am an introvert and proud of it, I have no tattoos and green eyes dotted with little brown flecks of color.

----- Noelle 02.12.11 13:15

I’m uncommon because I have a stutter.

----- Ariel 02.12.11 13:05

My father and mother were both trapeze artists for a circus when I was young. I rode many an elephant as a child.

----- Riley Spiller 02.12.11 13:03


----- Matt 02.12.11 13:03

I’m a lefty.. and proud! :)

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 02.12.11 13:00

I am a red headed, albino dwarf. I am going to say that is pretty damn uncommon.

----- Mickiah Broomfield 02.12.11 12:39

thanks to a cog sci prof and Jean, i decided to pursue a degree in design

----- andrew 02.12.11 12:32

I am uncommon because I have 6 cat tattoos!

----- Jen 02.12.11 12:19

I am a pescatarian that believes bologna is not real meat, because its not!

----- Lauren Marie 02.12.11 12:17

I would say something that def makes me uncommon are my uneven ears. My glasses are always a little crooked :-( and my overly obsessive love for Eggnog!!

----- Christian 02.12.11 12:05

Uncommon about me?
Have grown up with scars on my face and never gave a s#$%^, about it!

----- Beatrice 02.12.11 11:52

I haven’t seen any Harry Potter films.

----- SARAH 02.12.11 11:50

I have a remarkable inability to focus on something for long periods of time. My attention span is way too short. Oh, also I play the Chinese harp. :]

----- Emily 02.12.11 11:50

What makes me uncommon: my fingerprints. One of the few truly differnt feaures we all share in common.

----- Melanie 02.12.11 11:38

I am uncommon because I don’t use Twitter.

----- John 02.12.11 11:32

I can move one of my eyes independently of the other.. pretty awesome says me.

----- John L 02.12.11 11:28

Something uncommon about me, I dissect body parts for a living.

----- Christi 02.12.11 11:25

We’re five kids and I’m the middle one… the odd one? the uncommon one?

----- Asenh Tsan 02.12.11 11:21

Uncommon about me is.. Waking up early

----- Joseph Sarti 02.12.11 11:12

I don’t think I’m uncommon. However, a few things I do that are becoming ever more rare include: reading actual books made of paper, wouldn’t include any technology in a photo for The Burning House, can figure out where I am in the world with a wrist watch, prefer board games to video games, prefer real physical toys to digital entertainment…

----- Derek J. Kinsman 02.12.11 10:49

I drive with my shirt ON, even if its a thousand degrees out.

----- Jason 02.12.11 10:39

What’s uncommon about me, is that I have twin toes ! Go Google it :)

----- April 02.12.11 10:25

Hmmm. I am uncommon because of my feet! They are extra-extra-wide (size 7E) and I also have 2 clubbed toes on each foot. I like my feet because they’re so wide I have no problem balancing on beams/boards. As an adult I’ve developed some physical problems with them, but I still remember how as a kid I used to show off my toes, saying they looked like lightbulbs. :D

----- Ayla 02.12.11 10:18

i am uncommon because the end of this giveaway is my birthday!

and i am uncommon because i can’t help but see all the things people forget to see - little city bird interactions, beautiful little moss landscapes in sidewalk cracks, subtle architectural details. i’ve never been on a boring walk because there’s so much to take in. folks walking with me while i point out my favorite sights have said its like seeing the world through new glasses. it’s the luckiest quirk to have!

----- shawna 02.12.11 10:17

My name is Miles but I only use the metric system, which might be uncommon for an American.

----- Miles 02.12.11 10:05

I am uncommon for my vast range of taste in music. My playlist is always on shuffle so it may be hardcore gangster rap one song and Les Miserables showtunes the next.

----- vu 02.12.11 09:53

I have dyslexia and a 4.0 in grad school.

----- Joe B 02.12.11 09:50

I am uncommon, because I don’t like Billy Bush’s hair.

----- osterhausb 02.12.11 09:48

I’m uncommonly tall, and I love it!

----- Diana 02.12.11 09:44

I’m uncommon because I lie all the time, about everything.

----- Nora 02.12.11 09:43

I am uncommon with my gray hair since 5 years and now I am 30!

----- Ethem Pekin 02.12.11 09:34

Uncommon is such an interesting word. Rare. Exceptional. What is uncommon is that I can accept the fact that I am not out of the ordinary. I’m your run of the mill blue collar worker & proud owner of a cat. I have no special powers or unique traits that would differentiate me from another person—beyond my genetic makeup. I laugh. I cry. I live. And I will eventually die. I am one individual in a sea of millions.

----- Roman 02.12.11 09:34

I talk to the fruit and veg when I pick them.

----- Christina Ward 02.12.11 09:34

I am uncommon because I’m in a relationship with someone 400 miles away!

----- Domi 02.12.11 09:21

I am uncommonly good looking all the time. Ha!

----- Ben Bubar 02.12.11 09:06

am I ¿uncommon? I am

----- Ethan 02.12.11 08:55

am I ¿uncommon? I am

----- Ethan 02.12.11 08:55

I’m uncommonly good at packaging design.

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 02.12.11 08:49

What’s uncommon about me is that I’m 21 year old that doesn’t drive, living in a city where it’s common to drive.
I get nervous and awkward when I talk on the phone. I’ve never had a quiche. I make everything harder for myself whenever it involves projcets for my design classes, I don’t really do it intentionally… It just happens.

Oh.. here’s a good one. I’m a 21 year old girl that’s never had her first kiss and has never had boyfriend. yup. Not really ashamed of it.. It’s just the right guy hasn’t come yet I guess.

----- Francis 02.12.11 08:48

I am uncommon because I my boyfriend and I are searching in thrift stores for the perfect engagement ring- a plain sterling silver band with oxidized age.

----- Jessie 02.12.11 08:46

im uncommon because i say whats on my mind.(someone told me you can call it blunt). and having an opinion about everything.. (it actually kind of matches my name in my langue..).. sometimes i do hurt ppl.. but i must say what i think..well.. sometimes ppl are afraid of me but the last couple of years ppl ask foe my opinion.. coz they know ill tell them the truth.. even if its not so nice..
that, and being humble too….;)
(i can judge myself as well..)

----- shira 02.12.11 08:40

It’s uncommon for me to win anything :(

----- Jin 02.12.11 08:36

I had scarlet fever. And no, I’m not living in late-nineteenth century Victorian England. I do, however, enjoy a good corset. Touching unfinished wood makes me vomit every time. No popsicle parties for me. I feel like I’m missing out.

----- Nicole 02.12.11 08:11

I call Indian food “food”, not “Indian food”!
(I know this great place that serves the best food!)

----- Rav 02.12.11 08:09

I have the number 17 written on my face in spider veins.

----- Stephanie 02.12.11 08:08

uncommon because i love toothless mondays

----- don pamintuan 02.12.11 07:55

Since being a little girl, if I disliked something I would create an allergy towards it. One example was my hate for coconut…I tried to prove to my mom that it gave me a rash by holding my breathe behind her back and showing her my bright red face. I’m 27 and not much has changed expect I’ve recently acquired an allergy to work and bills. Weird…

----- Susan 02.12.11 07:50

I cwake up at around 8 am without alarm, EVERYTIME. I can’t sleep in, even if I want to!

----- Dan Yoon 02.12.11 07:46

my 3rd nipple and vestigial tail are pretty uncommon.
origin of the species about sums it up.

----- Mike 02.12.11 07:46

I make a living as a designer, and successfully hiding my colorblindness >_
Shhh… don’t tell!

----- Emma 02.12.11 07:44

I taste coffee for a living AND I still make coffee at home everyday before I go to work.

----- Ryan 02.12.11 07:23

I´m uncommon because of my double jointed hands

----- Anna Hinojosa 02.12.11 07:21

I’m uncommon, I don’t have is latest album…

----- PEDRO 02.12.11 07:21

I am uncommon in that I am the oldest teetotaller (36) who just doesn’t drink mostly out of a lack of interest.

----- Patrick 02.12.11 07:17

I am uncommon in that I am the oldest teetotaller (36) who just doesn’t drink mostly out of a lack of interest.

----- Patrick 02.12.11 07:16

I am uncommon because I never text message anyone. I tell my friends it is forbidden! And I still write letters.

----- Chloe H. 02.12.11 07:06

I’m uncommon without any redeeming features.

----- James 02.12.11 07:05

I have a pet wooden giraffe named Otis.

----- Alex C 02.12.11 07:04

I’m uncommon because I’m the only person I know that has every been run over by a golf cart. I have the scars to prove it.

----- Justin H 02.12.11 06:58

I hate chocolate.

----- Adam Edwards 02.12.11 06:58

I’m uncommon because I’m the only person I know that has every been run over by a golf cart. I have the scars to prove it.

----- Justin H 02.12.11 06:58

I am uncommon because I have gone through 18 debit cards in 3 years. I must have some kind of electromagnetic field around me or something…

----- Bradley 02.12.11 06:56

I am probably the only person in the world that is (self) employed as a full-time t-shirt blogger.

----- Andy 02.12.11 06:55

Uncommon? Well, anyone that comes to visit me in my office I always offer tea and chocolate. I think that’s uncommon.

----- Almin 02.12.11 06:42

i’m an architect who works on high-rise buildings, but i am secretly afraid of heights.

----- rich 02.12.11 06:37

I’ve never been on a roller coaster. ever.

----- allen 02.12.11 06:30

I can play my navel

----- J_Walrus 02.12.11 06:30

I am uncommon because I still believe in doing nearly everything by hand instead of using computers and such.

----- Natalie Kay 02.12.11 06:26

I love my job. That seems uncommon these days right?

----- Jess 02.12.11 06:25

I’m uncommon because I’m left handed…and for many other reasons.

----- Ginger 02.12.11 06:22

I am genetically enhanced (fitting with the evolution theme).

I have no wisdom teeth… apparently my genetics are as hip as my taste in blogs.

----- Matt Peckham 02.12.11 06:00

I have 1 less joint in my left pinky toe than in my right. 3 bones vs 2 bones. I’m a living evolutionary transition.

----- Justin 02.12.11 05:38

I’m uncommon because I always preferred faces like Steve Buschemi over the hearthbreaker types. Crazy eye angles rule!

----- Linda 02.12.11 05:30

I have many tattoos and don’t mind the process of getting them. On the opposite end, I cringe at giving blood or getting a shot at the doctors. No shots! …but hopefully a shot at winning!!

----- Todd 02.12.11 05:10

I am afraid of grasshoppers.

----- Erin 02.12.11 05:03

I dont have a tattoo i dont have a I Phone, I Pad or I book
Uncommon enough????????????????????????????????????????????????????? XD

----- Agnes 02.12.11 04:48

I carried a teapot shaped like a pig as a purse for 3 years in high school.

----- Brenna 02.12.11 04:45

I do not want this, I want back2back… pleaseee,

----- RONI PASLAH 02.12.11 03:34

i’m uncommon because!

----- yariv 02.12.11 03:29

I am I, thats why

----- Aron 02.12.11 03:17

I’m uncommon because I got run over by a lawn tractor when I was 2.

I usually tell people that I used to wrestle tigers.

----- Anders 02.12.11 02:04

I am uncommon because I tried so hard to be common just to be accepted by my peers, but in the end, I have to be uncommon just to get someone an uncommonly cool Christmas gift.

----- Chloe 02.12.11 01:54

I can do a neat trick with my little toe! Wanna see??

----- Grace 02.12.11 01:54

I have uneven ears which make me physically unique. In terms of mental capacity, I tend to think about Manhattan when I feel the need to be happy and energized. Nobody in the world does that, right?

----- Gary 02.12.11 01:52

I had my DNA analyzed the other day. Turns out they had never seen anything like it before!

----- Tim 02.12.11 01:48

I’m 23, going blind, but decided to be a designer - I defy anyone to say the two are mutually exclusive! I use an umbrella instead of a cane because… you know… its just cooler (and can keep you dry).

----- Lauren 02.12.11 01:37

I’ve worked for two NASA facilities before turning 21. I’d say that’s pretty uncommon!

----- Maurice 02.12.11 01:24

I’m uncommon cause i’m French :)

----- Dorian 02.12.11 01:14

After reading the majority of posts, I may have got it! (pardon if someone has already mentioned this - i am canadian after all, and always apologetic)I have never drank a coffee, and i dont think ever will. hot beverages generally hold little appeal. yet i love soup. go figure.

----- jody 02.12.11 01:04

I am over six feet tall… female in a country with petite chicas :-) Isn’t that uncommon?

----- Suubi 01.12.11 23:53

I am one of two … but the other never made it out of the womb

----- Robert 01.12.11 23:49

i am uncommon ‘cos i think that i am just like everybody else

----- martins 01.12.11 23:35

It is uncommon that i have titanium plates in my body. But not from the hip replacement, I’m only 26!

----- Iva 01.12.11 23:35

I am immune to the smell of any fart.

----- Darrell 01.12.11 23:22

I am uncommon because of my skills and my creativity!

----- Emma G. 01.12.11 23:12

i have a crooked pinky.

----- jay panelomo 01.12.11 22:53

I love Star Wars AND Star Trek with abandon.

----- tasa 01.12.11 22:30

I love unconditionally.

----- Sharon 01.12.11 22:14

I am uncommon because I was born without a knee cap.

----- Christina 01.12.11 21:36

I’m uncommon because I can curl my tongue.

----- kb 01.12.11 21:34

I like skulls. My whole house is skulls. I’m worried though that when I have children, all of their friends will be afraid of my house. I’m still saving for an actual human skull.

----- Crystal 01.12.11 21:33

I read backwards sometimes. Like paragraph by paragraph from the end.

----- Raymond 01.12.11 21:30

I am a born psychic/intuitive empath.

----- Michael 01.12.11 21:27

I have an uncommon ability to do impressions of people who aren’t famous, or if they are, are fairly obscure. Its basically the most useless trick at a party, because you are mostly met with stares.

----- Jason 01.12.11 21:16

Being a comic book artist, in other words, having one of the worst
(in terms of pay, hours and benefits)
jobs in the world and still being crazy about it… yup.

----- Cill 01.12.11 21:07

Winters in Montana are harsh. I went carless last winter, biking 3 miles in blizzards to class. It was awful. And empowering.

----- Mary 01.12.11 21:03

I can turn my left thumb around 180 degrees

----- Marc D 01.12.11 21:03

I’m uncommon because I have so many t-shirts that someone made a t-shirt about it.

----- Jess 01.12.11 21:00

I am a two time cancer survivor of two completely separate and unrelated cancers! They are so uncommon that the probability of getting both cancers is 1:200,000,000. And I’m only 27! I have been playing the lottery ever since :P

----- Minnow 01.12.11 20:58

I absolutely hate ketchup. Cannot have it in anything or on me…am even often a little disgusted by it near me.

----- Tiago 01.12.11 20:56

i brush my teeth in the shower.

----- christina 01.12.11 20:47

I’m uncommon because I’m a special snowflake. (;

----- Ami S. 01.12.11 20:44

I can lick my elbow.

----- Carrie 01.12.11 20:31

I’m uncommon because I have really, really large taste buds, so if someone puts even a shake of pepper or a drop of mustard in something, I can taste it!

----- Liz 01.12.11 20:28

My uncommon traits begins with a hippie based childhood, traveling around the world with my single mom and brother (half brother). Everywhere from Oklahoma City, to Mendocino (pot growing and selling summer at age 6) to Switzerland. Schooling all over getting above average grades, then in late middle school into high school my brained filled with chemically induced ambitions.

After all that, summa cum-laude graduate for graphic design and now successful artist and award winning graphic designer. But get this, I still live in Oklahoma City, yes that little blip in the middle of the country. Really, it is a wonderful little place with many talented people and opportunities. That may be my most uncommon trait, I live in a town that most people think is still full of people on horseback.

----- Dylan B 01.12.11 20:27

My left eye is a double eyelid and my right eye is a single eyelid.

----- Cameron 01.12.11 20:20

I dislike metal. So much that I can’t buy a new computer because apple no longer makes MacBooks out of plastic. And I love j d Salinger. But that shouldn’t be uncommon.

----- Allison 01.12.11 20:04

i’m pretty common

----- MAXIME LEMERISE 01.12.11 20:01

I have an uncommon amount of freckles on my body. I like them.

----- Alison 01.12.11 19:54

I don’t own an iphone :(

----- Keno Leon 01.12.11 19:50

I’m uncommon because I like sauces and condiments. On everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

----- Genie 01.12.11 19:48

I’m uncommon because.. I believe.. in sci-fi. hehe. because i’m the only Varinnia in this world. no copies.

----- Varinnia 01.12.11 19:42

I just received my very first iphone ever just YESTERDAY (11/30), so I suspect amongst the other posters I am quite uncommon. I don’t have any accessories for it at all! Right now I am simply just getting it all set up and wondering why in the world I held out for so long.

----- Dana K. 01.12.11 19:36

I am uncommon because I drive a conversion van. Yup, that’s right.

----- Phil Denton 01.12.11 19:35

I just received my very first iphone ever just YESTERDAY (11/30), so I suspect amongst the other posters I am quite uncommon. I don’t have any accessories for it at all! Right now I am simply just getting it all set up and wondering why in the world I held out for so long.

----- Dana K. 01.12.11 19:35

I love mathematics - a rare, beautiful, playful, and dying art form; and that makes me uncommon.

----- Paul Salomon 01.12.11 19:32

uncommon am I!

----- Grace Ludmer 01.12.11 19:29

I’m uncommon because I play a giant game of pretend for a job (aka I work in a theater!)

----- Natalie 01.12.11 19:19

My Great Grandmother’s Brother’s son’s cousin’s niece’s babysiter’s mother’s grandparent’s daughter’s cousin’s mother’s fish’s previous care taker’s landloard’s milkman’s cigar maker’s uncle’s next door neighboor was chocolate encrusted with nuts and various other toppings very much enjoyed snatching water bottles from those who couldnt afford to buy milk in the first place AND IF YOUR STILL ENTERTAINED BY THIS THAT MAKES YOU FAR MORE UNCOMMON THAN I AND ARE MORE DESERVING OF THIS PRIZE

----- Grant 01.12.11 19:19

I don’t own a pair of jeans.

----- Cody 01.12.11 19:08

My parents gave me a normal name but then decided to call me Boz?

----- Boz 01.12.11 19:06

I love my BIG nose.

----- Bella 01.12.11 19:05

I strongly dislike pickles AND olives.

----- Stacy B. 01.12.11 19:00

I prowl the streets at night, saving people, fighting crime, and eating mayonnaise.

----- OJ Desuasido 01.12.11 18:57

I’d like to win this!

----- range 01.12.11 18:55

Have you seen my DNA structure? Im sure it’s different from everyone else here. :-)

----- Kat 01.12.11 18:49

I have had an uncommon amount of coffee today.

----- James 01.12.11 18:28

My family moved 11 times before I turned 18.

----- Melissa Wheeler 01.12.11 18:22

I am an uncommon vegan, atheist, nonbreeder.

----- miyuki 01.12.11 17:42

I have webbed toes. Seriously. They’re attached.

----- Jason 01.12.11 17:23

I’m uncommon because I’m an gay guy with HIV who has been skateboarding most of my life.

----- DanThomStew 01.12.11 17:08

I’m uncommon because I am pretty equally divided between my right brain and left brain. I am an engineer and enjoy math, facts, and order but simultaneously, I design, thrive in chaos and creativity, and am empathetic.

Things get complicated quickly.

----- Mikaela 01.12.11 17:06

A med student who gets weak knees at the sight of blood…

----- Rap 01.12.11 16:53

Being surrounded by people as extraordinary as the people above (and bellow?) me in these comments, I feel quite ordinary. But, hey! Maybe ordinary is the most uncommon thing one can be round here ;)

----- Thais Fabris 01.12.11 16:40

I am uncommon because growing up our family had a pet deer. We lived in a rural area and our closest human neighbour was two miles away.

----- Mindy H 01.12.11 16:35

I am unsual because I am the only left hander in my family.

----- Mitchell 01.12.11 16:33

I can ride the unicycle. When my beard grows in, it doesn’t itch. In fifth grade, I designed the logo for my elementary school. I am right-handed, but play billiards left-handed.

----- Michael Buchino 01.12.11 16:26

I’m so common that i’m uncommonly common.

----- Allen 01.12.11 16:26

My King Crimson tattoo is less than common for a 28 year old woman

----- Jenny 01.12.11 16:26

I like pigeons.

----- Tiffany 01.12.11 16:21

I sleep every night in one of 3 argyle vests I own

----- Beck 01.12.11 16:13

I am uncommon because I know the answer to 1 divided by 0

----- Gino V 01.12.11 16:08

I have an uncommon love for cheese and mustard sandwiches.

P.S. I love uncommon goods! I want all of these things!

----- Kathryn Dart 01.12.11 16:07

I’m uncommon because I’m a guy, but I maxed out at 5’ tall.

----- Andy 01.12.11 15:44

I find your adorkableness discomfiting. Uncommon, therefore, I am.

----- Chen 01.12.11 15:41

I am uncommon like we all are and therefore common.

----- maggie 01.12.11 15:40

I am uncommon because I am human…we are all uncommon/unique/special and that is what makes us all us!

----- tam 01.12.11 15:40

I am uncommon…you’ll never find another like me!

----- Carlos 01.12.11 15:39

I will eat anything, that’s uncommon.

----- Edgar 01.12.11 15:39

I hate licking things off of wooden spoons, and I can’t stand biting into bananas … the texture of both of those things just creeps me out.

Also, I was born in the USVI, grew up on a resort in the mountain west, and for K-6 I attended a 3-room schoolhouse with 25ish kids in the entire school … that doesn’t happen often.

----- katalia 01.12.11 15:34

I am uncommon because I truly, truly want nothing more then to be with ALL of my family this holiday season. Even the annoying ones. ;)

----- Andrea 01.12.11 15:32

I am the only person in the world who is commenting on this and doesnt actually want to win…

----- Eric 01.12.11 15:30

I can make the water drop noise that Cameron does in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

----- John Mars 01.12.11 15:26

I can make the water drop noise that Cameron does in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

----- John Mars 01.12.11 15:25

I rescued a cat and named him after a character from Star Trek TSG.

----- Lauren 01.12.11 15:22

I have a scar down one side of my face.

----- Leif Miltenberger 01.12.11 15:20

I eat Cheetos and other messy snacks with chopsticks to keep my OCD-obsessed fingers fastidiously clean.

----- Kylito 01.12.11 15:14

Im uncommon because I can move one of my ribs (since I was 4yo). And no, its not an alien trying to get out. It trully is my rib.

----- Armando 01.12.11 15:14

I desire to follow Thoreauvian principles of simplicity ans spartan living, but I also desire things. It’s not easy to balance the two sides.>_

----- Tom 01.12.11 15:12

I’m the daughter of the last direct descendant of our family name in the world.

----- Monica 01.12.11 15:06

I believe in ghosts and have a fascination with the occult and strange….

----- Liz 01.12.11 15:06

I have a rare blood disorder that requires me to drink a gallon of egg nog every day to stay alive. If there’s rum in it, my ability to tell jokes increases significantly.

----- Jon 01.12.11 15:04

I am an uncommon designer/DJ/IT/photographer/graphic artist who never has enough time!

----- Devin Vermeulen 01.12.11 14:57

I am uncommon because I actually know for sure that I am ordinary.

----- Anna 01.12.11 14:56

I am uncommon because I am unusually blunt.

----- Angus Macmillan 01.12.11 14:53

I can touch my tongue to my nose! (and I know you’re trying to do that right now!)

----- Julie 01.12.11 14:47

I used to skateboard to ballet class.

----- Kelsey 01.12.11 14:43

I’m uncommon because everytime I do something a Manic Pixie Dream Girl would do, I feel guilty.

----- Daisy 01.12.11 14:41

I am uncommon because I am the reincarnation of my alcoholic great grandmother, but I dont’t drink. The whole thing contradicts itself, now that’s uncommon~

----- Sarah 01.12.11 14:35

I am uncommon because I have no problems with nails on chalkboard but cant stand the sound a nail file makes.

----- Ryan J 01.12.11 14:30

My grandmother thinks that I’m uncommonly good looking… but that may be the partial blindness or nepotism

----- Ryan Wampler 01.12.11 14:29

I’m 30 years old and have never eaten a hamburger. Yet.

----- aubrey bach 01.12.11 14:28

I am uncommon because of what I love. I love Industrial Design and seeing what it has evolved into or branched out gives me goose bumps, because it means pretty much endless possibility for me.

----- Wen 01.12.11 14:28

I’m uncommon solely because I don’t love twilight!
hooray for not being common

----- Levi Montez 01.12.11 14:22

I am uncommon because I can write with both hands.

----- Christina 01.12.11 14:18

I am uncommon because I am a medical student who dabbles in fashion design.

----- Megan 01.12.11 14:16

I secretly like to change mistakes with evolutionary erasers. Then I look at Michele Bachmann and say “yes that changed lady… whatcha gonna do?” Who else is doing this?

----- rey 01.12.11 14:15

I have an onion allergy.

----- Cianán 01.12.11 14:15

My left eye is lower than my right.

----- Natewho 01.12.11 14:15

I don’t have a thyroid gland. I would say that’s uncommon.

----- Lara 01.12.11 14:14

I have an prehensile tail. You wish you had one too.

----- Dustcrumb 01.12.11 14:10

I am uncommon due to the fact that I am a tree climbing chapmion.

----- Sethernicus 01.12.11 14:08

I am uncommon because usually you think someone would do this to their eye. http://i.imgur.com/0wruQ.gif Not me though.

----- Brian Belida 01.12.11 13:56

I like to dip my french fries in my chocolate shake. Any my chicken strips.

----- JASON 01.12.11 13:51

Something unique about me is that I married a girl that was in my 6th Grade elementary school class. For some reason at that time she had made a seating chart of our class marking where everyone was sitting and their first and last name and mine read: “Ben ????.” Which, of course, is very ironic because we now share the same last name.

----- BEN C. 01.12.11 13:48

I’m uncommon because I was once employed as a snake handler and snorkel tour guide.

----- Danielle 01.12.11 13:46

i’m uncommon because i was going to become a Catholic nun but then i met & fell in love with a Muslim woman. :D

----- Tracy 01.12.11 13:45

I’m uncommon because I have fought a dragon and won, needless to say, not many modern people can claim that, especially those savvy kids with mustaches riding bikes with no gears in jeans that would restrict blood flow to the regions where one would need a lot of blood if they were to take on a dragon.

----- Andrew Chau 01.12.11 13:44

I am uncommon, therefore I am

----- Kyle 01.12.11 13:43

i am the son of a meat salesman and a librarian so i’m prone to vending food for thought.

----- scott 01.12.11 13:42

I believe what’s uncommon about me is my insane love for amazing packaging and design- I am currently majoring in Packsging Design at FIT and I cannot get enough of it, seeing great design like the products above truly inspire me.

----- Tim 01.12.11 13:39

I’m uncommon because I am royalty (non-commoner).

----- Aaron 01.12.11 13:31

I would say my awkward sense of humor and love for things tacky make me uncommon…hell some of my friends even created an I hate Charlie Price page on facebook…check it out…Im not allowed in so I have no clue what goes on in there!

----- Charlie Price 01.12.11 13:28

I’m uncommon because I was born backwards and haven’t turned around since.

----- Annie Rasmussen 01.12.11 13:27

I’ve been told that the most uncommon thing about me is my trait of eating chips with chopsticks (and it’s just with chips). I usually must have a pair of chopsticks along with any bag of chips. Btw, Thank you for another great giveaway NOTCOT!

----- Careolyn 01.12.11 13:25

I am uncommon wife.. why? You would better ask my husband..

----- Neringa 01.12.11 13:21

I’m a lefty and proud!

----- WolfieAwolfie 01.12.11 13:20

Does a love of black licorice make me uncommon?

----- Ed 01.12.11 13:20

Im uncommon because I have broken both my left elbow and right collar bone twice.

----- nick robles 01.12.11 13:14

Does wearing a tiara to the office make me uncommon? Also..When I am called eccentric..I know I am being complimented!

----- Lorri 01.12.11 13:12

I’m uncommon because I laugh louder than anyone else in the world.

----- Ashley 01.12.11 13:09

My nose makes squeaky noises at times that only my wife can hear. I consider it a superpower, that I haven’t found a use for yet.

----- Christoph 01.12.11 13:08

I’m an Irish Dancer. Unique because it’s so nerdy that most people stay away!

----- Jessi 01.12.11 13:05

I’m uncommon because I’d use the iPhone Alarm Dock for in-bed internet browsing rather than an alarm clock.

----- Ben 01.12.11 12:52

I’m so normal, it’s ridiculous. What’s uncommon about me? I actually like coming into work banged up from falling off my mountain bike. Gives me something to brag about. :-)

----- Tran Nguyen 01.12.11 12:50

I’ve had blue hair

----- Valerie Theberge 01.12.11 12:49

I am uncommon because my head is so large they had to special order my football helmet in high school. really.

----- Brian Krenzer 01.12.11 12:48

Cotton balls cause me great discomfort to either touch myself or watch someone.

----- Jim 01.12.11 12:46

I’m really laid back most of the time. Most people are really stressed out so I’d say it’s pretty uncommon these days.

----- Chris Wilkinson 01.12.11 12:41

I am uncommon because my new year’s resolution this year was to enter every online contest I come across instead of procrastinating or being dumb.

----- Abigail 01.12.11 12:39

I am uncommon because I am me

----- Kathy Eyre 01.12.11 12:38

I really and truly do not like chocolate, at all, in any form. As people have been reminding my whole life, that’s pretty uncommon.

----- Courtney 01.12.11 12:34

I am kind of uncommon because I am a triplet.

That doesn’t happen much… right?

----- Matthew 01.12.11 12:25

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