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Jan Leonardo Wöllert Photography- 12.06.11

lightwrite.jpgThis post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot While taking pictures in the dark often means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual… armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

I’ve been lost in the world of light writing photography tonight which led me down the path to incredible artists and photographers using light to paint other worldly images in the dark… one of the most incredible standouts is German photographer, Jan Leonardo Wöllert. He photographs a world of “choreographed light” combined with low light photography to create glowing spheres, curves, and changign the way you view these dark spaces… and even created LAPP - Light Art Performance Photography in 2007. Take a peek at some of my favorites of his work on the next page!

baddrugs.jpeg Bad Drugs

callinghome.jpeg Calling Home

waterspider.jpeg Water Spider

screamisback.jpeg Scream is back…

stickfight.jpeg Stick Fight

5981979502_0eefd1f76b_z.jpeg Back To The Roots of the Ball of Lights

5985708215_6b2632b9e0_z.jpeg Solaris

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