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Intel + Ultrabooks + Laser Cutters- 12.05.11

intel0.jpg HA! That’s the first impression i just had unboxing this surprise from Intel that just arrived. Second impression was… wow, someone got to have a lot of fun laser etching! In a big box is tucked a laser etched Intel plastic box… which had what looked like a HUGE laptop in it. I’ll admit it, i was half awake, opened it, and thought, “WTF? I thought this was about super lights!” Then i opened the giant battery-less laptop and literally laughed. They hid the Acer S3 13” Ultrabook INSIDE it. Cute, silly, unexpected, and totally proved their point. Oh, and quickly back to the laser etching fun ~ they etched the screen of the “fake” big laptop… and also the whole cover of the ultrabook!

Anyhow, the 11” macbook air changed the way i work and travel a few years back ~ and i’m seldom far from it. I have loved that i can even pop it in my purse on the go. I never thought i’d convert from 15” macbook pro’s to it! So i’ve been intrigued by the windows machines that started going down the same path ~ and there’s been a lot of buzz floating around the “ultrabooks”, especially the prices sliding down this holiday season (this one actually slides under the 1k mark!)… There’s something fun about grabbing a laptop that feels like a magazine in size practically ~ and having barely touched a windows machine in a while, but needing it for the randomest of tasks lately (including playing with/installing Logitech security systems to monitor the crazy backyard creatures of the night), this is perfect to complement my macbook air… just playing around with it, it feels silly that carrying both of them together still feels lighter than my old macbook pros!

Anyhow ~ while i experiment with the world of Windows ~ take a peek on the next page at the fun unboxing of this Intel package ~ and side by sides between the giant faux laptop case it came in, the ultrabook itself, and my 11” air on the next page!


It is odd, right? To open the big beautiful box and see this huge boring laptop?


Confusing how there’s a big hole you can see right through where the battery should be…


And then… there it is! Laptop in a laptop…



Point taken ~ hard to miss how much thinner and tinier laptops have gotten!



On interesting details ~ i guess I is for Intel? And it got a specially decorated key?



All the ports you need are on the back between the hinges…


In the pouch below the stand the laptop was on, are all the basic power cables/booklets…


Now a peek at all that laser etching fun upclose! First there’s the box it was all in…


Then the screen of the faux laptop that housed the ultrabook!


And the cover of the Ultrabook itself!


And as for how it compares to my 11” Macbook Air… The Acer S3 Ultrabook is pretty thin! intel15.jpg

11” Air on the 13” Ultrabook on the faux-laptop-case


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You know, I’m not normally a very materialistic guy (as the years continue I actually keep less and less things. I fit everything I own (besides the car) within a bureau, closet, and shelves of a 12 x 12 room with plenty of room to spare. But I definitely have some real object lust for these ultrabooks. These pictures are making me drool.

They’re sold in sizes wide enough where the screens are large and I can type on them with my oversized hands, but also: 2 and a half lbs. Christ. Can’t wait for another year or two for the price to drop and the speed and sophistication to increase to the point I can justify dropping some cash on one. Best part is that as to my music collection not fitting on a 128 gb flash card, by there’ll be so many USB 3.0 devices out there, that I could probably just drop $90 on an 8 oz USB hard drive and the whole thing will still weigh less than my current laptop.

See, and this is so exciting to me because it means taking up less space on less things.

And SSD speeds for the operating system. Can’t wait. This is my inner nerd coming out here. Last time I was this excited about tech was when I finally got an eReader and could give away all the physical books I had bought an online copy of.

----- Marcuse 10.12.11 18:35

The packaging made me LOL, haha! I wish you could really make it into a useable case somehow; it would probably trip someone out if you pulled out the Acer from inside the boring fake laptop in the middle of a coffeeshop. That would actually make a pretty good ad I think…

----- Stephanie 07.12.11 20:02

Hey I pretty much enjoy the look of the new S3 series.
But I also love the NOTCOT sticker on your macbook.
Is it possible to send me one of this stickers in your own interest?
I’m a graphic designer. but at the moment I’m back at the university in Austria.
I already make advertise for you, but the sticker would be great!

Greetings from Austria!

Keep notcot.org as qualitative as it is!


----- simmens 06.12.11 10:53

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