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Holiday Giveaway #11: Wejetset- 12.05.11

wejetset0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Wejetset always spoils us with such generous giveaways ~ one lucky winner each year gets a chance to win quite the getaway bundle that is prepared to take you around the world at the drop of a hat! Giveaway #11 includes everything from the weekender for your hand-carry to the poly carbonate roller for the big stuff… to the dopp kit for toiletries including the awesome OhSo Toothbrush… and even travel chopsticks so you’ll never be without utensils on the go… with an ipad case to keep your gadgets handy ~ and travel adapter… the question becomes, where to go next? And you’ll also have 3 travel guides to help get you acclimated when you get there!

For a chance to win the Jetsetter Bundle containing a Hideo Bean 25 roller suitcase, Qwstion Weekender bag, Jack Spade wax wear kit, an Incase Eley Kishimoto iPad Case, a Set of Travel Chopsticks, an OhSo Travel Toothbrush, 3 Moleskine City Guide Notebooks, and a Universal Travel Adapter from Wejetset, leave a comment with where you’d jetset right now (if you could!) before midnight PST on Dec 10th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures of the items and a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner, Tiffany in NYC, NY!


702 Notes

With this gear I would go for an incognito adventure across Japan. Probably write a book about it, turn into a movie and make myself a new career.

----- Rae 11.12.11 08:11

I’d be jet-setting to Bhutan to climb the steep mountains and see the monasteries,experiencing the simple austere, clear minded, media free lifeamongst swaying pine trees and steeply cliffed hills!

----- sandra loren 10.12.11 22:05

Without a doubt I would head all the way back to China’s Hunan Province. I volunteered there as an English teacher for six weeks this summer, much too short a time period for my curious, wanderlusting heart. I yearn to head back to the cragged mountains of Zhangjiajie and the pulled noodle shop in a corner of Zhuzhou where they stretched and wove the noodles in the front of the shop, right before our eyes.

But instead I’m going to stroll the artsy streets of Berlin and work on a two-week environmental project in rural Iceland this spring! China will have to wait until after graduation before I can return to teach again, but for now I’m spending my time stamping more exhilarating experiences on my (very empty!) passport.

----- Annie 10.12.11 16:27

I would head to Sweden. They do a great job with Christmas there.

----- Brett K. 10.12.11 15:40

If I could jet set anywhere right now it would be to Bali and tour all of Southeast Asia. I love to travel and I am dying to go and see that part of the world. You only live once.

----- RosaMaria 10.12.11 12:51

If I could jetset to any place in the world, it would be New Zealand!!

----- Elora 10.12.11 12:09

to the moon!

----- Burçin 10.12.11 11:11


----- oana m 10.12.11 11:05

Lyon, France! Gorgeous gorgeous.

----- Tia 10.12.11 09:33

I’d start jetsetting in Moscow to report on the current situation. Before sending Assad to prison and jetset on in the presidential palace in Syria. Travel south for a jetset in Zimbabwe, after banishing Mugabe. To finish jetsetting in a Manhattan club and convincing Wallstreet to switch to ‘sustainable banking’.

----- Guus van Gulik 10.12.11 08:04

Japan. We went once and have been wanting to return ever since.

----- Keith Again 10.12.11 06:54

Reykjavik, Iceland

----- Andrew 10.12.11 06:53

I have yet to go to Europe. I think, if I could, I would fly to London. I’ve always wanted to go.

----- Leslie 10.12.11 01:07

I’d go wwoofing in Japan!

----- Sydney 09.12.11 22:22

to Istanbul!

----- Lily 09.12.11 21:51

I go to Morocco, because it is warm and crazy.

----- Colby 09.12.11 21:22

I’d jetset to Prague! I was there once, and have been dying to go back.

----- Scott 09.12.11 20:23

Oh man, I’ve always wanted to go to Spain. I’d head there in a heartbeat.

----- Greg 09.12.11 19:10

i would jet set to bali! or iceland! or patagonia!

----- Siena 09.12.11 19:09

Buenos Aires, the “Montreal of South America”, and it’s SUMMER down there right this moment! (What an INSANE giveaway - please thank Wejetset profusely)

----- Leigh 09.12.11 18:59

Seoul, South Korea.

----- Michelle 09.12.11 18:45

If I could jetset ANYWHERE. I’d choose the beaches of Barcelona.

----- Matt 09.12.11 18:29

Paris. Right now. You know, food.

----- Nathan 09.12.11 18:14

South of the equator to someplace warm and above freezing! It’s currently 12 degrees F where I am right now!

----- Yooney 09.12.11 17:31

I would jet set to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and from there find my way to the Gobi Desert and stay in a yurt, live amongst the lovely Mongolian people and play with camels, goats and jerboas. Jerboas are fantastical!!!(http://www.flickr.com/photos/21073721@N02/4895584746/)

----- ethel 09.12.11 15:36

I’d go back to Europe any time! but I’m fantasizing more about Berlin right now…

----- Claire 09.12.11 15:30

I’d jet set to Florence, Italy!

----- risca 09.12.11 15:30

I would jetset back to the East coast to see my nieces and nephew for the holidays!!!

----- Lena 09.12.11 14:20

New Zealand

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 14:08

I’d head back to Paris and sit all day every day in a cafe, people-watching, sipping on cafe au lait… then I’d take the train to Monet’s home in Giverny to capture a million photos of the flowers.

----- becca 09.12.11 12:43

I’d go to Paris and visit my best friend who moved there last year.

----- Linda 09.12.11 12:30

If money and time were no object: Korea>Japan>Bali>South Africa>Brazil>Puerto Rico>home :)

----- Tiffany 09.12.11 10:46

I’d jetset to the Greek island of Santorini in a heartbeat.

----- Robyn 09.12.11 10:41

I would Jetset to Italy. My favorite place in the world!

----- David 09.12.11 09:39

Right now, I’d jetset to Los Angeles, for the warmth and the Christmas lights.

----- Chloe H. 09.12.11 09:00

Right now, I’d jetset off to Barcelona. Not many tourists and great weather.

----- Ehren 09.12.11 07:03

I’d be in Germany checking out the christmas markets

----- Angel 09.12.11 05:12

Cinque Terre!!!!!

----- Nike chapman 09.12.11 00:53

I would go to Manila, Philippines to visit family my members I’ve never met! My parents moved here in the 80s and haven’t gone back since!

----- Stephen Lee 08.12.11 23:05

It would be fun to spend xmas in tokyo.

----- richie 08.12.11 21:46

Korea to watch some live starcraft :P

----- victor 08.12.11 21:11

If I could jetset anywhere right now, I would go see my father and brother in Oregon for the holidays. We don’t see eachother much, maybe once every 2 years, so it would mean the world to me to be there during Christmas.

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 21:09

Somewhere hot with beaches. Maybe back down to Playa del Carmen!

----- April Brooks 08.12.11 21:00

Fly to Paris followed by a train to Chamonix France.

----- jamie 08.12.11 20:43

Thailand, please!

----- sarah 08.12.11 20:41

if I could jetset anywhere right now it would be to FRANCE.

----- amanda 08.12.11 20:39

Hill Valley, California, Oct. 21, 2015

----- Josh 08.12.11 20:33

Helsinki, Finland.

----- Casey L 08.12.11 19:16

Brazil, then Japan, Germany and back :]

----- Danielle 08.12.11 19:11

I would go to Paris and eat everything.

----- Steve H. 08.12.11 17:27

I would probably jetski to japan since that has always been my fantasy country which i romanticize about. i would love to experience the culture there!!

----- Cecilia 08.12.11 16:42

I’d fly to Lisbon, Portugal and drive to Coimbra for some outstanding seafood and port.

----- Natewho 08.12.11 16:24

I’d go take a trip around asia first Busan, Tokyo, and then Hong Kong.

----- Janice 08.12.11 15:54

I would travel to travel to Phenom Penh and visit the Angkor Wat, meeting friends and new people while experiencing Cambodia. Afterward I would connect I would connect into Hong Kong and visit the Aberdeen Floating Village during the day, and party during the night. Upon dancing and partying all of my energy away, I would stop by Tokyo and go to the mountain side, to relax in the hot springs of an onsen.

----- Dennis L 08.12.11 15:37

i’d jetset off to berlin for a trip through a german christmas market, some good food, and a cold walk through my favorite city.

----- ken 08.12.11 15:22

Key West for some rest!

----- Neil R. 08.12.11 15:18

id jetset to barcelona right now and order the biggest plate of jamon de serano on the menu, mmmmmmm love that place

----- victor hypolite 08.12.11 15:06

Shortly after we took our little family to Vernazza, Italy this summer a flood decimated the tiny town. If I could jet set anywhere right now I’d go back there and help the residents rebuild.

----- Isabel 08.12.11 14:48

If I could, I’d fly over to Berlin.

----- Isabela 08.12.11 14:12

If I could, I’d fly over to Berlin.

----- Isabela 08.12.11 13:59

I would take off to London-town, in a heartbeat! I miss that place.

----- Marlo 08.12.11 13:13

I’d jetset off to Iceland. The Northern Lights make the best christmas lights.

----- AJ 08.12.11 13:05

Morocco! top of my travel list

----- jenni o 08.12.11 11:24

The Twilight Zone.and a everywhere in between. In return I’ll bring back photos! Well, that, or the Virgin Islands to relax on a private beach. I’ll still bring back photos!

----- Bryce 08.12.11 11:21

I’d jetset to Israel and Palestine. See those that are making change on the ground for peace!

----- claire 08.12.11 10:49

Krakatoa for some mad surf!

----- kevin Walsh 08.12.11 10:15

As north as possible as it’s been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights one day. North pole here I come!

----- Emily 08.12.11 09:50

I’d be happy going anywhere in Europe! Germany!

----- Matthew K 08.12.11 09:46

Ann Arbor i miss my girl friend

----- Austin 08.12.11 08:14

I’d hop on a plane to Alderney in the Channel Islands for a weekend getaway!

----- Ashley 08.12.11 06:58

I’d go to Bora Bora with my lovely lady friend.

----- Cole 08.12.11 05:01

I would jetset to Japan! I’ve wanted to visit Japan for years and I would eat and buy everything.

----- Jess 08.12.11 03:49

I’ve always wanted to go to Corsica but pretty much anywhere warm would be nice right now!

----- Iris 08.12.11 02:45

i’m all ready to head to the UK. i miss england and scotland & wales.. and i need to see ireland!

----- heather 07.12.11 22:55

I’ll jetset to Santorini. Santorini is just superb…love the Aegean Sea, and sun set, and blues and white, and …


----- Jessica Ng 07.12.11 21:26

Tokyo,because it’s still one of the most fascinating cities on the planet.

----- Mark 07.12.11 20:59

I would go directly to Ordos, China and film a movie. Have you guys seen this place it’s going to be the Dubai of the far east ! ( http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1975397,00.html )

----- Ananth D 07.12.11 20:44

Prague! I’ve wanted to go there ever since I saw “The Third Man”

----- Deveney 07.12.11 20:26

Jetset anywhere? Can that include Virgin Galactic? It’s technically a jet. :D I’d really love to jetset away in SpaceShipTwo into SPACE (see http://www.ausbt.com.au/amazing-photos-richard-branson-s-new-virgin-galactic-spaceport for pictures!!).

----- Stephanie 07.12.11 20:07

If I could jetset anywhere right NOW, I’d love to go to Japan. Going there for like Christmas or New Years just sounds amazing. With all this Jetset swag I could be in with the hip/trendy futuristic people of Japan. Walking around and all this gear (if I won) in Japan would just seem right!

----- Khoa 07.12.11 20:00

I’d bamf off to Amsterdam quicker than a palpitation.

----- OJ Desuasido 07.12.11 19:21

I’d jetset straight out of freezing Saskatchewan weather and head for the balmy shores of Fiji.

----- Julian 07.12.11 19:07

I would fly to Seaford, England, to hear the waves crashing the rocky beach.

----- Martin 07.12.11 17:47

If I could, I’d fly over to Shanghai. There’s so many amazing buildings and neighborhoods!

----- Hailey 07.12.11 17:41

Maldives! I need a relaxing vacation to recover from my recent trips!

----- SD 07.12.11 15:57

Normally I’d say Istanbul, Turkey. But, I’m freezing my tukus off right now so I’d jetset to Thailand.

----- Laura 07.12.11 15:49

Galapagos Island, to see the blue footed boobies, penguins, and tortoises then hop over to the mainland and climb machu pichu.

----- carol 07.12.11 15:44

I would jetset back to Istanbul. I was recently in Istanbul for the first time and fell in love with the city.

----- Patrick 07.12.11 15:43

Never Never Land or Narnia

----- Nick Ulrich 07.12.11 15:27

I would jet set to Antigua, Guatemala the land of Eternal Spring to enjoy the holiday festivities in Central Park and sit on a rooftop with an awesome volcano view watching the sun rise…

----- Michele P. 07.12.11 13:41

the island of Mauritius, i’ve never been but since my parents have, i would love to go!

----- Adilah Guiseppi 07.12.11 13:05

I would immediately go to the Maldives to Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa!

----- Yolanda Hernandez 07.12.11 11:57

I would be on the first flight to Tuscany! The more and wine and Italian food, the better.

----- Chana 07.12.11 11:23

Seoul for good Korean food.

----- Beth 07.12.11 10:30

I’d jetset Antartica to kick off my round the world trip!

----- Jo ng 07.12.11 10:13

Costa Rica for sunshine, sand and Pura Vida!

----- Jenn 07.12.11 09:59

Hawaii, definitely

----- Justin 07.12.11 09:08

I would jet set to Endor and party it up with some Ewoks (if I could).

----- Melissa 07.12.11 09:03

Mago Island. Assuming Mel Gibson and his beaver weren’t there.

----- Kevin 07.12.11 08:35


----- JUSTIN R 07.12.11 08:33

i would jetset to macedonia right now to be with my girlfriend.

----- Chris 07.12.11 08:14

Since i am just about to jet set to Tokyo to visit my brother and his fiance, this would be perfect.

----- josh 07.12.11 08:09

I would jetset to NY to visit my family and friends that I miss so much!

----- Emily 07.12.11 07:39

I’d head to Denmark to live my dream of experiencing some hygge culture.

----- Cameron 07.12.11 07:33

I’d take my wife and camping gear to the black forest in Germany. We’d camp and then stay in a beautiful hotel in Prague… for a long time.

----- Adam Edwards 07.12.11 07:20

off course i will be jetsetting to save the world, by that, i mean go to North Pole helping Santa and the elves making all the toys for the children. after all, what would a child be without any toy, and they say our children is our future.

haha *ahem* i will be jetsetting to Bangkok since i will go there in the next April in Songkran Festival wooohoooo. *ahem*. so yea.

----- erick hilmansyah 07.12.11 05:55

Brunei, in a heartbeat.

----- Yvonne 07.12.11 05:14


----- Lexu 07.12.11 05:00

Manhattan. The greatest city ever. Been there only once but I’m hooked by it.

----- Gary 07.12.11 04:41

Anywhere without the X’mas shoppers and busy streets. Ready, jetset, GO!

----- Liang 07.12.11 04:23

To Morocco! And that is exactly where i am flying off to, tomorrow. Time to pack!

----- Claire 07.12.11 03:56

I’d stay exactly where I am and fly my family out to London to be with me.

----- Brenna 07.12.11 02:56

I’d love to visit a small town somewhere in France, learn to speak French with the locals, eat authentic French food, and spoil myself in Paris after. Oh, the French life! :)

----- Danielle 07.12.11 02:33

London… i’m in love with this city. I just can’t enough of it.

----- Mihai V. 07.12.11 01:33

i’d head straight to japan. i really want to win a ticket to japan to blog about my experience there. i think this travel set would be an invaluable companion. all i need to do is score one of those ticket deals and then take this travel set with me. it’d be a wrap.

----- bj/ dj brigidope 07.12.11 01:21

Budapest. And what a fabulous give-away bundle!

----- Benita 06.12.11 23:00

Would be jetsetting to Prague. A place I’ve always wanted to go, by myself.

----- nic 06.12.11 22:36

Manchester, UK. Have a girl there I want to meet…ahh the internet.

----- James 06.12.11 22:31

i’d go to shanghai, to be with me lady.

----- Allen 06.12.11 22:13

Leaving a comment: done!
Winning: …

----- Pierre 06.12.11 21:49

I’d probably be off to Sweden to visit my husband. We’ve been living apart for the past 14 months while he researches wolves in Scandinavia, wandering about in the woods with not much more than a GPS tracker in hand. I’ve been back in my hometown of Seattle working as a translator and also gestating, giving birth to, and now raising our eight month old son—I bet I could fit him in that Qwstion weekender bag to tag along for the trip. Then we’d be off to southern Japan so that my poor in-laws could finally meet their first and only grandchild! Ah, if only…

----- Jill 06.12.11 20:21

Island hopping in the Philippines!!! An Archipelago comprising of about 7,107 islands.

----- eddie 06.12.11 20:07


----- Almin 06.12.11 20:02

I would fly to Brisbane…Wanna visit my family!

----- Solmaz 06.12.11 19:50

I would fly off to Greece!

----- Laura 06.12.11 19:36


----- darrell 06.12.11 19:12

This one is a toughy, but if I could go anywhere, I would love to go to beautiful Belize.

----- Brenda I 06.12.11 19:01

I would love to go to Tokyo.

----- Albert Kim 06.12.11 18:58

I would go to either the Dominican Republic or Brazil

----- Emily 06.12.11 18:34

If I could, I’d take my dream trip across Europe for a few weeks - canoe the aqueducts of Wales, taste the pastries of France, visit the Acropolis in Greece - everything I could fit in (and probably not much sleep).

----- Sara F. 06.12.11 18:28

I’d jetset somewhere tropical…

----- Phil Denton 06.12.11 18:20

Africa - to leave the Discovery Channel and National Geographic behind and experience the safaris for real.

----- Vanessa 06.12.11 18:05

To be honest, as much as I would LOVE to jetset off to Europe (just any part! Especially Croatia, so pretty!) … I would jetset off to the Philippines. I was born there and lived there for 14 years, and then I moved to California 6 or 7 years ago. As much as I love it here, I still miss Christmas and New Years in the Philippines because it really is a different vibe. EVERYONE celebrates it, and it’s just really festive and loud. New Years is especially crazy where you have fireworks happening right in front of your house!

So that’s where I would jetset off to (if I could)… A humid, loud, crazy holiday spend with old friends and family.

----- Francis 06.12.11 18:02

I would jetset off to Salzburg, Austria for a white Christmas. :)

----- Beth 06.12.11 17:44

i would jetset right to London where I have not been able to go for a long while!

----- kenny 06.12.11 16:28

I would jet to bonaire. Great beaches amazing diving and snorkeling delicious food (carribean and dutch who knew it could be so good)!

----- zack 06.12.11 16:14

Antarctica. To literally and figuratively chill with some penguins.

----- Stephen Fernandez 06.12.11 16:05

Germany! The christmas markets are in full swing, roasted nuts, how cider wine, and wieners…… thats what the season is all about

----- Tony F 06.12.11 15:50

I would go to Greece if I could go anywhere right now. I’ve never been out of the country besides Mexico and I have always wanted to go over seas.

----- Nicole 06.12.11 15:44


----- Hanna 06.12.11 15:25

have always wanted to go to tokyo

----- kelly 06.12.11 15:16

I would love to go to Ireland and get a real kilt

----- Alex Bryan 06.12.11 15:12

I would hop on a plane to NYC (I live in San Diego) because I missed out on Christmas / New Years last year when family health / deaths cast a somber tone and prevented any festivities.

I need some holiday cheer!

----- Tyler Benner 06.12.11 15:04

I would love to go to Sydney, Australia!

----- Betsy Bull 06.12.11 15:00

I would go to Iceland!

----- Clayton 06.12.11 14:59

I would take my mom to her home town of St. John’s Newfoundland in Canada to take her mind off of her chemo treatments!

----- Noel 06.12.11 14:28

I’d jet out to California to comfort my friend Freddie, who just lost his best friend, and it looks like his brother is going to pass away, too.

----- BruceS63 06.12.11 14:12

as always, Costa Rica. great food, beautiful landscapes and wonderful people.

----- Jesse 06.12.11 14:02

I’m Jetset to dreamland and back, but the plane will be headed to Figi

----- Andrew 06.12.11 13:23

Istanbul, Turkey. I have not been home for over two years… it’s time to go.

----- blue 06.12.11 13:18

It would take a couple of flights, but Oaxaca, Mexico!

----- Margaret A 06.12.11 13:09

Riga! I love that city but have never seen it in december.

----- Agnieszka 06.12.11 12:55

New Zealand - no question!!

----- YuenMe 06.12.11 12:54

South Korea - a culture that uses metal chopsticks has got to be interesting.

----- Lisa McKenzie 06.12.11 12:47

i would jetset to the azores to search for giant squid… in style!

----- guy l'orange 06.12.11 12:32

I would jetset to amsterdam, beautiful in christmas!

----- Jeremy 06.12.11 12:32

Tokyo, Japan. Even though its even colder than where I am now.

----- Arthur Kosasih 06.12.11 12:32

Rio de Janeiro.

----- ethan 06.12.11 12:30

I like that plug adapter and the bags. Great designs!

----- Springroll 06.12.11 12:10

I would jetset myself to the moon and back if you’ll be, if you’ll be my baggy

----- Bojan 06.12.11 11:52

Portland, Oregon. Bogota is lovely this time of year (sort of) but home is where the heart is.

----- Kristina 06.12.11 11:30

The Motherland: Russia

----- Andy Swafford 06.12.11 11:26

Santorini, Greece is after my heart— and I must give in…

----- Sarmishta 06.12.11 11:25

I’d jetset off to Tromso to see the northernlights and be wowed by the spectaculair nature, and then to Zanzibar to get married.

----- Eva 06.12.11 11:11

Australia, not too sure about which city though

----- Taryn 06.12.11 11:11

right now, Maui for a change. after that a fine winter destination seems appropriate.

----- zwotens 06.12.11 11:05

I would jet right now to Rejkavik. It looks beautiful!

----- Annie Rasmussen 06.12.11 10:57

Brazil or Chile to escape the Seattle rain.

----- Misch 06.12.11 10:51

I just got a phone call from my baby brother in Omaha, NE, so that is where I want to be right now. However, as that location rather “lacks scope for the imagination”, I’d have to say that I would jetset to São Paolo.

----- Lisa 06.12.11 10:08

Inish Bofin, an island of the coast of Ireland where the livestock out number people and the Guiness is always smooth. I traveled here a few years back with my spouse and would love to hop on a plane, bus then boat to revisit this hidden gem.

----- Nate 06.12.11 10:06

I’d head to Beijing!

----- kate 06.12.11 10:01

I’d jetset to Sweden…for the meatballs.

----- vu 06.12.11 09:49

I would jetset to Shanghai, China. The dollar goes a long way there and its a wonderful city of sin and debauchery

----- Luis 06.12.11 09:28

I’d travel around the world! Why settle for less?!

----- Ralitsa 06.12.11 09:16

I would pack my bags and buy a ticket to New York to see the Christmas tree outside of Rockefeller Centre.

----- Tab 06.12.11 09:08

San Sebastian, I’m hungry!!!

----- TED 06.12.11 08:40

I would head to the mother land, Italy.

----- Gino V 06.12.11 08:26

I stinkin love Disneyland… Yeah, I’m just a big kid at heart.

----- BEN C. 06.12.11 08:23

Madrid, Spain! The most underrated, beautiful city in the world! I love it there!

----- Janelle T. 06.12.11 08:18

i would jetset to nyc(with my brand new OhSo Travel Toothbrush)

----- marc 06.12.11 08:12

I would jetset to Spain! Ah, to spend Christmas and New Years there! It would be better than Florida, that’s for sure.

----- Angela Nguyen 06.12.11 07:43

For once, i dont want to set far. Minehead GB for ATP festival this weekend will do just fine. Perfect for a weekender bag and travel toothbrush

----- Alex 06.12.11 07:37

When I was younger I would dream about going to greece….I wanted to see old buildings and statues. I still feel this way and I want to go any place older than here! The oldest buildings in my city are about 100 years old and I feel as though I have no scope on human history. I would like to go to Europe in any form, I want to see the catacombs, paintings by old masters and medeval architecture….

----- shanell 06.12.11 07:35


----- Sean 06.12.11 07:33

I’d jetset to the Bahamas, to visit my family and to get away from the awful weather we’re having right now.

----- Linn 06.12.11 07:32

I would run away to Boston…it’s my favorite city in the world…so far. :D

----- Allen Morris 06.12.11 07:31

I could use some “go away” time. Just me, the Oregon coast, jeans & fleece and a stuffed Kindle. Thanks!

----- Kathy R 06.12.11 07:27

Home to California and abandon the frigid Canadian North! In reality though I will be jet setting to Costa Rica and Ecuador in the summer to help take care of feral dogs and cats so some luggage would be beneficial.

----- Lauren 06.12.11 07:26

New Zealand. I could use some warmer weather right about now!

----- Jeremy 06.12.11 07:26

i would love to fly and dive into the maldives! A wonderful serene yet amazingly breathtaking holiday… if only…

----- Gen 06.12.11 07:24

Start by getting super weird in Bangkok, then down south for diving/climbing in Koh Tao, Koh Samui, maybe full moon party in Koh Phangan. Continue furth south to the more remote beach areas and keep right on going to Indonesia for some Kopi Luwak in Bali, Komodo and the Gili Islands. Island hop all the way to Papua where I am eaten by cannibals.

----- Zack 06.12.11 07:10


----- Hayden 06.12.11 07:09

i’d love to visit my dream city: gothenburg in sweden!

----- melanie 06.12.11 06:57

I’m leaving Ohio tomorrow for the Himalayas.

----- Samantha 06.12.11 06:33

I’d go to New York, I really want to feel the groove.

----- Pedro 06.12.11 06:12

Patagonia! Almost as far away as possible…

----- Irena 06.12.11 06:09

Seriously? A Hideo bean suitcase, chopsticks, and an Eley Kishimoto iPad case all in the same bundle?! I’d go to JAPAN!! Where else could I honor the designers and use my travel chopsticks at the SAME time?

----- Sharon 06.12.11 05:52

I’d go to Iceland!

----- Chana M. 06.12.11 05:20

Definitely São Paulo. And then Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii, Tokyo and at last Portimão. And then back to São Paulo…

----- neza 06.12.11 04:46

Iquitos!! The ‘jungle capital’ of Peru…because it’s the most surreal and relaxed place I know and the ‘pescado con cocona’ is delicious!

----- Grace 06.12.11 04:37

Jet-set me over to New Zealand!

----- Ben Bubar 06.12.11 04:29

I would go to Europe (London first) and take trains everywhere!

----- Ginger 06.12.11 03:49

I would fly to Mykonos from SF, CA. It’s the most beautiful Greek Island. (PS: I love the luggage!)

----- Kate 06.12.11 03:31

To Montreal. Finally. On the 10th. To propose to my girlfriend :)

----- Lars 06.12.11 03:08

There are list of places I’d love to jetset to — but it’s been a dozen years since I’ve seen my friends from Art School… Glasgow it is!

----- Jill 06.12.11 02:59

I’d go to the moon =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 06.12.11 02:47

I live in Bali, which is a dream destination for many, but the grass is always greener on the other side and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now but the UK. I miss London heaps but I’ve always dreamt of visiting Glasgow and moving there if it lived up to my destination, so I’d definitely jet off there any time I could- including now.

----- Tatiana 06.12.11 02:40

Nothing would make me happier than to land in Copenhagen right now. Even more so, just do all of Scandinavia, that would be an incredible jet-set. One day, it’s going to happen. Good luck with the contest everyone!

----- Sean Yendrys 06.12.11 02:24

I would love to head to Australia right now to spend a week or two with some family before I meet up with more of them in Brasil in a few short weeks.

----- Claudia 06.12.11 02:22

I’d fly off to Melbourne to escape the cold English winter, to surprise my brother & his family for our first family Christmas in over a decade!

----- Nicole 06.12.11 01:57

I’ll go to Foshan city where in Guangdong province, south of China, to visit my parents during the coming Chinese New Year ;D

----- Jing Zhang 06.12.11 01:16

I would fly to a small village in Bosnia to visit my uncle who will be spending the holidays alone for the first time ever after a difficult year. I just finished writing his holiday card, and have been thinking just how nice it would be to see him.

----- tasa 06.12.11 01:04

Portofino……no explanation necessary.

----- Michael Chen 06.12.11 00:24

YVR -> ICN -> BKK -> RGN

Leaving Vancouver, I’d head to the South Korean Metropolis for a week of food, swing dancing, and shopping, shed the heavier baggage to travel light in Bangkok (where I’d pick up additional luggage to accommodate further Shopping habits), then to Burma to pay respects to the land of my forbears. I’ve been before, Bagan, Yangon, but I missed out on Mandalay the last time I was in that neck of the woods. Nothing to buy there. Photographs, memories, and standing in the shadow of the world’s largest pagoda, warm marble beneath my feet, incense and prayer in the air. Ethereal.

----- Kane 06.12.11 00:08

I would “Jet” (get it!!? hehe) to Winnipeg, MB …to surprise my one and only, who I haven’t seen since October, and who I miss dearly!

----- Alexa M 05.12.11 23:48

Seoul, South Korea. I’m sure I’d find a bunch of adventures.

----- Lara 05.12.11 23:44

I would go to Paris, as I’ve never been, and probably branch out to other neighboring European cities.

----- Steph 05.12.11 23:32

I would go to Paris, as I’ve never been, and probably branch out to other neighboring European cities.

----- Steph 05.12.11 23:32

I’d go back to London. Studied abroad there a year ago, wanting to go back everyday since.

----- alison 05.12.11 23:22

New Zealand sounds perfect right now. Gettin’ chilly up here.

----- Kevin 05.12.11 23:12

Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii to get away from the winter cold

----- Michelle 05.12.11 23:12

I’d love to go to Thailand!

----- Michelle M 05.12.11 23:09

This is a toss up between sting ray bay and Spain. Spain would probably win, the food there is amazing!

----- christi 05.12.11 22:57

I’d be on a plane to India, immediately.

----- Sasha 05.12.11 22:49

I would take my wife on a long, overdue, honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. We are long overdue for a tan!

----- philip gundersen 05.12.11 22:47

I would jetset to Italy and have the most romantic Christmas!

----- Jay B. 05.12.11 22:33

@ the MOON and if its not possible I’d jetset to MONGOLIA, INDIA or hmmmsomewhere in SOUTH AMERICA. Oh i know I wanna visit my friend in HONDURAS! Hai Honduras desu ne!!!!!

----- Agnes 05.12.11 22:14

PATAGONIA. To adventure.

----- Jackie 05.12.11 22:13

Jetset me to Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica. A treehouse community nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. Waking up each morning to a tropical bird symphony from a treehouse perched high in the canopy… DIVINE

----- Melissa Hendrix 05.12.11 22:09

Jeju Island in South Korea

----- Jin Park 05.12.11 22:05

NYC! I’ve been dieing to go back. That city stole a piece of my heart and I would give another piece in a flash. To see it all lit up for the holidays! Hot chocolate in Bryant Park … weep, weep.

----- Lish 05.12.11 22:04

its winter time…I want to jetset to a pacific island to bask in the warmth of the sun. I’ve always wondered what a tropical Christmas would be like.

----- chris 05.12.11 21:45


----- Fiona 05.12.11 21:40

New Orleans!

----- B Louie 05.12.11 21:39


----- L. Mann 05.12.11 21:23

yorkshire uk to see an old country manor done up for xmas

----- laura 05.12.11 21:16

Take me to Barcelona Spain right now. let me lost in the Sagrada Familia.

----- Jason 05.12.11 21:11

if i could jetset right now, i’d head straight to japan to promote my streetwear brand!

----- Levi Montez 05.12.11 20:57

I’d jump on a plane headed for PO Box #49, Jamison, PA 18929-0049 to give the guys at WeJetSet a big ol’ hug!!!

----- Leigh Clemmons 05.12.11 20:54

if I could go ANYWHERE right now, I would jet off to Greece.

----- Josh Langager 05.12.11 20:46

The salt flats of Bolivia

----- Antonio 05.12.11 20:42

right back to where i am…

----- eliot 05.12.11 20:38

I’d fly to Munich, Germany to visit my long distance boyfriend! I haven’t seen him in three months :(

----- Michelle 05.12.11 20:37

The first place that comes to mind is Lake Como, but I’ve never been to Cinque Terre, so I would head there immediately. Yeah, it’s probably a little cool there, but at least it wouldn’t be crowded.

----- rich 05.12.11 20:33

Poland, for sure.

----- Shannon 05.12.11 20:30

Nozawa Onsen in Japan because it’s a chaarming village with excellent powder skiing (without crowds). And with all the geothermal activity in the area, après ski will be soaking in hot spring baths.

----- Lex 05.12.11 20:26

The Maldives!

----- Selina Wong 05.12.11 20:20

I would jet set to the moon to see with awe and gratitude my home.

“…when I first looked back at the earth, standing on the moon, I cried.”

— Alan Shepard

xx Monica

----- Monica 05.12.11 20:19

I would love to heard to Peru and enjoy the December summer on Machu Picchu.

----- Wehaf 05.12.11 20:17

St.Petersburg RUSSIA

----- Javi 05.12.11 20:07


----- michael higdon 05.12.11 20:07

Luxembourg, for sure!

----- Carrie 05.12.11 19:57

Barcelona! Helsinki! Tokyo! Reykjavik!

----- Sharelle 05.12.11 19:53

I’m off to Tokyo in a heartbeat!

----- Michael 05.12.11 19:52

I would westjet to Scotland build a hut in the highlands and become a hermit with internet and a camera for the rest of my years.

----- Emily 05.12.11 19:50

I’m supposed to go to London at the end of the year, but I would surely be willing to jet there right now!

----- Jen D 05.12.11 19:42

I’d jetset to Cuba!!! Watching the Latin street musician live, groove with them, then having a black sweet Cuban coffee break, ended with the hip cabaret and lots of mojitos! ^^

----- Mellissa 05.12.11 19:41

I want to travel to Europe by myself and just get lost in its splendor

----- SARAH 05.12.11 19:41

I’d go to Seoul to practice my Korean!

----- Emily 05.12.11 19:39

scotland with my hubby

----- nikki 05.12.11 19:36

I’d go to Cambodia in a heartbeat.

----- Alex 05.12.11 19:22

I’d fly to Australia to spend Christmas with family friends that I haven’t seen in 8 years. I’ve never spent Christmas with them, but I missed their visit this summer because of a prior commitment, now I realize how much I miss them.

----- Christine 05.12.11 19:18


----- Randi Lynne 05.12.11 19:12

I have never been out of California, so i would choose Hong Kong to explore my culture.

----- Johnny Tran 05.12.11 19:10

surely madrid

----- dylan 05.12.11 19:05

I would jetset straight to Hong Kong to spend the Christmas holiday with my relatives! I only get to see them once every three years…Thank you NOTCOT and Wejetset for this opportunity! :)

----- Careolyn 05.12.11 19:01

Korea! Having lived in a tropical country all my life, experiencing snow while feasting on Korean food would be awesome. If I get too cold, I can snack on kimchi and soju to warm me up (or numb me, or knock me out, whichever comes first)!

----- Twinkle 05.12.11 18:54

Good god, give me Paris immediately.

----- Chris Jennings 05.12.11 18:43

Spain (or Espana as I have learned it is really named) as my girlfriend is there through Christmas with her family (or stealers as I have come to call them).

----- Edward 05.12.11 18:42

Papua, I want to diving in Raja Ampat…

----- RONI PASLAH 05.12.11 18:41

easy: Paris.

----- Roller 05.12.11 18:39

I would go back to Iceland… I didn’t get to see the Northern Lights last time I was up there. Or maybe Morocco or Turkey, I’ve never been and would love to see them!

----- Pam Weiner 05.12.11 18:39

I’d venture off into the little untouched land of Laos!! And the 100 acres wood.

----- Sarah 05.12.11 18:37

SPAIN!! Sagrada famillia here i come!!

----- Helen 05.12.11 18:37


----- A.V. 05.12.11 18:34

I really want to go to new zealand to visit gibbs farm, or hashima island in japan.

----- dain 05.12.11 18:27

I’d go to India. Immediately. Then Thailand. Then I’d follow the wind.

----- Rae 05.12.11 18:22

Quito. Hello Monkey Sanctuary!!!!!

----- J. Murphy 05.12.11 17:53

I’d jetset to Porto, Portugal right now and just explore the city, especially the bookshop Lello!

----- Joan Tiffany Siy 05.12.11 17:51

BALI - staying in the on the water huts.

----- MANDOO 05.12.11 17:51

I’d fly straight to Abu Dhabi. That’s where Garfield always shipped kittens.

----- Joseph Wilk 05.12.11 17:50

I would fly to Kyoto right away!

----- Meagan Gonzaga 05.12.11 17:46

Anywhere in SE Asia.

----- trinh 05.12.11 17:43

I’d jet to the Niagara Falls!!

----- Juliana 05.12.11 17:35

2012 is Snow White’s year (2 movies were made for her), so I’d JETSET TO THE BLACK FORREST!

----- Tivonne Nguyen 05.12.11 17:29

Reykjavik, immediately. Best time for the Northern Lights. Plus, 20 hours of darkness means Christmas lights all day long!

----- Marissa 05.12.11 17:27

I would jet set right off to Notcot headquarters to pick-up my prize and give the team hi-5’s! Hi-5.

----- Tim B. 05.12.11 17:27

Alternate Universe

----- Kam 05.12.11 17:26

Cannes! It’s 65 and sunny there right now.

----- Chris 05.12.11 17:25

any where where i can’t do any work! some place tropical with warm water scuba diving

----- somerset 05.12.11 17:24

Paris in the summer, with my girlfriend, and we’d bike ride around the boulevard saint michel until our legs got so sore that we needed to eat so much cheese until our stomachs ached.

----- Bryan 05.12.11 17:22

I’d fly off to the South Pacific to get out of this ass-chapping cold!

----- Annabel 05.12.11 17:21

I would go to Budapest….

----- Astrid 05.12.11 17:21

Sevilla, Spain. OLE!!!

----- Elliott 05.12.11 17:19

If I could jetset anywhere right now it would be to St. Croix, USVI to spend the holidays with my grandmother.

----- Gregory 05.12.11 17:16

I’d jetset to Maryland to see my boyfriend and say hi :)

----- Genie 05.12.11 17:13

to japan via the north shore!

----- sally 05.12.11 17:13

The fiance and I have been talking about going to Mykonos for our honeymoon I would have to say that would be it.

----- Justin H 05.12.11 17:11

Jetsetting through Europe…..that would be epic….

----- Jin 05.12.11 17:09

The UK is too cold! Would love to go to Egypt!

----- Jane 05.12.11 17:07

I’d go to Boston, to visit a very dear friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

----- Jacob Jones 05.12.11 17:05

Either Scotland or New Zealand. It’s a toss up.

----- Andy 05.12.11 17:03

I’d jetset straight to the moon

----- Jim 05.12.11 16:51

I’d jet to San Francisco right away! Just in time to see the family during holidays and because the people are so nice there!

----- Asenh Tsan 05.12.11 16:50

Bora Bora!!

----- Jane 05.12.11 16:46

To Tokyo! I’d love to see my friends in Japan!!

----- Greg Weaver 05.12.11 16:46

I would jetset to Norway to see the Northern Lights…and scratch another thing off my life list!

----- Yenn 05.12.11 16:46

I would go to Belize!

----- Sabah 05.12.11 16:37

I’d love to jet off to London.

----- Cherie nelson 05.12.11 16:33

Fulda, Germany. In a second.

----- eab 05.12.11 16:29

If I could jetset right now I think I’d go to Houston, Stockholm, Rome, or Paris.

----- Dustin 05.12.11 16:28

I would jet set to Jamaica for some sun and relaxation.

----- Kenya Lashley 05.12.11 16:27

maui. everyone else seems to be doing it…

----- Patrick 05.12.11 16:25

Hobart, Tasmania, to see my 93 year old Grandma!

----- Hilary 05.12.11 16:25

yosemite national park. most tourists go in the summer, but the winter landscapes of snow and iced over lakes are beautiful, and there’s nothing like trekking in freezing weather to a fireplace and hot toddy.

----- yeon 05.12.11 16:13

I’d like that roller carry on.

----- tudza 05.12.11 16:07

I really want to go to Vietnam and get some Pho.

----- Maya 05.12.11 15:58

I would go to Hai Nan (China).

----- Wannie 05.12.11 15:57

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

----- RYAN 05.12.11 15:55

I’d fly to Caleeeeefornia!

----- Joe S 05.12.11 15:55

If I could get a month off from work, Australia. For just a long weekend, NYC, I really want to check out the Beyond Planet Earth exhibit at the AMNH.

----- Dan 05.12.11 15:54

i’d go to taiwan to see my relatives and then back to japan for vacay. it’s been 10 years!

----- Terri 05.12.11 15:49

Thailand. I’ve always wanted to go!

----- Lisa 05.12.11 15:46

Any where that is warm and sunny. Then head back to England for Christmas with the family :)

----- Jonathan 05.12.11 15:44

I wont know till I fall asleep.. but I do know I’ll touch down back home just in time for the alarm clock

----- Marc 05.12.11 15:21

To Australia(their summer just started!) to visit friends until this “Winter Thing” blows over.

----- Vinny W 05.12.11 15:21

i’d fly to malaysia to get me some grilled stingray! yummmm. ;)

----- christina p. 05.12.11 15:18

I have always dreamt of escaping to New Zealand, touring round the South Island and taking in the beautiful scenery. Hopefully one day.

----- Jane 05.12.11 15:15


----- Natalie G 05.12.11 15:08

I never had a white christmas, so i’d Jetset to Canada somewhere remote like the Yukon. Bliss.

----- michael 05.12.11 15:06

I would jetset before midnight PST on Dec 10th. Or right now. I would go to the far plains on Aiur, in search of the Protoss high templars. But instead I’ll be stuck to fend for myself with only travel chopsticks on the trans siberian rail.

----- Andrew Chau 05.12.11 15:01


----- Jack Frost 05.12.11 14:59

I’d go to London to visit my husband’s dear friends.

----- katalia 05.12.11 14:57

I’d be flying to Tulum, Mexcio RIGHT NOW

----- aubrey 05.12.11 14:56

I’d fly anywhere, if given the opportunity, but Spain would be my top choice.

----- Wilmie 05.12.11 14:55

I’d go straight to Japan!

----- Justin Shen 05.12.11 14:54

Budapest Hungary to see a certain someone ;)

----- Brian 05.12.11 14:53

Back home to the Philippines. I haven’t been back in 15 years now. Other than the weather, Holidays are fun out there, the entire town actually interacts and celebrates as opposed to people celebrating in closed doors secluded in their homes.

----- Brenner 05.12.11 14:52

I would fly right now!!! to Romania- i came here when i was 13 with my parents and have not yet been back. So much has changed, I am planning to go next spring- this would be perfect!!

----- Iarina 05.12.11 14:51

i’d go got get my girl in Vancouver, B.C.

----- brian casler 05.12.11 14:43

Iceland! ‘cause Denver just isn’t cold enough!

----- Ian S. 05.12.11 14:42

Mexico to visit the family for the holidays!

----- sindy murray 05.12.11 14:41

I’d take a trip down to Brazil for the winter. Enjoy the southern hemisphere weather and the tropical climates that the magnificent country has to offer. I’d travel all around the country, enjoying the rich diversity that the country has and natural settings from waterfalls, beaches and rain forests. That would be grand.

----- Tyler 05.12.11 14:29

Tokyo, Japan! To visit my family and eat delicious foods!

----- Ruth 05.12.11 14:26

Saskatoon to see my lady, unless she would be able to meet up in Argentina!

----- Anders 05.12.11 14:21

New Zealand. I hear it’s warm there. :)

----- Rachel Bain 05.12.11 14:20

Nieuw Nickerie Suriname

----- Martijn 05.12.11 14:17

I would jetset straight to Sweden to see my Swedish queen.

----- Thinh 05.12.11 14:15

My own backyard!! Time to explore the vast Australian outback, the Kimberly, the beautiful island state of Tasmania, Cable Beach, the Rainforrests of Queensland etc. etc.

----- Louise 05.12.11 14:12

soo many good places… right now i am about to embark on my trip back home.. and if i could go anywhere right now… well it would be there… but first finals. as for those going to cuba… can you take pictures and tell me about it, my grandparents gave up everything when they left the island in the 60’s, so i am not allowed to go until either they or castro dies…. whichever comes first. Go to camaguey and take pictures of a bakery that goes by two names, if it is still there, la perezsosa or el fenix. Thanks again!!other then that, i would love to go to patagonia and the galapagos and machu pichu, maybe next term when i am closer and clases are in greneda instead of england.

----- maggie 05.12.11 14:11

I’d love to go to London! Or barring that, Berlin.

----- Kath 05.12.11 14:06

If I could? I’d jetset to Paris right now to meet up with my boyfriend :D Can’t wait to see him at Christmas!

----- Fannie 05.12.11 14:05

If get a chance I would like to spend this christmas holidays with my family in India.
Won’t be possible though…
Happy holidays to a!!

----- Sagar 05.12.11 14:04

To the moon! But if limited to Earth, I’d probably go to Thailand.

----- Katie V 05.12.11 14:00

nosara, costa rica, i need to surf!!

----- thomas acciavatti 05.12.11 13:58

My wife and I would like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island after listening to the song of the same name!

“How’d you like to hang your stocking on a great big coconut tree?”

----- Dan Gilmore 05.12.11 13:57

I’d go back to Tokyo.

----- Gary 05.12.11 13:56

I would wejetset off to macau where i spent my 18th year exploring the craziness and chaos of china clashing with the culture and vibe of portugal - stop me off at st pauls and ill find my way from peace garden to temple, from restaurant to dim sum palaces i would appreciate the chance to relive the most exciting and character forming years of my life!

----- Brad Clark 05.12.11 13:52

I would jetset to Australia or Paris on any given day!!

----- Leanne 05.12.11 13:51

I’d love to jetset to Japan right now to do some shopping and eat some epic food.

----- Ashley 05.12.11 13:51

It would be Mykonos Greece, relaxing on an empty beach followed by dancing and partying all night. Rinse and Repeat.

----- Aaron 05.12.11 13:44

I want to take off to Spain right now! I could use a beach or two to lie on.

----- Jenny B 05.12.11 13:44

If i could be anywhere right now, it would be in Tokyo, Japan.

I’ve been born and raised in Canada and i’ve always been so fascinated in Japanese culture - The culture shock would be incredible! and maybe it would give me a chance to use those travel chopsticks!

----- Justin Astro 05.12.11 13:30

I’d jetset back to my hometown of Sacramento to see my mom, give her a hug and tell her how much I’ve missed her gentle, loving presence in my life.

----- Natasha 05.12.11 13:30

I’d jetset to the mountains of mendoza, argentina for some great wine and skiing.

----- jean 05.12.11 13:29

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico!

----- Joe B 05.12.11 13:27

Isle Of Man :)

----- Diana 05.12.11 13:21

*** Berlin ***

----- Diana 05.12.11 13:16

Jetset directly to the Maldives - via Doha aboard Qatar Airways business class - hop a seaplane to One & Only Reethi Rah overwater bungalow.

----- TJ 05.12.11 13:16

I’d give just about anything to fly off to Australia for a month or two! Enjoy the hot summer weather and visit some great friends!

----- Julie 05.12.11 13:12

Alaska, to see the glaciers. Maybe I’ll be able to see Sarah Palin’s house from there.

----- Chen 05.12.11 13:07

Saba Island, a.k.a. “Skull Island” in the original King Kong filmed in 1933.

----- monica 05.12.11 13:07

Paris, France.

----- Gaetan 05.12.11 13:05

Buenos Aires no question. Summer and the biggest as ado you can imagine.

----- Moritz 05.12.11 13:04

Cuba! Would be so amazing to explore the remnants of a bygone era before the embargos lift and we lose it!

----- Robert 05.12.11 13:02

The first destination I’d jetset to is the Philippines (where my parents are from) to get a sense of where I come from. From there, I’ll take a plane to Tokyo to feast on authentic sushi and while I’m in Japan, I’ll take a ferry to Tashirojima (aka Cat Island) and visit the cat shrine in the middle of the island because I absolutely love cats.

After that, I’ll fly to Petra in Jordan to see the beautiful archaeological sites, Turkmenistan to see the Gates of Hell (a gigantic gas crater that continuously burns fire), and Dublin to admire the beautiful green scenery (this would be a great contrast to the rocky, sandstone landscapes I just visited).

I would conclude my trip in New York City because it’s where I’ve always wanted to live and I just want to see if it still sparkles as much as it does in my imagination even after seeing many other places in the world.

----- Catrina 05.12.11 13:02

Munich, Germany to visit my old roommate who I miss very much!

----- Stacy B. 05.12.11 12:54

I would take my amazing fiance to the Gold Coast of Australia to surf. I would love to see him smile from ear to ear and to see all his cares melt away into the sea and sun. I would go to ImPulsTanz, Vienna international Dance Festival in the summer.

----- Noelle Stiles 05.12.11 12:48

I have an impromptu trip to Barcelona happening next week. Does that count? If we’re going for a new place, Hong Kong is top of my list. (All about visiting my awesome friends.)

----- Sarah 05.12.11 12:46

Cuba. (shhh, don’t tell anyone)

----- Kay 05.12.11 12:46

I’d jetset to Italy to wander around the country for a month and just soak it all in.

----- Stephanie 05.12.11 12:43

Just now I’d pack my bags and go to New York. Has been too long, really!

----- Julian 05.12.11 12:42

I’d go to Vancouver, BC and live the quasi European dream close to home.

----- Daphne 05.12.11 12:38

If I could, I would take my grandfather back to visit the Netherlands

----- Diana 05.12.11 12:21

I would take my girlfriend and we would go to Egypt to swim with the dolphins! We have been dreaming of that for sooo long.

----- Raphael 05.12.11 12:14

I would be on the plane to Paris. FIrst stop requires pan au chocolate.

----- Abbie 05.12.11 12:11

I’d Take my 2 Kids and Girlfriend to Disney World.

----- Matthew 05.12.11 12:10

I would go to Prauge, then Copenhagen, to meet friends who are abroad.

----- Max 05.12.11 12:08

I would go to New York. I live in L.A. and the furthest east I’ve gotten is Arizona.

----- dizz 05.12.11 12:05

Definitely Tokyo.

----- Orestes 05.12.11 12:05

I would jet set to Izu, Japan, with my wife, and enjoy a wonderful weekend at onsen!

----- Aaron G 05.12.11 12:02


----- Kevin Leavy 05.12.11 11:51

Im not even going to lie I’d go home and see my family even though I was home for Thanksgiving a week ago and will be home in two weeks for Christmas.

----- Seth 05.12.11 11:48

I’d take my daughter, a diamond of a girl, to see the Topkapi diamond, the diamond of the world in Istanbul. The Blue Mosque, a great way to fight the winter blues!

----- Paula Goodman 05.12.11 11:45

Would love to go to Hawaii. Or you know, anyplace hot would be awesome :D

----- Heidi 05.12.11 11:40

tokyo. tokyo. tokyo.

----- Max 05.12.11 11:39

I’d use my passport for the VERY first time and all of these other amazing items, to go and visit my new friend Bart in Belgium!!! I can’t wait!

----- Dani 05.12.11 11:39

Amsterdam, Paris, Thailand, Rio de Janiero, VEGAS.

----- Linda 05.12.11 11:36

So many places, so little time. With winter approaching, Bali sounds like a good possibility.

----- Ryan Wampler 05.12.11 11:36

I’d jetset to Puerto Rico! I’m heading there for the end of the month, but I’d be more than happy to leave today… :)

----- Luke 05.12.11 11:30

copenhagen! or Lisbon.

----- Denise 05.12.11 11:28

I haven’t been home in ages. I’d be on the plane to Scotland to see everyone for Christmas.

----- Fraser Marshall 05.12.11 11:26

I would fly to St Croix to see family and for some warmth!

----- Eric 05.12.11 11:25

i’d fly over the atlantic to new york, never been!

----- Liv 05.12.11 11:23

I would totally take my cook boyfriend to Italy.

----- Daisy 05.12.11 11:20

Between working, and planning, and saving, and planning some more, and finally getting all the powers to align to visit my sister in Australia, I would love these awesome goodies to come with me on a trip to AU/NZ this coming February!!!

----- Alina 05.12.11 11:16

Farah City, Afghanistan…to meet again those children I visited last year in the orphanage.

----- FEDERICA 05.12.11 11:15

Easter Island

----- Jamal 05.12.11 11:14

I’d truck it on over to Russia! It’s time to drop in on some sorely missed fellas!

----- Karin 05.12.11 11:14

I would jet off to the Virgin Galatic Spaceport and be first in line to jet off into space.

----- Sean 05.12.11 11:13

1st: Harbin, China for the crazy ice festival.
2nd: warm my bones at the Jigokudani Hot Springs in Japan and play with the monkeys!

----- Xuedi 05.12.11 11:13

I’m in France right now for the Ski season. If I could go anywhere, I’d buy a round the world ticket, and ski my way back home!

----- Maia 05.12.11 11:12

I would head to Scotland for Christmas!

----- Abigail 05.12.11 11:09

Right now I would love to jetset off to Korea! It’s been over 16 years since I last saw relatives there, so a revisit is long overdue.

----- Jenny 05.12.11 11:07

Osaka! It’s been too long. I miss my friends!

----- Monica 05.12.11 11:04

French Polynesia with no doubt!!

----- Yuri Martins 05.12.11 11:01

To the Moon !

----- Keno Leon 05.12.11 11:01

seychelles. i’d get married and hit the seychelles for my honeymoon.

----- christopher 05.12.11 10:58

It is a dream of mine to visit Macchu Picchu, Peru. So cool!

----- Kylene 05.12.11 10:58

I would kick my desk chair over and Jetset right now to Brisbane, Australia.

----- Niki Marcheggiani 05.12.11 10:55

I would jetset to Australia!

----- Bea 05.12.11 10:54

Rome; got cut from my last trip, lack of funds…

----- Chris 05.12.11 10:54

I’d go to Civita di Banoregio in Italy to see Christmas there

----- Sarah 05.12.11 10:53

I would travel to Japan!

----- Tatiana 05.12.11 10:49

Abu Dhabi to ride the Formula Rossa.
I couldn’t think of a less necessary trip to take across the world, but one day, it will happen! Because everyone should to do something grand, spontaneous, and superfluous in their lifetime.

----- Emma 05.12.11 10:48

Madrid for sure! I’d love to see the Gran Via lit up for the holidays. And see my friends who live there. I miss them bunches.

----- Hector 05.12.11 10:47

I’d love to take my soon to be wife on an incredible tropical honeymoon. Somewhere we can completely dis-connect from the normal daily grind of our businesses. An escape for 2 weeks to get in touch with what’s really important in life. Maybe somewhere in the BVI’s, the Mexican Riviera, Greece… The possibilities are endless : )

p.s. Thank you for giving someone this opportunity to gain all these essentials in traveling. Cheers!

----- Lou 05.12.11 10:45


----- janete 05.12.11 10:45

Q: where you’d jetset right now (if you could!)?
A: Paris, France! :)

----- Ria 05.12.11 10:39

Spain!!! :)

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 05.12.11 10:39

I would go right back to London. Really enjoyed the area and surrounding towns and moors of England. One of the most interesting areas I have ever been to!

----- Jason 05.12.11 10:38

I would go to Texas to see my friend from college. It would also be nice to be somewhere warm!

----- Danielle 05.12.11 10:38

I’d love to just go to Japan!

----- Sena 05.12.11 10:38

Cayman Islands

----- Leslie 05.12.11 10:36

If I could jetset anywhere right now, I would go to Australia so I could be with my relatives. The last time I saw them was 15 years ago when I turned 8. The bog standard idea of Christmas is snow and a family diner, but I think going to Australia, spending time with your relatives for the first time in 15 years and having a Christmas barbecue is much more jet set. And if I went to Australia, I would have a stopover in Singapore where I could make use of the travel chopsticks.

----- Rob Swinkels 05.12.11 10:32

Seoul. Would be wonderful to see the family I can only telephone.

----- John 05.12.11 10:32

I’d go to my favorite place in the world,Hawaii. The cold weather in Minnesota is ridiculous for an older person. Thanks for chance to win.
S A Brown

----- S A Brown 05.12.11 10:30

Hawaii, and celebrate Christmas tropical style.

----- Randy 05.12.11 10:30

New Zealand seems lovely this time of year.

----- Thu 05.12.11 10:26

I would jetset to New York for the best Christmas ever !

----- GUILLAUME 05.12.11 10:26

I’d be off to La Fenice, a tiny B&B perched in the hillsides of Positano, Italy. I’d fling open the wooden shutters and sit in the wide windowsill, breathing in the ocean air. I’d walk 100 steps down to the saltwater filled pool, built into the cliff, dreaming of fresh mozzarella and a bottle of local chianti for dinner.

----- Lori 05.12.11 10:26

I’d jetset to New York for the best Christmas ever!

----- GUILLLAUME 05.12.11 10:23

Germany with my husband. He’s never been and we’re both very German. Even better at Christmas time!



----- heather 05.12.11 10:21

I would jetset off to London, England because that is where I have always wanted to see. I would try to meet up with my High School British Literature teacher who solidified my love of the city with her stories.

----- David Rieman 05.12.11 10:20


----- Winnie 05.12.11 10:19

I’ve been telling a friend in Austin, Texas for quite some time now that I would come and visit. Seems like a good place to start!

----- Ryan J 05.12.11 10:17

Brasil, for a warm splash in the sea…

----- Erika 05.12.11 10:17

Amsterdam! If the channels freeze over, I would just have to go for some skating over there.

----- Linda 05.12.11 10:15

Wow, this is an amazing package! I would use it to jetset to Bordeaux, France to visit my good friend who I haven’t seen in several years!

----- Jenn 05.12.11 10:14

Inner Mongolia. Want to stay in a Ger. Drink fermented milk. Ride horses in the snow.

----- Daimian 05.12.11 10:12

France!! Anywhere in France! I am a total francophile, I can’t get enough!

----- Drew 05.12.11 10:12

I’d be off to Helsinki! The Finns are the best!

----- BEN 05.12.11 10:11

I would use every single item to facilitate stowing away to join my husband on his trip to Bratislava next month!

----- Christina Ward 05.12.11 10:10

I’d jetset to Bolivia.

----- Daniel 05.12.11 10:09

Kinda lame but I would go back home to little Odessa, TX to visit my family for the holidays

----- Edward 05.12.11 10:07


----- Cody 05.12.11 10:06

I would jetset to Africa.

----- Dan Modoranu 05.12.11 10:04

I’d be off to Andre Fu’s “Upper House Hotel” in Hong Kong. it’s located on the top 11 floors of a downtown high-rise. Fu is responsible for the architecture, interior design and furniture as well as details like the books in the rooms and the restaurant’s soundtrack. It’s a really incredible place, and would make a great bookend to my daily trips out to explore the city’s food.

----- Ted 05.12.11 10:04

Sunny Singapore! Away from the doom and gloom of winter and examinations..

----- Chris 05.12.11 10:03

I’d be off to Tokyo if I could right now.

----- Edgar 05.12.11 10:02

Oh! Stockholm right now because I’m so excited for ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.

(But I’d also gladly take Norway or Malta!)

----- Emma G. 05.12.11 10:02

anywhere tropical! me and the Caribbean go along swimmingly.

----- Mike 05.12.11 10:02

I would go to Peru to meet my partner’s family. He hasn’t been able to see them in almost 10 years, and I’ve always wanted to see Machu Pichu.

----- Jessie 05.12.11 10:01

I’m actually planning on jetsetting to Amsterdam + Bruges with a bunch of friends. This budle would be just great!

----- Eloisa 05.12.11 10:01


----- April 05.12.11 09:59

I’d fly to Argentina, so I could write my thesis about Jorge Luis Borges in the same cafes he used to frequent.

----- Cecile 05.12.11 09:59

I would jetset straight to Ohio. I know its just Ohio, but it is home.

----- Miles 05.12.11 09:57

Banff, Canada ++++ slopestyle.

----- sethernicus 05.12.11 09:56

North Pole. Definitely. I Would love to see some kick ass toys being made and down a few with Jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

----- Mickiah Broomfield 05.12.11 09:56

Bahamas, now!!! (I’ll take Thailand also, or any other warm place with white sandy beach and blue ocean…). Oh, I want it so much. now.

----- Stav 05.12.11 09:56

I would immediately heat to the airport and jetset to Kuching, Malaysia to eat a giant bowl of Laksa in the jungle.

----- M. Antonio 05.12.11 09:54

Tokyo. If I win, I’ll take it as a sign and use those extra vacation days.

----- Jamie 05.12.11 09:53


----- Grace 05.12.11 09:53

I’d jetset right now (if I could!) to Japon, than i will like to go to Australia for a road trip!

----- Alexa 05.12.11 09:53

Paris please!

----- Kelli 05.12.11 09:52

Chengdu! I’ve got a good friend that’s a travel photographer there, so after a stint there we could go again… I’d vote Croatia after that to see the homeland. And then? Anywhere we’d like. ^_^

----- Mary 05.12.11 09:52

If I could jetset anywhere right now, I’d head out to San Francisco and then make my way up to Portland and Seattle. Although it isn’t anywhere exotic, I think it’s more than just the initial travel - it’s about these travels affording new opportunities for me to document adventures worldwide doing what I love to do.

----- Mike M 05.12.11 09:50

Tuscany area of Italy, without question. Best food and wine ever.

----- Stephen Riley 05.12.11 09:49

Probably home to Nova Scotia, it’s been years…
That, or Côté Nord. Time to do some exploring!

----- Mikaela 05.12.11 09:48

…New York City, definitely New York City… Definitely… yes, definitely, New York City…. New York City

----- Piergiorgio 05.12.11 09:47

Cook Islands!!! :D

----- Maria 05.12.11 09:46

Quebec City!

----- Valerie Theberge 05.12.11 09:45

roadtrip across country! talk about some serious adventures

----- carly 05.12.11 09:45

I’d head down towards the south island in NZ for a sunny Christmas !

----- Ethan 05.12.11 09:45

I want to go to Africa to see the wild animals there, Madagascar is awesome too. I also want to go to all the beautiful places that are being threatened by global warming before they disappear.

----- Wen 05.12.11 09:44

I would haul ass to New Zealand!

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.11 09:43

OMG At this point, with both kids crying, laundry to do, and a house to clean, I would go wherever the first flight left to overseas…anywhere but here.

----- Rachel S 05.12.11 09:41

I would drive to Brasil (from Los Angeles!) Wouldn’t that be a time?

----- Eliza Frye 05.12.11 09:40

If I could jetset anywhere I would go to cuba! I would love to be able to see all the things I grew up hearing stories about!

----- Natalie Kay 05.12.11 09:39

I would runaway to Vermont to experience the winters I dreamed of as a child stuck in the desert.

----- Paul M. 05.12.11 09:38

PARIS! or anywhere in europe :)

----- Alda 05.12.11 09:35

Fogo Island Newfoundland.

----- Garrett G 05.12.11 09:32


----- msa27 05.12.11 09:31

Japan! The culture and technology. Delicious food too, of course.

----- Janice 05.12.11 09:29

Sri Lanka!

----- Stephen Wong 05.12.11 09:29

I would go to Seychelles. Not sure which island. Maybe a few. Probably a few!

----- Evan Huwa 05.12.11 09:28

I’d fly to Italy.

----- lauren 05.12.11 09:28

Traveling to all the places my past lives visited.

----- Bella 05.12.11 09:27

I’ve always wanted to go to Goa, India!

----- Adam 05.12.11 09:25

I really want to see the architecture in Brasilia or Mexico City.

----- Matt Peckham 05.12.11 09:22

Paris! or the next best thing: Montreal!

----- Airesse 05.12.11 09:18

Diving trip to Roatan!!!

----- Kristen 05.12.11 09:18

thailand. and not for the happy endings, but for the new beginnings.

----- brian 05.12.11 09:17

New York. I dreamt of home last night. Chelsea Market, here I come!

----- Allison 05.12.11 09:17

Melbourne for a cup of ridiculously good coffee. :)

----- ryanYX 05.12.11 09:16

I would go to San Francisco to visit friends and gag them with my suitcase.

----- rey 05.12.11 09:13

I’d totally jetset to Manila (I mean, seriously…FILIPINO FOOD is the new sushi). Also, no cold weather!

----- Laura 05.12.11 09:09

Been reading Grass lately, so Danzig (Gdansk)!

----- Meghan 05.12.11 09:08

I would leave for Japan then to Europe then off to Brazil!!!

----- Joanna 05.12.11 09:08

I’d love to travel around the globe… as long as we are dreaming, let’s be generous!

----- Varvara 05.12.11 09:08

Hmmm… I think anywhere in the Mediterranean would be wonderful but my passport needs renewing so I think I’ll go skiing… Colorado or Washington, I like to keep my options open.

----- Erastos 05.12.11 09:07

I wish I could visit Antarctica. I really do.

----- Christina 05.12.11 09:06

To the land of Middle Earth! (Or New Zealand, the closest thing to it…)

----- TQ 05.12.11 09:04

I would jetset to anywhere hot and sunny where I could learn how to surf.
There isn’t a lot of surfing to be had anywhere close to Toronto in December.

----- todd 05.12.11 09:04

I’d jetset to Costarica, they have no army there, warm weather and lots of pretty buterflies.

----- Iva 05.12.11 09:03


----- Yoshio 05.12.11 09:03

I would be off to New Orleans. And try to watch LSU vs. Alabama in BCS title game.

----- Andy 05.12.11 09:03

I would love to go to the Northwest Territories in Northern Canada.

----- mindy h 05.12.11 09:02

I’d love to go to Wales!

----- Liz 05.12.11 08:59

I would go to New Zealand!

----- Heather 05.12.11 08:57

I’d jetset off to NYC with my girls! Would love to see the city all decked out for the holidays.

----- Tran Nguyen 05.12.11 08:51


----- Catherine Newman 05.12.11 08:49

I would totally jet off to Amsterdam for the …uhm Van Gogh Museum! Yeah that’s it the museum! ;)

----- Russ! 05.12.11 08:41


----- Rosanna 05.12.11 08:41

north pole, alaska for santas workshop and the northern lights

----- zach cook 05.12.11 08:40

There’s this cruise to the Bahamas that most of my coworkers have already been on this year, it departs from Florida and sounds like tons of fun.

----- Jennifer 05.12.11 08:40

The Galapagos!

----- Mia 05.12.11 08:38

Florida to see Harry Potter world, Disney world and Universal studios all decked out for the holidays. :-)

----- Domi 05.12.11 08:38

If I could leave tonight, I’d take a trip around the world and be back in 80 days :)

----- Ellen Bautista 05.12.11 08:37

I’d go to New York City to get some last minute gifts.

----- Ben 05.12.11 08:32


----- Josh 05.12.11 08:31

The Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania

----- Roy 05.12.11 08:30

I’d jetset to Norway! Northern lights here I come!

----- Lee Yew Wan 05.12.11 08:30

I’d travel to Cordoba, Spain. My grandmother’s birthplace.

----- Jim B 05.12.11 08:28

If I could leave right now, I’d go to South Korea and eat kimchi and bugolgi and banchan until I burst!

----- allen 05.12.11 08:27

Paris! I’ve always wanted to go!

----- black_cloud 05.12.11 08:26

Faroe Islands, no doubt

----- Bartal Djurhuus 05.12.11 08:25


----- Wolfie 05.12.11 08:24

I’d go back to Africa: Tunisia, I think!

----- Emily 05.12.11 08:22

Jetset = Bora Bora. You won’t need to pack much and the items on this post are just enough for the essentials!

----- Hanna 05.12.11 08:21

Home back to Youngstown and spend the holidays with all my family.

----- Brandon 05.12.11 08:20

To Florida so I can see my bestie!

----- Lauren Marie 05.12.11 08:20


----- John Norman 05.12.11 08:19

I would jet set across the pond to France, which is where I’m moving in 23 days! This kit would certainly help with my packing, which I predict will be haphazard and done at the eleventh hour.

----- Jenna 05.12.11 08:19

I’d jet set to Iceland then over to the Ireland, Scotland and England. From there I’d fly to Spain or Paris for a quick bite and then over to Japan for a lengthy stay in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka!!!

----- Robert W. 05.12.11 08:17


----- laszlo dobrovolszki 05.12.11 08:16

to Älmhult!

----- viktoria papp 05.12.11 08:16

I’d go to Venice with my girlfriend. I’m a huge architecture nerd and I think it is the most beautiful city

----- Alex Blugerman 05.12.11 08:12

I would immediately flee to Argentina for alfajores, steak, steak, and more steak.

----- Julie 05.12.11 08:11

I would hit the air and go to Sydney, Australia!

----- Giant Sis 05.12.11 08:11

I’d take off to catch backcountry at Steamboat! Spend some time in bluebird skies/fresh vanilla pow.

----- Anonymous 05.12.11 08:09

The Bahamas

----- Chris Wilkinson 05.12.11 08:07

Ideally I would love to go to Indonesia, but for the moment, anywhere away from finals would do just fine.

----- Clementine 05.12.11 08:06

no doubt. Paris!…and I’d stay a while

----- Bethany 05.12.11 08:06

I would love to go back to Victoria, BC - the weather may be a little gray, but there is so much to do and it’s a hop, skip and a jump away from the slopes and whale watching - what could be better.

----- SH 05.12.11 08:04

Spain! I’ve been wanting to go for 7 years.

----- tane 05.12.11 08:03

New York, then to Italy, then to Australia and New Zealand.

----- Ayumi 05.12.11 08:03

I would jetset to New Zealand, because I’ve always wanted to see the beauty of the country first hand.

----- Wyley 05.12.11 08:01

new zealand!

----- jacob 05.12.11 07:58

i’d jetset to the moon. a vacation away from earth would be nice.

----- don p 05.12.11 07:53

right now I’d jet set anywhere! For the perfect vacation I would try to blend into one a place with warm sunny beaches with some mountains with the perfect powder for snowboarding! …or at least this is what I’m dreaming of while sitting at my desk at work and contemplating the rain outside my window

----- maja 05.12.11 07:53

I would go to Rio de Janeiro and skip out on east coast winter. Hello eternal summer!

----- Lily 05.12.11 07:50

obviously to the land of hogwarts. That suitcase could take the beating that only platform 9 3/4 offers!

----- Luke 05.12.11 07:50

I would go straight to India! I miss my friends there and even though we’re only just on the edge of winter, I could already go for a warm up. And some delicious Indian food, of course!

----- Kat 05.12.11 07:49

Japan for sure!!! They could use the tourist money so it would be a win win …

----- Aaron 05.12.11 07:47

so be it - reykjavik, iceland. despite weather there I guess is a mess right now.

----- martins 05.12.11 07:46

i would go to nyc and get lost in the city

----- yariv 05.12.11 07:45

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. If money weren’t an issue, I’d pack my beloved and my baby and off to the land of Vikings and volcanos…

----- Reni 05.12.11 07:44

Anywhere?Right now? If you put it that way then…Captain! Second star to the right and straight on till morning, we’re off to Neverneverland!!!
*Snap-back to reality, woops there goes gravity*—If I could go anywhere-but-here in a heartbeat and with a helluva pocket money, I’d fly off to “The Land of The Rising Sun” and be immersed, drifting through different cities and to the countryside (never-mind the radiation nation buzzcock)…or I’d go to New Zealand.

----- NY 05.12.11 07:43

I’d go to Japan. I want to see the statue of Hachi in person. Oh, and eat!!!! :)

----- Elaine 05.12.11 07:41

I would def jetset off to Jamaica!

----- Devin Vermeulen 05.12.11 07:40

I would jet set to uruguay, montevideo. Where my best friend lives and she had a baby a month ago!! So with this I could give her precious gifts to the baby and the new family!!!

----- Melisa 05.12.11 07:40

I’d go straight to Ecuador… beautiful beaches- galapagos islands, the amazon…. what more could you ask for? it sounds like paradise to me…

----- Avi 05.12.11 07:38

Japan, always wanted to go. :)

----- Jane 05.12.11 07:36

I would go home, to Russia, to spend Christmas my family and friends. I live in Canada and haven’t seen them for along time.

----- Ekaterina 05.12.11 07:35

Buenos Aires!!!! I would looooove to go!

----- Riley Spiller 05.12.11 07:30

I’d pack up and jetset right to the Corn Islands off Honduras and get lost ‘til I got broke.

----- Alex C 05.12.11 07:27

Oh first i’d go to Asia - Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan maybe - then Hawaii - and then Mexico, Peru and Brazil! That would be my dream :) I’m planning to do something like that someday (even if I don’t manage to go everywhere at once) :)

----- Liisa 05.12.11 07:26


----- Sina 05.12.11 07:23

I would jet off to Santiago, Chile, where one of my best friends has been living for a year and a half. I miss her so much!

----- kathryn 05.12.11 07:23

I would travel to 1940’s marakeesh

----- xtiaan 05.12.11 07:22

I’d jetset through Asia, to places that I have never been…starting in my mothers hometown
HANGZHOU to spend my first real Chinese New Year ever!
Oh that would be great and this GIVEAWAY would be perfect for this :)

----- LU 05.12.11 07:21

kenya here i come!

----- alicia 05.12.11 07:21

If I could I’d jetset to Costa Rica!

----- Alexandra 05.12.11 07:18

I’d fly to London in a heartbeat. :)

----- Erica 05.12.11 07:17

Anywhere tropical sounds great right now with the shorter daylight hours. I would jet to the Solomon Islands if given an open ticket.

----- J.D. 05.12.11 07:14

I would jetset to Thailand to practice Thai language, and down south to Penang, Malaysia, to be with my Grandma! NOW, pronto!!!! I’ve always wanted Hideo and Qwstion bags, such a perfect combination to travel with!

----- Lee Yue Yun 05.12.11 07:14

In a heartbeat, the Maldives. It’s a lifetime goal of mine. Time is running out, both for me and for the islands.

----- Laylah 05.12.11 07:13

I would use this for my honeymoon, we are saving our pennies so when I graduate we can go on around the world trip.

----- Christina 05.12.11 07:09

I’d pack up my lady and head straight to New Zealand. I travel all the time for work, but we haven’t gotten to go anywhere together this year, and we need a vacation!

----- gray 05.12.11 07:09

I would go to my home: Hong Kong!

----- Jacky 05.12.11 07:08

I would be on my way to the Dominican Republic for a dear friends wedding…. Wish I could be there!

----- sarak 05.12.11 07:07

I would go to Switzerland and work on my ski-game!

----- Dave 05.12.11 07:05

ALASKA! My frozen homeland! I actually am heading there in the next couple weeks for the holidays. It gives a whole new level of meaning to the whole white Christmas idea and it’s *so magical* Actually I’m luggage shopping for the trip—ours got flood ruined :P and I’m having a really hard time finding something that looks good and won’t cost an arm and a leg. I mean really! Am I asking too much here!? Any ideas!?

----- Jessi 05.12.11 07:03

I’d jetset to Virgin Gorda, BVI.

----- Ed 05.12.11 06:58

Walden Pond.

----- Tom 05.12.11 06:55

Have always wanted to go see Angkor Wat. That would be the place. Although with the cold weather we’ve been having, maybe someplace warm like the Maldives, or Tahiti.

----- Scott B 05.12.11 06:54

I would go straight to London, and then take the train all around Europe.

----- aldo 05.12.11 06:52

I miss London around the holidays. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could get away!

----- Kimberly M 05.12.11 06:51

I would set my sights to Florence, Italy right now! To eat great food and see beautiful art and buildings, and to avoid having to write this paper and take this final on Early Italian Renaissance—I’d rather live it!

----- Abi Candler 05.12.11 06:50

I’d jet-set to Vienna and spend the day sipping away coffee in a Kaffeehaus. There couldn’t have been a better timing; the Viennese coffee culture has just got listed by UNESCO as an intangible culture heritage. Back in my hotel room is my Bean 25 and in it is a set of travel chopsticks, an OhSo toothbrush and a universal travel adapter. Next to me while I am watching the world go by in this quaint coffee house is my Qwstion weekender (converted to backpack-carrying option)… my travel essentials are contained within the Jack Spade dopp kit which I have shoved into a tight bag compartment meant for a bottle. My iPad rests on the table in front of me while my Incase iPad sleeve lies unzipped next to it. Yes, I’d jet-set to Vienna.

----- Mak 05.12.11 06:49

Argentina, or Chile,… or Argentina.

----- Morgan 05.12.11 06:48

If money were no object I would fly to New Zealand for the winter. Your package is a traveler’s dream come true!

----- Schmidty 05.12.11 06:45

Oh man where to begin!!! I would start with a hop over to Florida for a visit to harry potter world….then off to europe where there isnt a single place I wouldnt want to visit!

----- Charlie Price 05.12.11 06:44

right now, I’d jetset off to St. John USVI and not return….

----- phil yarnall 05.12.11 06:42

Berlin for Christmas festivities.

----- Blake 05.12.11 06:40

Oh Tokyo here I come! Those travel chopsticks would come in handy there!

----- Johanna 05.12.11 06:37

I’d go to Vietnam for a piping hot bowl of Pho, my favorite soup.

----- Bailey 05.12.11 06:35

I would load up the roller bag, and jetset off to Afghanistan to surprise my best friend who will be stationed there through the holidays until March. I’d fill the Dop kit with disposable goods from home, the weekend bag with movies and magazines, the ipad case with a brand new ipad just for him and definitely a couple extra tubes of toothpaste.

----- Matt P 05.12.11 06:33

I would go to Siberia in the dead of winter because the air is so fresh.

----- Ronan 05.12.11 06:32

Jetset to Honningsvåg in Norway - the last airport on the north of Norway. From there 24 km walk to Skarsvåg world’s northernmost village where real people actually lives and You can eat the best fish soup ever.

----- Przemek 05.12.11 06:30

I would jet set to Norway listening to a playlist including “Daniel”, “Travel’n Man” and “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, and be the happiest girl in the world. Oh Norway for the holidays…..

----- Joyce 05.12.11 06:30

To Japan for sure! Kyoto is amazing!!

----- eddie 05.12.11 06:28

I would visit my sister in Tokyo! :) She can’t make it home for Christmas this year, so it’s been almost 365 days since I’ve seen her! I’d love to spend time with her and explore the Tokyo she’s always talking about! :D

----- Ayla 05.12.11 06:28

If it were literally right now, I’d jet on over to Miami to catch the end of Art Basel!

----- Pete 05.12.11 06:28

If I could jetset anywhere in the world right now, I’d go back to the Philippines to visit my host family from my study abroad a few years back. We still keep in touch, but I really would love to see them again!

----- Jasper 05.12.11 06:26

I would go back to Korea to visit all my friends from when i lived there. I would go to the other Asian countries that i didn’t get the chance to go to.

----- Garry Hannah 05.12.11 06:25

For sure i would Jetset off to the North Pole and give Santa a helping hand. I am guessing that guy is pretty darn busy right about now and wouldn’t mind an extra pair of hands to get it all done. I would also just love to do a behind the scenes photo shoot of all the happenings. Yup that would be an awesome trip.

----- v sanz 05.12.11 06:22

The Netherlands!!! Need to check out the design in person over there!!

----- Jess 05.12.11 06:21

If I would waltz into the airport on a whim and pick a destination to escape to, it would most definitely be The Maldives. It might be more than 30+ hours of travel time from my present location, but it would all be worth it to feel the sand between my toes.

----- Chris 05.12.11 06:12

Christmas at Mt Kenya Safari Club…

----- Pete 05.12.11 06:12

Need to chance my pace and head over to California!

----- Marc 05.12.11 06:11

From the USA.
I’d start off Iceland and bathe in the Blue Lagoon while Bjork, Sigur Ros and Mum serenade me in their sweet sweet music.. after feeling fully exfoliated Id make a quick stop in London or Glasgow for some crazy delicious drumnbass beats. Sweat out all of the toxins from consuming many pints. Then hop on a plane to Olso, Norway or Denmark where I could research on how happy communities exist. Meet my Scandinavian husband.. we would get married in the Swiss Alps. Rather than having a get away car we would be carried by a fleet of Alaskan Malamutes and a dog sled all the way up to Finland to watch the northern lights. By then my cold meter would have reached its limit. Orri (my new Scandinavian husband) would hop on a plane with me down to Greece and visit Delphi to connect with the Gods. After feeling panelogically replenished its off to India for further cleansing, Thailand for hiking and New Zealand for one last rager with the Maori people. Then I retire in Hawaii, Alaska or Portland, OR.

----- Nicole 05.12.11 06:10

i’d jetset to Vietnam! Enjoy some amazing food and awesome views

----- Tony Le 05.12.11 06:10


----- Spencer 05.12.11 06:07

I would head to India.

----- Cianan 05.12.11 06:02

If I could….jet-set to Paris. The city of love.

----- Miranda 05.12.11 06:02

I would immediately set off for Italy - doing the holidays there would be a total dream.

----- Grace Kendall 05.12.11 05:50

i would go to thailand, go and see see the rest of the islands! Then head back to bangkok and party and celebrate that i won the jetsetter bundle!

----- Arie 05.12.11 05:49

I would set off for Sweden to see my family for the holidays and then travel around the rest of Europe! I particularly want to visit some eastern European countries.

----- Linnea 05.12.11 05:48

I would definitely jetset off to Taiwan with my fiancee. It’s been such a crazy year we both deserve the break.

----- Licheng 05.12.11 05:48

To a far-away beach where I could relax in peace with my woman

----- J_Walrus 05.12.11 05:44

I’d get on the first plane out to Seattle, where a new friend I made this year and an old friend I haven’t seen since high school (though we still write letters) now live about three blocks from each other. Perfect, and I’ve never been there!

----- Josephine 05.12.11 05:42

I’d go on a world-wide tour with a stop at EACH DISNEY PARK around the world!!! :-)

----- Kirby 05.12.11 05:36

Hmmm, I think I’d jetset to Kyoto. Or anywhere, really. :D

----- Sarah 05.12.11 05:34

I’d go to the depths of the ocean and have tea with a cuttlefish.

----- Dustcrumb 05.12.11 05:32

I’d fly south for the winter, just like the birds do. Wonder how Australia is this time of year.

----- Bill 05.12.11 05:32

My list is so long and continuously growing but I think the next place I want to go is to Spain

----- Liz 05.12.11 05:28

Bring me to africa, on open serengeti to experience the raw wild earth as it was before industry.

----- sebastian 05.12.11 05:24

Gotenburg, Sweden to see my love.

----- Kelsey Johnston 05.12.11 05:22

I’d be on my way to JAPAN!

----- Christian 05.12.11 05:20

Would love to spend a few days traveling by train through the swiss alps.

----- osterhausb 05.12.11 05:20

I would pick up and go to Taiwan to visit my grandparents.

----- Megan 05.12.11 05:11

I’m off to Tokyo/Osaka with my love one real soon!! cannot wait for longer!!! :D

----- Nuttawadee 05.12.11 05:10

Warm and sunny please - Guatemala or Thailand.

----- Sarah 05.12.11 05:09


----- RJ 05.12.11 05:00

The Aran Islands!

----- Erin 05.12.11 05:00

I would really set off to anywhere I could afford but Bhutan or Mongolia would on the top for sure.

----- Nick Robles 05.12.11 05:00


----- Sandra 05.12.11 04:49

Australia - to ride a kangaroo!

----- Monika 05.12.11 04:49

i’d go to Switzerland, because i love mountains…

----- Dagne 05.12.11 04:43

Rio de Janeiro, without a doubt. Its been my dream to visit ever since I was a little kid. Barcelona would be awesome too.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 05.12.11 04:41

I’d go back to Bern, I was there for a day and it was incredible! I’d love to go back.

----- Willy Harris 05.12.11 04:40

I would go pretty much anywhere in Europe. I’ve never been, but REALLY want to go.

----- Geoff 05.12.11 04:38

I’d go to Barcelona and go gaga.

----- Calvin 05.12.11 04:33

I am currently in Barcelona, architectural heaven, and LOVING it, spending the holidays with my best friend, so I would not jetset anywhere. However, I would fly my parents here for a visit, because I miss them like hell.

----- Amra 05.12.11 04:33

I would leave for Tokyo in a heartbeat! I’ve always wanted to go - winning this would push me to do it!

----- Kristyn 05.12.11 04:33

When’s the next flight to Thailand?

----- Steve 05.12.11 04:32

I’d be setting off to Vietnam, get on a boat to Phu Quoc and relax in the sun there for christmas. Ah how beautiful to be away from all this christmas stress :)

----- Jan 05.12.11 04:23

I would jetset to florence to visit my amazing Girlfriend who studies there and I haven’t see in two months. Then to London to visit my Brother who I haven’t seen in more then two years! Then back to florence to see my Girl again =)

----- Alexander 05.12.11 04:23

Sikkim sounds like a lovely place to visit.

----- Jason 05.12.11 04:20

I’d meet up with my boyfriend in Istanbul and we’d head for the hot air balloons.

----- Sandy 05.12.11 04:13

Jetset back to the Netherlands! Currently on an internship in a far away country ;)

----- Ken 05.12.11 04:11

Hong Kong FTW.

----- Evan 05.12.11 04:09

I would like to go to USA… The american dream :)

----- dorian 05.12.11 04:09


----- Julie 05.12.11 04:06

I would like to go to USA… The american dream :)

----- dorian 05.12.11 04:06

To Ithaca, NY to see friends and enjoy the mild winter, yummy thai food, and good bookstores (and pretend I’m still in college, of course).

----- Kathryn 05.12.11 04:05

Tokyo, I was lucky enough to go in 2007, and I’d love to take my girlfriend, we keep saying we’ll go, hopefully one day we will!

----- Andy 05.12.11 04:05

If I could jetset to anywhere right now, I’d be Paris. I’d love to see Paris in the winter time with all the pretty lights. So romantical !

----- April B 05.12.11 04:00

If I could jetset anywhere right now, I would love to go to Finland, visit Santa Claus, say thanks for all and wish them a Merry Christmas.

----- Jennifer Inda 05.12.11 03:54

I live and work in Iraq, there is no place I would rather be right now then on a plane home to the US.

----- Joanna 05.12.11 03:53

A trip from Sweden, Finland and finally the Baltics.

----- Ruben 05.12.11 03:50

I would travel three weeks ahead, pack all the gifts and head back again. No trouble with finding gifts anymore…

----- Alice 05.12.11 03:48

je voudrais aller à Berlin ou Istanbul!

----- Mattieu 05.12.11 03:39

I would jet set off to Paris… Prepare for a white Christmas & eat carbs til the cows come home!

----- Mel Dixon 05.12.11 03:32

I’d, with no doubt in mind, jetset to my long lost sister in Phoenix!

----- johanna 05.12.11 03:32


----- Kelly 05.12.11 03:31

I would love to visit Helsinki.

----- James 05.12.11 03:28

Please, I need to get to London, the cool capital, ASAP!

----- Tom 05.12.11 03:27

Id definitely head somewhere warm. Good thing I’m going to the Bahamas in January.

----- Drew 05.12.11 03:27

I would love to visit Helsinki.

----- James 05.12.11 03:25

To Finland to see the northern lights and say hi to Hi to Santa in Rovaniemi.

----- K. 05.12.11 03:22

I want to stand in front of the himalaya mountains.

----- Flo 05.12.11 03:19

I’d jetset home, because I’m currently in Taiwan. There is no real Christmas here and I’ll most probably spend the holidays by myself.

----- range 05.12.11 03:17

i would like to experience my last trip for the second time:

BANGKOK! instead of flood.
i love bangkok’s historical cityscapes as well as urban look of skytrains and malls
SINGAPORE if you would ask me in september, i would shout out loud that i want to goo see Formula 1)))
Now i just want to walk everywhere explore the city more and stay at Wandelust hotel (it is VERY stylish and nice)

----- Anna Ponomareva 05.12.11 03:16

I would be on my way to Singapore! One of the cleanest countries in the world, cheap yet amazing Hawk Stall foods, mile long shopping “mall” with anything and everything you could need (anything from a snow globe to a toilet), english is the main language so now communication barrier, and a visit to see a close friend that I haven’t seen in a few years.

----- Joyce 05.12.11 03:15

I would be off to copenhagen.

----- junk_f 05.12.11 03:13

I would fly to Japan to EAT

----- Samantha 05.12.11 03:13

Oh my God, what a package! I would love to win!
If I could jetset anywhere right now, I would love to go to New York, visit my friends, wish them a Merry Christmas. AND I would make a trip to Philadelphia, visit Taj of Wejetset and thank him for this package! And I would visit you Jean, to bring you a bottle of Swedish Whiskey for Christmas!

----- Markus Reuter 05.12.11 03:01

To be truely set-setting i’d:

Celebrate Christmas in the Aspen mountains and powder snow;
New York on newyear’s eve;
Hop over the pond to visit Norway Lapland for the Northern Lights, with a stay in the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel;
Walk up the south face of the Eiger in the Swiss alps;
Have coffee in Seville before;
Visting Kyoto in the cherry blossom season, at the beginning of april;
Ibiza for the opening parties;
Enjoy the English summer in the UK (Ascott, Wimbledon, Henley Royal Regatta);
traverse France by bike in July;
back in Holland during August;
Autumn in Sweden;

That’s a jet-set

----- Tim 05.12.11 02:57

Isola d’Elba, Italy.
(*But as I’ve never been to France before, maybe Nice would be nice, too. ;)

----- Dav 05.12.11 02:53

Italy! Gah! I have never been out of the US and would love an adventure!

----- Collin Banko 05.12.11 02:22

I would be off to Tokyo in a flash!

----- Alicia 05.12.11 02:22

round the world,of course.
so litte time so many unseen places.

----- tina 05.12.11 02:22

That’s easy - Khabarovsk, Far East of Russia
The only place i love anв wherever i visit - i feel as if i’m loved back by this city.

----- kuzzzma 05.12.11 02:06

I’d go to Hong Kong, the chop sticks are perfect! Will be going to HK upcoming February, can’t wait!

----- Mikki 05.12.11 02:04

I would immediately set off for Paris to practice my French!

----- Christina 05.12.11 01:36

After reading Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul and Elif Shafak’s The Bastard of Istanbul, that is the city I dream of.

----- Olga 05.12.11 01:13

I’d jetset directly to London to spend Christmas with the love of my life, because as of now I won’t see him until the end of February :(

----- Dani Dirks 05.12.11 01:08

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